Payless Moving Inc

Payless Moving Inc

Company Name: Payless Moving
License & Registration: USDOT: 1917883, MC: 687415
Address: 777 Route 168 N, Turnersville, NJ 08012
Primary Phone: 856-340-0652
Alternate Phone: 856-784-4977
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves

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Payless Moving Inc Reviews

With over 20 years experience in the moving industry, we know the correct way to prepare, pack, load and move your furniture. Our staff is trained to move your items safely and securely. We provide affordable services that will fit your budget and we will work with you to design a plan to meet your needs. In addition we have an excellent moving consultant team with in depth knowledge of the moving industry to answer any questions that may arise before, during and after your move.

Our services start with a phone call or an on line quote. Once you discuss your move with our experienced staff you will want to set up an in home estimate. This will be a guaranteed or by the hour price for your move. We will explain how your items will be prepared for loading and discuss any items that may need special care.

Below is a list of some services we provide:
Free Estimates – Reasonable Rates
Residential Moves
Apartment Moves
Professional Packing and Crating Services
Office/Corporate Moves
POD & Truck loading
Local and Long Distance Moves

We would appreciate the opportunity to be your mover on your next move.

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2 reviews for Payless Moving Inc

  1. Cheryl


    I decided to go with this company because they were the lowest price. I called them and they quoted me for $1200 from NJ to NV. I asked all the basic questions i can think of. They told me that the cover .60 per pound if damaged. I also asked if $1200 was my total cost and if there was anything else i would be paying for. They said NO. $1200 covered everything. They did tell me that the only thing i would pay extra for is if the movers had to use their supplies which i understood.

    Come moving day which was August 14, 2015. They told me they would arrive at my home between 8AM-10AM. They arrived at exactly 8AM which was a good sign. But as soon as they came in it started to go downhill. I pretty much packed all my stuff so i knew what was in what box and so i felt secure with my valuables. My TV was wrapped around a thick blanket. They decided to wrap it themselves. My vacuum was also something that thought need to be wrapped. They decided to pack 4 boxes. I said fine. When it came time for them to finalize everything, the guy showed me my bill and it came out to $1500 and some change. I could not believe it. They were charging me $90 in fuel fee. That made me upset because i had no idea i would be paying a Gas fee. When i first called the company they never mentioned that!! When it came time for them to leave the guy said “So are you going to give us a tip?”. I look at him with disbelief and said “Okay hold on” because my wallet was in my room. I decided to give a $30 tip because there were 3 workers. So i figured $10 each. As soon as i handed it to him he said “Can you give a little more?”. I went back to my room and got $10 more. So i gave them a total of $40 tip. Call me a pushover but i hate confrontation of any kind. My Mother and friend were in the same room when it happened and heard everything. As soon as they left you can believe i called the company and complained about it. The guy on the phone said he would take the $40 out of my moving price. I also gave him an ear full about the fuel fee because when i first called they specifically said i would only be paying $1200.

    Come arrival day. It took them two weeks to deliver to Nevada which is what they told me would me. So it was good. This time it was 2 guys who delivered. We live in a 2 story house. The guys asked where we wanted them to put everything. We asked if they can put some stuff upstairs and they said “We can bring it upstairs but it will be an extra cost”. I look at them AGAIN with disbelief and said never mind you can leave it at the door. They moved everything in and told us to check to check if we had everything. By everything they mean opening every box and checking. Luckily my mom noticed i was missing my vacuum and a little mini Irish bar that was given to me when my Grandma passed away. They went back on the truck to get it. What i didn’t know is that my stuff would be delivered on a track with other peoples stuff. The thing to is that my stuff was pushed to a corner. I guess that is there way of separating things. You would thing there would of been a wall or something to separate it but NO!! So then i said “So if something is missing or broken is covered under warranty right?”. He then says “Only the items the company packed is covered under warranty this is why you need to check now.” That shocked me even more because when i called the first time they said EVERYTHING was covered under warranty. I got so fed up i said “Fine everything is okay”. They left and i did not bother leaving a tip!!!

    Now come December 2015 i realized that one box is missing because there were two items i couldn’t find. A Blanket i got from my father when he traveled to Hong Kong which was the blanket i used to wrap the TV the first time and some work out weights i got from my Grandmother when she passed away. Those two items were thrown into a box that the company packed. I call the company thinking it would be covered because THEY PACKED IT and my understanding is warranty only covers the items THEY packed!!!! A representative tells me that since its been 3 months that there is nothing they can do. I said “Well isn’t there a lost and found?”. He tells me “There is nothing in the lost and found”!!!!!! I hung up and just cannot believe this company is still in business!!!!

    My boxes were labeled “5”. So what the hell so you do with boxes that don’t get delivered to the owner??? You keep it?!?!?!?!!?!!! They don’t even bother calling you to let you know!!!!!!! If my box didn’t get delivered to me it should be in a lost and found!! SO WHY THE HELL IS YOUR LOST AND FOUND EMPTY?!?!?!?!?!?!.

    DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY!! I REPEAT….DO NOT!!! Pay a little extra and go with a better company with good reviews!!!

  2. Michelle

    Do not use this company!!!! Not only did they put my marble dresser top on the wrong truck but they also broke it and are now refusing to replace it. The staff is rude, disrespectfull and unprofessional. Many of my calls went unanswered and those that did get answered were rude and nasty. There was no disclosure of their “Replacement” policy which turned out to be .60/lb. the piece was estamated at $700 and they mailed me a check for $150. Where are you going to get a custom piece of marble for $150??? Do yourself a favor and do not use them.

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