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Company Name:  Sunrise Van Lines
License & Registration: USDOT: 1902673, MC: 683463
Address: 970 W Prspect Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
Primary Phone: 888-346-2015
Alternate Phone: 786-277-6163
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves


Sunrise Vanlines Reviews

Select the movers who will provide you with a safe, professional relocation experience -Sunrise Vanlines. Surnrise Van Lines is an industry leading moving and storage company with more than 75 years of experience in moving families and businesses to and from nearly any origin to any destination. If your move takes you locally, across the country or overseas,

It’s best to start your move at least 4 to 8 weeks prior to your desired move date, as this provides ample time for you and Sunrise Van Lines to plan and execute your move in the most organized way possible. We assign a Personal Relocation Coordinator to your move, helping you plan your move, providing your free in-home estimate and helping your choose the services that will best serve your unique requirements.
Sunrise Van Lines – Providing Free In-Home Estimates

How can you be sure Sunrise Vanlines are the right movers for your relocation? Schedule a free, no-obligation in-home estimate.Receiving an in-home estimate from Sunrise Van lines allows you to get an exact cost of your move, complete with the necessary services. Your Personal Relocation Consultant will also offer suggestions on ways to save money during the move – such as leaving the swing set behind, throwing out food items in the pantry to lower the weight of your move and more.

Sunrise Van Lines – The Only Choice of Movers

Allied TruckWhat are some other reasons why Sunrise Van Lines tops all the other moving companies? We are world-renowned as a professional moving company dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and exceptional service. More than anything, Sunrise Van Lines a reputable mover you can trust, unlike other rogue moving companies who may try to scam you – taking your money, or more importantly, your memories.

Here are the top five ways to avoid being scammed:

Get a moving estimate based on weight, not cubic feet. Sunrise Van Lines will provide a FREE, no-obligation in-home moving estimate. Just fill out our quote form to get started right now!
Get your estimate in person, not over the phone. Request an in-home estimate from Sunrise Van Lines today!
Check to ensure the company has a physical address. Be sure the company is licensed, insured and bonded. is licensed, insured and bonded and has hundreds of physical locations all over North America
Make sure the trucks that pull up to your house are branded. Trust the orange Trucks.

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53 reviews for Sunrise Van Lines

  1. Juan Veron

    Moving with 4 children and 5 cats is not a joke. But I had to relocate from Hialeah, FL to Cleveland, OH because I was dying to live with my mom. Thanks to my cousin who recommended Sunrise Van Lines and gave me their phone number. I called and spoke with the sales rep Austin, got a very precise onsite estimate and then served like a VIP customer by the foreman Jon and his men. I assigned them for the complete package and boy they did wonders!! Packers showed what they are capable of and the movers showed how to move within the given timeframe and without any mishaps. These guys were also very friendly and nice with my kids and pets. It was very hard to believe that they actually packed the whole house, moved everything and setup again within the given time and without a single damage or dents and still charged less than the estimated amount. So, I am recommending Sunrise Van Lines to everyone.

  2. Neil Johnson

    We were in a hurry and under a very tight budget for our relocation. It was quite hard to find a reliable mover within a very short span of time and tight budget. But we were lucky because our family friend recommended Sunrise van lines to us. I called and spoke with their sales rep Eli for the move from Jacksonville, FL to Fort Worth, TX. He offered a very good deal and scheduled the move according to our preference. Everything was going smoothly and the paper work was done quickly. The packers arrived on time at the move day and packed the whole house without a hitch. And then the movers led by Jon did the rest. They managed the loading and moving and unloading with ease and completed the entire procedures within the allotted time and estimated amount. So, I would say, it was a very successful move with Sunrise van lines.

  3. Pat Vargas

    I am a man of few words. I am not going to linger at all. I used sunrise van lines few days ago to move us from Irvine, CA to Sunrise, FL. They offered me the best deal, planned my move to perfection, accommodated the date I wanted to move, followed up by great packing and moving services and did not charge more than the quoted amount. Overall, they moved us without any unwanted surprises or any other issues that could have bothered us for a single minute. So, I am recommending sunrise van lines for all these great reasons.

