Moving Relocation Systems – Wallington, NJ

Moving Relocation Systems – Wallington, NJ

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(53 customer reviews)

Company Name: Moving Relocation Systems
License & Registration: USDOT: 2461414,  MC: 850460
Address: 1 Locust Avenue 2 LT, Wallington, NJ 07057
Primary Phone: 877-288-2077
Alternate Phone: 973-826-4916
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Long Distance Moves, Commercial Moves

Moving Relocation Systems Reviews

About Moving Relocation Systems NJ A long distance move can be an exciting, and sometimes an unsettling experience. You have probably realized that there is so much to do and so little time to do it. However, we want to help you plan your move properly to make your relocation as exciting, rewarding, and stress-free as possible.

We help alleviate the stress by taking care of all the important details involved. One of our highly proficient sales team member will be with you every step of the way to help meet your specific needs, and ensure your belongings are transported safely and on time to your new location.

Our brand new trailers are equipped with the best suspension system to ensure that your belongings are transported in a secure and safest manner. Our drivers has undertaken intense training in proper techniques to maneuver all types of furniture, as well as, particular procedures of loading our trucks in order to save you time and money. We provide our drivers with training, including but not limited to, customer service, safety, Department of Transportation compliance, Motor Carrier Compliance and equipment standards. In training, our drivers learn to have a better understanding of how performance can continually improve, curriculum that covers the fleet ranking process, quality of customer service, the process of handling claims, daily operations and the shipping process.

Whether you are moving across the state or across the country, Moving Relocation Systems is here to help you every step of the way.Upon arrival, your items will be loaded securely unto our trailer using state of the art equipment. When unloading your items, we will be happy to place all the items in the rooms you designate. Assembly of beds, bookcases and other furniture is available upon request.

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Moving Relocation Systems Reviews


53 reviews for Moving Relocation Systems – Wallington, NJ

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa Blevins

    I had calls from the company during the move to make sure things were going well for me, which was a pleasant surprise. And, they followed up afterwards. And, to make it even better, the cost was less than I had expected. What a great company and group that works for them. Thank you for leading such a great group of young men the day of the move. I would definitely use them again.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Katie Tiger

    I’ve used Moving Relocation Systems twice already and given the positive experience I’ve had both times, decided to use them again. They once again exceeded my expectations. The scheduling of the move was smooth. Dylan is very polite and also very good at his job. Communication is very big to me, and Dylan exceeded my expectation. Follow-up ahead of the move was excellent. The move itself went fast and the crew was very efficient and careful, both important during a move. I hope this is my last move for a while 🙂 I’d highly recommend Moving Relocation Systems.They are top notch in all categories.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cameron Keeton

    I chose Moving Relocation Systems based off not only the recommendation from a friend, but being present at their moving day and seeing the company in action firsthand. They did a good job helping our friends move, so when it came time for us to move we didn’t even search for a company.

    We had particularly stressful closings on our moving day. We sold our home, bought a new one and had scheduled to move all in ONE day. We were an hour late to meet the movers, but they waited. And they waited without complaint. When I was finally able to meet them, they were so courteous and friendly. I think they could tell I was stressed out. They introduced themselves and all shook my hand.

    When they got up to my condo I told them just to do whatever they wanted, and that it all had to go. They got straight to work, didn’t waste a minute and took good care of everything we had.

    They followed me to my new condo which I appreciated. A lot of times movers will ask for an address and take navigation or the longest route to get more time out of you. These guys followed me.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Allen Richardson

    Fantastic Move! The quote was easy to understand, flat fees with no hidden charges. Mine was a long distance move, from a Two Story California Contemporary @ 2700 SF home to a 1 Story Mid Century Modern @ 2,000 SF during a sweltering 100+% day last month.

