Grace Van Lines – Union City, NJ

Grace Van Lines – Union City, NJ

Company Name: Grace Van Lines
License & Registration: USDOT: 2545547, MC: 886100
Address: 1722 Kennedy Blvd, Suite 21, Union City, NJ 07087
Primary Phone: 800-274-9491
Alternate Phone: 201-430-7660
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Moves, Long Distance Moves, Packing Services, Storage Services


Grace Van Lines Reviews

Grace Van Lines, a local and long distance moving company which is family owned and operated offers a moving solution within and out of the state of New Jersey.Planning a long distance move has never been easier thanks to the amazing services offered by Grace Van Lines! Relocating to a distant location can be hectic, unsettling and nerve-wrecking ;there’s so much to do and so little time to do it! All that is history! You can rely on Grace Van Lines to help you plan your move in details while at the same time making it a fun and exciting experience particularly if it’s the first time you are moving homes. The goal of our company is to offer you a personalized service aimed at making your moving day stress-free.

What should you expect in a long distance move with Grace Van Lines? We offer full service moving. Secondly, other than being family owned and operated, our company also has many interstate agents insuring we can deliver your goods both safely and promptly.Being a small company, we understand the importance of high quality services and customer satisfaction.We uphold these values and encourage you to forward all your comments and advice to our customer care desk.

Our customers can rely on timely and cost effective moves. This explains why we are the number one choice moving company in New Jersey and its surrounding areas. We do not overbook our services and instead focus on the specific needs of individual customers; simply put, ours is a service with a personal touch. The crew at Grace Van Lines knows all aspects of the moving industry as they have been working in the industry for many years. The management goes to a great length to make sure that its employees are competent and uphold the values of customer satisfaction and high quality service delivery. You can trust us to move your stuff without the fear of pilferage or breakages. We are also fully insured.

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171 reviews for Grace Van Lines – Union City, NJ

  1. Stephen Diaz

    The company I had originally hired called me one day before the moving date and told me that they couldn’t find a crew for me. I was in such in pickle. I called many moving companies and no one could accommodate me on such a short notice. Then their rep Joe called me back, who also didn’t have a vacant slot, and told me about a late afternoon slot. I took it right away. The whole move went very effortlessly. The movers were great and they didn’t even charge me astronomically given the short notice. I would have been happy only if they showed up given my situation but the movers did such a good job in the end.

  2. Allen

    The hassles of relocation are too much to handle. But nothing as such took place while I handed the responsibility over to Grace van lines. They were really reliable as far as my belongings were concerned. They did an excellent job at packing everything so they arrived at my new house intact. I have to give props to the movers who were very punctual, efficient and friendly. I will definitely hire them again.

  3. Leland Arnold

    Muscles don’t make strong movers; it’s their experience that counts. I hired Grace van lines last month. Their quote was very smart and they sent 4 men over to my house on the moving day. All four men worked tirelessly for 4 hours and wrapped up all my belongings very carefully. I was very happy to see how skilled and experienced these men really were. They lifted my heavy furniture so easily. I go to gym every day and I can never lift my furniture that easily. They delivered on time and nothing suffered any damage. I will surely hire them again.

  4. Toby Pearson

    I asked for efficiency and cost effectiveness from Grace van lines. They delivered on both the grounds quite substantially during my last move. The four men who took only 4 hours to wrap up my 17 years of hoardings truly deserve an award for being the most efficient. Their speed saved me a lot of money for sure. I received all my belongings right on time and everything was unharmed. I am very glad that I’m writing this review for these hardworking guys.

  5. Nelson

    We were moving from Dover, DE to Kansas City, MO and Grace van lines handled our move. They gave an amazing estimate. The guy on the phone even broke down the cost to make me understand exactly how much I was paying for what purpose. I was very impressed with this transparency. The movers arrived on time and they were all very capable boys. They packed up my valuables properly and loaded them to the vans. My lifetime of memories was now in their hands. I was so glad to see the boys delivering my precious on time and in great condition. I really am glad for the service I received.

