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Company Name: Primeway Movers
License & Registration: USDOT: 2958654 MC: 0033660
Address: 1127 International Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22406
Primary Phone: 877-223-1027
Alternate Phone: 703-853-1804
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Service Category: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers

Product Description

Primeway Movers Reviews

PrimeWay Movers is a Full-Service long distance moving company that covers all USA Moves, we are fully Licensed and insured offering a variety of moving|related services. The guiding principles of PrimeWay Movers, consisting of great service, intelligent transportation solutions, and fair competitive pricing. PrimeWay Movers can assure you that wherever you are moving to or from, there will be experienced, well-trained personnel provided to handle your move.

Providing Relocation Services

By providing secure and dependable relocation services, we help people achieve more. Relocation is often a key part of life, whether the goal is to start a family or grow a business. We can help you accomplish your goals by providing:

Basic inventory, loading, and unloading services
Boxes and other supplies for self-pack
An organized room-by-room loading schedule
Room-by-room unloading that you direct
Competitively priced moving and storage services

A Personalized Moving Experience

PrimeWay Movers is known for providing customers with a fully personalized moving experience. This means we can scale our services to match exactly what you require. Moving is a very individual experience and we want to support you throughout the process, in whatever way you need us. This might include overseeing the entire process of packing, unpacking, assembly and disassembly; it might also mean stepping in to handle the heavy lifting after you have moved other items on your own.

Primeway Movers Reviews


9 reviews for Primeway Movers

  1. 5 out of 5


    I meant to leave a review long ago and never did. I was reminded of how wonderful this company is when I called them to have them set up our 3rd move with them. I have recommended them very highly several times to others. Our first experience with them was in 2010, then again in 2013.

    The entire crew, from the onsite estimator to the team that packs and moves is extremely professional. They know their stuff and they get it done on time and seamlessly. The last two moves have been so easy with the help of the incredible prime way Crew. And it’s worth nothing that both times the final cost of the moves ended up coming in at below the projected cost estimate. It’s a very honest company.

    They listen to the client, I do have pets, so I was specific with how/what order the house had to be packed and unpacked. I leave the cats in the master bedroom with a sign, not to enter. That master bedroom is the very last room to be packed and it’s the first room to be unpacked in the new house, so I can gently transition my cats. Both times, they understood and made this possible without any difficulty.

    The past two moves, we did both the pack and move.. meaning they packed up the entire house one day, and moved it all the next day. I think I packed my toothbrush and that was about it, oh and my cats 🙂 This time, I will be opting for the unpack option as well so the move/pack/upack, because I am more than confident in their abilities, and really, who wants to unpack a ton of boxes and be left with paper wrap and boxes for weeks, not me. So I’m excited to have them do the whole bit.

    In 7 days starts our new moving venture with prime way, and of all the things to worry about in a move, I’m not worried about the actual moving of our items and everything properly and carefully being set up. They got that covered.

  2. 5 out of 5


    UPDATE ON DELIVERY: My family loved dealing with these guys they were very polite and handled everything with extreme care we couldn’t be happier. Our price wasn’t bad either we received so many different prices from everyone we just had to go with our guts and we are very glad we did. Oh and we were pick-up from Washington DC and delivered to Tampa Fl everything arrived yesterday so we are slowly still unpacking and everything looks good. I would chose them again for sure.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I used this amazing moving company to move my house from Maryland to north carolina , the only thing i can say about primeway movers is that they are very friendly and caring. I loved the while move its was next day delivery and hassle free. They packed everything for me and they took care of my dishes packing and beds as well , nothing was broken or even scratched …. i will recommend them to everyone want to move.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I was very impressed with the scheduling process; clear, up-front, the follow-up was timely and very much appreciated. The call ahead from the moving team was timely, and the three guys who worked this job were incredibly friendly while still being professional, they took great care of both homes and the piano. Overall it was a great experience and based on it I will highly recommend. Thank-you for a great experience.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Great service. I would recommend them if family or friends needed to move.

  6. 5 out of 5


    WOW!!! That’s how we felt after our move was completed. My husband and I were beyond happy with the job that primeway Movers did for us. From the moment the team arrived, they were considerate, polite and professional and worked so hard for over 10 hours straight until the job was complete. We would highly recommend using this company and the team of Tim (Foreman),and his crew. They were each amazing and extremely dedicated to their work. They didn’t let us lift a single thing and were so careful with all of our belongings. They helped us reassemble the furniture back and let us use them tools to hang pictures and blinds. They also had such great attitudes even into their 10th hour of lifting and moving! We will be requesting them again when and if we move again. Thank you for employing such dedicated and hardworking employees!

  7. 5 out of 5


    Took all the stress out of my move!!! I’ve moved a few times before, and these guys went above and beyond all other companies I’ve used before! 10/10 would use again!!!

    I seriously could not be more impressed! These guys are astonishing!!! The packed up my entire apartment, loaded their truck, and were ready to deliver in less than a day!! I was worried my move would take forever to do, but they had me out of NC and to DC in less than a week! Thoroughly impressed!!

  8. 5 out of 5


    I am amazed. I needed to relocate from DC to be closer to my family. I was under a lot of pressure to get things done in little time. This company took care of my belongings, packed most of my things for me and I was able to complete my move sooner than i could have ever expected. I was met with nothing but kindness not only from the office liaison but even the movers themselves. Everyone was so courteous and professional. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from primeway movers.

  9. 5 out of 5


    Just moved from VA to LA, and I must say I am so impressed with everything this company did! From the sweet lady in the office who helped set my price, to the gentleman who came and did the in-home pricing, to the lovely young men who moved my stuff the whole way here.. Wow!! I have never experienced such professionalism from one company in my entire life! To have everything picked up in the time frame they gave me AND delivered in such a timely manner. Oh my goodness.. I truly cannot express how grateful I am that I found this company. Other than a few scratches on my dining room chairs, and on my bed set (all are easy fixes, so I’m not too concerned), my experience with them was incredible. When my daughter moves to Florida this summer, I will make sure she goes with Primeway!!! I truly cannot express how amazing this entire move was for me!! Thank you to everyone at the company that made my experience extraordinary.

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