    The Moving Relocation Systems Crew Chief took time to ask questions (did his homework), learned the layout of the destination home, marked the move items, communicated with his crew the plan and made sure everything was delivered to the right rooms (even staged a few things in the process and graciously accommodated a last minute request to move a 800+ Lbs vintage electric organ to another room). The professional Moving Crew were extremely prompt, courteous and hard working. They brought a very clean and new bobtail truck with Ramps, Lift Gate, 4 Dollies and the attitude to get it done right. My wife was most impressed with how many times, she heard: “Please”, “Thank You”, “Is Everything where it Should Be” and “It’s My Pleasure”.

    The total move took, 2 Truck Loads, Nothing was Broken or Damaged. Moving Relocation Systems can also bring you packing supplies before, pack for you and even unpack and remove the boxes. You will not be disappointed!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Travis Palmer

    I moved in with my girlfriend after she moved to florida for a promotion. I chose to use moving relocation systems for my move. She used them to move before and said they did a great job with her. So there was no contest with this company. I just called them for my move didn’t even bother calling any other companies. They did an amazing job. The guys were careful with my stuff, they were professional, friendly, and quick. Great job guys will keep you in mind next move! Thank you so much moving relocation systems.

  6. Sarah Evans

    These guys are good! I called in Wednesday afternoon, as I was waiting to hear on closing on my home purchase Friday, for a Saturday moving date. They are very honest and friendly — the first time I called, I explained my situation, and they gave me an idea of their pricing and also time slots available Saturday. Like most movers, they have a cancellation policy which requires a hold and if you back out prior to 48 hours from the reserved date, all is fair, otherwise they charge you a $100 cancellation. Since my move date was sort of in flux as it depended on my closing, they were very honest about their policy and actually suggested that I wait to book them so that I didn’t incur their cancellation fee. They assured me that they were confident they’d still have the time slot open — HONESTY! Bad movers would have tried to pressure me into locking me into the time slot, putting me at risk of unnecessary fees. I called back the next day and ended up placing a reservation for Saturday 7am. These guys are prompt! They showed up exactly at 7am and after a quick tour, within 5 minutes they were loading up our stuff into their truck. The two-man crew was quick! Very impressed by the speed they moved our stuff from our 1-bedroom apartment to 4-bedroom house. They were able to completely move us, from pick up to drop off within 1 hour and 45 minutes. I would highly recommend; quick, honest, professional, and no surprise fees or charges. Everything they quoted me was exactly how it turned out. Nothing broken and they put things exactly where we asked them to. Thanks guys!

  7. Tim Starling

    I don’t have the vocabulary to give these guys high enough praise, but I’ll be effusive with it though. They were simply phenomenal. Having made the mistake of finding movers off Craig’s List before (DON’T do it), I decided to try pros based on a strong recommendation and overwhelmingly positive reviews. I had a 7AM start time, they arrived at 6:45. Good start. Good impression. Let me tell you. They worked hard and they worked fast. My place is a difficult move. It’s a tri-level, ultra-contemporary property and so it has a lot of sharp angle and a very narrow stairway. And the bedroom & office are on the third floor, so all types of heavy furniture was up there. And these guys’ body language never even hinted at annoyance at the set up. I was annoyed FOR them! Everything was ‘yes sir’ or “sure thing”, not that most people require that, but it’s a nice touch and underscores their professionalism the movers practically jogged to and from the truck, which you appreciate when you’re paying by the hour. The biggest thing-two of the guys, independent of one another said “I work for the best boss/best man a guy could work for.” and then volunteered why they thought so. The owner should be proud. SOLD. I expect a lot when I pay for a service. These guys delivered and I simply won’t use anyone else going forward. They were a little higher than some other guys, even before tip, but you get what you pay for and if you value your time and stuff, that’s a good thing with movers.

  8. Jonah Sanders

    I have used Moving Relocation Systems at least 3 times in the past for my company moves but this is my first review of them. The booking process was simple and quick. They are always super affordable. Move day the crew showed up on time and ready to go. These guys HUSTLED! They were super-fast and took great care of all the items being moved. The took the time to make sure they had done what I had asked them to do.