  6. Gerardo

    I have seen many bad movers and the damage they can cause. But then I found Grace van lines. These guys reinstated my faith in moving companies. They were very professional and brutally efficient. I almost felt bad for how hard the men worked during my move. They knew their job very well and I had to do nothing. The delivery was made on time and nothing was broken or damaged. I don’t remember any other moving company ever being this efficient. I will surely hire them again.

  7. Dave Watson

    We were moving from Linden, NJ to Charleston, WV. I hired Grace van lines for their amazing reputation and they really outperformed my expectations during this move. I didn’t really know what to expect from the movers but I was very happy to see them taking very good care of all my valuables. When you hire a mover, you are essentially entrusting strangers with things that matter to you. They really made me feel comfortable and the movers were just so helpful. I was very happy with the services.

  8. Samuel

    I have relocated on my own before and it was always so problematic. This time I decided to hire Grace van lines for the job. I will hire professionals from now on. The movers were so efficient. They arrived on time, packed everything, loaded them onto the van and set off. The whole thing took just 2 hours. They were so friendly while being absolutely professional. My valuables were moved to my new house without any damages. The final bill was shocking. It was just too cheap. I still don’t understand how they managed to make this move happen on such a low price!

  9. Raul Rowe

    Grace van lines really impressed me during my last relocation. The four movers were very sincere and took great care of my valuables. The whole job took them just 3 hours. It really was mammoth effort from the boys. The final bill actually came under the quote, which is always a good thing. During this move, an old jug broke only. That is some serious efficiency! I have to give credit where credit is due and Grace van lines deserves it more than anything.

  10. Hugo Craig

    I lived in a 4th floor walkup apartment in Boston, MA. So I knew it was going to be an issue during the move. But the very capable movers from Grace van lines made it all seem so easy. They packed up everything in a lightning speed. Then they very systematically started moving boxes downstairs. When it came to the big furniture, they carried those together. Not even one item suffered any damages. The delivery was made on time and all my valuables have traveled safely. I can’t thank them enough.

  11. Clifton

    It was fast move from Cool Baugh, PA to Chicago, IL and the foreman was quite professional and extremely courteous. He worked hard. His crews packed everything the same day and then installed all this on the truck. They covered few things in blankets to ensure reliable delivery. All of our properties ended up in exactly the shape that they were picked up in. They delivered in only 5 days. So fast, but no damage. They have very experienced and skilled driver as well as excellent customer support team.

  12. Vernon

    I was so confused about which moving company to hire. Then my brother suggested the name of Grace van lines. When I called them, they seemed very friendly and informative. They really gave me a good deal on the price. The movers arrived early on the moving. I just couldn’t believe how fast the men were. They packed and loaded everything from my apartment in just under an hour. The delivery was made on time as well. All my goods made it without suffering any damages. It really was a very easy relocation.

  13. Victor Stewart

    I ended up choosing them based on the other reviews and it’s clear they earned them. Because of the work I do I have a lot of heavy equipment that is at the same time somewhat fragile. Matt and his partners showed up, wrapped everything carefully and quickly and within a few hours the move was all done. They were cordial and knew what they were doing. I would both use them again and highly recommend them.

  14. Clinton R.

    My only negative for grace van lines would be their customer service. The movers showed up on time. All four men were very capable for this job. They carried my big pieces of furniture with ease and confidence. Sometimes I felt as if they were a bit too confident. But they delivered everything without a single scratch on them. So I suppose their confidence was worth it. I just wish they would improve their customer service since that is essentially their first contact with the clients.

  15. John

    I have worked with fairly new moving companies before but they always fell short. When the time came to move from Lodi, NJ to Birmingham, AL, I decided to hire Grace van lines. They have a great reputation and have been in the business for a long time. It turned out to be a great decision. They worked with absolute precision. The movers were very well aware of any kind of problem that could arise and they came prepared. My belongings were carefully transported and I didn’t have to do a thing! It really is better to hire experienced movers even if it costs a little extra.