  4. Shane Warne

    For the very first time in my life, I am recommending a professional mover and that is Sunrise van lines. Just used their packing and moving service and got all the valid reasons to recommend them. I am not going to write a long story. To keep it short, let me explain what I experienced – I paid them money for packing us stuffs and moving them to Orlando, FL from Denver, CO. They got the job done within the agreed amount and within the allotted time and did not damage any of our belongings. So, I am recommending Sunrise van lines.

  5. John Ross

    Moving from one place to another is a huge task but when you are moving a long distance that time it tests the limit. Recently I moved from Austin, TX to Portland, OR. I had to find the best in business. So, I did my research, shortlisted 4 companies out of many options and finally narrowed my search to one company – Sunrise van lines. They did an excellent job. They had to pack the fragile and delicate stuffs and take care of the other households and my furniture. The packers and movers did a great job. They came with a plan and executed every maneuver perfectly. They worked as a team and solved the issues with great presence of mind. It was clear that these guys are very skilled and experienced and that is why I got a picture perfect move with zero stress and everything to feel happy for.

  6. Monica Flinn

    I have heard many good things about them from my friends. All my friends are using them whenever they need to but I never used them before yesterday because I never actually moved anywhere! But yesterday I moved to new apartment and I used them for my move. When I called them and talked Ron, I was expecting a lot because of the recommendations from my friends. Well they did not let me or my friends down. Movers were superb during the entire move. They were very punctual, fast and accurate. They managed to deliver a very efficient move in no time. They also charged me less than the other movers have in the past that overcharged me. I was not able to find a single mistake by the movers. Now I understand why my friends are used and recommended them. I have decided to use them from now onwards whenever I need to relocate. Keep up the good work!

  7. Michael Owen

    Yesterday I move from a 2 bed room apartment from a 3 bed room apartment within Tampa, FL using Sunrise van lines. But that was not the first time I used this fine company. I used them one more time last year for an office move and that time these people performed so well that this time I did not even bother to contact any other companies. I just called and asked for Ron (sales guy) and he took the complete charge. The estimate was very precise and reasonable and the packers and movers did the packing and moving to the perfection. I liked the way they showed great commitment and managed to complete the move with ease. These guys are skilled, experienced, committed and very hard working. Thanks a lot once again guys.

  8. Ricardo Powel

    I hired Sunrise van lines after my friend suggested them to me. They are pretty good to work with. Arrived on time, wrapped everything well but there was only one slight problem that they brought a wrong sized truck. So, as a result they could not fit all the things perfectly in the truck and delayed the moving. But their dispatcher later managed all the things himself and we were at our new place without anymore hassling.

  9. Michael Bright

    Nothing would be enough to thank Sunrise van lines for what they have done in my move. I was in a big trouble when my original mover decided not to show up and keep the $300 that I paid to them. I had no time to look for another mover; I just randomly selected Sunrise van lines. Their sales rep Bonnie offered me a very good deal and gave me confidence. She was extremely helpful and responsive to all my questions. She organized my entire move to the perfection and their packing and moving crew delivered the best possible outcome. Being honest, I still cannot believe that I have finally moved with peace.

  10. John Gluster

    Recently my grandpa passed away. But before he died, he asked my granny to give me his vintage piano, which is a classic model. So, after his death, my granny asked me to take the piano. But it was not possible for me to drive the car from Memphis to Miami by myself. So, I asked my mover to get the job done. By the way I am a regular customer of Sunrise van lines. Ron, the sales guy, made all the arrangements gave me the updates regularly. I received my grandpa’s piano quickly and without any mishaps and the price was moderate for the shipment of this priceless piano. Being a regular customer I have already recommended Sunrise van lines to many people.