  9. James Rawe

    I have nothing but great things to say about Moving Relocation Systems: called on a Saturday for a Thursday move. So yes, they were available. got a price break because I was moving on a Thu. Friendly & Competitively priced. When they were stuck in traffic on the way to start the job, they called me to say they’d be late. Our movers are hilarious. They’re like brothers, and joked with each other the whole time which kept the move light-hearted in the height of summer. We kept adding things we didn’t originally plan to have the movers take and they didn’t mind whatsoever. Wrapped & protected our furniture; broke down beds and put them back together – beyond expectation. Stop hunting for movers and call these guys.

  10. wayne currey

    I can’t tell you how great these 3 guys that moves us in heat! They worked super-fast! They didn’t ask for a break or complain about the heat & having to move from 1 two story home to another with extremely heavy furniture! Nothing was damaged or lost & they were very personable! Thank you for your day’s work! I will be highly recommending you & your company!

  11. Gregory Jones

    I recently moved from MA to Louisville and used moving relocation systems as my moving company and I had great experience. The professionalism from the time I spoke to the sales rep on the phone to the actual pick up was so easy and painless. I recommend this company to whoever needs someone reliable for their big move.

  12. Ray Lewis

    We highly recommend moving relocation systems! They got us scheduled with short notice and sent us two great workers! they made us feel completely relaxed and happy, which is difficult to do during a move! They were really careful when moving all of our stuff and made sure that nothing was damaged or broken! we would highly recommend them to anyone who is moving!!! Thank you guys for doing such a great job with our move!!

  13. Eboni D

    The people of Moving Relocation Systems were polite. I was there just in the beginning and then left and my wife handled it. The pickup crew was dressed in uniform and explained everything to my wife before anything. There was a little bit of a discrepancy because they said they were worried about the load being a little bit more than what we initially estimated. But once they loaded it, it ended up being right about spot on. Everything went pretty much as planned except for the delayed delivery. The most important thing about Moving Relocation Systems was that their price stayed close to what I booked it at originally. I had dealt with another moving company before where they low-balled my estimate. They gave me one bid and after they picked up the order, it was totally different. It got fixed eventually after I had to contact the State Attorney General. It was a big ordeal and that’s why I referred to a couple of other places when looking up companies to make sure that they’re on the up and up before I gave them any money.

  14. cynthia williamson

    Choosing moving relocation systems was based on some research I did on moving companies, and the representative that I spoke with seemed to be very knowledgeable. I felt comfortable. The rep was one of my biggest reason for deciding because there were a few other companies in line that were okay, but I could always call him if I had a problem. Overall, our move was good. The pickup was fine. There were a few little misunderstandings here and there about what I am getting packed and not packed, but the foreman was okay and explained it. They did a good job. The only issue I had was there was a bit of waiting to find out when I was going to be picked up. I was trying to get the time frame a little bit in advance. I didn’t realize it was 48 hours because they gave me a two-day window for pickup and I was trying to make arrangements. I was told that they don’t do it before 48 hours, so I got a little anxious and thought I could get it sooner than that. But when I did go back and looked at everything, it did say 48 hours. I had a bit extra stuff and some of the packing stuff, and moving relocation systems worked it out with me so I would use them again. It was a good experience.

  15. samuel

    Moving relocation systems was a very good company. The foreman on the job in New Jersey, was excellent. But the other end wasn’t as good as them. The driver was a little late getting to me which set the move behind a little but other than that, they were polite, professional, and they’ve put my stuff where I asked them to. I am very pleased with them and will recommend them.

  16. Kendal Lowry

    I was very nervous about moving for the first time, but Moving Relocation Systems put me at ease. The movers were quick, professional and very kind with all of my questions. When I got to my new place, everything was put where it belonged and nothing was damaged. I was very pleased with their work ethics and how my items were handled. Thank you so much Moving Relocation Systems.

  17. Kendal Lowry

    With at least five bedrooms in our big house and at least seven family members, it should have been a really tough moving job for any company. But, Moving Relocation Systems had it under control right from the beginning. They were clear of what to do and how to handle the entire job with precision. The packing was definitely topnotch. Our family members helped them with some of the goods but we had to lend little helping hand, as they were more than capable of getting the job done. Moving professionals are supposed to bring packing supplies, equipment to load it into the truck and this company did it for us for a nominal cost. While some of them were included as part of the package, we hired two additional movers and cartons to get our goods on board.

