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Company Name: Uber Movers
License & Registration: U.S.DOT No.2364903 | MC No.MC810742
Address: 154 Kaleigh Dr., Greer, SC 29651
Primary Phone: 917 853 1849
Alternate Phone: 866 386 8237
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Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers
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Welcome and Thank you for considering Uber Movers  – your one and only stop in your search for a reliable, experienced and professional moving companies, where you will always be provided with a “Guaranteed Not to Exceed”* price.
Here at Uber Movers, we have a firm commitment to customer satisfaction and we pride ourselves in offering the highest standard of connecting to professional moving companies available at the most competitive prices in the industry, with 5 star rating on many online moving review sites will attest to. So please take a moment to see what separates us from our competition, and you will come to a conclusion that Uber Movers is the one and only choice for your upcoming relocation.
Also, in an effort to make your move as stress-free as possible, we will assign you with very professionals and certified Movers, who will be your point of contact via telephone or email throughout your entire local or long distance move, so you can always get an update on the progress of your move whenever needed.
One of the most important facets of your move is to make sure the crew that is handling your items is experienced and reliable. In order to assure you of that, we do extensive screening and background checks on all of our members before they are even considered to connect our network. They must also provide confirmed references showing at least five years of experience in the moving industry. So when we show up at your door, you know that only well-trained and experienced movers will be handling your precious items.  
 As you can see, we have all of your bases covered. So please go ahead and fill out the simple basic information form provided, and four of our members will contact you immediately. Or, if you prefer, you can call us directly at 1-866-386-UBER(8237) and we will be happy to prepare an moving estimate for you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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  1. This move has been quite an ordeal. In speaking with our salesman, John, my boyfriend was told that we could bring over double the 12 large boxes we were quoted at and still qualify for a mini-move of around $1,000. We told John we would like our move delivered on the 2nd-4th. John said this wouldn’t be an issue at all and that the movers would call us 24 hours in advance. When we began to realize we were going to be around double the size, we tried to get in touch multiple times and no one ever called us back within business hours. When the movers actually arrived, they told us we had 450-500 sq feet of boxes. We noted this was impossible and actually did the math on the marked sq feet per box (most of our boxes were small) which amounted to 130 cubic feet. We also had a four-seat dining room table with 6 chairs, a bedside nightstand, a couple suitcases and a small tv stand. The movers disassembled the table, as well, making it a flat sheet. We then went out to the actual van to measure it for them and still came out at 250 cubic feet, especially if they actually organized the load and put boxes underneath the table and on top. They wouldn’t do this and insisted on marking us as 350 sq feet and charging us another $1,000.00. Flash forward to the 3rd and we still hadn’t heard from the movers. We called the Uber line and was connected with a woman named Manisha Manning. He asked when we would be receiving our move the next day and she proceeded to tell us that there is actually a 1-12 day range from the first day you say you’re available and we were marked as the first day being available on the 2nd. We explained that John had said we would get it by the 4th, and Manisha Manning proceeded to be the most inappropriately aggressive and outright rude customer service person I have ever had the misfortune of hearing. She told him he should’ve read the fine print, he should’ve questioned John because it was “ridiculous” of us to assume they could make that move “so quickly”. I have moved across the country 3 times and I can tell you my movers have successfully moved more boxes within a weekend. (sidenote: I did read the fine print and it quotes out 1-10 days, not 1-12). We were very put-off by her tone and attitude and asked to speak with her manager. She told him she didn’t have a manager. He then asked if he could please speak to anyone else in the entire office to which she replied she was the only person who worked there. We asked who her boss was and for his/her contact information and she listed the owner of Uber Movers as her boss and the information email address and 1-800 number as his phone number. She then said she couldn’t tell us when our move would arrive and didn’t know where it was. We asked that she check in on this and call us back. He asked when he could expect to hear from her. She said by 12pm. At 2 pm we still hadn’t received a call, so he called her back. She put him on hold and hung up on him. When he tried to call back, she did the same thing. I truly hope Manisha Manning’s manager will listen to the recordings. Her behavior was abominable and entirely unprovoked. Finally, the next day, I reached out. That is when I spoke with Jackie and she let me know our boxes hadn’t left yet and would try to get them to us as quickly as possible. We were happy to see our boxes arrive a week later on Tuesday of this week. Living in a new state with none of our belongings for two weeks was not a pleasant experience. The movers who moved us back into Texas were friendly however many of the boxes were severely beat up, even quite a few boxes expressly noted “Fragile”. Additionally, the movers let us know a large framed picture was broken. In addition to broken frames there were also broken Reidel wine glasses, dishware, etc that was explicitly marked fragile. Finally, flash forward a few days and I speak with a woman named Tanya who says it’s nice to meet me too and that she will speak with the owner and call me back. I get a call back from a woman later that afternoon who identifies herself as Manisha Manning and says it was actually she who I spoke with earlier and then denies ever identifying herself as Tanya. This is hysterically sociopathic of her for many reasons: A. The name Manisha and the name Tanya sound nothing alike B. Why would she say it was nice to meet me if we’d already met? C. Why would I issue a report on a woman TO THAT WOMAN? She then hung up on me again. A year later, we have yet to receive our payment despite the claims company reaching out to Uber Movers and telling them to give us our payment.