  16. Irving

    I am writing this to let potential customers of Grace van lines know the wonderful experience I have had with them. They have a very simple process to follow and they usually work with ease and high efficiency. All you need to do is to simply inform them with what you want and need to happen during the move and they will surely carry them out and fulfill them without a doubt. My experience with them was simply the best. I spent just a few bucks for such a lovely move.

  17. Samuel Lawson

    Nothing beats the efficiency displayed by the movers from Grace van lines when I was relocating. It was long distance they had to cover but they did the job very well. Nothing was broken or damaged in the end. I have heard about how sincere and reliable this company was. I got to experience it firsthand. Their customer service was also very friendly and always ready with an answer for whatever question I had. It was a very easy move, thanks to these guys.

  18. Francis

    Our move was fantastical only because of the very capable men employed by Grace van lines. They really came, saw and relocated. It took four movers just 3 hours to pack up my 4-bedroom apartment. It was a mighty effort from these very strong guys. I only asked them to take care of a few pieces of furniture that belonged to my grandmother. They delivered all the furniture without the slightest scratch on them. Did I mention about the cost? Well, let me just say this. They quoted the lowest price out of 6 companies I called initially. Their final bill was 40 dollars less than that estimate. Hallelujah!

  19. Kelvin Murphy

    Very polite, funny and hardworking! They were so careful with my possessions and my antique collections. My glass table was carefully dismantled and wrapped securely. My china cabinet was broke down into 10 different pieces and they spent about 30 minutes just to make sure that it was done rightly, because my china cabinet has been in my family for as long as I can remember and if anything happened to it I would have freaked out, As soon as they left Harrison, NJ to our new house at Concord, NH. I was not worried about my things because I saw how they cared for them. I am very grateful to them.

  20. Marvin

    We were relocating from Boston, MA to Philadelphia, PA and Grace van lines helped us during the move. They were very efficient. It was so easy getting a quote from them. The man on the phone seemed very friendly and helpful. The movers arrived on time and everything went really smoothly. To be honest, many people don’t consider Grace van lines to be a top moving company. But in my opinion, given how professional and efficient they are they will become one of the top dogs in a few years. Their prices will of course escalate then. I suggest you hire them while they are still charging reasonably.

  21. Aaron Salazar

    I hired Grace van lines to move my belongings from PA to NY. Their performance was quite satisfactory. The movers were absolutely amazing. They arrived early and finished packing everything in no time. Most moving companies would do anything to have movers like them. These guys were just machines, tirelessly packing and loading everything. I have no complaints with the actual moving part. My only issue is the price. Being honest they have made every dime count. So, for me this was a 5 star performance.

  22. Fredrick

    NYC will always have a special place in my heart but it was time to move to Jersey City, NJ. I hired Grace van lines to move my belongings as I was really too busy with other stuffs. I wasn’t even at home when the movers came. I left my sister in charge and she was really impressed with the movers. She said that the movers arrived on time and they brought a lot of packing materials with them. I noticed on the bill that they had charged me for 2 hours only which means they were done with all the work in just 2 hours. That is a great achievement. I did receive the delivery myself in NJ and my inventory list checked out. This was the easiest relocation ever and I cannot thank these guys enough.

  23. Marty

    I hired Grace van lines for a move. I was counting on their reputation in the market. When I called them, they seemed friendly and helpful enough. It was quite easy to get a quote and the numbers seemed quite reasonable. The movers arrived right on time and they were equipped with all the right tools and packing materials. They got to work immediately and packed up all my belongings in no time. It was great to see how efficient these guys were. They maneuvered through tricky doors and narrow hallways; it only showed their skills and experience. Nothing was damaged or broken or lost at the end of the move. Everything went very smoothly and the credit really goes to the movers.