  11. Kevin Hill

    Very smooth and fast move. Service was great from beginning to end. Movers were professional, quick, and conscientious, as well as flexible. I had a lot of items that I wanted moved to the dumpster and my crew had no problem helping me with that, and verifying throughout the process that the specific items were going to the right places. Would definitely use sunrise van lines again, and recommend highly to others. Best moving company I have used.

  12. Lyler Hopkins

    Few days ago I moved my medical office to San Diego, CA from Saint Petersburg, FL. It was a sudden decision and I did not have enough time to find a good mover. So, I just googled and from the list called few of the moving companies and narrowed my search to one company – Sunrise van lines. I picked this company because they have offered me the best price and they agreed to move me in the Friday in the middle of the rush hour and most importantly this company is one of the top ranked companies of this website. However, I was expecting a lot from them and they did not let me down. Movers arrived on time, did the packing with great care and made sure everything was wrapped and boxed perfectly and completed the moving quite quickly. At the other end, the same crew did the unloading, helped us in unpacking and setting up the delicate stuffs. Overall, they were worth every penny. I am surely going to call them for any kind of moving needs.

  13. Willis Ferebee

    When my Boss asked me to find a good moving company to move our office within Tampa, I was quite confused about which mover to assign for the job. Then my friend John suggested me to hire Sunrise Van Lines. I took their number from him and called Sunrise Van Lines. I spoke with their sales rep Ron and from the conversation I got great confidence on them. He offered me a very decent price and explained the entire moving plan to me. We wanted to move in the weekends and they were kind enough to accommodate what we asked for. At the moving day the team of 5 arrived in time. They have taken care of the office stuffs nicely. All the furniture and other office belongings were negotiated with great efficiency and precession and the move was done earlier than the schedule. They have helped us unpacking everything and set up the furniture like the way wanted. Throughout this entire process, they never made any mistakes, no mishaps, not a single chance to complain. So, in the end I want to recommend Sunrise Van Lines for any kind of office moves.

  14. Benn Wright

    Thanks to sunrise van lines for the three fine movers you sent to our home. They were very capable. We were especially tickled by how carefully our antiques were handled. Hopefully we won’t have to move anytime soon but if we do, we’ll be sure to give you a jingle.

  15. James Garcia

    Sunrise van lines did an incredible job! I’ve moved many times in my life and I never once had such a professional moving job done. They picked up my belongings in Sunrise, FL and dropped them off in Memphis, TN; at both sites 4 guys came and did quick work to protect my belongings. Would definitely recommend them!

  16. Van Persi

    It was a very pleasing experience with sunrise van lines. I moved many times before and used many companies but never experienced a move with such ease. These guys knew what they were doing and they knew how to avoid the problems. From the start to finish they were very organized, calm and collective, it was a collective effort which worked really well. I thank all the crew members, their foreman and the sales guy Ron for a very neat, smooth, stress free and affordable move. Thank you.

  17. Janice Corbitt

    The guys at sunrise van lines made me feel at ease from the moment I met them. They worked hard and were in the best mood, even though it was raining! All my furniture made the trip unscathed and they even hoisted my leather sleeper sofa through the window! I would recommend very highly to anyone.

  18. Andy Flower

    3 days ago Sunrise van lines completed my move from California to Arkansas and now I am taking some time to review their service. Before the move, I had many doubts in my mind about their service because of my previous bitter experiences with other movers but once they took the charge, I was feeling confident. They showed up before the schedule and helped us packing the delicate and fragile stuffs, managed the loading with great efficiency and moved my stuffs in quick time and managed the unloading really smoothly. They helped us unpacking the stuffs and apart from just one broken glass, everything was delivered without a hitch. I am grateful to these fine people for their awesome service and very reasonable price.

  19. Gwen Bushman

    I used sunrise van lines for my most recent move which took place just a week ago from Florida to Arizona. I could have hired many cheaper companies but I looked for the quality and that is why I went with sunrise van lines. This company surely in among the top 3. They showed real professionalism. Estimate was very precise, packing crew did their job with ease, loading, moving and unloading were effortlessly done and the moving time was lot less than what I was anticipating. I am surely going to recommend sunrise van lines to all my friends.

