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Company Name: Trans Van Lines
License & Registration: DOT #1496961, MC #562646
Address: 10200 W, State Road 84 #213, Davie, FL 33324
Primary Phone: 954 482 4460
Alternate Phone: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers


Product Description

Trans Van Lines Reviews

Our Company offers variety of moving services including packing, disassembly, loading, transporting, unpacking, assembling, placement etc.

We are equipped to handle various size moves from a one-bedroom apartment, office, storage or large homes.
Trans Van Lines is a unique moving company from Davie, FL that recognize unique situations and custom tailor specifically to your moving and relocating needs.
Our professionally trained movers will ensure the job is completed swiftly and to your satisfaction. Give us a call now for a free quote!

Local moving service
When it’s time to make a move, you can count on Trans Van Lines. With 20 years of experience we pride ourselves in quality and efficiency.We make sure your move is effortless from start to finish. Our professional and seasoned movers provide the highest level of care in handling,packing, shipping boxes,and moving heavy items;So that you can be at ease.

Long distance moving service
If you are moving to another state let Trans Van Lines carry the burden of relocating for you! We’ve been helping our clients move long distance for 20 years. Our repeated customers and referrals is our confirmation of satisfied clients. Call us to today to get a quote from one of our expert consultants.

Packing and unpacking services & materials
Our professional movers possess the skills and techniques required to ensure that your belongings and furniture are transported to your new location in a safe and economically efficient way.
Trans Van Lines uses high grade industrial strength packing materials, which is not available to public. If you decide to purchase your own packing materials, we highly recommend that you confirm the quality with our moving specialist, so we can provide you with our honest opinion of the product.

Features of our great service

  • We are a local moving company from Davie, FL that handles local and long distance moving
  • Always loyal and honest with our quotes, charges and services.
  • Over 20 years of moving knowledge and expertise.
  • Providing services country wide with same great care and efforts overall.
  • 100% licensed and insured for your protection.
  • We handle everything from start to end, so you will get peace of mind.
  • Our highly trained and professional staff takes care of your belongings.

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8 reviews for Trans Van Lines Reviews

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Tania McCarthy

    I do not have enough characters to detail everything that occurred with this company but I strongly urge anyone looking for a mover to not use them. They underestimated our move total by 50%, even though one of their representative came to our home and viewed all of our items to be moved. After the trucks were loaded with our items they presented us with an amount double with what they had provided us. They did not have a big enough truck to load our items or enough movers. Our move ended up taking two days even thought they had told us it would be a one day move. We overheard the lead mover talking to their home office about posting on Craig’s list for more help! The customer service they provide is a joke when trying to call them. They never return your phone calls. They also then increased our storage price so we had to have our items put into another storage facility. It took them two trips to bring all of our items. Most of our furniture was damaged. I can go on and on about our nightmare with these movers but stay away from them!!!

  2. Rated 1 out of 5


    THEY SUCK!!!! Do NOT use this company!! After being almost 2 weeks late with the delivery, nearly all my items were destroyed, broken into pieces. This is the first and last time I would ever use them. When I called, several times, no answer it goes straight to voicemail and no one EVER returned my calls and if I was lucky enough to get someone on the phone after continuing to call them, they were rude, Mona!!!! Yeah, they claim your stuff is insured, try and claim it! I thought this was a reputable company, NOPE! Terrible, terrible company. Please BEWARE of them and DO NOT use this company!!!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Henry Joiner

    This was my second time using Trans Van Lines and the second time I was highly satisfied. I called on Thursday to get a quote and my move was set up for the date and time that I requested, four days later. The team answered every phone call and was very polite and helpful, giving me an accurate quote that ended up being exactly what I paid when the move was complete.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victor Hill