  24. Ricardo

    I have had it with moving companies. They are so inefficient and untrustworthy. I do a job that requires me to move a lot. Every time it’s the same story with the moving companies: boxes go lost; glassware break or furniture suffers damage. But then I hit the goldmine. Grace van lines was suggested to me by a friend. I wasn’t expecting much from them during my move to Miami, FL from Buffalo, NY. But they really surprised me. Their crew arrived on time for a change and the men were very capable for this job. They took amazing care of my breakables while packing them. No detail was spared. They put extra layers of newspaper between each piece. Even the corners of my furniture were wrapped properly. The true test of their efficiency came when they delivered everything to Miami. Not one thing was broken or damaged. Not one box went missing. I was absolutely overjoyed. I don’t know what else to say about them except thank you!

  25. Cristina Morton

    My husband insisted on hiring a moving company. We contacted Grace van lines after the company was recommended by my boss. The man on the phone was very friendly and gave us an amazing quote. I was still not sold on the idea of hiring a moving company but their movers completely converted me. They arrived on time and came with all the right tools. They brought with them a lot of boxes and other packing materials. They started packing everything very carefully and with caution. Everything was packed and loaded in just 3 hours. The original estimate was for four hours so I definitely saved one hour worth money. When they made the delivery, we noticed that none of our boxes were missing and nothing suffered any damage on the way. I finally agreed that hiring Grace van lines saved us a lot of money and stress.

  26. Darin

    We were moving from NY to NJ. We hired Grace van lines as they were referred by a family friend. We have 4 kids and so there were so much stuff to transport. They gave me a really good quote and I hired them immediately. They really took the stress of moving off our shoulders. The crew arrived on time and started packing everything very carefully. They were extra cautious with our glassware and big pieces of furniture. They loaded our boxes neatly in the vans and set off to NJ. We received the delivery on time and nothing went missing. Everything traveled well and nothing suffered any damage. It was such an easy move, courtesy of Grace van lines.

  27. Jamie Harmon

    After getting some quotes for my last week move I narrowed it down to Grace van lines. I am so happy that I choose the right mover could be hit or miss. The crew and our moving coordinator were great start to finish. They were very punctual and professional in handling our belongings, especially the bookshelf of my library room. I was worried about having damages but there were none. The price wasn’t cheapest among the other quotes I received, but comparing with the effort the put it was very reasonable and there were no unexpected surprises or unforeseen overages. Thanks to everyone involved in the process.

  28. David

    I am so grateful to Grace van lines for their resourcefulness and ability to adept. I hired them to move my belongings from MA to VA. Their men were all very apt at the job and packed all my stuffs perfectly. There were absolutely no slip-ups with the first part of the moving. The big problem arose one day before the scheduled delivery of my stuffs. My contract for the new house in VA fell through and I had to find a new house. I called the company and asked if they could delay my delivery. They said that my stuffs were already out of the storage and on the way. I was so happy for this gesture and will recommend these guys highly.

  29. Leslie

    My husband had to move to Denver from Jersey City on the shortest notice you can imagine. I was stuck with the responsibility of hiring a moving company and move all our belongings to Denver. I hired Grace van lines because I knew a guy who worked there and he highly recommended them. They were absolutely amazing. The quote they gave me was unbeatable and the men were all so well prepared. They were so efficient and always wrapping and loading with great care. My entire house was packed and loaded onto 2 vans in only 4 hours. When I received the delivery at Denver, everything was in fantastic condition. Thank god for companies like Grace van lines who make the stresses of moving a little less daunting.

  30. Bert Daniels

    I can be quite a needy client. I asked Grace van lines over and over again about the efficiency level of their crews. They assured me that they only employ the bests. I wasn’t quite sold on that till I saw the men in action. They worked tirelessly for 6 hours packing up everything in my giant house back in Union City NJ. They were extremely efficient with time too. I think the same job would have taken others at least 10 hours. They made the delivery in Phoenix, AZ 7 days later as requested. All my stuffs were completely unharmed. I really was looking for something to complain about but fortunately, I found none.