  18. Renzo C

    Moving Relocation Systems is by far the best moving company. I have moved before but never have I got the white glove treatment this company provided. The price was not the cheapest but the value was certainly the best I could have hoped for.

  19. Sammy Pickens

    I love Moving Relocation Systems. They turned my entire life around for the better. One of my friends had used them moving from New York down to Florida and I was moving from New York down to Florida also. Moving Relocation Systems was referred to me and I figured I’d give them a shot. And they were great! I never had a missed call. I never had an unanswered question. I’m a single mom so I was totally stressed about the whole thing and they made it really easy for me. I love that they’re family-owned and their reviews are good. I felt good about it and I’ve learned to go with my gut, and I went with it, and I’m glad I did. It’s not just one and that’s what I really liked about it. It was the biggest plus. There’s always a manager around. They helped me pack some of my things and they were fair with the pricing. I was surprised because a lot of times, moves go the opposite way. The whole hostage thing that I kept reading online with other companies freaked me out. But they were great. I’m a nervous wreck so I give them credit for dealing with me. I referred them to my friend that’s moving from Jersey. The moving crew had four guys and they’re nice and careful with my stuff. They interacted and talked to me and didn’t treat me like just a customer. I was comfortable. It’s scary as a single mom to move that far and leave my family and come down to Fort Myers – Cape Coral area of Florida. I’m nervous, scared and starting a whole new life for me and the kids. They really helped. They eased my mind and nerves throughout the move. That means a lot for me. What’s more important to me than booking it was that they stuck with me. I’ve been through a lot and I was terrified to do this and I did it. I took a leap of faith and they proved me wrong with the moving. I’m sure not every moving company is like this but they were great. They kept me in the loop. Every time I called with a question, they answered it. I always knew what was going on. Nobody gave me false expectations and there was no price difference. It went just like they said it would. And for me, I have a hard time believing people but it did. It went better than they said it would.

  20. brandon wilson

    I had Moving Relocation Systems transport my furniture out of the state. The moving consultant I talked with was very good. He was very attentive, responsive, friendly and courteous. The moving crew was exceptional. They were very helpful, professional in handling my things and delivered my furniture on time. There was a little bit of a delay due to the weather but it had been resolved. I think overall, they did a good job. They were very responsible. I’d recommend them to my friends.

  21. Vic Tapia

    I reached out on internet and Moving Relocation Systems was the first one who called me. The person sounded like she knew what she was talking about, so I decided to go with them. They were to pick up my stuff in Florida and move it. There were a few things they packed, but mostly I did it. The moving consultant that I worked with was good. The moving crew was also great and they did a good job. The only thing was that I got charged more than I was supposed to, and that was due to the fact that they had to pack some stuff. It cost me more than I thought it was going to originally when they first quoted me but I was very happy with them.

  22. Leo

    I used the moving services of Moving Relocation Systems for my house stuff and they were nice. I like the quote they gave and the company seemed like it would be a good and reliable source when I researched. I spoke to the moving consultant a few times and I was walked through everything. We went ahead and settled on a quote and I did the paperwork. And then, they went ahead and scheduled my move. My things were delivered on time and everything was fine.

  23. Brad B

    I filled out one of those moving forms online and Moving Relocation Systems was one of the companies that got in touch with me. I like their reviews online and they had a decent cost for moving. The rep was great. When he called, he gave us an estimate and we were early enough that we got a decent enough discount when we were setting up everything. We were cross-country moving and he knew we were waiting to hear back until my husband gets hired first. He was great in letting us know that they could hold the estimate for us for the first few weeks. I was in the understanding that after a certain amount of time, they would no longer be able to keep the service at that amount. I did have his number so I could get back in touch with him. As soon as my husband found out he did get hired, I was able to call right away and get everything pushed through. The crew that came to first pick-up the items was great. The gentleman that we worked with was funny and polite. They came in, explained everything to us and took care of getting our furniture and everything moved out. The two guys that showed up to move our furniture in were great.

