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Types of Moving Companies

By December 30, 2012BLOG
Types of Moving Companies

Since the moving services have grown in popularity in the last few years, several types of movers have entered the market to suit the specific needs of the consumers. No matter how big or small your moving needs are there is always a specialist in the market to cater to your requirements. Following are the different types of moving companies:

Full service moving companies: These providers take care of all aspects of a moving. They will assist in everything related to the shift like packing the stuffs, loading them in the vehicle, transporting them and unloading them at the desired location. Obviously the charges are higher for such comprehensive service but at the same time it leaves you in no hassle at all!

Self-service moving companies: This is a combination service wherein the movers take care of only a portion of the moving event. For example, the consumers need to arrange for the packing supplies and pack the items on their own. The movers might help in uploading the goods and transporting them. Other options available with such providers include storage service, specialized moving for specific items like cars, furniture etc.

Do-it-yourself moving: In this particular type of moving, you need to take care of all aspects of the move on your own. The tasks include planning, packing, uploading, transporting and unloading. This could be the most hassling and time consuming affair for an individual mover.

With the ever increasing needs of people, various cheap moving services are made available by the moving companies. You can always get a custom designed package to suit your specific needs.