  31. Geoffrey

    We used Grace van lines to move from a 2 bed room apt to another 2 bed room apt. Leo and his associate did an excellent job. They were very professional and very careful. Not a single thing went wrong throughout the entire move and everything was done very quickly. I recommended their services to my friend and he was very happy with his move as well. I would highly recommend these guys and will definitely use them again.

  32. Charlie

    It was a sad and sensitive time for my parents who after my father’s stroke found they had to move. The moving team did not rush us throughout the day they were with us. They allowed us to make difficult decisions about how we organize our parent’s belongings. They were also very thoughtful when they helped us to deliver the items we had chosen for our father’s nursing care room. Utmost care was taken to ensure a stress free time for them during the move and all their needs were taken into consideration. We are very grateful to Grace van lines and the team involved in that move.

  33. Chad Daniel

    It may not be a long way from Brooklyn to Jersey City but a move is always a move and even the slightest inept handling of your valuables may result in disasters. Fortunately, Grace van lines have moved enough delicate pieces of valuables in their history to know how to do their job. Except for one broken cup of china, all my valuable belongings arrived safe and sound in Jersey City; these movers are very well trained for their job!

  34. Sergio Marshall

    With the help of Grace van lines, our move from Clifton, NJ to Concord, NH went as smoothly as it ever could. Their men are so well trained it was beyond my imagination. Given the price they quoted, I was honestly expecting some half-experienced muscle men to show up. I have to admit, these muscle men were very well equipped and highly skilled. They made moving all the way from Clifton to Concord seems like a piece of cake.

  35. Marty Hamilton

    Most movers you can hire these days are made up of seemingly strong men with no weight carrying experience. The result is quite disastrous. You hire them thinking of how much money you are saving and then they get stuck at your doorway with your couch for three hours. Unless of course, your movers are from Grace van lines. All their men are very well trained for this job. I knew that just by seeing their uniform and the way they pack things. I had absolutely no delays with the moving despite having a tricky front door. Little glassware did break but if anyone tells you it won’t happen, don’t believe them! It’s better to lose a few glasses than seeing a favorite piece of furniture badly damaged. Please hire these professionals for your next move.

  36. Angelo Hart

    Moved to Baltimore, MD all the way from Boston, MA and used Grace van lines. Using this company proved to be a great decision. They are not the cheapest but not expensive either. The onsite estimate was detailed and precise, pre-move arrangements were done to the perfection and the crew showed up on time both for the pickup and drop off. Nothing was damaged because of the great packing skills and the final price remained exactly what was quoted. In short – we did not get a single reason which might have bothered us at all.

  37. Bert Roberts

    I never found any mover being so supportive like Grace van lines. They actually work for the client. They let me know all the pros and cons of their service so that I could decide easily. It helped. I chose them over others. They were also working to justify my decision. From PA to NC, throughout the whole trip they proved them to be the most supportive mover. They broke nothing, they lost nothing and they scratched nothing. WOW! I liked them. I believe everyone else also will.

  38. NJ to NY

    If I could have given them 0 starts I would have.

    The move was from a storage unit to an apartment 35 miles from the storage location. No packing or wrapping was needed. The truck they used was enormous for a studio apartment move to NYC.

    These people charged me over 3 times the quoted price (I recently moved cross country and this move was only about 10% cheaper for a 35 mile move). They were over an hour late from their Latest expected time, and Never called to let me know they would be running late.

    The foreman threw a HISSY FIT AND PUNCHED THE MOVING TRUCK when I wanted to pay with a credit card and my building’s super said he had never dealt with anyone as obnoxious as this guy. He also broke a light bulb in the elevator of my building, and when asked by the building staff if he had broken it he first LIED and said he had not, and then started screaming at his two colleagues blaming them (they did not break it and were professional and hard workers).

