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Company Name: XO Moving Systems
License & Registration: CALPUC# 190618 Us Dot # 1884419 ICC MC # 679279
Address: 6204, Buena Vista Dr., suite #B, Newark, CA 94560
Primary Phone: 877 668 3369
Alternate Phone: 510 489 2113
Email: sales@xomovingsystem.com
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered:  Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers
Website: http://www.xomovingsystem.com


XO Moving Systems Reviews

Xo Moving is a well established, fully licensed, insured and bonded Movers system Company based in San Jose, California. Our services range from local to long distance moves throughout the United States. We offer express moves to all major locations.

Xo Moving is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. There are no extra charges for weekend and holiday services.

Our movers are highly professional, experienced, dependable, reliable and well trained. They can meet any moving needs a customer might have: packing and unpacking, assembling and disassembling, carefully wrapping all your belongings with moving pads as part of our service.
Are you looking for moving labor or local movers in San Jose, California? Relocation in California XO Moving Long Distance Movers in California, CA. Xo committed to making your next moving experience a great one. Get Free long distance moving quotes from a professional & affordable long distance moving company.

Xo CA Movers your best choice for a California and Orange County Moving company. Moving California For Over 25 Years – When moving long-distance, go with the names you can trust! Take the stress out of moving! San Jose movers provide residential and commercial moving and storage services for San Jose, California.

Xo San Jose Moving & San Jose Storage- Experienced Bay Area & San Jose movers provide local and long distance moving. Get in touch with XO Moving Pros today to coordinate your upcoming San Jose long distance move or fill out our FREE in-home moving estimate with our quick quote.

Whether you are looking for long distance movers in Berkeley or long distance movers in California, trust the professionals at Xo Movers. a leading California based moving company. Get free moving xo Moving Long Distance Moving Company San Jose

Call one of our 12 locations throughout California, NY, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia.
XO Moving has grown to be one of the largest local and long distance moving companies. With over 25yrs experience and quality service Expert Long Distance is your trusted specialist for nationwide state-to-state piano moves.

When moving, there’s a lot to coordinate, especially when the move is a long distance one. With a little forethought, however, getting into a new home can be quick, simple and less expensive than might be expected.

Xo Moving The low-cost solution for long-distance moving.

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7 reviews for XO Moving Systems

  1. Donna Nilsen

    Where do I begin? Only after I had packed up fragile items in my car, that would have cost extra to pack and send, was I told “I’m already charging for boxes and supplies, so it doesn’t really matter how much or what we packed ((it can all go))”. THE DELIVERY WAS 6.5 HOURS LATE. Then, the lame excuses for being late all boiled down to the foreman showing up to work at 9:30 for a 10:00-12:00 delivery 6 hours away. I work night shift and planned by sleep around this stated time. The two supervisors were rude as he!! when I called them. They tried to placate me ( I was furious) by telling me that I had signed “the contract that guaranteed delivery within a time frame” ((of 5 days)). Great! Then set the delivery up for the next morning, I said. “We can’t do that. They have to do deliveries in the morning so they have to get back here”. And, “if you want to reschedule for tomorrow, it will be an extra $300.” All the while the ball is hit back into my court with “the time frame” and how it isn’t their fault. Honestly, there is not much traffic between Oakland and Reno at that time of day. Easy 4-5 hour commute. There was nothing but irresponsibility and excuse making (which I validated that the drivers weren’t consistent with the stories they were telling.) The $50 inconvenience refund is like salt in a wound or mock sympathy. Your business is unprofessional and not customer satisfaction oriented. Oh, did I mention the damage done to an antique chair and the tire marks left on the stairs from the dolly? I’ll fix them myself. I’m dependable.

  2. mysie Hollands

    I used xo last month they are a great moving company. I would use them again. Very professional. Mysie Hollands. P.S. would recommend them to friends.

  3. kerr mranda

    This guys gave me the best cost to deliver my furniture set from LA to NY .
    Some other companies gave me twice higher prices.
    The foreman and movers were so friendly, helpful, and smart.
    My furniture arrived safe and on time .
    It took around 7 days to get it but I wasn’t in rush.
    Great service !!! Definitely recommend!

  4. ami sarfati

    All in all a great experience with these guys.
    The day was so smooth and quick.
    not only professional and courteous but did an excellent job
    I would and already have recommended this company to others.
    Thank you for your hard work!

  5. DAvid C

    I am beyond disappointed with the false level of security XO sold me throughout the process, and their movers ended up costing me significantly more than the next lowest bidder, which had relativ ratings to XO . Every time I would ask Scott (XO rep) why their estimates mass volume under details didn’t match the actual weight I gave him (from my previous move only 14 months prior), it was because he always wanted to tell me what I wanted to hear. We were knowingly defrauded by falsely underestimating the cost to get my business. His estimate was 35% below what the actual coat resulted, despite as many times as I mentioned to him that the facts he stated on the estimate were inaccurate, i even emailed that to him and documented it. Not to mention the additional $250 we spent out of pocket on packing supplies, which we were told were included, most were not used, and most of the packaged goods we’re excessively wrapped by his employees and packaged. Additionally, the XO truck was not large enough, and I had to rent a truck and pick up things that didn’t fit on my first weekend at home. At an additional cost to me
    XO’s devious business practices, have caused us loss of work
    time, distress and an additional $1200 above XO’s agreed upon original estimate. Shame on me for trusting XO, but most importantly, shame on XO for your devious and misleading business practices. What’s worst is that the XO rep must have called me over 15 times before the move, and
    no one from XO company called me after the move, knowing the deceit and lies they had committed with our move for over 7 days (after i sent emails and calls)., not until March 6, 2014.
    I find it difficult to believe that no one from XO contacted
    me after the horrible experience we had with their company on
    the 27th of February 2014 when we moved, knowing our level of
    dissatisfaction with their handling of our moving estimate and my messages sent with the actual moving agents, There is very little anyone can do or say to take the fowl feelings we have left over this process with XO and how XO conducted themselves to “sell me their product” at any cost to us, regardless of honesty.
    Prior to the move, when we spoke on the phone, i gave them the accurate account of what we had discussed from my
    previous move 14 months prior (adding an extra 400lbs) from Florida to California where our move took up 1/3 of a 48 ft North American Van LInes truck (great movers).
    On every one of your ocnversations XO reiterated that the price we discussed and signed off on and XO adjusted for me
    was an “UP TO..”amount which secured that I would only pay
    “UP TO…(that amount we agreed on) regardless of any
    additional changes,” which was false, since XO moving
    agents had us sign documents to change the estimate not once but twice during the move, while they had our items mounted on their trucks. Once in MOnterey in the middle of them moving our things, at this point, our items were held hostage, and again at 1130pm when they arrived at our new home in the East Bay. They misguided, and misled us!
    Liars and Cheaters

  6. barry solskin

    This company was outstanding.
    From start to finish-we had no problems or worries.
    Very good. The customer service is excellent.
    I couldn’t have been more pleased with my move.

  7. billperess

    Movers were on time, professional, and courteous.
    very professional guys! – Everyone was friendly and kind.
    The movers arrived at my door on-time and were all very professional and courteous.
    I highly recommend these guys.

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