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Company Name:Midwestern Van Lines
Address:352 NE 191 St Miami, FL 33179 USA
Primary Phone:800-519-1130
Alternate Phone:N/A
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers


Product Description

Midwestern Van Lines Reviews


​Every moving company claims that it’s the best and most reliable, which can leave the customer confused, not knowing what is realistic or what to expect. Moving is risky, but selecting the right mover is all about finding professionals you can count on, people that care, and look out for you and your needs. Below is our mission statement, enabling customers to get a clear idea about Midwestern Van Lines

Integrity – Our estimators go to great lengths to ensure that customers know exactly what services and pricing to expect, ensuring that our paperwork is thorough and easy to understand. We encourage you to compare the level of detail and clarity of our estimates with those of other moving companies.

Service – It is our top priority to keep you informed of every step we take, responding promptly to your needs. Our dedicated staff of professionals makes certain that you have an excellent experience from start to finish.

Fair pricing – Midwestern Van Lines believes in pricing arrangements that are fair. You will receive written confirmation on all agreements prior to moving, leaving no hidden costs or surprise fees. We charge according to tariff rates and government regulations. The estimate you receive will be comprised of rates standard in the moving industry.

Midwestern Van Lines is an executive long distance relocation provider, The complete moving, packing loading and delivery service is provided by a dedicated Midwestern Van Lines crew.

We have the experience of knowing the industry inside and out. We have experienced all problems that can arise during a move and know what works and what can be done in an emergency. That is the type of company you should expect, nothing but efficient professionals coordinating your move.

Because we are independent and cut out the middle man, Midwestern Van Lines offers pricing that will meet or beat major van line competitors. We know we can save you money! – JUST CALL US

About Us

Midwestern Van lines is a moving company predicated on the notion of quality service and efficiency in all aspects of the relocation process. Our reputation for excellence is centered by our commitment to provide accessible and reliable service through our trained and proficient staff.


Our workers never defer from compliance, and take the time to articulate and embody your moving needs while remaining within the confines of your budgetary limitations. By adhering to the principles of Fair Market Price, we impose a price structure that remains one of the most attractive in the industry, never forsaking excellence in service quality for the exploitation of our client’s budget. As such, our company understands that success is determined by diligence, investment in the proper equipment, and the hiring of an effectively trained and professional staff.

Our diversity of service ensures that we provide the most efficient means of relocation dictated by the scope of your move, whether it be a large scale business move or simply a residential one. Our prerogative to be the optimal choice in both present and future moving endeavors has led us to ensure our moving crew consists of fully trained professionals, educated in modern moving techniques to guarantee that items are handled and transported with delicacy and discipline indicative of our assurance to quality.

Providing packing and unloading services, we secure all items in transit and deliver them to your point of destination in the same condition of which they were received. Our fleet of moving vehicles equipped with air ride suspension, and hydraulic lift gates and ramps ensure an ease of loading and unloading of fragile items as well as protection while in transit. Our initiative of compliance towards modernity, assures that our vehicles are always state of the art and our workers are at their most productive to make the stressful process of relocation as swift and efficient as possible.

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  1. Rated 1 out of 5


    This company has the WORST customer service!! Let’s start out at the beginning, I spoke with my sales rep, he was very kind. He said they would price match another quote I had received. However, he did not price match, he simply removed things from my inventory list so my estimate would match the other quote I received, which was $2,800. When I noticed this, I reached out to my sales rep to get a more accurate quote to make sure this was still in my budget. He would not give me another quote, instead he kept insisting I wait and speak with Quality Assurance and they would give me a quote. I asked to speak with them prior to my 7 business days before my scheduled move so that I could get my deposit back if I realized it would be out of my budget. He just kept insisting that I would be called by them soon. They did not call me until 6 business days until my scheduled move, the estimate they gave me was very much so out of my budget, however, I would lose my deposit if I canceled. So I felt stuck with this company. I also, had reached out to my sales rep and QA to try and change my pickup date because my lease had to end sooner than I had planned. I was unable to change the date, they assured me that my pickup would be within my 3 day window which was June 14th-16th. I did not get my stuff picked up until the 17th, I had to pay an additional day of rent. When the moving company arrived the driver was on time, but the movers were 4 hours late and very unprofessional. The driver told me my stuff would be delivered in 3-7 days and I had double checked with him I could pay with cashier’s check at the drop off, he told me yes. Once my stuff was picked up, I received no contact from the company except a link to “Track My Shipment” I received that link twice. Both times I filled out the form and received an email stating my stuff was still waiting to be loaded. I was very confused because my stuff was loaded on June 17th. I reached out to my sales rep and customer service multiple times and no one would get back with me or answer my question of when my stuff would be delivered. I then asked to speak with management I was told my 3 people they would pass along my information, I never received a phone call from management. I then get a phone call from a Michigan number on July 2nd around 5 pm, stating my stuff would be delivered on July 4th. I then had to figure out how to get a cashier’s check on July 3rd when I still do not have a bank in Utah for the movers. The movers arrived about 7pm on July 4th. That is when we found out we could not pay cashiers check and there was no where we could get a money order at that time on a holiday. So they said they would come back the next morning after banks opened so we could get the correct form of payment. Only through this mishap did I receive management’s phone number. I spoke to Jennifer in management on July 5th about 8 am. I was on the phone with her for 1.5 hours, she informed me she did not care what drivers have told me and that I spoke with multiple people and received multiple emails from the company with communications on the timeline for my delivery, which I had not. I asked her to forward me the emails she told me I received because she told me she was looking at them. However, she was unable to forward them to me. I also offered to fax over my phone records to show I did not receive a phone call from this company on the dates she says I did. She also charged my an extra $350 for “refusing delivery” on July 4th. I did not refuse delivery. I also am missing multiple pieces from my goods, and have severe damage on my washing machine, lamps, and dressers rendering them unusable. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

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