    I was very keen to go back to my hometown after living alone for 4 years. The problem was that I had collected so many belongings over the years that I just had to hire a moving company. That’s where Trans van lines came in. They have such a good reputation that I just had to hire them. I have to give it to them, they really performed well. Their men arrived right on time and were very efficient. They worked diligently for hours packing up all my belongings properly. Then they loaded everything onto the vans. Honestly, I didn’t really have to do anything. If paying someone for this job makes my life so easy, I will always do it.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Trans van lines is simply amazing. This was by far the best experience I have had with any movers. I needed to get some furniture into a storage unit and after seeing the amount of things I had, they knew exactly what size of a unit I needed and even helped me get a great deal on the storage. Everything was hassle free and very efficient. I had a great moving experience with these guys.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5


    We have had terrible experiences with the last moving company we hired. This time, we weren’t going to hire any inefficient company. One of my friends suggested the name of Trans van lines. When I called them, they gave me a very fair quote and I was satisfied with that estimate. Their crew of four men arrived 10 minutes early, which took us completely by surprise. Then the men started working and they were done in no time at all. I couldn’t believe it! I was expecting a haphazard job given how fast they were. But absolutely nothing was broken or damaged, or even scratched, when they made the delivery. I think this company should really market better because they are just too good and people need to know about them.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    George T.

    In these days it is difficult to find a trustworthy company. Most companies make it very hard to have any kind of faith on this business. They lie, change their prices after the move and send movers who have no experience in this job. But I found a company with difference. It’s Trans van lines – this company has to be the only exception in this market. I can’t describe with my words how efficient they were! I was wrong to think that everyone with completely positive reviews is a cheat. They handled everything with their professionalism. The movers maintained their timings, showed great care while packing my things and made sure each piece was delivered in great condition. They knew what they were doing. They didn’t add any extra charges in the final bill.

  8. Rated 1 out of 5

    Jan S.

    BEWARE! Stay away! We strongly suggest that no one use this company! Just received our goods yesterday after over 2 weeks waiting. So many of our boxes were crushed, many loaded upside down, some opened/tape seal broken and unaccounted item(s). Nearly every piece of furniture they packed/wrapped was destroyed, literally SHATTERED/BUSTED UP/BROKEN INTO MULTIPLE PIECES. I would love to post pictures here so all can see how extensive the damage was to so many of our items. Sentimental and antique pieces — family heirlooms – tables, mirror, chest turned into shards of wood, broken beyond repair and barely recognizable. We feel they were DISHONEST from original pickup. They missed two committed pickup windows and we had to call them to find out they weren’t making their windows both times – after waiting ~2 hours for them each time. Both times they said they were “going to get packing materials.” We were advised at pick-up that our shipment would be over the original size estimate as they were staging loading it onto their truck and, what was a less than 25% Increase in Shipment size equated to a ~60% Increase in Costs – how does that happen? Additionally, at pickup, before even loading our goods they asked us to sign a blank form stating we would pay whatever they noted/itemized for packing materials – essentially asking us to agree to buys something before they give us a price/estimate for it. Would you commit to buying a car without knowing the price? We should have known it would just get worse after feeling scammed at pick-up. I can’t even begin to describe the experience and horror and frankly terror these people have brought to us. We called the company ~5 days after pickup, as we hadn’t heard from them at all, to track our goods and also share our concern about pricing increase. We spoke to several people and although some seemed pleasant feel they were all deceitful and part of the scam they have going here (eg. Sergio, Lorena, Mona, Kelcey, etc.). (Oh, by the way watch for these names on reviews, as it seems some of these names have also been names of parties posting positive/raving reviews of this company on various sites– hmm… coincidence, really???) We even spoke to Avi, whom we believe is the owner based on information online, at one point and he was defensive and rude. We almost feel they intentionally destroyed our personal belongings since we called to express our concern — how terrible, these people are truly evil if that is the case. We feel these people are crooks, scam artists of the worst type. You work your whole life for your belongings, just to have them destroyed by someone. We feel violated – paid over 3,000 dollars for a move of a 10×10 storage unit of our home goods – everything we have material in life just to have our furnishings held hostage and then so many of them just DESTROYED. Companies like this shouldn’t be allowed to operate. I will post more details after we speak to them today about the disposition to see what they might do/say. I’m just still in shock really, incredibly saddened at extensive sentimental loss of things, but felt essential to post something quickly so potential “buyers beware” and everyone knows what to expect and stays away from this company.

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