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Company Name: Ideal Moving and Storage
License & Registration: USDOT: 1664920, MC: 612157
Address: 300 E 78th St, New York, NY 10075
Primary Phone: 888-377-3180
Alternate Phone: 212-777-5507
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves


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Ideal Moving and Storage Reviews

At Ideal Moving & Storage we understand the difficulties involved in leaving your home and moving to a new residence. We would like to make this transition easier for you by helping you better organize your move. We have many years of experience in the moving business. We are fully bonded and insured. Quality and excellence in service has been the foundation of our success throughout these many years. We pride ourselves on providing total relocation services to our local, long distance and commercial customers.

We are a full service NY moving company, and you can be sure that from beginning to end, your move will be coordinated by us. At Ideal Moving & Storage we understand the difficulties involved in leaving your home and moving to a new residence. We would like to make this transition easier for you by helping you better organize your move. We have many years of experience in the moving business with over 20 years of experience as a NY Moving Company.We are fully bonded and insured. Quality and excellence in service has been the foundation of our success throughout these many years. We pride ourselves on providing total relocation services to our local, long distance, commercial and residential customers. We specialize in moving businesses seamlessly in New York and abroad. We have the staff and the resources to get you any where at U.S.A. we can offer unparalleled service from a dedicated and well trained staff of professionals from the local community. Our commitment to quality service covers your move from the very first contact until you and your possessions are safely in their new home or business.

We are continually striving to make each moving experience a better one. We are pioneering the use of new technologies that keep our customers better informed and place the status of every move. We believe that the use of these new technologies will allow us to better manage your move and provide you with the peace of mind that your property is in the best of hands. We will provide a free on-site estimate. Our movers are experienced and skilled packers, providing expert packing and crating. We will move pianos, antiques, fine art, cars, boats, pool tables, and bulky items.

Ideal Moving & Storage specializes in nationwide long distance moving and relocation. We have many years of combined experience; our staff and movers take great pride in doing the job right. Our movers take exceptional care and pride while moving all of your household and office items. We will do our best to ensure your items arrive safely. In the event of a mishap, our policy is to handle it as quickly and efficiently as possible and to keep each and every customer 100% satisfied.We can move you at night, on the weekends, even holidays, whenever it’s convenient for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, saving you valuable time and money. If you are relocating to Chicago, New York, Boston or Florida we can offer quick delivery. The reputation of a moving company is one of the biggest factors in selecting a mover, but for long distance moves, it should be the biggest factor. Consider the care and effort that movers must apply. Experience and capability should take precedence as well as a competitive price.

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4 reviews for Ideal Moving and Storage Reviews

  1. Rated 1 out of 5

    Elizabeth Park

    Got a quote over the phone for $2,000 for a move from California to Texas, with a detailed list of my stuff, but when the movers came they looked around and said i have more than what’s on the list. They were going to charge me $5,700 instead!! He kept saying that I have 380 cft more than what’s on the estimate, but when I wanted a detailed explanation, he couldn’t tell me clearly. I recalculated what I went over, and it was barely 100cft. (Mosely because they got the measurement wrong from the beginning)
    They will double the rate per cft if they find any small things that’s not on the list. I wanted to cancel the move because it was completely different from what was on the contract, but they threatened me that they would charge $800 (deposit+ $500 cancellation fee).
    Worst experience ever.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Brianne Mills

    Scam. Lies. False info. DO NOT consider this awful company. I received a quote from Elijah over the phone-we answered every single question of his and provided our house’s square footage. He even added to what he felt was an appropriate square footage. When the movers arrived, our quote nearly doubled! There was a 5% credit card fee only disclosed when the movers arrived. A hidden stair fee only disclosed when the movers arrived. Our stuff arrived and some of its damaged. Now, I’ll be realistic, and I do understand that damages occur when moving, however one of their employees TAPED part of my dresser door together in hopes that I would not see it. They taped it with Scotch tape! This is only a reiteration of their deceitful way. Please do not waste your time or money on this garbage company. It takes a lot for me to leave a bad review, but this is the worst customer service-oriented experience I’ve ever had.

  3. Rated 1 out of 5

    Jeongin park

    1- I talked to their sales mans, Elijah, who gave me the moving estimate, $1140 for 300 cf. I called them several times and we exchanged e-mail 24 times back and forth (exact count) to make sure about the price and service. I was promised that I will get a free “flight of stairs” fee (I lived on 2nd floor and moving to 3rd floor) since I am paying $150.00 for a “special trip” fee (according to them, they have to make a special trip from their dispatch location, Atlanta in GA, to my new place, Valley in AL) by Elijah. I was also promised that there won’t be any hidden fees, whatever they do during the moving process, it is included in the price. $150 was charged for deposit.