  20. Collin Andre

    I really do not know how to thank the sales rep Bonnie, foreman, crew and the estimator of Sunrise van lines. They did a terrific job for me. From the beginning till the finishing line, everything was nicely organized and managed. No matter what the situation was, they never failed to keep their commitments. The move went really fast and smooth and they have taken great care of my valuables, especially my grand piano was handled with great precession. Hats off guys.

  21. Ron French

    I had a really great experience with this company. They did a fantastic job at packing and loading everything with great care. The movers were polite and hard working the whole time. I had looked around a lot before selecting this company, and their prices are definitely below other I found, which made me think about the quality of their work, but they were prompt, got the job done quickly and efficiently, and were very friendly. I from now on will only use sunrise van lines.

  22. Jamil Hossain

    Excellent services, Sunrise van lines was awesome, they started very early and with no problems finished on time, nothing was broken and my belongings were very organized according to what I told them to do, they didn’t do the things in a hurry by the contrary they were very dedicate moving thing up. For that reason I consider them excellent.

  23. David Doty

    Working with sunrise van lines was so simple. In the past I have moved with other companies and the experience was stressful. With sunrise van lines it was so much easier than I expected! I am so relieved; my things were delivered right on time and in great condition. The moving guys worked quickly and efficiently and working with the staff was professional and pleasant. I appreciate their sales person (Bonnie) for being so cooperative, attentive, responsive and informative and obviously for the deal that she offered. I definitely recommend moving with this company.

  24. David Bond

    I have moved many times in the past and most of the times I suffered badly because of the movers. I always try my best to find the best moving option for me but always failed until I hired sunrise van lines for a long distance move. They were simply superb. The sales guy Ron was very precise in his quote, responsive and attentive and the foreman and his crew were up to the task. They knew what was coming for them, they were prepared for the move and they had the ways to avoid the odds. In the end, it was a very quick move which had zero damage involved and cost us a very reasonable amount.

  25. Aaron Abdiel

    This is the second time that I have taken service from sunrise van lines. I was very happy with their previous service. This time I’m even happier. They have kept their commitment with regards to improving their service. The customer support has certainly improved a lot. I noticed that they have got new improvised techniques of moving heavy objects. Carry on the work guys. I’m really glad to have such a reliable moving solution provider within my reach. Be sure to get another call anytime soon.

  26. Benjamin Hall

    I used Sunrise van lines for a long distance move (TX – FL) and they performed really well. I never thought of having a great move within the budget I had but Sunrise van lines made that possible for me. I moved to Florida but that was a sudden decision, I was not mentally or financially ready for the relocation. But thanks to Sunrise van lines for making my task look so easy and for taking out the stress out of the equation. Their price was more than just reasonable and the moving service was simply wonderful. These guys did their best to help me and saved my money and time by putting up the extra effort. I am really thankful to their sales rep Bonnie, foreman and his crew for managing my move within such a short notice and tight budget.

  27. Matty Mores

    The onsite estimate was very precise and they did not ask for any advance payment. We had to change the moving date but they did really well to accommodate the change and never asked for any additional fees. We were having problem in packing the fragile and delicate stuffs, they helped us getting the job done (packing) and moved all our stuffs in record time. After we checked the inventory, it was clear that nothing was missing or broken or damaged. Overall, it was a great service within a very moderate amount. I do recommend Sunrise van lines.

  28. Dave Wilson

    I was impressed like anything with the awesome service of sunrise van lines. I must add that their price was affordable too. Their sales rep Bonnie came to visit my place for an onsite estimate, which was very detailed. She answered ton of my questions and also explained the entire moving plan which seemed to be perfect. Their movers arrived on time at the moving day and executed the plan perfectly. They worked as a unit and always kept their calm and cool and never lost the focus. They dealt the delicate and fragile items with great care and ease and did really well to move the furniture using the narrow stair ways. The delivery was made within the schedule and thankfully there were no unwanted surprises, no hidden fees. We received all our valuables in great condition. Thanks a lot sunrise van lines for the awesome move.