  3. In order to choose a moving company, I requested quotes from the top 10 companies listed here on MoverReviews.com ranked by stars/reviews. There are 3 factors that made me go with Uber Movers (I even cancelled an agreement with a different company due to these 3 factors). (1) They gave me the lowest quote, (2) They said they will ship my stuff immediately and have it delivered in approximately 7-10 days, (3) They assured me of a “binding” quote where the price is fixed as long as I stick strictly to my inventory list.

    They broke all 3 promises that made me choose Uber Movers. Upon pick-up, they said my stuff takes up 80 extra cubic feet in their truck so they would need to charge me an extra $632.49. This is after they have already loaded absolutely everything onto their truck. The movers came 3 hours late so I was already running behind and I wasn’t going to have them take everything out and move it back into my apartment. So I had no choice but to oblige. I stuck strictly to my inventory list, not a single thing above what I said I would bring but they still claimed they needed $632.49 extra.

    Secondly, my stuff did not arrive in 7-10 days, they picked up my stuff on Saturday 2/15/14 and my stuff arrived Saturday 3/8/14, which is exactly 3 weeks/21 days after. By the way, 21 days is the maximum period required for us by law to provide them regardless of their estimated time of arrival due to safety reasons for the driver. The point is they took the maximum allotted time, not the 7-10 days as they quoted to me.

    I dealt with customer service due to my price. At first they explained to me that the extra money required was due to the fact that my wardrobe boxes were too big. But the wardrobe boxes I used were “shorty” wardrobe boxes which are the smallest in the moving industry. They are 9.4 cubic feet when my inventory list STATES up to 10 cubic feet. So I actually provided them with less cubic feet but they wanted more money? $632.49 to be exact. So finally they agreed to lower the price to $1555.56. Of course that was helpful but STILL it was
    $258.25 more than the binding quote that I was given by the sales person Tom in the beginning. And for what? NOTHING because I didn’t have a single item above what my inventory list stated.

    Uber Movers is a scam of a company and I warn you- please do not use them.

  4. After they get your deposit, forget about it….time frames are off….they showed up 2 days late and had to come back at 2AM in the morning to get forgetten items (and I think they were drunk)….delivery date was moved four times and only had one person…he wanted me to help unload my stuff….I had to hire a kid in the neighborhood….mutiple damages to items and the filing for claims takes forever (I did this in August and still have not gotten paid)…DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

  5. I am really in disbelief of how horribly this company operates. The sales reps (Sebastain specifically) tell blatant lies or anything necessary to win business and trick people into getting a service they are certainly not going to receive. They act with no accountability and I will not stop telling my experience to every review site and regulator I can

    1. I told the sales rep I would not work with Uber because I wasn’t comfortable with the language in the contract that said it could take up to 31 days for something to be delivered in the distance I was going. I simply couldn’t go that long without my belongings.
    -Sebastian said he COULD guarantee my delivery by the 14th. He was even able to waive the typical fee to have that guarantee and included that guarantee on the quote/work order (charged .01 for this)

    It is now 1/28 and I still don’t have my belongings. I am being told that since I didn’t pay that guaranteed delivery fee, the only course of action is to refund that .01 charged. This is extremely insulting and I can’t believe an employee is allowed to put a guarantee on something where the only recourse for not meeting the guarantee is a penny. This is the definition of a scam.

    2. He told me that you are not a brokerage and you would have your own trucks/crews moving everything – that turned out to be a lie, They contracted my load and it is currently on some random person’s truck in California, delivery TBD.

    3. I was up-charged at pick-up $250 even though I was well below the 200 sq ft I was quoted. There was a language barrier with the crew and I couldn’t get ahold of any other employee at the offices to discuss these erroneous charges and felt I had no other option but to pay for them or risk my delivery being delayed.

    4. I was told there would be no shuttle fee on my delivery. This was a lie. So to avoid a shuttle fee of $350, I will have to rent my own Uhaul, meet this random trucker in a parking lot to load my own things, into my own truck and then to move into my new apartment.

    I still don’t have my things. I’ll be sure to add some notes here once I get to find missing/broken items. But hey, at least I get to move my own belongings into my apt!

  6. These movers are unethical and unprofessional — be careful or they will find ways to keep your belongings hostage and cheat you out of way more money than they originally promised your job would require

    • i was also a victim .. they are disgusting dishonest people and should loose their licence .

  7. I would like to say that Uber Movers Company is the best one I have dealt with. I am a musician and it was of a high importance for me to hire a professional company that would wrap up and move my instruments which were kind of fragile.

    I made a reservation with Sebastian a very friendly salesman at Uber who confirmed it emailing me at the end of the day. It was very professional in my opinion. David and two other workers who came to my not very big house brought tape, rigid boxes, shrink wrap and packed all my stuff very carefully including the musical instruments.

    Since I changed my place of living, I had to move to another state couple of weeks ago. I was extremely worried about my new piano not to get damaged since there was a long way to drive from my old home to my new one. However, I would like to say that the guys were great, very friendly and professional with all my stuff. There was not a single dent or any other kind of damage on my musical instruments, and also the rest of the furniture was intact.

    This was a great deal for an excellent price. I really appreciated the way these great guys treated me and the way they dealt with my things. They even arrived half an hour before the time arranged.

    All in all, I would heartily recommend this company to everyone because they did a wonderful job.

  8. For me, moving has been one of the most stressing situations in my life, since I have moved many times so far. However, my friend Jessica recommended the company to me saying that it was among the best ones on the market and she was right.