    I have moved over 8 times in the past 10 years and this was by far the WORST experience ever, and my experiences include having my container held for ransom off of the coast of Naples.

    I also paid for the movers’ time to and from my location. I expected to pay travel time between locations, as mentioned in my quote, but not for the time and tolls it takes for the crew to arrive and go home. When I inquired about how the ‘updated’ estimate was being calculated, as the foreman scribbled on a piece of paper, he snapped at me and told me everything was in the ’26 page contract’ which I did NOT receive. He also, multiple times, requested a RIDICULOUSLY high tip. I have NEVER experienced such a request, nor would I entertain paying such a tip, especially when the job was costing 300% more than I was quoted. I also did not have to have ANYTHING packed or wrapped as I was moving from a storage unit.

    When I tried to call the office to complain that I had been quoted over three times LESS than the amount I was charged, I was hung up on twice, and then they did not answer.


  39. Tommy Sparks

    If moving were an art, Grace van lines would be the best artist. Want to know why? Because, they exactly know what it needs to make a perfect relocation. They were very informative and useful. I told them about my financial crisis and they offered me the best possible price. They also gave me a 100% post pay policy. It truly helped. Despite of the time constraint they relocated all the stuffs without any trouble. Almost everything reached safe and clean. This is the service everyone wants from a mover. No doubt, they are the one.

  40. Charles Adkins

    Grace van lines took the challenge and I think for a new mover like them it was a tough one. They showed null nervousness while taking the work order. In fact their confidence won the work itself. Still a little hesitation or confusion works until you see the final output. They overflowed that thing. On the assigned day the team came on time and very effectually managed to bring everything to the van packed. Then the journey started and it took 3 days to reach as it was committed. Finally the moment of truth came and I opened all the packs. Everything was fit and fine. That was a brave approach of Grace van lines.

  41. Antonio Mathis

    Recently, we needed to move our possessions to Boston, MA. I found this moving company through internet and thought that I could rely on them by reading their customer reviews. The person answered my call talked me with confidence and a very friendly manner. Having asked me a few questions, he quickly gave me a quote. Compared with other offers, the quote he gave me was competitive and clear-cut. But the most impressive part of their service is how much care they took in moving my stuffs. Customer service and communication was great! They arrived in time and treated everything professionally. I strongly recommend Grace van lines. They are just amazing!

  42. Ismael Neal

    I found the “WOW” factor in Grace van lines. As someone in the service industry I think I have a lot to learn from them. They taught me how to deal with a potential client and turn him to be a confirmed one. Pretty good customer service. Once again, when I saw them actually serving me, I learned another lesson that you should be always prepared to the highest extent to make sure nothing goes wrong during the service. Hats off to the true professionals. Really WOW!

  43. Nelson Drake

    For me the timing was a big issue this time. I was in a hurry for moving from VA. I called Grace van lines for the purpose and I really didn’t have the time to go for another one. They perfectly fulfilled the need. They talked to me regarding the purpose and within the least possible time they sent me the quotation. I found that quite agreeable. The helpers did a great work. They were very good in nature and never let us feel that the work is irritating. My goods were safe and my family was in a good mood all the time they worked. It needed the quickest delivery time possible. Overall, it was a great mover with an awesome level of punctuality.

  44. Marshall

    I never thought I would write this about Grace van lines. The first time they served me was a regular one and honestly speaking they messed up then. This time, I didn’t have any option but taking them because of the price they offered. They unexpectedly were good this time. I loved the improvements they did to themselves in the last few years. This time it was picture perfect devoid of any faults.

  45. Felix Manning

    Professional, courteous, and hard working! Moving is a nightmare but Grace van lines made it bearable – Matt and the team packed up our whole home and moved us in just a few hours. They dealt with city parking. Great service, I highly recommend them for your next move.