  29. Jed Smith

    I had no regrets in choosing you as my moving company ahead of the many who kept on bugging and calling me. I gave you my full trust and you never showed me any motive to break that trust. Very impressed with wrapping and protection of everything. No damage at all. There was also a good communication with the company allowing my operations to run smoothly and giving me assurance on the service as per our agreement. This is definitely a very honest and reliable service upon which you can trust, value for money. Sunrise van lines is highly recommended.

  30. Collin Wyler

    My fiancé had recommended sunrise van lines, saying that I’ll be amiably surprised with the results. That’s why I decided to hire them while I was moving back to Texas from Florida. My fiancé was right. I was thrilled. They are so punctual! Nice, clean, fully equipped truck, with all kind of packing stuff that helps to move anything without any damages. I didn’t even realize when everything was packed and loaded. Most unbelievable was how they could squeeze my expensive & big dining table into my tiny door without even one scratch!! I highly push everyone to hire sunrise van lines because I am sure about 100% satisfying result.

  31. Gayle Tauger

    Just used sunrise van lines for moving to Florida from Louisiana. We were really lucky because we took the decision of using this company. They offered the best deal and executed the move with ease. We received all our delicate items in one piece and we did not have to pay them more than the estimate. They move went quickly (faster than the quoted time) and they also helped us to set up the furniture. In the end, we all are their happy customers.

  32. Danny Wallace

    Thanks to Sunrise van lines for their service. I even today don’t imagine how they help me out to move from FL to OR. My special thanks to their sales guy Ron for offering me the best possible deal. The way he supported me, I had nothing to worry about from first contact to last meeting, from bidding price to payment nothing went wrong with them, their work is really admirable. I think no moving company can match with them. I have strong positive reference for them.

  33. John Beavers

    I hired Sunrise van lines because my friend Jacob referred them to me. Truly speaking they are the best. These guys are more than 100% professional. They knew exactly what they were up to. They were simply perfect. I am very much impressed with their service. I would hire them again.

  34. Alex Ruiz

    This was the second time I used sunrise van lines for a move. But for the first time for an inter-state move. Yes, I am a repeat customer and that means I was counting on them after the first move. These guys offered me a great price at the beginning and then the movers did the rest. They had to deal with some very heavy furniture along with some very delicate and fragile stuff. I knew that they have the capability to manage the odds. They did not let me down. The foreman and his crew showed great commitment and skills during the packing, loading and unloading and they were able to complete the task just before the allotted time. I did not have to deal with any unwanted issues. Everything was just perfect. Too good.

  35. Allan Thompkins

    I was tired of moving across the country because I was suffering in the hands of so called moving companies. I have to move very often because of my job but no matter how I tried I have always been a victim of professional movers. So, last time during my move from FL to TX I did not bother to do any research on movers. I just randomly called few companies and hired sunrise van lines because they offered me the best price. But surprisingly this time I got a perfect move. Their moving team arrived on time, packed everything quickly and nicely and moved all my belongings to the destination without any damage. They completed the move within the allotted time, did not charge more than the estimate and also helped us storing the furniture. Really, after all these years and painful move, finally I got something to cheer for.

  36. Rui Costa

    I am very much impressed with their level of accuracy and speed. The crew was simply outstanding. They knew the art of the moving and the sales rep Bonnie did everything possible to organize our move without a hitch. They arrived on time, did the remaining packing and nicely loaded all our valuables to the truck and made the delivery on time at the other end. There was one minor mistake but apart from that everything went as smooth as possible and the final bill came within the estimate. Great company, must use.

  37. Ricardo Navarro

    I am not an easy person to impress because I always look for the perfection. But they were able to impress me a lot with their great service and very reasonable price. I used them for a long distance move which went terrific. Everything was perfectly planned and executed and their level of accuracy remained 100% till the end. I am grateful to everyone of this company for the awesome service all the way from Florida to Tennessee.