  24. Eric Rivera

    I spoke with the moving coordinator of Moving Relocation Systems over the phone, gave him some basic description about what I wanted to move, when I wanted to do it, and other specifications. They told me about the weight, what I was going to need for my furniture insurance, and the time available to do the move. It was an excellent experience with them.

  25. Kathy G

    The person from Moving Relocation Systems that I spoke to was very detailed – they explained everything. The cost and time period wasn’t quoted in the price. I didn’t have that much furniture and most of the stuff was already packed so they only had to put blankets over it – it was done within six hours. The movers were pretty friendly and if there was anything I wanted done in my way, they did it like so. Provided that it was safely done for them, they complied with my instructions – that pleased me.

  26. Richard Lopes

    MRS was recommended by the association of the office where we moved into. All went well with their moving coordinator, and the pickup and delivery crews were on time. They were very supportive and very helpful. They did their job very well. All in all, it was a great experience. I would recommend and use them again which is probably in about six months.

  27. Robert Pietrasko

    I was in doubt the first time I was seeking their service. I was not sure whether they were going to relocate me without troubles. Nevertheless, I took courage and sought their services. On the day of the relocation, I held my breath was praying and hoping all will be well. Ideally, all the relocation processes were perfect. This crew came and offered me diligent relocation services. The relocation services were safe and peaceful. I have never found an experience like this in my life. I salute Moving Relocation Systems for the perfect job and urge this crew to continue with their services.

  28. Ernest

    We were moving 2,000 miles and got Moving Relocation Systems. Their sales team and I had a really good working relationship. Plus, scheduling the move went smoothly. The crew at Moving Relocation Systems was excellent. As a matter of fact, I liked them because we were moving two houses out to New Mexico from the East Coast. The second house was our final move and I got the same crew and the same truck driver. They were outstanding and friendly. It was a very positive experience.

  29. Ann Sanford

    There is nothing half as delightful as getting real value for your money. With it comes a sense of contentment and fulfilment. You feel like coming back again. I had that similar experience when I recently involved Moving Relocation Systems in my relocations. They came knowing how much I valued perfection and kept that mentality all through. By keeping the relocations flawless and timely, they succeeded their objective of not upsetting me during the relocation. I was so happy when they were done.

  30. Derek Brantley

    I needed to move from one state to another for a job. I typed in something on the website about needing a mover and Moving Relocation Systems was the first one that called me. I used them and my experience with them was super. They gave me full service. I would recommend them to everyone

  31. Deb Bedell

    I highly recommend Moving Pro. I have never experienced such good customer service. Throughout the moving process, they consistently gave me regular updates on what was going on and next steps. They were very courteous and followed up after the move as well to make sure everything was to my liking. The movers themselves were also incredibly professional. Both at pick-up and delivery, they were fast, careful, and friendly. The best part of all was the fact that, despite the low cost for a cross country move, there were no hidden costs or day-of-move add on costs. Overall, great experience.

  32. Justin Devine

    The gentlemen at Moving Relocation Systems were very courteous and respectful of not damaging the properties while moving from one home to an apartment. It was an extremely hot day and they had to go up and down 2 flights of stairs to pick up and 3 flights of 40 steps to deliver to our apartment. They were quick, efficient and very knowledgeable of everything they were doing, including set up and paperwork. Will use your service again when we move upon our retirement. We moved for a new job and paid our own expenses, so the cost was not as bad as I thought it would be. Great job – Great price!!

  33. Mark Anthony

    Really efficient and professional!! Our move went so smoothly! The minute our team arrived they went to work and put us at ease. We have had 4 corporate moves and Moving Relocation Systems proved they were exceptional. We had a timeline to meet and they made sure they finished before our timeline was up and remained pros. Thankful for choosing MRS!!

  34. Ron Skaggs

    This is the second time in less than a year that we have used Moving Relocation Systems to move our household goods. Both moves were professionally monitored and handled. We feel like we do not need to search for another company from here on out when we move we will be using MRS! Thanks guys will talk to you again.

