New Planet Moving & Storage Reviews

Company Name: New Planet Moving & Storage
License & Registration:  USDOT #1229139 ICC # 485088
Address: 4420, Andrews st., Suite #c, Las Vegas, NV 89081
Primary Phone: 877 505 4545
Alternate Phone: 702 228 4141
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers


Product Description

New Planet Moving & Storage Reviews

We are a full service moving company, which insures you that, from beginning to end, your move will be coordinated by us. No agents or brokers, One moving company from start to finish.

At New Planet Moving & Storage we understand the difficulties involved in leaving your home and moving to a new residence. We would like to make this transition easier for you by helping you better organize your move.

We have many years of experience in the moving business. We are fully bonded and insured. Quality and excellence in service has been the foundation of our success throughout these many years. We pride ourselves on providing total relocation services to our local, long distance and commercial customers. Repeat and referred customers comprise 30% of our business.

We have the people and the resources to get you any where at U.S.A. we can offer unparalleled service from a dedicated and well trained staff of professionals. Our commitment to quality service covers your move from the very first contact until you and your possessions are safely in the new home. We are continually striving to make each moving experience a better one. We are pioneering the use of new technologies which keep our customers better informed with the status of every move. We believe that the use of these new technologies will allow us to better manage your move and provide you with the peace of mind that your property is in the best hands.

New Planet Moving & Storage will provide a free on-site estimate. Our movers are experienced and skilled packers, providing expert packing and crating. We move pianos, antiques, fine art, cars, boats, pool tables, and bulky items. In addition to moving, we offer secure storage and free box delivery.

We look forward to making your next move your best � and to counting you as a member of our growing family of satisfied clients.

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6 reviews for New Planet Moving & Storage Reviews

  1. sam valeika

    New Planet moved us at 200 percent their bid and lost over twenty boxes and an out door patio set. They delivered part of a trampoline that did not belong to us and refused to take it back. They said no one was complaining of not getting their trampoline.. There is no way this company rates over 1 star. Good luck if you use them. They did send me a check for 300 and change which I refused to cash since they insisted I give no negative comments.

  2. Dana Hlavac

    This company gave an estimate of $6,300 to move my household from Arizona to Oregon. The estimate was based on an inventory of my house that they asked me to provide over the telephone. I went through every room and listed every major item and then the number of drawers, cabinets and closets. I inquired several times if they were confident in their estimate without actually conducting an onsite review and was assured that their estimating software was the best. I was also assured that I would be given a chance to watch the truck be weighed, get an empty weight and then watch the truck get weighed once filled and get the full weight so that I would be assured that any deviance from the estimate due to weight would be justified. Well, they showed up the day of the scheduled move and said the move with a truck already partially filled and said it would cost an additional $12,000 because there was more to move than I had provided in the inventory. This was even after I had moved roughly 1/3 of the house on my own in a U-Haul so I could have things in Oregon early. I could not afford to spend three times the original estimate so I simply asked for my money back and said I would finish the move myself. The company was rude and treated me as though I had grossly underestimated my belongings, when I to this day have the original inventory (which was significantly reduced by items we sold off, moved,or disposed of prior to their ever arriving on site). To date the company has refused to refund my $630 deposit relying on a clause in the contract whcih says deposits are refundable only until three days before the scheduled move. It is my opinion that this company engages in fraudulent business practices by low balling their estimate, getting a deposit then showing up the day of the move and raising the price. If your foolish enough to agree, they make money, if you balk and walk from the contract, they make money (without doing any work) and then try to hide behind a contract clause to keep your money. It’s a win-win for the company and a lose-lose for the consumer. The only way you should even consider using this company is if you get in writing that they will have you present at the weighing of the moving vehicle, and also present at the time of the weighing of the truck after it is filled, and then never let the truck out of your sight! Whether my experience is simply the result of their company being bad at what they do (moving people) or very good at them being scammers I can not tell you, but either way, your better off avoiding this company. At the end of the day, they said they would refund my deposit only if I withdrew any bad reviews or complaints!

  3. Dean Ward

    I was just wondering whom to move with,so I gave New Planet Moving & Storage a buzz an they were at my door they packed an moved the all the stuff at my home,it was in a professional way an they are really good. I would give them a call again when I relocate the next time.

  4. Ivan Jhonson

    WE had originally booked with other companies, but after reading through some negative reviews.I finally decided to go with New Planet Moving & Storage to move us our house hold goods they really done a wonderful job. We were satisfied,with they prompt service,time,and pricing. I would strongly recommend them for the future.

  5. William Parker

    A friend recommended New Planet Moving & Storage to me and it was great from all aspects. They are very responsive and I arranged for them to come over and drop the boxes I ordered. New Planet Moving & Storage was super nice and very friendly, the quality of the boxes are amazing, they look brand new. The prices are also amazing a big difference from the new box, he is also well stocked with other packing supplies. So he gets 5 stars in every category, really glad I stumbled across him because within 30 minutes one headache associated with moving disappeared.

  6. Ray

    I used New Planet Moving & Storage to move us within Las Vegas. I packed up most of the apartment myself and left the actual move and furniture to them. Arrived promptly in the morning, emptied our apartment in about two hours, drove everything over and unpacked again. The whole thing took about three and a half hours, including driving. The guys were great, friendly, efficient, helpful and working really hard. They took great care of our sensitive items as well. We couldn’t have been more pleased with them. If/when we are moving again, I’m definitely giving New Planet Moving & Storage a call.

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