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Company Name: Relocation R Us
License & Registration: USDOT: 2580447, MC: 903386
Address: 510 Clinton Square, Rochester, NY 14604
Primary Phone: 800-619-6593
Alternate Phone: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves


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Relocation R Us Reviews

Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At Relocation R US the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations! With our wide range of products and services, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. Call us today and we will work with you to develop a customized Moving Package that fits your needs. Whether you are moving home, apartment or office, long distance across the country.

Retention, Retention, Retention! Most companies focus their efforts on new business, building moving solutions that drive customer loyalty away. Our focus is to build a package around a clients needs and ensure that package ensures presence and longevity in the clients eyes, making sure we are the first company that consider for any future moves. Our goal with the packages we build is to retain your patronage indefinitely, re-structuring our offerings as your needs change and grow to provide a fresh approach to your moving solutions every step of the way.

Long distance moving companies face a unique set of challenges in packing and moving cross country or from state to state. This is why it is important to make sure you choose a company with an excellent reputation. Relocation R Us has earned a reputation for providing personalized service and exceptional value to our interstate moving customers nationwide. If you are considering a national moving company, Relocation R Us should be your first choice.With offices around the country, we can service moves throughout united states. Our professional, caring long distance movers are trained to provide the best cross country moves.

Relocation R Us’s full service, climate-controlled storage facilities are a perfect solution for those in need of extra storage space to keep important household items.Entrust your belongings to a moving and storage company with 30 years of experience and a reputation for quality, competence, and safety. Our storage facilities are safe and secure and our professional storage services are available to help you transport your items to and from the facilities.

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Relocation R Us Reviews

15 reviews for Relocation R Us Reviews

  1. Sally Jackson

    Dont use this company ! They are very unprofessional SAM said 1300 over the phone then they doubled the price after the deposit was paid claming the price was up to space we checked the truck and our stuff didnt take up half the space in there BUDGET RENT A TRUCK and one of the guys stepped on my glass table and broke it and didnt do anything about it. And demanded a $50 tip each guy in cash .it has been 15 days and they said they will arrive in 7 days they called saying yesterday then changed it to today and today we havent heard from no one .DONT PUT YOUR SELF INTO THIS COMPANY CHOOSE ANY OTHER ONE. THEY ARE LIARS AND THEIFS AND DONT KEEP UP TO THERE PROMSIES

  2. Sidra Javed

    If I can give them 0 stars I would. Not professional at all.. they were supposed to come the day before yesterday but their “truck broke down”. They came yesterday and raised their price by from 1800 to 2800 .. brought it down to 2100. Then they didn’t have tools to disassemble the furniture..they wasted an hour trying to find an Allen key. They asked me and my mom for a knife and tools. they didn’t have the proper carrying carts you would expect moving companies to have… all of my wooden furniture is scratched… and they broke my desk…they ended up taking stuff from the fridge without asking. I cried to them for what they did to my furniture. Professional movers blanket furniture inside the apartment and then take it outside.. they took it outside first and then taped blankets around after the damage was already done to hide what they did.. they threw my boxes around. Spilled stuff out of them on the stairs. Today carl called me, which is nice.. however you do not deal with the nice people on the phone when the movers come. The movers tell you not to call the office because they are the ones moving the stuff. I still called a couple of times on Saturday and sunday and no one answered me. Every piece of my furniture has hard scratches on them. My sofa is ripped from spots. They threw boxes on my electronics. My laptops keys and mouse isn’t working because they threw a box on it. I made the mistake of hiring them, please avoid at all costs. I hired them for $2120 to help me move my less then 6 month old furniture in my new apartment without a hassle but I am at a loss for that 2120, as well as property damage of more then 2000. It would have been better if i Gave away my furniture for free, atleast it would still be intact. I trusted them with my furniture and now everything is damaged (some of it can’t even be repaired). I am supposed to be enjoying my new apartment, but because of these movers i am dealing with broken furniture and crying every time I see my hard earned money in broken pieces…. the reason I got movers and “a family owned business” that know how to respect other people’s property was so I wouldn’t have to deal with broken furniture and a total loss of more then $4000

  3. Emma

    Relocation has never been that easy and affordable for me before getting in touch with Relocation R US. They have set very decent prices that are always present well inside the affording capacity of majority of people. At the same time unlike other service providers they never make any kind of compromise on quality of services. I was amazed after working with them as Blake and Jon are extremely helpful professionals to deal with. They are very good and I have enjoyed great working experience with them. Strongly recommended!

  4. Joseph

    I was looking for a company that can provide efficient services well inside my restricted budget. Naturally this seems too good to be true, but Relocation R US service providers made sure that I get the best relocation related services without any violation of my budget. In my experience, they are simply the best and very supportive at the same time. Other moving companies have high fee, but deliver poor quality services, but with Blake and Jon this is not the case and because of this reason I am impressed by their services and commitment.

