Green City Movers Reviews

Company Name: Green City Movers
License & Registration: USDOT: 2449113, NYSDOT: 39058
Address: 1 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Primary Phone: 718-576-3736
Alternate Phone: 1-800-657-5421
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Moving, Packing and unpacking services , loading and unloading. Residential and commercial.


Product Description

Green City Movers Reviews

About Green City Movers NY We started our Brooklyn Movers New York company and decided to call it Green City Movers to symbolize our support and self-duty to care for our environment and everything living in it. We absolutely love Brooklyn NYC and are proud to call this thriving borough.

We are a fully-licensed and insured moving company. With an extensive list of moving services and expertise closely reflects the high quality. Unbeatable moving experience that all of our clients experience when moving with us. While we offer some of the most competitive, cheap moving rates in New York. We are extremely grateful to be able to provide our clients with a satisfaction guaranteed approach toward every move, every time. This enables us to provide you and your family with a professional, trustworthy, and reliable relocation process. While maintaining a stress free and safe environment throughout the entire process. Further ensuring the integrity of the move is never jeopardized.

As you prepare to move to your new home, we will be here every step of the way. Answering your questions and guiding you through everything. From packing to insurance. There are many residential moving companies that lure their customers with false incentives, providing very low quotes to only add on charges in the end. Green City Movers are honest and upfront with our customers. You will never have to worry about hidden fees when hiring us for the job. Our flat and hourly rates with packing and unpacking services are provided in accordance to your needs. Which are determined with the help of your personal moving consultant. They are fully trained to provide you with the most affordable, cost effective option.

The training our team receives emphasizes a personalized approach, care and attention to detail, which allows us to create a comprehensive moving plan for your needs and budget. All of our guys are full-time crew members with at least 5 years of extensive training and experience in the field. They will professionally disassemble, pack, load and transport your belongings as if they were their own. All of our trucks are air-ride equipped and padded for protection and durability. Our wide range of moving supplies will further ensure the integrity of your furniture will never be jeopardized throughout the move. Relocation doesn’t end with the delivery of your belongings. Neither does Green City Movers service. We will reassemble your furniture upon arrival and set it up based on your instructions. Don’t want to take everything with you? We have storage options too.

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