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Company Name: Greenway Express Texas
License & Registration: TxDMV: 0066198680C US Dot # 2211315 ICC MC # 767351
Address: 4101, Dayco Street, Houston, TX, 77092
Primary Phone: 866 976 2577
Alternate Phone: 855 219 7384
Email: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered:  Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers


Product Description

Greenway Express Texas Reviews

Moving day is a always a stressful situation, so bypass all that tension and save yourself the time and effort by hiring our professional moving services.

We are a licensed, bonded and insured reputable company that services Houston and all the surrounding areas and even all of Texas!

Here at Greenway Texas we believe in the complete comprehension of our customers needs to make a successful move. For this reason we work closely with each individual customer to customize the move to every necessity that applies. With our complete professional highly trained staff we ensure a precise detailed and satisfying service from the moment you call to the moment we leave your final destination. Securing a smooth and stress-free move.

So if you are in need of moving your home, apartment, or business call and speak with our expert agents whom are available to you 7 days a week and start your move today!

Reasons to choose us…

Packing/Unpacking offered
Custom Crating services
Extra padding and protection included
Full service storage available
We work with your schedule!

Local Moves

Local moves depend upon a variety of factors that weigh into its pricing. By definition a local move is generally within the vicinity of 100 miles or less. The final price is usually determined by the following factors.

Home size (garage and patio maybe considered rooms)
Flights of stairs in home of pick up and destination
If there is any long carry to the truck (distance from home to truck and visa versa)
No. movers required or requested
Labor Hourly (including travel time)
Packing Costs
Packing Materials
Unpacking Costs
No. of Trucks
Insurance if Requested
Access Considerations

Fortunately, the customer has the control of determining what services to be rendered.

Estimates can be provided through a detailed inventory of items and boxes from the home and it can be given over the phone with a qualified agent or the customer can request for an in home estimate. The more accurate information is provided to Houston Movers prior to move date the easier the move will be and will stay within budget.

Keep in mind that Greenway Texas is a full service and storage company allowing the customer the choice to have all the work completed by professional movers with the customer only there to delegate. This eliminates any stress or tension or physical effort to the customer. If this service is chosen Greenway Texas will provide fast, efficient, professional packers in order to complete the move within a desired time and budget.

It is imperative that Greenway Texas are made aware of any complications or restrictions at the pickup or drop off destination. This is information is vital in providing as accurate of an estimate for the customer. It is also the customers’ responsibility to make movers aware of any factors that may arise at pickup destination or drop off point such as stairs, time restrictions, or building requests for insurance certifications. Any of these issues can occur and sustain additional costs above the estimated price if Greenway Texas is left made unaware.

Long Distance Moves

Also known as interstate moves is basically when you move from state to state. Here the consistency of the price is made up of the following factors:

Weight (empty truck) and of the Loaded truck
Tariff for the distance
Packing Supplies
Long Carry (if homes are not available to trucks)
Shuttle Service (again if homes aren’t accessible)
Packing (if ordered)
Unpacking (if ordered)
Piano Transport and Packing (if applicable)
Car Transport
Insurance ( if applicable)
Storage (if applicable)
Re Delivery (applicable only if customer fails to meet delivery on designated time)

All these reasons can play into the price if applicable. Luckily Greenway Texas offer consolidated services, which help tremendously in keeping the total cost of the move low, and gives room for the customer to receive the best rate.

A reminder to customers supplying the most details about the move and services wanted as well as inventory will help in keeping costs reduced and permits no room for error or added charges.

Summer months are generally the busiest times of the year in moving given that this is when customers have breaks in their schedule to commit to such a task, so Greenway Texas urges customers to keep this in mind and suggests an initial booking at least 4 to 6 weeks before the desired move date to ensure everything goes without hitch.

So Greenway Texas invites you to call now and speak with a specialized representative to get you started on this new beginning.

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Greenway Express Texas Reviews






8 reviews for Greenway Express Texas Reviews

  1. Nick

    I wish I could give NEGATIVE STARS for this company!!!

    I’m one of those poor saps who didn’t read the reviews before I dove in for my last minute move 🙁

    I’m currently still waiting on my things to arrive after a 7-10 day estimate … it’s now day 32.

    USA Moving Group has actually only been part of the problem, compounded by the HORRIBLE movers they contracted out to perform the actual move, GreenWay Express Texas.

    The pick-up time changed 4 times & was 15 hours late, arriving @ midnight, 4 hours before my flight left. I met this with patience & understanding … Even a tip for the hard work by the team.

    My things were held for 30 days in storage erroneously, which I was also patient and understanding about.

    I never received any updates from the dispatcher or even a confirmation on the actual delivery ETA … Again, I was patient & understanding.

