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Company Name: Pro Miami Movers
License & Registration: US DOT 1717780
Address: 4215, SW 75 Ave, Miami, FL, 33155
Primary Phone: 305-328-8577
Alternate Phone: N/A
Email: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers

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About Pro Miami Movers

ro Movers Miami is one of the best movers option for people who are moving in Miami, FL,

Sunny Isles, Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Reasons for this are quality, assurance of

safety of valuables along with other important things that are the real concern of people

who are planning or have already planned to move.

It doesn’t matter, if you want to move some boxes or you have a concrete plan for moving

your entire house, the services provided by Pro Movers Miami are just top notch and no one

can deny the fact that they have been the best rated company by users. A clear indication of

this could be taken from the excellent views and remarks that are being given to them by the

customers who use their services. A lot of other companies just ignore the important of

valuables for people whereas the Pro Movers Miami always work on a simple but yet very

effective principle of shifting goods from one place to another in perfect condition.

Charging heavy fees from customers have never been the custom of our company. We provide an

estimate of charges to people totally free and that means you only need to give us a call

and our representative would visit your place or office to provide a free quote after

analyzing the number of valuables that are to be shifted.

Having suitable packages and boxes has been the major problem for people who want to move.

This aspect hasn’t been ignored as our company provides quality and complete box and

packaging solutions to our customers. Though a lot of people always tend to pack their

valuables on their own but we offer complete moving solutions to people that includes

packaging and boxing all the valuables as well.

Being available in the hour of need is our chief characteristic. Our experts can be

available at your door step within a single hour after your call. However, it depends on the

availability of the crew but this doesn’t mean that there would be any delays if the

emergency service is available.

Being experts at storage is the reason due to which Pro Movers Miami is now listed in one of

the top moving companies by people. Our storage is first class without any flaws. Though

there is always a room for improvement in everything but our storage of goods is just like

next to perfection. People can easily trust our storage and we assure that their valuables

would be really well protected and shifted.

Last but not the least; our staff is not afraid of helping people in shifting for long and

local distances. We have expert crew that is always ready and determined to help people in

moving. Distance doesn’t matter. All that matters to them is getting utter satisfaction of

their customers. They achieve their goals when the valuables of people are safely shifted to

their desired place. This pretty much sums up the services of Pro Miami Services. So, what

are you waiting for? Just make a call to us and get ultimate moving solutions at the most

reasonable and affordable rates.

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  1. greg s


    I needed to move my daughter from the Miami area to Pennsylvania and was contacted by Frank Martino of “Pro Movers Miami”. The estimated cost was very reasonable and he seemed to be professional so I signed an agreement for them to perform the move. What a mistake.

    I flew to Miami to assist my daughter and two days before the move confirmed with Frank that everything was a go. The movers were scheduled to show up on Saturday at 9:00 am but they never showed up. I checked emails to discover that Frank had sent me an email at 6:00 pm the day before the move. In this email he stated the company had no trucks going to PA and would not be able to help me. He didn’t even have the guts to call me about this. This left me stranded in Florida and scrambling to find an alternative over a holiday weekend.

    One more caution. This guy initially represented a company called “Pro Movers” but it changed to “Move For Less” at some point after my initial contact. This was a huge red flag that I missed. Regardless of the company name, if you’re dealing with an individual named Frank Martino, pick someone else.

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