    A very important fact- Sergo, Luis, and David arrived on time and I was really grateful for that. They did not waste their time on anything, but after they had a look at my house, they started to work immediately. Having all the necessary equipment ready, the guys began packing al my personal belongings and furniture. In five-hour time, my entire house was completely wrapped up and packed in their boxes. Sergo, Luis and David are very efficient and nice. They worked very fast but they did not make a single scratch on my things. They were really good and professional.

    For me, it is eminent that the service is good but not expensive, their price is really reasonable and affordable. There were no extra fees or charges, I paid exactly the amount we had agreed about.

    Shortly after that, they placed all my stuff in the spots I needed them to be, in my new house , of course. You cannot imagine how happy I was to be in my new house with all the work done properly.

    If I have to move again, I will definitely call Uber Movers to help me move to a new address.

    Elfrieda L.

  9. My items were picked up on Sept 6, Today is Sept 28. Still waiting for delivery. Getting NO help from dispatch and they won’t connect me to someone higher in authority. Went over the estimated cost by over $5000. Not a happy camper

  10. I am glad that my son booked uber movers for our move to new york. As an old lady, I could not imagine dealing with the nightmares of an incompetent company. Uber movers was indeed a joy to work with. They took good care of us and our belongings. I could have died of a heart attack if there was something wrong going on in the middle of the move but I am glad they know how to do their job really well.

  11. Uber movers did a really great job during my most recent move. They started Monday by loading up all of our stuff that are already inside the crates. Then they immediately got on moving to New Jersey from Miami. When we arrived in our new house after three days, uber movers were already calling us saying they are near. I thought it was going to take 5 days but it only took them 3 to finish things. Great job for this great company.

  12. I have seen how a few moving companies work being a business man myself. I have worked with a number of them and I can see that by far, uber movers is really good at what they are doing. I am writing this review to let the whole america know that you should put your trust on uber movers and give them a go because you will never regret it. I never had regrets with them because they are good, they are hard working, and they are the best.

  13. Uber movers is such a life saver! They helped me so much during my recent move to new york. Because of them, I got out of that old apartment alive. They were very helpful in terms of giving me advises on how to save time and effort when moving to another address, how to pack my things in crates safely. and how to save money. They are pretty much all around. It is obvious that they know their thing and they mean business all the time. I am so amazed by them, thank you very much!

  14. It is always sunny in Philadelphia and that is why I moved from my old house in Jersey City to my new condo unit in Philadelphia, PA. Uber movers helped me realize my dream of moving to another state and the process went so well actually. They are by far the best in the industry for me. They have a very systematic way of carrying out the duty of transporting their customer’s stuff and furnitures. Now, I felt like I am still living in the same house (except it is smaller) after the whole move was done. I immediately felt at home in my condo since I have the same furnitures that I have in another state.

  15. I am very pleased by the way uber movers work. They were so organized, on time, and very professional. We started with the quotation which was unbelievably less expensive than other companies. Then, they set up a date and time to start the move. Things went on smoothly up until the move was finished. None of things got broken or lost. I am really pleased that I worked with uber movers.

  16. I am so blessed and honored to have worked with uber movers. I had such a great experience I kept on talking about it to my friends. I recently moved from my Mom’s house in Jersey to my new apartment in Miami. I always wanted to explore and live somewhere cool and Miami is the place for me. Uber movers helped me out realize that desire and because of them, I had a very fast move. Thank you guys! And keep it up!

  17. This company is by far the best company I have ever worked with. Worst nightmares? Trust me, I have encountered them in the past companies that I have worked with. I am so glad that uber movers turned those nightmares into sweet dreams. None of my things got broken, nothing got dirt on it, lost, or stolen. This company aims for perfection and I will surely hire them over and over again. It took me a long time to discover the right one for me and this company is the one.

  18. My experience with uber movers was so great! I am so satisfied about their service and I will surely work with them again. I had so many things to move so I decided to hire uber movers. I started packing up myself and when the schedule for the move was due, things went on smoothly and hassle free. I like how these people work. They are so organized, so nice and so fun to be with.

  19. I am writing this review as a kind thank you to the best company in town. Uber movers have yet again done it for us. They were so amazing and so efficient with their job. I had no stress, no problems, and no complaints. Everything was good. Being part Russian I am so concerned about efficiency and excellence especially if I am going to pay. Good thing this company knows what they are doing. I will refer them to my friends, family, and even enemies. Thanks a lot uber movers! You were great.

  20. I am a huge fan of uber movers after they did a good job on helping with me with my move. I wanted to hug each one of them but then I wanted to keep our relationship professional. Manisha, their sales rep, was such a sweet lady. She speaks with conviction but at the same time she is so respectful and kind. Being a sales rep too I was able to relate to her a lot. We talked a little bit and she gave me a great price. The crew Ryan, Kyle, and Allan were all so helpful and is a very good gentlemen. I am so blessed and honored to work with these guys. I am hoping to work with them again in the future.

  21. I have had the natural tendencies to make sure that things are secured. With uber movers, I felt a lot secured and they made sure that my things are in great shape always. I am so satisfied by how well they work. I had none of my things broken, lost or stolen. They are simply the best company I have worked with so far. To give back for the great job they did, I will be telling my friends and family to use them in the future too.

