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Company Name: Presto Logistics
License & Registration: US DOT #: 1691575 MC ICC#: 621224
Address: 269, Belt Line Rd., Irving, TX 75060
Primary Phone: 800 435 4035
Alternate Phone: 818 349 4000
Email: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered:  Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers


Product Description

Presto Logistics Reviews

PRESTO LOGISTICS began offering transportation services in 2007. From its humble beginnings, the main stockholders in the company had a vision of what a great transportation provider should be. They believed that good business practices along with fair and honest ideals would set them apart from the crowded industry.

The guiding principles of the company, consisting of great service, intelligent transportation solutions, and fair competitive pricing, have allowed PRESTO LOGISTICS to prosper from its inception.

In the early days of the company, Presto Logistics was primarily a long-haul carrier hauling goods to and from California for moving companies and freight forwarders.

Soon after, Presto Logistics became the “go to” carrier for many of the California, New York, and Florida household good moving companies. New projects were commonplace and Presto Logistics soon made the bold move to take a step forward in the industry and open their doors directly to the public.

This decision enabled us to not only provide transportation services, but also take on a whole host of warehouse-related solutions. Presto Logistics grew by leaps and bounds toward the end of the decade and opened offices in California and Georgia, in addition to establishing partnership in most of New York.

Presto Logistics is fully staffed with highly educated personnel to assist in all of your relocation needs, so no job is too big or too small. Our drivers on the road are courteous, professional and, most importantly, safe! We run a background check and conduct random drug-screens on all of our drivers. At Presto Logistics, safety is our number one priority.

Presto Logistics is a member of the Business Alliance and has received a five-star rating from the Business Journal. Presto Logistics service is frequently recognized for integrity and reliability.

Presto Logistics is a privately owned corporation.
The original owners of the company are in the office everyday and are responsible for the day-to-day operation and management.

Operating Hours
Presto Logistics operates around the clock. We never close our doors to a customer in need. If it is physically possible to accomplish, we can do it.

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Presto Logistics Reviews





14 reviews for Presto Logistics Reviews

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Juan Guerra

    Best movers ever! They gave me a great price under $1000!! I only had a small studio apartment but I was moving from California to Oklahoma City so I was surprised that they would do it for so cheap. They were very fast and nice. They really made it easy to move across the country, which is never easy!

    I also wanted to mention that Eddie helped me with the quote and he was very nice and professional as well, thank you!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Vince Stephens

    I usually never write reviews but I am often swayed by them so when I ended up choosing Presto after seeing all of the feedback that I did, I promised Danny (my sales rep) that I would write a review good or bad. He was very confident in the service that he was selling and assured me and showed me what I needed to see to make the decision to go with them. I got calls from all over and went with my gut and I am so happy that I did.

    I had an amazing experience from start to finish. The men showed up on time on both ends of my move. They were very nice and helped me with things that weren’t part of my contract (they took a fridge downstairs to the curb). They put everything where I wanted it and left an organized pile of all the boxes and plastic wrap they used for the move. I wanted them to take it but other than that I couldn’t be happier.

    All of my stuff was intact, I am still not finished unpacking but I opened every box and skimmed thru most of it and it looks like we have everything. Very highly recommended and ask for Danny when you call.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    The company gave us an honest price and great service. We thought there would be a hiccup or two but it was honestly seamless.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dawn Rios

    Wow excellent service I must say! From Danny helping me with setting up my move, to Carlos and his crew coming and picking my stuff up, to Isaac and his helper delivering my stuff everyone was so nice and helpful. They must truly care about the company they work for because it was so genuine the way they worked hard and happily from start to finish. I waited until after my move was complete to write this review because I wanted to be see how everything would go on both ends and I really could’ve have asked for more from these guys. Thank you Presto team!!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Frank Kemp

    Really appreciated the service this company provided. Very quick but efficient, everything came on time and in good shape.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dale Park

    Presto really took care of my move from start to finish. I didnt think it was going to happen because all of the bigger companies kept scaring me to stay away from smaller companies. But Henry actually came out to my house before the move to do an estimate, he walked us through the entire move process and really gave us the confidence to use the company. On moving day, Carlos and his team showed up and did a fast and efficient job. I got my belongings in Dallas right within the delivery window that Henry gave me and the delivery men were just as good. This company knows how to turn a skeptical customer into a big fan! I would strongly recommend them for anyone in need of this type of service.

  7. Rated 1 out of 5

    Michael Hurley

    My wife and I hired them to move our household furniture and effects in September 2015. The man who came to the house to give us the quote was professional as was the quote and its format. The people who packed the truck were satisfactory and pleasant and appeared to be professionally supervised. Then the troubles began. They assigned the least experienced and skilled of the packing personnel to man the truck and to unload and assemble the furniture in our new house. They arrived many hours after the promised time, worked until well past midnight on a week night (disturbing our new neighbors), and only completed the work on the following day. We had been required by the home office to sign for the items while they were still on the truck – otherwise, we were told,they would not unload. Subsequently, we discovered much damage, many missing items, and complete ineptitude in respect of assembling any item that required a modicum of skill. I filed a claim, as required, with “Moving Claims”, which purports to be an independent company that objectively evaluates such claims. It obviously is not. The claim involved much paperwork, photographs, and above all time, all of which was wasted. After many weeks, we received what is obviously a form letter awarding us the grand total of $64.00. The letter contained instructions for an appeal, which I submitted. More wasted time. I received back almost the same form; the only modification was to account for the fact that it was addressed to an appeal. Obviously, Moving Claims had not read any of the materials, because both letters were totally generic.
    In short, use this company at your peril. I never will again.

