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Useful Moving Tips for an Upcoming Move

By October 27, 2013BLOG
Moving Tips for a smooth move
  1. Written Estimate– Always ask for written estimates from moving companies. It is your right to ask in writing.
  2. Binding Estimates– Your have the liberty to ask for binding estimates. Prices will not change at the end.
  3.  Non Binding Estimates– The estimate is likely to change from the initial price quoted.
  4. Compare– Get price quotes from at least four moving companies in your area. Always compare.
  5. Know your act– You have the liberty to request a detailed complaint report about your moving company from The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as per the Freedom of Information Act.
  6. Broker or a Mover? – Make sure as to who is doing your move. Ask the person representing the moving company, if he is working for the company directly. It could be a broker. Brokers will be providing you a non binding estimate. Brokers will be identifying a moving company for you and they are not allowed to provide estimates on behalf on any moving company.
  7. Loss and Claims– Moving companies must provide you a dispute settlement program in the event of loss or damage of your goods. Ask for it.
  8. Confirm payment method– In the case of a non binding estimate, reconfirm with the mover on the payment method he accepts at time of delivery. You could pay by cash, cashier’s check, money order or credit card.
  9. Re Weighing– You are entitled for a reweighing of the truck with and without your items at the time of delivery.
  10. Movers Liability– Movers are required to provide you with the detailed explanation on the difference between actual insurance covered and the valuation. You need to know the moving company’s responsibility on loss and damage.
  11. Confirm dates– Check with your mover if he has the option of guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.
  12. Check what you sign– At the time of signing the contract make sure that the document is complete. The services promised and conditions determining the final amount at delivery including shipping information must be mentioned.
  13. Check your Company– Ask your moving company for references and also check them out on the internet.