  22. Who would have thought that a simple talk with Ryan will end up giving me a wonderful service for a low price? I moved to Miami, FL last week in line with my new home and life adjustments and sometimes, moving can be pretty stressful. I don’t want to take all of that stress so I decided to go give uber movers a ring and talked to one of their representatives named Ryan. The conversation went well and he was a really nice guy. We ended up having a quotation for the whole move which is $1,965 and a date for the start of the move. They arrived in our house on time and on the dot. The move started on time as well. There were no delays or problems. Things went on smoothly. I am so satisfied with their service and if the need to move occur in the future, I will surely hire them again.

  23. I am speaking in behalf of my brother who finally moved in with me to accept the job I offered him. It was one of our plans to live together in Jersey after he earns his degree so he can take the job that has been waiting for him for four years. He traveled many miles away and so did his college stuff. He never had any complaints or problems from each of the thousand miles they traveled and even recommended uber movers to us. He was so happy with the service he can’t even put it into words so I had to do the review for him. This company means what they say and they will surely take you to your destination and never miss a good time while the move is in progress.

  24. I traveled miles away from home to live on my own. It is about time that I get separated from my parents and make a living for myself. It was a bittersweet moment because I really hate leaving them but at the same time, I just gained independence and the responsibility to take care of myself. Uber movers was one of the best instruments who helped me a lot in my move. They helped me out realize my ambition to be on my own and to move all of my stuff to my new condo unit in New York. Uber movers are not only business companions for me but they are also life companions.

  25. I recently moved to another state with my new family. It was hard leaving home but I guess it would be harder to move if the moving company we hire is not that good and dedicated. But good thing we hired an excellent one! Uber movers never dragged us down during the move. In fact, they assisted me from time to time and asked us if we are having the best experience they are trying to achieve. I liked how they strive for excellence and try to please their customers. I think it is really professional and at the same time unusual for moving companies. But I give props for that to uber movers. Good job!

  26. I like the way these people talk to their customers and deal with them. They are full of professionalism and they always keep their word. When they give a time and date for something to be done, they always make sure that they make it to our house on the dot. Also, they kept their promise to give me a slight discount so it won’t be too much for me to pay for though they already gave me a relatively cheaper quote. Thank you uber movers.

  27. Once again I got to experience the great service that this company provided me over the past years. I really love how their greatness and excellence never fail to impress me. Uber movers will surely give you the best value for your money and they don’t even ask for an expensive fee for everything. If you really want to have the best in the market, you should go for uber movers. I love this company!

  28. Most companies will cause you more money than what you pay them for the service. Stuff get wet and damaged. But with uber movers, none of my stuff got broken or wet. They took good care of my things during the move like a baby. If you are a sentimental person like me who likes to collect things, you have to put your trust in this company because for sure, you will see your stuff in perfect shape when you get to your new home.

  29. You think your company is the best? How can you tell if you have not exhausted all your choices yet? Try working with uber movers and you will surely change your bet. I was once very satisfied with my previous company but as time went by, I found a lot of flaws in their service and decided to look for another option. Uber movers was suggested to me by my mom and I must say that they are so far one of the best in the industry.

  30. I have always wanted to go to New York for work and now that it is happening, I want things to be perfect. I hired uber movers to help me out with my move as it was recommended highly by their sales represeptantive Manisha and my brother. I did not care at all as to who will help me out with the move as long as I reach New York on time with all my stuff. But I must say these compliments to uber movers for finishing early and for taking good care of my things. I really appreaciate their wonderful service and if not for them, I could have been late for New York. I am so happy and I am so excited to start working. Thanks uber movers!

  31. If I need moving in future, I would like to use Uber Movers again. I am happy with them, because they did excellent and delivered successfully all of my goods without any damage. All guys related to my moving team (Randy, Bill and David) were Very friendly and fast. I think they priced me highly, Because of my tidy schedule and weight. Randy explained how the price was estimated, so I have no doubt about my quotation. He was always in contact with me and informed every update history of my moving until the end up. Finally they delivered on time and unloaded all things and put them where we wanted. They worked as they were billed. They were professional, courteous and efficient. They are definitely got 5 stars and highly recommend. Thank you guys, you all made my move smooth.

  32. I have moved several times over last few years. So I have both good and bad experiences. When I see several complaints against a mover then I investigate and find out best one for my instant moving. After using Uber Movers I don’t feel any necessary to search for other movers. I had great experience with them when they moved my house hold first time in 2011. This is 2nd time I used them for my shifting from Rochester, NY to Richmond, VA. They were careful with all of my belongings as they were in 1st moving. They delivered on time and my things always arrived without a scratch. I have recommended them to all of my friends and colleagues.

  33. Once again I got to experience the great service that this company provided me over the past years. I really love how their greatness and excellence never fail to impress me. Uber movers will surely give you the best value for your money and they don’t even ask for an expensive fee for everything. If you really want to have the best in the market, you should go for uber movers. I love this company!

  34. As a consumer, one of the things that give me assurance that a company or a product is indeed effective is through product reviews and how previous customers felt about them. Uber movers, like any other company, had fair number of bad and good comments. I decided to take the risk and see if I can break the tie between those comments. It was just in time because I had to move back to my mother’s house after I got fired in my previous job. When I contacted them, I was treated with utmost care like a baby. Up until the move was done, I felt like I was the most important person in their company. So for this, I say that I am another consumer who was overly satisfied by their service. Thanks a lot uber movers for the big help you gave me.