  38. Kevin Hill

    Moving across the country within the allotted time, without any damage and within a tight budget is near to impossible. But the team of Sunrise van lines made that possible for me when I moved from Florida to California using them. They have showed the highest level of professionalism and made the move look really easy. I had many fragile items and there were some delicate items too but nothing was damaged or missing during the move. All went as I wanted and cost me a reasonable amount. I thank the sales rep Bonnie and the crew for the awesome job.

  39. Ethan Hunt

    I am not going to linger on with my comment. Let me keep it straight. I saw the net, read many reviews about many movers, called few of the movers but once I talked with the sales rep (Ron) of sunrise van lines, it was certain that I am going to use them. They offered me the best deal and ensured the best possible service. I was amazed to receive their world class service and felt sky why with the result of the move.

  40. Josephine Richard

    I never liked to move because this is a very unproductive and problematic job. But sometimes it becomes necessary. Yesterday I moved to a new home with my parents. But before the move I was searching for a reliable and affordable moving company. Then I saw some great reviews about Sunrise van lines. When I called them, the sales guy Ron pointed out my requirements and offered me a moving solution based on my needs. He was very nice and he never pushed me to hire them. Movers came on time on the day of the move and they did everything. They packed, moved and stored all our belongings perfectly at the new place. There was not a single mistake by the movers and they actually completed the entire move in no time. It was a very smooth and safe move. I would like to thank Sunrise van lines for providing me such a nice move.

  41. Chris Zwarts

    Finding a good moving company takes a lot. I have moved many times because of the nature of my job and suffered a lot with the hands of various movers. But last time, for a change, I have experienced a picture perfect move. Thanks to sunrise van lines which was my mover at the last time. When I talked with their sales rep Ron, I understood that they mean business and they are real professionals. That is why I did not bother much about the price. My decision of using this company worked for me. They moved my belongings from Florida to West Virginia effortlessly and they maintained the schedule and the checklist properly. They never tried to experiment much, did not do anything fancy, just kept the basics right and did whatever the situation required. In the end it was a very well executed move which was timely completed.

  42. Manny Muniz

    I was being told about sunrise van lines by my father. They managed my dad’s move 3 months ago and he was so impressed with their service that he recommended sunrise van lines more than once to me. So, I used them for my office move. Everything went really nicely and neatly. The foreman and his crew did their job with great care and speed. They were always ahead than the schedule and did really well to move all the office belongings to the other end without damaging anything. Well done.

  43. Thomas Byrd

    We have moved many times in the past and have dealt with some bad movers. This being our biggest move, we were quite nervous about hiring someone. We did quite a bit of research and sunrise van lines seemed like the best choice. If we had to describe them in one word, it would have to be AMAZING. Very nice guys, they really know their stuff. They were very fast and very careful with everything. They even took apart and re-assembled large items for us. If you are looking for movers, do yourself a favor and hire these guys. Don’t waste your time with anyone else.

  44. Alex Roman

    I had to move on short notice from Chicago, IL to Miami, FL and thought I was all set with the movers, but they bailed on me last minute, so I was happy to get help from sunrise van lines, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. I was very satisfied with the move. Because of the time concerns, I was worried that I wouldn’t get it all packed in time but the movers came prepared and were able to help me finish packing, which they did quickly, professionally and at a reasonable rate. After all the frustration, my move ended up going quite smoothly.

  45. Kevin Sousa

    It was a very good experience. They basically followed me through every step of it and my move didn’t go perfectly but they handled all the issues that came up. I had everything delivered was put in that truck and nothing was broken. So I was happy. The price was quite reasonable. Yes I did receive all the services that I have requested. I did my own packing but the blanket wrapping was good. Everything was fine. The crew was very good. For future customers I can say Sunrise van lines is a good choice. They are not expensive and worth the money. The team ensured that everything gets safely. You are not in the dark. They were all very professional.