    Most every attempt at calling the office was met with a full voicemail and I was unable to leave a message. Patience, understanding … But now accumulating doubt.

    The original quote was 10-15 days. It has now 30 days and now they are now saying that because I am not able to agree to a last minute change in terms, requesting that I wire them half of the remaining balance … that they will now take another 10-15 days … Frustration has now taken hold.

    I’m currently still waiting for my things … I will update this as soon as I hear anything new and with any suggestions/hints that I find as I stumble through this painful journey of regretful hindsight …

  2. Bobby O

    I have recently used this company to do a move from Nebraska to California. we went through a 3rd party broker service to book this job. We have had nothing but problems since DAY 1!! Driver was late to pick up our items. Upon arrival, I was told that if the actual weight of my items were less than the quote I would pay less. therefore I would need to follow the truck back to the scale after it was loaded to weigh out. I was also told that if I helped load the truck it would reflect on my bill, so I spent 10 HOURS HELPING LOAD with a bad back, then followed the truck 2 cities away to the scale to weigh out. after weighing out our actual weight was 3900 lbs. our estimate was for 5207 lbs. I was then told by the driver that I would have to pay for the full 5207 lbs. because “that’s the company minimum” After arguing with him for 30 minutes I began writing the check. He then informs me I need to make the check out to his personal name rather than a company name and demands I make the check for $2200 rather than the $1100 agreed upon with the company on the phone earlier in the day. I write the check for $1100 and send him on his way. Delivery was suppose to be 10-14 days. I called 13 days later to get an update and was informed my items were in California, however nobody could tell me where or how far out. So I called the next day and was told my items were in a warehouse storage in Texas, without my knowledge or permission. I was told by the man who said he was the owner of the company that he would personally call me in the morning as he is loading the truck with my items. I waited for that call for 2 days. I was then told my items were in the semi truck still in Texas. I called the “owner” and was rudely hung up on numerous times by him and his office staff. today is the 26th day I have been waiting on our items to reach California. I asked for the remaining balance to be taken care of by the company since I have had to deal with so much B.S. and was laughed at. I informed the “owner” he had 2 options, 1 being to have my items to my delivery place by tomorrow as expected, or 2, have his driver take my items to fed ex, pay for overnight shipping at their expense and refund my money. I was told I will not disrespect their company and again hung up on. Now when I call the “owner” and all office phones they refuse to answer the phones and I know they have caller id. I was called by the “driver”, who apparently is from yet another company, and told that the items would not arrive until next Monday. i am beyond irritated with this company and have sought out an attorney. I truly hope something is done about this company, they are robbing people of their money and dignity. I would love to get with some other people with the same problems and start a suit against them. Hopefully when my items are delivered they are all there and not broken, however after reading so many reviews on this company i doubt that will be the case. Bobby O.

    • Shari

      I too am having problems with them delivering my items picked up in Omaha, NE Nov 3, 2014. I made arrangements when booking a moving company with National Moving Group (the brokers) to pay the remainder by Credit Card which was posted on my signed agreement. With a hassel from Greenway about the agreement the charge went thru on my credit card Nov 6, 2014. On Nov. 13, 2014 they sent the payment back to my CC company first saying “the company rejected it” then finally admitting they didn’t have the resources to get the money. Now they want a Cashiers Check or Money Order which I DO NOT have the cash to give them. If I get the cash off my CC I would be charged 4% on $1587.27 PLUS 26% interest until I get that amount paid. I was paying by CC because I was in Omaha for a Liver Transplant and have MANY medical bills. By using my CC I won’t have to pay any interest for 18 months. I have dealt with Leo, Ashley, and Tasha. Right now they want my to pay by cashier check to Tasha Scott’s private account because they can’t cash it with the Greenway account. When asked why they couldn’t just deposit it into their account they couldn’t understand why I was asking that. My CC company is telling me that this company sounds like a scam and I am to the point that since they are using my belongings as “hostage” I am considering getting a U-Haul and moving my stuff to my home (in which I finally get to be at after many months) in Montana. Another problem is finding out the truth as to where it is being stored at. I’ve been told KC and Houston. I have all my medical records, clothes, some prescription meds along with furniture and other needed things to live. I also was told by the “forman” that this company hires people that are not american citizens so they can pay them less. My initial quote was for $1941 and am now being charged a total of $2965. Have you heard of the court show “People’s Court”? Gee, they could be on TV if I and anyone else would like to take them to court. They are ‘SCAMMERS”! As of today, Nov 17 my things are still be held for “ransom”

