Tri State Moving Services

Tri State Moving Services

Company Name: Tri State Moving Services
License & Registration: USDOT: 982535, MC: 415794
Address:  1645 Sycamore Avenue, Bohemia, NY 11716
Primary Phone: 814-881-9085
Alternate Phone: 631-753-3867
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves


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Tri-State Moving Services has successfully accomplished some of the largest and most diversified moves in the United States. Our management team, with more than 50 years worth of combined experience in the industry, has planned, organized, and directed corporate relocations of thousands of employees, hundreds of thousands of square feet, and millions of dollars of furniture and equipment. Tens of millions of linear inches of files have additionally been interfiled, transported, and relocated.

Our corporate clients include major banks, insurance companies, publishers, hospitals, law firms, accounting firms, brokerage houses, entertainment companies, and manufacturers, locally, as well as across the United States.

Tri-State’s entire operation is geared toward providing every possible service to your Corporate Facilities Department. Our crews are uniformed professionals with proper union affiliation, authorized to work in every building within the Tri-State area.

We take great care to protect not only your furniture and equipment, but your building as well. Precautions include: using rubber-wheeled dollies, providing tempered masonite to cover carpet and tile floors, protective padding for walls and elevators, and protect glass and doors with cardboard shielding, where needed.

We are licensed and insured, and our references include hundreds of corporations nationally.

Whatever your relocation needs, Tri-State Moving Services is ready to handle the job!

Fleet & Equipment

(6) Full Air Ride 26-Ft. Straight Trucks, Crew Cab
(2) 16-Ft. Pack Trucks
(2) Personnel Transporters
(1) Local Route Delivery Vehicle
(2) Mobile Fork Trucks
Over (700) Dollies
(2400) Blankets
(12) Hand Trucks
(300) Mobile File Carts, Accommodating More Than 43K Linear Filing Inches

Plus, a more than ample supply of:
Panel Carts, Commercial Bins, Totes, Packing Supplies, Specialty Lifting Equipment And More!

Raid Redundant File Servers With Daily Incremental Backups
Backup And Network Monitoring By External Knock Center
Offsite Hard Copy Backup
Sentinel Firewall


12,000-Sq. Ft. Climate-Controlled Facility
Vault Room
24-Hr. Monitored Fire, Moisture And Flood
Employee Screening; Background Check, Periodic Drug And Alcohol
Closed Circuit System, Monitored Remotely, 24 Hours A Day
Gated And Razor-Wired Grounds
Password-Protected Access
Non-Linear Internet To Internal Services Connection (Manual Authentication Required)

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Tri State Moving Services


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  1. L.M Campo

    I am not one to complain about companies since I’ve always been able to resolve issues amicably & professionally when needed. In this case I need to make the public aware, that I would give Tri-State “0” stars if I could. I have tried to work with this company for several years and gave them the benefit of a doubt. I managed his account while he was in a bartering network. All customers that were referred to them (over the course of 2 years) via the Barter network complained that he would bait and switch from barter quotes to excessive cash amounts. Every single one of them complained (at least 45 +), NOT ONE came back with anything positive to say about this company. TriState Area Movers is a bait and switch operation, furniture is damaged, items go missing, workers showing up stoned, 3 hour jobs turn into 15 hour jobs. Terrible payers when they owe money to people, one of my (non barter) companies provided services for them under contract for over $2000-cash and it’s been over 9 months and he still hasn’t paid us after telling me constant lies on a daily basis, that the check is in the mail, that he was going to do bank transfers, to send FedEx to pick it up (when FedEx showed up at his place of business 3x to collect the check he would tell them that he had nothing to give them).. I could go on and on regarding the disgrace this company is to the moving industry. Gavriel , the owner is a pathological liar and clearly displays no conscience, he is a lying rip off thief.. He holds items hostage in his storage facility to extort more money from innocent consumers. Look elsewhere for reliable, trustworthy movers and get references. If you decide to use TriState Area Movers don’t say that you haven’t been warned!!! If anyone else has been ripped off by this company feel free to contact me as we are preparing to sue him and his company.

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