  8. Dallas

    We had everything packed for them, all they had to do was wrap the furniture and load. The guys that came to get the stuff were fairly good and worked as a team, but added another $1,400.00 to the bill. When they came to unload it was a hole different story, the only one’s that came was the truck driver (who is not supposed to help unload because he has to make sure he has enough downtime as per DOT), and the guy who was supposed to supervise the un-loaders. After 10 hours and my help (which I wasn’t reimbursed for) everything was unloaded. All the stuff wasn’t put back together and after we started moving some boxes and furniture around we noticed they had marred up the door casings, left marks on the walls as well as some holes that I had to patch. This is a new house in pristine condition only to have it damaged by a bumbling idiot. After them having added another $1,400.00 to the quote I would expect better service. I would not recommend these movers for anything. Next time (if there is another move) I will do it myself as I have done in the past. I might have to make several trips, but at least I will know that everything will be taken care of.

  9. Mili R

    I am filing a complaint against Presto Logistics as I hired them for an inter-state move and they failed to deliver on multiple fronts. Presto Logistics has proven to be deceitful, fraudulent and misleading, and I am still dealing with them to receive the proper treatment a customer deserves.

    To summarize, I hired Presto Logistics to assist me with my inter-state move, and my contact assured me my belongings would be in San Diego within 5 days at my new residence, by May 5th, at the latest. Upon my search for moving companies this was the main reason behind why I chose this company over all the others, as the duration they promised proved to be the best solution for me. Even though the fine print in their agreement stated 3-14 days, the gentleman I spoke to by the name of Patrick, assured me it would be 3-5 days. I accepted his verbal commitment for face value and proceeded with hiring Presto Logistics.

    Unfortunately, this was not the case as I was informed that day my items would not delivered until the following weekend. I relocated to San Diego as I am an executive in a company, and its headquarters is located in San Diego. My company has assisted in paying for my meals and hotel expenses while I awaited my delivery. According to the original agreed upon date, my company had budgeted an amount based on the delivery date of May 5th.

    Since this was not the case, an additional week of expenses was incurred on my company, which is a completely unnecessary financial burden. Not to mention, during that week I was chasing Presto Logistics trying to figure out where my belongings were, along with trying to get some sort of decent customer service which I failed in receiving, ultimately distracting me from my work jeopardizing my relationship with my boss.

    Throughout the entire process, Presto Logistics has been extremely unprofessional with a neglectful and careless attitude. I have never been treated so poorly as a customer. After discovering my items would indeed not be delivered until the following weekend, I had to notify my boss, as the added expense totaled an additional $1,500.

    My boss contacted the general manager of Presto Logistics in hopes to receive compensation for the additional expense, however, it has been weeks and yet no form of compensation has been remitted to my company.

    The general manager, Abe, spoke with my boss on the phone and agreed to pay the compensation, however, ever since it has been a nightmare to get a hold of him and he hasn’t taken any action to rectify this matter.

    On top of the compensation Presto owes us for this nightmare, when they finally delivered my items, many of them were damaged and I am now dealing with that on a separate level. Ultimately my experience with this company was absolutely awful.

  10. Kitty l

    Minus 100 stars from me!!!!! Presto Logistics will hire criminals to unload your staff. The local mover they contracted out was arrested for burglary, stolen property and drug use. I now live in fear and Presto never contacted me as they promised. Also, my furniture was not put together as it was agreed upon by the contract. This is a scam !!!!!! I found out that this is not a legal company please be smart and protect yourself from these criminals and save your money!!!!

  11. Carmel

    ZERO STARS>>>>> Very disappointed with the moving. My antique furniture was broken and reimbursement was 5% of the cost. Some of my boxes were also stolen. I do not recommend this moving company. You are better off throwing a dart at a list of movers.

  12. Melissa

    Added on $1400 at time of pick up for items that could of fit, Took well over 4 weeks and still waiting on our items. I would use caution when using this company…. Also sublet thier work I have proof on this from Craigslist adds posted looking for help moving

  13. eric

    Pointed here and there with a bit of direction and they were on it in no time. Who wants to pack and wrap then do heavy lifting? Perhaps if you’re getting paid, but why not stimulate the economy and let Presto Logistics Moving do it? They do it all and including storage. I was a bit ravenous at the time so they said and done it. The best part is they all have fabulous accents.

  14. edmond

    Small World movers were good. They were efficient, fast, professional and a good bunch of guys, particularly David. Their humor is appreciated and made us the whole moving a lot less stressful. I jam packed a couple of big boxes and they immediately provided some boxes for free for repacking my things and doesn’t made slow them down. I then had some very large pack which they took care of without any hesitation. The whole process happened in less than an hour quoted as well which saved me money. I cannot hesitate to use them again.

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