  35. I am so excited to enter college this year though it means I should move to another state. I have been working on this scholarship for so long that even the long distance can never stop me. I wanted to make my dorm feel like home as much as possible so I brought my numerous stuff from my own room. Mom booked uber movers to help me out so it won’t be much of a burden for me to move. Things went so well between us and uber movers. Mom accompanied me during the move so she can make sure things are doing well and so she can help me fix my new home for four years. For me, uber movers did an outstanding job considering that none of my things got lost or broken.

  36. I have been waiting for the opportunity to move to Ohio for my business simply because there are more people on that place that is fitting in my target audience. Moving there meant moving the whole store so I needed a hand from a moving company such as uber movers. All our products, ingredients, and materials were to be transported there and I have a thing about broken objects and stolen products. When we finally arrived at our new location and had everything set up, everything was in good shape and none of them got damaged or stolen. Indeed, uber movers is one of the most trustworthy companies in the busines today.

  37. I had so much fun working with uber movers because most of their crew have amazing grasp of sense of humor. They made me laugh off the stress of moving away plus missing my previous neighbors. They made it seem a fun experience to go through. For me, uber movers helped me a lot not only in moving my things from one place to another but also they helped me a lot in making me mentally prepared to face my new life in my new home. Good job you guys and I am looking forward to have some more good laugh with you in the future.

  38. I initially talked to the salesperson of uber movers named Allan. He was so fun, so full of humor, yet very smart and witty. He was able to convince us with his words and with the quote he gave us for the move. It was not that bad. In fact, we expected a much more expensive cost for the whole move. When we got home, we started packing up so by the day the move starts, things will just run smoothly. So, when we started the move, Peter and Tom and the rest of the crew handled our things with care and they too were so friendly and full of humor. I just loved working with these people. This is the company that you would want to keep and would want to see each time you need them.

  39. I grew up from a traditional and old fashioned family. I was not allowed to move to my fiancee’s flat before we were done with the wedding so we had to wait for the ceremony before we can pack load up and go all alone. Days before the wedding, I contacted uber movers to take care of the move for us. Right after the wedding, we headed to our honeymoon destination so our moving planner took care of the move for us. Days after, we headed to our new home and saw things in proper order and we immediately felt home all because of uber movers. My moving planner has a lot of nice things to say about them since she is the one who interacted with them more.

  40. I am very skeptical when it comes to products and services that I use. I only want what’s best so I always do my homework of researching thoroughly before I give something a go. I have read so many excellent reviews about uber movers and that tickled my interest. I started contacting these users and they made it sure that these are honest and true reviews. So, I decided to give uber movers a go. Things went on smoothly and I never got to raise my eyebrow on any of their actions. They were indeed amazing and excellent in so many ways. Not so bad uber movers.

  41. I had my move last week in line with my transfer in a new branch of our company. I took the responsibility to choose uber movers among the many companies that my colleagues are recommending to me. I know for a fact that uber movers is indeed a great performer and they know how to do their job well. I ended up satisfied, happy and overly contented with the outcome of the move. I wish I could thank them more for the great service they provided.

  42. I have no complaints about this company. They did a really good job in handling all of my stuff. The way they work is so smooth and free flowing. There were no delays or occasional problems. The people in their office is so kind and patient to all of my needs. I never ever regret paying some of my money to them for such a great service they provided. Keep it up guys and may you be blessed with more customers!

  43. Very first time I hired a mover. I moved to New Haven, CT to Columbus, OH. And relating crews were excellent significantly my sales man Ken was very warm and communicative too. Undoubtedly it was my magnificent moving experience with Uber Movers. They called a few days early to ensure and shown on time. No scratches at all! I heard all these warnings about movers – they offered me a flat price and stuck to it. I would probably use this mover in the time to come. Extremely fast, lovely and professional.

  44. I am new to moving and hiring a company to help me out with the process. I have been in the same street and community for years and moving out was indeed a dreadful thought to think of for me. Well, I expected it to be a lot of work to do but when I got to work with Uber movers, I was surprised that the move came in smoothly. The process was very organized, the people were guiding me on what to do and even smiles at me no matter how tired they were. Moving out seemed to be a stress free job for them. Thank you so much for all your help and more powers to your company!

  45. I was out for work so my son had to follow up the moving for me. My son told me that uber movers did a really great job when they packed everything and moved them to the new address. They are truly reliable and accurate when it comes to their craft. I give them an excellent rating for their excellent service. I will surely choose them again in the future should I or my relatives need to move to another address.

  46. Most companies will cause you more money than what you pay them for the service. Stuff get wet and damaged. But with uber movers, none of my stuff got broken or wet. They took good care of my things during the move like a baby. If you are a sentimental person like me who likes to collect things, you have to put your trust in this company because for sure, you will see your stuff in perfect shape when you get to your new home.

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  121. It has been my thing to research and read a lot about a certain product or a company before trusting them to make sure that I get the maximum customer satisfaction that I want. Through words of mouth and user reviews on the web, I was able to wind up with Uber movers for my move from Florida to North Carolina. It was such an effortless move that they did and I was able to prove that most of the user reviews were indeed true. Ken was such a great guy! He gave me a very reasonable price that I never ever regret paying.