  35. Todd S

    We moved a 5-bedroom home from NY to CA. We hired Moving Relocation Systems to pack all of our goods and provide a full Door to door service. Our sales rep was very easy to work with and he provided full details of the entire process and what to expect. The movers Showed up on the agreed date and went to work. Their foreman was extremely kind and very hardworking.

  36. Kevin A

    The agents when reserving were flexible and helpful. The actual movers were extremely professional, hardworking, and speedy. I’ve used Moving Relocation Systems twice now for moves and have had several friends and family use them as well based on my recommendation. I will continue to use and recommend to others as they are fairly and attractively priced and reliable.

  37. David Y

    We have moved 17 times and this was the best service we have enjoyed. The inventory management due to the outline of furniture by room provided by Moving Relocation Systems made it easy to check off. The same applies to the numbered inventory you used and the discipline the movers displayed by having my wife check off each number. All of the articles were well wrapped with either plastic or pads. The driver and movers were courteous, careful and considerate. We were kept updated as to the status of our shipment by everyone at Moving Relocation Systems and the follow up calls made by the move consultant and others during the process were appreciated. We would definitely use this company again.

  38. Janet St. John

    When it comes to moving there is a ton of stress. So when I moved my family from New Jersey to Florida, I wanted to make sure I could move for an affordable price and I wanted to know my furniture and breakables were not ruined. The staff was extremely courteous and handled all of my items with the best of care. My daughter had some porcelain dolls she was very concerned about (with good reason some have been passed down through the family). All of my items were moved safely and handled with the best of care. If I called Moving Pro with any questions or concerns they were answered immediately and I was treated with the most kind and friendly people, I think I have ever met in the service industry. I will be sure to keep them in mind for any future moves I may have & I have already recommended them to some friends of mine. My stuff was moved within a timely manner and cared for very well THANKS SO MUCH MOVING PRO! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

  39. Carol C

    They quickly reached out once I placed my request for moving help. They were able to provide me with an actual time of arrival. They called to confirm the order again. They called to notify me of their imminent arrival. They arrived within that time period. They listened to what we needed and they handled the job in a professional and expedient manner.

  40. Patrick

    My Wife and I recently relocated from Pennsylvania to Alabama for a job with Vulcan Materials. I was very apprehensive about using a moving company for the first time. I had heard negative stories and wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I am very pleased to say my concerns were unfounded. Our relocation consultant was wonderful and was there for us from the beginning until the end. Moving Relocation Systems called and emailed often to advise us of what to expect, when things were scheduled, to make sure things were running smoothly, and to answer the MANY questions I had along the way. Also, Moving Relocation Systems packers, loaders, driver, and off loaders were all great. They worked hard and diligently, as we had a big shipment and a steep incline driveway. They were careful with our things and nothing was broken. I am glad our first time using a moving company turned out to be such a positive experience

  41. jessenia

    Moving Relocation Systems did a wonderful job with my items that were packed and delivered to us earlier this month. Everything arrived in perfect shape – the furniture, pictures, and even the very delicate porcelain figurines. It was obvious that great care had been taken in packing and wrapping every single item. The driver and other individual who brought the load to the house also did a wonderful job unloading everything and putting it in its proper place. They especially deserve five gold stars for the way they handled the difficult task of getting the large, heavy bookcase up the stairs and into the bedroom. I was nervous watching them, but shouldn’t have been – they had everything under control and through strength and teamwork made it look easy!

  42. Luis D

    The movers were extremely professional and polite. They worked efficiently and took especially great care of my furniture and glass table tops. The hutch was especially difficult because it is an antique including original glass in the doors, top and bottom that were 14 feet wide of golden oak. They managed it with great success and to my delight. I will use Moving Relocation Systems again! Excellent job and great experience. I have already referred them to some of my close friends who were also looking to move in the near future!

  43. Kevin A

    From top to bottom Moving Relocation Systems is a class act. They made our pick up window and delivered in two days (an appropriate time frame for our move). We couldn’t have asked for any better treatment. Everyone was so helpful. We would highly recommend MRS to anyone.