    2 – Pick up date, 11/20/2018. I had to add two more 5 cf boxes and a gaming chair. On the paper, it said $3.43 per cf. When the pick up guys came, they looked around the house and checked the items. They showed me the price paper that says $1150 which is wrong, and he said I have to pay $1931.50 total. That was $791.50 dollars more than what I was promised to pay.
    Here is why. I asked the moving team leader how he came up with the price. He said the unexpected packages are 75 cf, including 2 of 5 cf boxes, a gaming chair and a head board of the bed. I said, “those are obviously not 75 cf, tell me how he came up with the number”. He did not give me any further explanation but just said, “Our system calculated this”. and he showed me a “contract” that I have never seen or informed before. It said, for unexpected package, $7.00 per cf. So I paid $575 more for that. He, later on, asked me for more money for the “flight of stairs.” I told him that I was told those fees are included in the price already. He said, “no”, and still charged me $75 for 24 stairs (we only had 20 stairs to the second floor which he lied to me). I am not done yet. He asked me for more money for the packing fee (sofa cover, TV stand cover, dining table cover, desks cover, and roles of tape that they used to wrap them.) That was another $150.
    I called the customer service and talked to Oliver, he was right below manage. I asked him to talk to the pick up guy and fix this issue. He denied and advised me to pay what pick up guy is asking and just file a claim later when everything is done. I told him I want to cancel everything and want these people to leave my apartment. He told me if I cancel it, they will take the deposit $150 and a cancellation fee $500. I did not have time so I just decided to follow his advice and file a claim later.
    so I paid 70% of the total, $1260 by check at the spot.

    3 – A couple of days later, I got a phone call from a driver from a dispatch department and was told that my package was ready for delivery. I told him that the delivery date is set to 11/24/2018. He said I will be charged for the storage fee for holding my package.
    I called the customer service right away and asked to speak with the manage, Alexa. I explained everything. She seemed to be understanding at first. She promised that she will take care of it for me. I didn’t have my new address at the moment. She told me to update her with the new address ASAP. She promised that my package will be delivered by the next weekend, 12/01/2018~12/02/2018.
    On 11/28 Wednesday. I got the new address and called Alexa via the direct number that she gave me. Some random department answered. They transferred me to the customer service department. They finally transferred me to Alexa. When I gave her my name and information, she couldn’t remember me nor find my information. She said, “Did you move with us? are you sure?” and she put me on hold for 15 mins and never came back. I called her after work but she left her office already. I tried the next day, she never answered her phone. So I talked to Oliver, and asked about my package status. He said he has no information for my package. They didn’t have any information of my package but just saying “We will check with the dispatch team and let Alexa know that you are looking for her. She will give you a call tomorrow.” I waited.
    Today, I called her again around 10:30 p.m. She answered, I gave her my name and she just transferred me to the sale department. I called her again, she never answered. So I asked one of the receptions to leave her a message to call me. I never got a call from her.
    I tried again around 12:00 p.m. Other woman answered the phone. I asked for Alexa and she said, “Alexa is not available. She’s not working today. She’s coming back on Tuesday.” I told her, “I just spoke with her this morning.” She hung up. So I called customer service and ask Oliver. They said, Olive is not available at the moment and she will leave him a message. I never got a call from any one of them.

    The delivery date is tomorrow 11/30/2018 and they don’t give me a call or email me, nothing.

  4. Rated 1 out of 5

    Lou Major

    This is an absolutely horrible company. Scheduled a move more than one month in advance, did not receive a call on the day before pickup so I called them and was told someone would call to do a pickup on my alternate day. No one ever called, they had no truck available and instead of calling to deliver the bad news on their own, I was only alerted when I received a refund to my credit card. When I call to speak to someone I get a secretary who can only say she apologizes that no one called and she understands why I’m upset. I now have a home that is all packed up to be moved and no movers! Steer clear of these scheisters! My sales person was Dan Swanson who is billed as the Regional Branch Manager, very american name for someone who sounds of eastern european descent. If you get email from Dan@idealmoving, delete it! What a terrible thing to do to a customer at the height of the moving season.

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