  122. My wife started preparing our children for the move by encouraging them to prepare their own special treasure box with toys, games and snacks for the trip. We had sent our insurance policies and other legal documents by a secured mail to our new home address before we left our old house from Orlando, FL so that we would not forget to carry them when we were moving. My wife and children were very excited about our move and new house. We made an inventory list for belongings that we needed to move with us. We already had spent 1 week to find a reliable mover company. Finally we dealt with Uber Movers, because they appeared as trustworthy and their all terms and conditions complied with our expectation. They arrived before the day of loading. They packed all valuable goods and labeled them. I was at home while they were packing and supervised total work. On the loading day, I checked again all goods listed in the inventory. The crews came with a large truck and load all things within 2 hours. We reached first at our new home in New York. On the same day my good was arrived in there. The crews unload all goods. I checked the condition of each box and other household items as those were unloaded. There was nothing missing or damaged at all. That was very busy day for me. However it was a great pleasant to me that we could move successfully. Thank you all guys worked for my move and you all really did an excellent job.

  123. I got an ideal plot for my dream house in Trenton, NJ. I owned it about 8 months ago and completed construction of my dream house in last month. It was fully ready and we wanted to move all household goods in there from Tallahassee, FL without any delay. So we looked for a mover company that can move our all things from Tallahassee, FL to Trenton, NJ in our new house. My wife heard about Uber Movers from her colleague and she suggested me to talk with them. I was also interested to talk with Uber Movers people about my moving interest. They told me all things that I needed to confirm before handling my things on their hand. I had no need to look for other company, because the guys are very courteous and offered me all things that I needed. Bruce, my sales person ensured me that my goods are safe enough. They packed several important things and loaded everything on the truck very smoothly. They are hard worker and experienced too. They delivered all goods at my new home on the right time and I got everything perfectly. I have no complains about those guys who worked for my move. They really did an excellent job and so I intended to write about them. Thank you guys for you nice job.

  124. I decided to go with Uber Movers for my entire Moving from NY to VA. I came to know of them and their fantastic packing and moving service. After the completion of all the formalities, I got a fair quote from Uber Movers and the price was affordable. I also asked them of any sort of hidden charges. They made sure that they had no hidden charge and they were very transparent about the charges. After the move, I realized they are trustworthy. They came at 9am with a large roomy vehicle. They took good care of my belongings. They also carried out their duty very well by being courteous at all times. Packing, loading to unloading and re-assembling everything went so smooth. No complaints!

  125. I am writing this review for you readers to both follow and not follow what I did. I have been away from home for years now because of my job. Recently, I was fired in my current jobe because of a call I made using the company’s phone. Someone traced my call and knew most of its details. The heart of the conversation is that I was about to leave work for something else. My boos found out about it which instantly motivated him to fire me. Then, I went to work with uber movers to bring all of my stuff home with me. Though I was still broken hearted about losing my job, they did a really great job to cheer me up by not letting me worry about a thing. At least you can follow what I did by booking uber movers.

  126. There are some moving companies who take advantage of their customers. They want to get as much money from them by jacking up the price and asking for extra charges. I have heard horrible stories about that so I took the liberty to be prepared in case that will happen to me. When I worked with uber movers, I was not surprised when they gave me a cheaper quote knowing those horrible sotries. But when the whole move was over, I was surprised because that was it. They did not add extra charges nor whatsoever to get more money from me. Indeed, they live up to their mission of bringing affordable services to all.

  127. Though moving is indeed a stressful thing to do, moving companies should make it seem hassle free for their customers. I am busy at work all the time so I was not able to attend with the move. It was my husband who interacted with them and worked with them on the day of the move. I was expecting my husband to be grumpy and mad about the process since it is already given that it is tiring and draining but to my surprise, my husband was smiling and appeared stress free. Uber movers is indeed a master in that area

  128. I made my decision of sticking to the greatness and excellence of uber movers. Not once did they disappoint me and I will surely hire them again and again in the future. I had no worries working with them knowing that they are the best at what they do. I really appreciate the effort they gave to help me out. This one right here is the company for you. Why have yourself stuck in companies that stress you all the time?

  129. It is typical in movies that the underdogs always get the bigger role, even in real life. We have been brain washed and stuck up with the “best” companies out there who has names established already and we missed to give other companies a chance to prove themselves. I opted to go with uber movers because I believed their sincerity and their objectives. In the end, they did a really great job and my needs were fulfilled. The difference with top notch companies is that they charge big amounts to have their best service. With uber movers, I paid a relatively lower fee for their excellent service. Very practical yet amazing.

  130. We make decisions everyday and one of the best decisions I have made was when I called uber movers for a quote. I was shocked by how low their rate was which motivated me to stop searching and decide to book them for my move. When the move was about to start, I had second thoughts thinking that they might work with low quality since they asked for a cheaper payment. Yet in the end, I was amazed by how well they worked and they did not ask for an extra charge. Indeed, I made the right decision to go with them for all my moving needs.

  131. I never doubted Allan when he did his sales talk to my husband and I was even drawn and convinced by it. I am so glad my husband opted to book uber movers because everything went well. I could never imagine doing the move with another mover and experience those terrible nightmares that other unsatisfied customers experienced. Uber movers is surely the company to trust.

  132. Uber movers was indeed very helpful to me during my move. I initially talked to their ever pleasant Sales rep, Manisha and she gave me a very reasonable price for my move from the old house in Miami to the newly built house in Virginia. The amount of help and support that uber movers gave to me was indeed enormous and no words can be sufficient enough to give back to what they provided.