  46. Chris Moyar

    Thanks a lot Sunrise van lines for the awesome moving experience. Our moving agent Ron, the foreman and the movers, all played vital roles in our move. They were very punctual, accommodative, prompt, skilled, experienced, courteous and friendly. I am really happy with their service and I do believe that they have the ability to operate any kind of moves without any errors!

  47. Glenn Reese

    We used sunrise van lines just a few days ago. We used them while we were moving to California from Florida. Our family friend Tim recommended sunrise van lines to us. So, we called them for a quote. The sales guy was very responsive, informative and attentive. He explained every detail of the moving process and he was very precise in his quote. I liked his professionalism and sense of responsibility. So, I booked the move with them. Their team of movers proved that they were the best choice for us. Loading and unloading was very quick and smooth, packing was fast and accurate and the delivery time was within the schedule. I checked the inventory list and did not find any reason to complain. Price was slightly over the estimate but that was understandable. Overall, they were simply amazing during the entire move. I recommend sunrise van lines.

  48. Sumon Borua

    I used many moving companies and got some mixed experiences. Some were good and some were horrible but after using sunrise van lines, I released how actually movers should act and perform. Their movers came on time. They showed ultimate level of efficiency and accuracy. Movers never looked to be in problems. They were extremely efficient to complete the move within the given time and made sure that everything goes according to the checklist. I am happy with the price also.

  49. Michael Santorso

    It is really hard to believe for me that I actually got a very smooth and super-fast move. Let me explain the situation briefly. Due to some personal reasons I had to move to a new home and I had very little time for that and budget was a very big concern for me. Though I called to several moving companies but most of them denied to take my job because of the very tight timeline and some asked for too much that I was not able to hire them. Then one of my friends gave me their number and I called them. They were the only movers who had the courage to take the challenge. They took the challenge and pulled off a miracle! I do not know how but they did manage to complete the move perfectly within the allotted time and budget. I am very happy and I would be ever grateful to Sunrise van lines for the unconditional and extraordinary customer support.

  50. Axel Rivera

    Recently I have shifted to a new house with my parents. It was a 2 bed room apartment move. When we decided to use professional movers, my parents asked me to find a good moving company. I spent long hours in the net and read many reviews about many movers. Finally I called several companies. Some came with good offers too. But after getting the quotation from their sales rep Ron, I hired them. Though they had very little time to get ready for the move but they were still able to manage everything properly. Movers seemed to be very experienced and organized. They were good to keep all their commitments and completed the move within the schedule. It was a very neat, smooth and timely move. I thank them for their wonderful customer service.

  51. Tim Bresnan

    As one of their regular customers I felt that I should share my experience with others. Though there are lots of moving companies but only few can deliver great service and this company is one of those very few companies. I am using them for quite a while. They never failed to fulfill my requirements. Whenever I used sunrise van lines they delivered the best possible service. I sometimes wonder how they keep their consistency because it is not easy to perform consistently. Only great people have the consistency within them. However they also charge very reasonable and they are very friendly too. I prefer this company for all kind of moves. I have shared my experience. I hope you are smart enough to decide whether to hire them or not.

  52. Renard Konieczka

    We got a call from sunrise van lines and immediately we could tell a difference between them and many of the other moving companies. First of all, the majority of other movers we spoke with was very pushy and wanted upfront money before they really would talk to us. Sunrise van lines ‘s staff was very patient and did not pressure us. Their sales rep Ron was very helpful. It was a 2 bed room apartment move and they were able to deliver our things in under a week. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is planning on moving.

  53. Dan Wilson

    I had to tip their movers of Sunrise van lines because of their excellent service. Though they were not the cheapest but they charged a reasonable amount. I was happy like anything to see all my belongings at the right place in perfect condition and within the allotted time. I thank Sunrise van lines for being so professional and committed. Ron (sales rep) was easy to work with setting things up and the movers were very punctual, courteous, friendly, committed, skilled and experienced and willing to give their best. This is an outstanding company. Go for Sunrise van lines if you are about to move somewhere.

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