  3. Alexluet

    My experience is very similar to the others posted here. This company is a joke. I have moved 3 times before and this was easily the worst possible situation I could of gotten myself into. This company seems to be filled with a bunch of liars and scammers from top to bottom. The salesman lied or neglected to mention a number of things that turned into my price tripling. The movers after unloading (2 guys and a women)tried demanding a tip and called me a “cheap piece of shit” when I declined. I did mention to them that my tip would be to not show up 5 days late with half my stuff broken

  4. Teena Gomez

    Not only did they arrive late but came with a truck so small that it could not accomodate a 4 bedroom house. Although I spoke with Mark several times and they had a complete inventory list the “foreman” of the job didnt do shit to help the other guys that worked their butts off. Was charged for an extra hour because they had to do 2 trips and the truck they sent was so small had to be cranked to start didnt have a slide from the truck so they had to manually put in all items. Purposelyind disassembled bedroom sets in to the smallest pieces and refused to put the bedroom sets back together. Didnt even have the necessary tools to take on bed apart. Very unprofessional.

  5. Mario Monaco

    THis company started offering the sky to get our business but after a late arrival and with a rental truck, I knew but never expected all of the problems we would find. The pickup although late it was ok on the first day, they left several items and they came a day later to pick them up, little that I knew that those items would never reach Denver. When the truck arrived (on fathers day)they showed up with only 2 persons, one of them with back problems, I had to do part of the unloading, and paid for it. the forced me to pay upfront with cash over $2000.. like everyone has that kind of money around, this was never discussed during the negotiations. several boxes were missing, itimes were broken, our sofa and couch were a mess (grease stains). After contacting them they sent me to CSI another fraudulent company that is suppose to let them know how much to pay the customer, it has been over 3 months of the claim and there is no one to answer a phone or to respond an email. Plus the company actually charged me for 1950 cubic feet of space on their truck but only used 1720 cubic feet, also waiting for nothing. I have tried to contact Greenway but good luck with someone actually answering the phone or calling you back.. I went thru BBB and their answer was to go to court to see if I could win.
    DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY REASONS… do your homework and pay a little extra, make sure that the company you hire at least is part of BBB. Im sure I regret hiring Greenway Express.. wrong choice.

  6. SD1221

    These guys operate on unethical business principles. My signature was forged and they included price for packaging even after they told me it was free. My DVD player was stolen and they filled the box with hammer so weight remains same. Good were damaged in shipment and I was offer no compensation. I repeatedly contacted them for settlement but they NEVER responded back.


    I have filed a complaint with US DOT and I strongly urge everyone else to please file a complain there –

  7. MM

    In May 2013, I contacted this moving company and they came and gave binding estimate for the move. A month later they called me and said they have to come a day earlier and I agreed.
    On the movign day, they tried to charge me for packing material, but they did not cause I have included that in the contract. They packed my stuff, and they were nice that day. However, they did not do a good job packing,as few items were damaged at delivery: broken ikea table and 2 lamps.
    They delivered my funiture in 1 week. The problem is I had missing headboard and bed slats , so I had to buy a new bed. They also lost a reseach tube poster, and table legs. My mattress had oil over one of its edges cause it was not fully wrapped.
    The worse problem was that the delivery person. When he drove in to my apartment complex, he requested me to pay him the final amount plus 125 long carry fee. I agreed and gave him 700 in cash (they dont accept check or credit card at delviery). The total was 655. He refused to give me the change back and said I have to pay him a tip. I told him I will decide at the end of the delivery but he refused to give me the change back.
    The company agreed to pay me 200 for the missing parts of the bed but not more than that. Then they called me and started annoy me cause I complained about them.

    This was a very annoying experience, and I would never use this company again.

  8. SB

    In Feb 2013 I contacted Greenway Express Texas to move my mother from Houston to Cleveland Ohio. My Mother is 85 years old. I found them through At first things were fine. We were told via email by Oscar we would have delivery in 2-3 days of the items being picked up. We were also told this by Jacob the man that came to do the estimate. We arranged the pick up. The pick up was on 5/23. My mother and I left Houston on 5/24 to be here in Cleveland, Ohio by 5/26 which was our understanding. On 5/26 myself and my family waited for delivery. We had rented a U-Haul to take some of the items to my children’s homes. No one came. So on 5/26 I called and spoke with a person identifying himself as Rob. He said he had never talked to me. But made statements only someone that was at the pick up would know. Since 5/26 we have received part of my mother’s belongings. It was noted per the inventory check list items were intentionally removed off the truck. And this was confirmed by the drivers who came with the truck. Since 5/26 we have been trying to recover these missing items. The items we know of are 1 mattress, 2 box springs, computer desk and some stands and boxes. Greenway has continued to deceive us into believing the items are on the way. We have texts, emails and voice recordings to support our claims. At this time they are withholding my mother’s belongings and making no move to get these items to my mother.

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