  133. I got a list of potential companies to move from Jersey City, NJ to Buffalo, NY. There was no single company that didn’t have any unhappy customers. I talked with some customers asking about the company and how they resolve the bad issues. I also asked most of the companies from my list how they faced bad situation and what steps they taken to satisfy those customers at the end up. I was satisfied on response of Uber movers and made the contract final with them. I was ensured that my belongings were in the best possible hands. Mike came to my house and made a list of my goods that I need to move. Finally he gave me a quoted price that was really affordable. On moving day, crews came with their own express truck. Packing, boxing, loading and even unloading after arriving at my new house, they did everything very smoothly. My all goods were covered by their insurance, so I felt very comfort while my belongings were on the road passing throughout the states. They delivered all goods without any damage. I will use them again, if I need further moving in next time.

  134. I wanted to ensure my household goods arrived at my new apartment in Rochester from Orlando without a scratch, so I started with a good packing. I also had to pass a long distance and for what I would need to pay extra money. So I thought to cut down on moving costs by packing myself. I called Uber Movers and they provided me new packing supplies. I also dealt with them to deliver my household goods to my new destination. On the moving day they came on right time and pack few things again strongly to ensure safety. They did everything to make my move go as swift as possible. They charged me a reasonable rate. I saw they worked hard and communicate occasionally. They delivered my goods on right times and also help me to unpack few things. I was very happy while working with the guys of Uber Movers Company.

  135. If you are looking for the best, this is the company for you. They managed to provide me with great service and I am very pleased. Keep on doing that and you will surely have more and more customers in the future.

  136. I have recently moved from Trenton, NJ to Charleston, SC. I informed about Uber Movers from one of my neighborhood. So I gave an opportunity to this company for my moving. A team from Uber Movers came on the scheduled day. In the beginning I was bit confused about them. They started slowly while packing my goods. They took over 8 hours to pack and load all the things I need to move in my new apartment in Charleston. Finally they left Trenton when it was 6:30 pm. They always informed me about the moving condition and the place from where they were talking. I felt very comfort and secure with those guys, because they are excellent in communication and 100% available. After 4 days and passing 718 miles, finally they reached to my new house and unloaded all things. I checked my things very carefully. They have taken good care of my things. I have no complain about those guys. They also helped me to pick up all things at 3rd floor. It was pleasant to work with Uber Movers. Thank you guys, since you all made an excellent moving throughout the states.

  137. I am pleased to announce to the whole world how pleased I am with the service that uber movers provided. I have nothing more to ask for. I am with the best company ever and I will never trade them for anything else in the world. If you want the best service too, then you better go for uber movers. Never put up with the errors of other companies anymore. With uber movers, everything is all in order.

  138. I have read a lot of good reviews about uber movers and I can never believe them unless I experience their service first hand. It was a good chance for me to try them out since I was about to move to Florida for the school year. I called them up and booked them for the move. Customer service was brilliant and they are so pleasant. The moving team was also coordinated and well-organized. All in all, I give this company a 10 for all aspects. Indeed, the reviews about them are true.

  139. I don’t really get it why people keep on working with companies that does not even value them for the amount they pay. Each and every customers should be given importance and they should provide the best service they can give. That is something that uber movers have been doing for a long period of time already. If only all the rest of the companies would do what they do, then there will be no customer who are sad, displeased, and unsatisfied.

  140. I am in awe with the amazing ways of uber movers. I have been talking about them to my parents, my friends and workmates simply because I can’t get enough of the great experience I had with them. If not because of them, I would have had a hard time transferring to my new apartment. I will surely refer.

  141. Some people just have so high standards that is why no matter how good the company performed, they still find it inadequate. For me, uber movers did a great job. As long as nothing got broken and they finished the move on time, I am happy with that. I have a fair standards and I think it is simply about the move that these companies should be judged on.

  142. It only took us 6 days to move my numerous stuff in my old apartment in New Jersey to Texas. It was a long drive but in the end it was all worth it since my stuff are all in good shape. My work will start next week and I am currently unpacking my things. I am so glad I booked uber movers for this move. They simply are the best in the business.

  143. So it was time for me again to move back to my old house since I got retrenched from my job after it lost most of its money. It was a bitter sweet moment for me because I had no more job yet I was able to move back to my mom’s house in peace. It was such a peaceful experience for me. It was so smooth flowing and my things were never harmed. Thanks to uber movers for making my loss of job such an enjoyable experience to move on from.

  144. I recently set up my brother to work with uber movers. I had no other companies to recommend but this one because I heard it was a good company. After a few days, when the move was already done, my brother called up and told me praises about the company. He had no regrets giving away a few of his money for such a great service.

  145. They were very diligent and they ensured that all of my things were secured, so that there was no damage. I guess the prices were little bit more than it was going to be, it took little bit longer than we thought. Frankly, the price was high due to long distance and it was more than 2100 km from Saint Petersburg, FL to Rochester, NY. I obtained all the services I expected. I was just satisfied and they were a good company.

  146. Recently, I moved to New York with my girl friend. I had a lot of stuff to carry so I had my moving planner arrange me with the move. They set me up with uber movers which had a lot of good reviews on the web. I trusted them a lot with the move knowing that there are more customers who were satisfied than not. Indeed, they were awesome when it comes to handling moving jobs. It was stress free and fast. This company is highly recommended.

  147. I am so happy working with uber movers. They are indeed the best in the industry. Everything went on smoothly and I have no regrets picking them from among the many companies who gave me a lower quote. They managed to make things in order and finish earlier than the schedule. This company is so brilliant and it is highly recommended to everyone.

  148. If you guys want a company that is trustworthy, you should give uber movers a try. I have been working with them for a long time and never did they break my trust with any issues or problems. This is the type of company that has pure dedication for excellence and amazing service.