  44. Todd S.

    We were extremely pleased with the services of Moving Relocation Systems and Always Affordable Moving on our recent move. I received constant updates from MRS by email and phone and every pre-move question I asked was answered promptly and completely. Always Affordable provided professional and efficient teams for the loading and delivery of my items. Everything arrived in FL in excellent condition and in a timely fashion. Thank you MRS.

  45. Tim C

    This is not the first moving company I have used, but i felt the need to write out a review for them simply because the staff was very careful with my stuff. I am a car collector and the guys were careful enough not to mess up any of the parts i had stored for my work in progress muscle car. Thanks so much guys those parts are hard to find!!! Will definitely use you guys again!!!!!

  46. Ronald B

    I recently used Moving Relocation Systems for packing and moving services on January 3rd and 4th 2016. I truly appreciated how considerate and professional they were throughout the process of my making a decision to choose a moving company. They gladly explained the whole process of packing and moving and the expenses involved. The packers and movers were very professional and focused on doing the tasks and completed them without any delays. I am so thankful for the great packing and moving services I received.

  47. Kimberly Morris

    I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the exceptional service and professionalism displayed by Moving Relocation Systems during my permanent change of station movement from Connecticut to Arizona. Throughout my 28.5 years of service, this was by far the best move my family and I have ever experienced. Because of the incomparable work ethics of Moving Relocation Systems. The first-class customer service that was provided made my family’s transition to Arizona effortless.

  48. Jeff

    Moving Relocation Systems did a great job, they are amazing movers! I experienced five-star service in every way possible. The price was great; the people are great. My movers were on time, courteous, helpful, friendly, polite and so fast. These guys were everything we could have asked for.
    Thank you!

  49. Alexandria Greene

    After several move experiences (22 in 20 years!) and only a few done professionally, we were concerned about the care and attention our items would receive from packers and movers. Only three of our 22 moves have been professionally assisted, and each of those three left much room for improvement — from casual labor (temporary & par-time, on-the-spot employees for lack of available professionals in the area (small town America – gotta love it!), and prior blatant disregard for expressed desires and concerns regarding our personal belongings, we were very pleased with the Attention to Detail and Time taken with us regarding concern of handling, packing, loading and delivery timelines with Moving Relocation Systems. Thank You for making This Move an overall easy transition. Continue the good work! This particular team from Moving Relocation Systems was kind, polite, patient and professional. Well done!

  50. James Kordeck

    Hands down, Moving Relocation Systems was the best moving company my family and I have ever used. As a prior military family, we’ve had a lot of experience traveling around the country. We’ve used many of the “big name” van lines in the past, and for the most part, our items arrived safely. However, what was missing from each of these moves was the customer service aspect. From the moment we received our estimate until the time the last box was unloaded, Moving Relocation Systems provided unbeatable service. We received regular updates about our move and delivery dates — as well as follow up phone calls to ensure we were satisfied. The moving team itself was phenomenal. Three of the hardest working guys I’ve ever met carefully packaged up our items and kept a friendly demeanor throughout the whole process. Our items were handled carefully and treated with respect. I would not hesitate to recommend Moving Relocation Systems to anyone!

  51. Samantha

    We had an excellent experience with Moving Relocation Systems. We did a great amount of moving and had quite a bit of stuff to move. The team was very helpful from the customer service department to the movers. They were very kind and cautious of our stuff. The customer service reps did a great job working with us to get the lowest price possible. Nothing was damaged in the move and it was done quickly and on time. Thank you so much Moving Relocation Systems.

  52. Jacob Keller

    We had a great experience with Moving Relocation Systems. The move was super easy with their help. The whole team including the customer service staff and the movers were very friendly, professional, and very efficient. All our things arrived in pristine shape. I would recommend this company to my best friend.

  53. Jacob Keller

    We had a great experience with Moving Pro. The move was super easy with their help. The whole team including the customer service staff and the movers were very friendly, professional, and very efficient. All our things arrived in pristine shape. I would recommend this company to my best friend.

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