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Where to get Cheap Moving Boxes when Relocating

By June 27, 2013BLOG
cheap moving boxes

Have a move coming up in the near future? You must start hunting for moving boxes.  It is the basic step in preparing yourself for your move, be it a local move or a long distance move. Your primary target should be to acquire as many as you can. Once you accumulate these boxes you are going to save a lot of time and stress in running around for them as your move date nears. Moving boxes  are so important to your household move.The first step is to enquire with neighbors and friends. There might be a few boxes lying around in their homes and they might be generous enough to give them away to you for free. You could also enquire for people who have moved in recently to your community and they might be more than happy to get rid of the boxes that they used to move in.

There might be a lot of grocery stores in your locality who would be willing to sell boxes at a cheap price. Off peak hours is the right time to visit these shops and it increases your chances of getting these boxes quickly. The next step would be to approach companies who sell moving boxes. You can also purchase them online. There are many websites out there who give you the option to choose the size and dimensions of the boxes based on your needs.

Start looking out for networking websites. You might find a lot of people wanting to sell their moving boxes at a very cheap price. Once all this is done, if you feel that you are short of moving boxes, don’t worry. Your moving company will be more than happy to sell them to you at the time of pick up. There are many moving companies who give free boxes along with the move. Ask for it when you get the price quote.