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Company Name: Oasis Moving & Storage
License & Registration: US Dot 1192529 Mc 476853
Address: 2915, Coleman St., North Las Vegas, NV – 89032
Primary Phone: 702 948 7888
Alternate Phone: 702 240-5841
Email: info@oasismoving.com
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers
Website: http://www.oasismoving.com


Product Description

Oasis Moving & Storage Reviews

Welcome to Oasis Moving a nationwide moving company with the skills, equipment and service you can count on to safely transport your possessions to your new property. Whether you’re moving to a new home or expanding your business, our team will make sure that everything gets there on time and in mint condition.

Because we are customer driven, our focus is always on providing you with service and value. While other moving companies might not be much more than muscle and a truck, we work with you throughout the entire relocation process, and treat your property and possessions with the utmost respect.

As movers that maintain locations and fleets all over the continental United States, we will gladly assist you in a cross-country move. Los Angeles, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Las Vegas, NV; and Salt Lake City, UT, are just a few of the cities in which we have happy customers. From our headquarters in Las Vegas, we give tailored support to home and business owners all over the country.

Concerned about the secure storage of your belongings during a move or in the event of a downsize? Oasis Moving has a state of the art storage facility that uses the most trusted security and offers the options you require. With multiple space sizes, constant surveillance and rental spaces that are protected from inclement weather, you can trust Oasis to keep your things safe for as long as you need us to.

If you have to move, do it with the most professional team available. At Oasis Moving, we always put you first, and promise to take care of your property as if it were our own. Call today!

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4 reviews for Oasis Moving & Storage Reviews

  1. Rob Gordon

    I had a great experience with Oasis Moving. They were friendly, courteous and overall very accommodating.

    I was skeptical about moving with this company after seeing some negative reviews online but I am delighted with the decision I made.

    They were the best out of all the other companies reviews I read online and also considering their price and customer service when I called to get a quote – they came out on top for me!

    I paid exactly what was quoted to me at the beginning, no more, no less. They were perfect with their time keeping and kept in contact throughout the process.

    Very happy with my experience with this company.

  2. krist

    NO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. Lets just say they do not communicate well. they don’t
    tell you anything.. just read what we send you.. tell you one thing and do another. so
    they tell me that they have 1 to 18 days to deliver my stuff after i advise them i want it.
    They send an email saying they have received my request(i emailed them the request
    and they email me back saying i have to call… really).. they send me another email
    saying they put it in a truck and it will be here in 4 to 6 days. well when I call them on the 5th
    day they have no idea about time frame. They can’t get a hold of the driver. was told the driver
    would call, he did not.. i ask the to confirm that that since they are delivering it outside of
    what they promise they will not charge for having to deliver it on monday, a holiday.. they
    never call me back and when i call them they act like of course… one point I tell the delivery
    coordinator when she says she thinks they will be saturday.. but that is not the 18th days or
    the 6th day . I have taken time off from work for this. well am not looking at a calendar I am
    sure you are telling me the truth.. you don’t have calendar handy a coordinator?? when they
    came to pack my stuff i adv them of two items to plz be careful with them.. they showed no
    concerns about my concerns and when they arrived they were damage.. they packed heavy
    boxes on lighter weight boxes so most of the things were smashed…

  3. Mark Thieme

    Avoid this outfit at all cost.
    I just had a harrowing experience with Oasis Moving.
    Their salesman gave one price and submitted the wrong contract which was more.
    Rob (the alleged supervisor) in customer refused to listen mush less help.
    Their pickup truck driver tried to add bogus charges and requested $50 cash.
    Look on their FB page – seems to be a consistency.
    These outfit appears to be fly by night and crooked.
    Others have worse stories.

  4. Grace Moreno

    About four years ago I wrote you about the fact that I had a catastrophic car accident and still needed to keep my possessions in storage with you and asked you to lower my monthly fee so I could afford to keep it there. I told you about my life story and thanked you for your ability to hold my things safely. You and your good heart lowered that monthly fee and I have always been grateful to you. Having nearly died in that accident it has taken all this time for me to be able to finally ask to have it all sent to me in New York. I spoke with Meytal yesterday and told her and sent an email..She is also a very kind and compassionate person. You have no idea how much this means to me Sarit. I have not had a home for five years. I am 66 years old and finally going where I can start all over again in my life. Your company and you and your staff are really good people. I have over the years spoken to Jewel and others who may not still be there but each understood my situation and I always always paid my monthly fees on time. So thank you with all my heart for you good nature and the help you have given me all these years….I do have one last request and that is that when all this gets delivered that your men come at a reasonable time…not later than 7pm. I ask that because in 2008 when they picked up my things they came at 12a.m. and that caused a big problem with my landlord at the time.

    May your life and your work be filled with blessings… great laughter…and much love.

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