  5. Andrew

    I have recently worked with Relocation R USfor my moving and the experience has been exceptional thanks to their comprehensive and well managed services. The most convincing point is that availing their services is easy and free of all kinds of complications so you don’t have to worry about anything. The team members are very supportive especially Jon and Blake make sure that their customers get the best level of services. In case you have any kind of reservations or questions, then feel free and ask their team members, you will not be disappointed.

  6. Tom R

    THIS A BROKER!! (Make no mistake) THIS IS A BROKER!! The difference between a “salesman” and a “con man” is INTENT. I assure you these guys are con men. Don’t be fooled into thinking they are salesmen. My original estimate was $3400 and my final price was $8400 this was after a $2000 supposed discount from the $10400 price that came from thin air. I was assured that the only people I would deal with on every level of the move would be “relocators r us” employees. This was a complete lie!!(I don’t even know if they have real moving employees) I never met a “relocators r us” employee. The four aggressive guys that came to the house ( a day earlier than expected) to load the truck (A Budget rent a truck not a relocators r us truck as promised) controlled the actual pricing. It was all calculated by the four guys that were complete independent contractors. They stated my price was based on loading onto a budget truck. The budget truck will only hold 1380 cubic feet (see budget website) completely full. They loaded the truck twice and and it was not completely full either time. Then they told me my price was based on 3350 cubic feet which is impossible when the budget truck only holds 1380 cubic feet. I could go on and on about all the lies and stress that this company caused. I see so many “not recommended” reviews on yelp. Don’t be fooled they are not recommended for a reason. (MORE LIES) Also do a little research their supposed office is a virtual office it’s not even a real office. I can’t believe I got sucked into doing business with this company but I guess that’s how good these CON MEN REALLY ARE!!!

    Jonathan kaufman this could have gone way better if you would have followed up and did anything after the pick up as you promised.

  7. Liam

    I have used Relocation R Us for my moving and I am a very happy customer. I never found my furniture damaged or things broken. Matt is my all-time favorite moving guy because of his professionalism. I demanded for his assistance in my last shifting from New York, NY to Orlando, FL. He makes the shifting process look easy.

  8. Jayden

    I used Relocation R Us for my last moving and I can happily say they are the best. Booking their service is free of long procedures and they make timely communication through email. Their ever-friendly team make every possible measures to meet all my expectations and have never disappointed me. Matt never looked down upon my queries and he has always given me good amount of time. I will definitely hire them for my future shifting.

  9. Sophia

    I was suggested by my best friend to consider Relocation R Us for moving Rochester, NY to Memphis. My husband and I were in doubt about the safe shifting of our household items because we were moving to a distant location. But all our fears and doubts were washed off by their excellent service. They actively managed all the packing and shifted all our things in a short time. We were glad to find our furniture in our new apartment free of damage in such an affordable cost. Thanks Relocation R Us, especially Sammy.

  10. Mason

    One of the most efficient moving services we ever had since our last 5 shifting’s. Moving tons of things with 4 children has always been a stressful experience. But with the excellent service of Relocation R Us, especially Blake and Jerry were we able to move from New Jersey to our new house in Florida without any stress. They gave us extra hours by reaching before the decided time and speedily packed all our things with delicate care. The best part of their service is that we were relieve of the shifting process in only 2 days!

  11. Charles

    My selection of Relocation R Us for helping me move from Penfield to my new apartment in Ashburn, VA was excellent. I was not sure whether their team would be able to help me shift to my new home in a short time. But their service was above my expectations. They effectively packed, sealed and moved all my furniture with great care. I was too worried about the handling of all my delicate antique decorations. But their team was extra careful in packing and handling such items in a timely manner.

  12. John S

    I dealt with Jon at relocation r us last month to help me move from Poughkeepsie NY to Deerfield beach Florida. I was certainly nervous with picking a mover for the job, especially since about 30 different companies called me. Jon assured me that things would go smooth and quite frankly I was impressed. The movers showed up and did a great job, were in and out within a few hours. They got my stuff delivered in 4 days and placed all my furniture. My wife came home from her mothers mid way through and didn’t like the placement of the living room set and they even adjusted everything so she’d be happy. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family! Kudos guys

  13. Miriam Martinez

    Great guys. Used them for a long distance move from Boston to FL

  14. Valerie

    Wow. We are experiencing the same thing. No furniture yet, but worse are the lies as to when. Thanks for the info Nicole We will address our concerns at a later date

  15. Nicole

    Pay triple and go with a well known company That has more thank 1 truck, no complaints against them, and in business for more than a year. I will give my honest review after we receive our things ( they lie about delivery dates as well) . Never again ! We will spare as many people as possible against this company

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