  149. I was worried about those bad reviews about this company on the web. I almost gave in to those and ultimately choose another company but good thing my friend convinced me that they are the best at what they do. I instantly listened to him since I trust him a lot. In the end, he was actually right. Things went on smoothly, no problems, and things was wonderfully done. Uber movers is the best company and before believing bad reviews, try to ask for second opinion from someone who really experienced their service.

  150. I am so happy working with these guys. They were able to assist me well with all my needs. I am highly satisfied with the way they work, their method, their system, and coordination are some of the things that made them stand out from the other companies. I have been working with other companies in the past and none of them performed brilliantly like these guys.

  151. I liked the team of guys who relocated me from Tallahassee, FL to Spartanburg, SC. I would use them again in future. From my first phone call to set up the move, everyone was very sincere and helpful. They came on time and delivered as assured. All my furniture was wrapped so securely I had no issues with scratches. I am not going to look for any other company; I would like to use Uber Movers at work again.

  152. I detected several crushing reviews and mostly had been worried about those problems happening to me. Amazingly I found a reliable and authentic company to help with my actual move and I didn’t become one of those reviews. I hired Uber Movers to help me in packing and moving my house from Orlando, FL to Syracuse, NY. The couple did definitely what they said they could. These people were perfect, faster, and quite helpful. They packed everything in 6 hours and came back on next day with a large vehicle. They loaded all things within 4 hours and started moving towards the destination immediately. There were no issues with the delivery as well. All my furniture was put back together they even help me unpack many boxes at no extra charge. If you need to move long distance then I advise Uber Movers. Thank you once again for doing good job.

  153. I can’t believe how wonderful uber movers did their thing when they worked with me. It was simply outstanding what they did. I never had any regrets booking them and listening to my moving planner. I am so satisfied with their service because of their amazing skills in what they do. Keep it up guys!

  154. I recently moved from my parents house in New Jersey to stay with my friend in Texas. It is because of my job reassignment that I was forced to move out and live away from the comfort of my parents’ home. I booked uber movers for the move and I must say they did an outstanding job. They were highly organized and I never had any worries before and after the move was done. This is the ideal movers to be hired.

  155. I didn’t acquaint with any moving services company before. My colleague endorsed me few website URLs to look up their services offered and equipments. Finally I grabbed Uber Movers to make move (Saint Petersburg, FL to Rochester, NY ) successfully completed. I obtained a vibrant service from this company with a low cost. They are very trusted in their duty. All of my goods picked up in time and carefully. They delivered on time and unloaded all things and put them where we desired. They were reliable, courteous and fantastic. They definitely fit to worth 5 stars and highly recommend.

  156. My boss told me to handle our office move. It was a short move from Buffalo, NY to New York, NY. I was never experienced any move before. So I was bit in stress. I talked with several Movers and they all offered me nearly same price, But Uber Movers was different in price as well as in commitment. Their quoted price was little bit expensive than other movers. But I saw that they were most experience in office move as well as any kind of move. So I finally dealt with them. I was waiting to see actually how they manage a move. They came timely with 3 guys, took a close look at every little thing and started their work. They managed all the office gear with great care and techniques, packed, loaded and moved everything to the destination, did really well to take out the stuffs and stored them again. I checked the inventory myself and none of the things was damaged and could not find the smallest of pitfalls. They could deliver everything on time. I was really a stunning move.

  157. I am so happy with the way these people worked with me. I am highly satisfied with the outcome of the whole move. I never thought that the little money I paid would result to such an excellent job. Thanks for the big help!

  158. I recently had the need to move to the house that my Dad gave to me and my fiance as a gift. I was so excited so I had not much time to search for moving companies but my friend referred uber movers to me. I ultimately gave them a try since I trust my friend so much. At the end of the move, I was so satisfied with the outcome and my husband was so happy working with them. Good job you guys!

  159. I am so happy with the way these people worked with me. I am highly satisfied with the outcome of the whole move. I never thought that the little money I paid would result to such an excellent job. Thanks for the big help! I will surely refer this company to my friends, family, and workmates! The great service you provided to me made me so happy!

  160. We were thinking to stop moving due to thunderstorms, but the Guys of Uber Movers were punctual and came to our doorstep just on time .They pursued their work throughout the day without taking a break for a while or so. Their dedication towards work and their energy level made me captivated. Initially I was a bit tensed about the happy accomplishment of the move, but their organized practice made me feel less tensed. Right from packing to loading to unloading and re-assembling everything went so swift. No damage, no issues to complain, no claims! The guys were very cooperative. So I can make sure you of availing the best prospective service if you ever move with Uber Movers by any occasion.

  161. Uber Movers would get my interest for all kind of moves. I have used the service of Uber Movers recently while moving to my home town Decatur, AL. I retired from my job and came back to my own house along with my family. So a lot of things I needed to move. They did an excellent job for me. They have taken care of my belongings very well, nothing were damaged or broken. They were on time and finished the move within the planned time. Their quote was very sensible. They are certainly practical in their job that they had no problem with my house moving. Definitely they deserve 5 stars remark.

  162. I was so excited about the new job offer I received in Cleveland Ohio, but I had to pack up and move from Philadelphia Pa. I called Uber Movers and asked them to pack and wrap everything and ship it to my new house. I was so happy with their professionalism. Everything arrived in one piece and on time. You can’t beat that.

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