  46. Martin

    These guys did a great job. Price wise they were reasonable. They were great with communication and very friendly. They called me the day before to confirm everything and gave me a 2 hour window. Day of the movers called 20 minutes out and arrived in 10 minutes. All movers spoke English and were courteous and very nice. Everything went off very well. Grace van lines was quick and didn’t juice the time as well.

  47. Duane Owens

    I had Grace van lines take me from Boston, MA to Buffalo, NY. Scheduling was easy. Three guys showed up on time with their truck. They were easy going, efficient and quick. Nothing was damaged, no complaints. They came, they moved everything and left. I would recommend Grace van lines and use them myself again.

  48. Gilberto

    Grace van lines did the job right. Moved from MD to NY and it was a smooth transition thanks to this company. They took good care of my belongings and even protected some art work in cardboard boxes making sure the canvas would not get tampered with. I would recommend this company for anyone in search of a good moving company. Cheers.

  49. Bryan Figueroa

    I salute these movers for their brilliance and ability to manage the pressure. Though it was a straight forward move but they had to keep their focus and they had to manage my super restless kid and pets. I know that managing a pet and a very wicked kid is always difficult but the movers somehow made friendship with them and maintained a relaxing environment throughout the move. As a result we got a very neat, smooth, stress free, timely and an affordable move.

  50. Bradley Walsh

    I was searching the net to have a reliable moving company and decided to appoint Grace van lines after reading the positive reviews and thankfully they proved me right. Our sales agent was the superstar for us; he made our move stress free. We had a couple of larger furniture that we preferably didn’t want to dismantle and the foreman came with his mastermind technique and guided the crews to carry them 2 flights down through a narrow stairway. We were really amazed! They worked with the same dedication at the other end and their friendly professional attitude helped to make a stressful day, a stress free one.

  51. Alexander Holt

    Well, straight to the point, Grace van lines satisfied me. I really don’t care whether they are a good one or a bad one or they have a good rating or not. I got them from one of my cousins who moved 3 months back. I hired them to move from CT to MA last month. I found them extremely satisfactory as they responded me timely, met my requirements and gave me a damage and breakage free moving experience. For me, they are best. Guys you have earned my appreciation.

  52. George Wilson

    Grace van lines came and did the entire task with great care. It was nice to know that someone is taking care for you. They took the entire thing in hand and did it with special concern. I got my belongings carried out without any kind of problems. It was a great moving experience with Grace van lines.

  53. Stephen R.

    The staffs from Grace van lines were very professional and made our house move very easy and stress free for us. All the teams were very professional and were helpful at all times. We will definitely recommend them and the next time we move they will be the first I will call again. The initial survey was done quickly and effectively by their moving coordinator. The responses from him on queries from my end were always prompt. He guided the whole move very efficiently and there wasn’t any trouble. The movers were polite and well capable and the move was a great success without causing any damage. Really a good job!

  54. David

    Once again, writing about Grace van lines. The first time I hired Grace van lines, was a very average experience 2 years back. This year, I hired them again since last one was OK to me. This time they are tremendous. After all those negotiations and bargaining, I agreed with a deal they proposed. It seemed a little high. However, I changed my mind when I saw them getting into action. They were heavily equipped with different kinds of wrappers and other moving and loading instruments. Did it really fast. It was a smooth relocation gifted by them. Good effort.

  55. Erik M.

    Grace van lines helped us to move earlier in this month. From start to finish, the process was really well organized and a weight of our mind. The quote was among the best value we received, there was an correct evaluation of time and space required for the move and everything was packed, loaded and delivered with a minimum of hassle, no breakages, showed extra care for fragile and sophisticated items and at the delivery time the crews even helped us to positioned the furniture and made the new place very much livable within a short time. Thoroughly recommend.

  56. Fernando Hicks

    Moving house is never a stress free event at the best of times but we came very close to it in our last move with the help of Grace van lines. They came highly recommended through a colleague and maintained their excellent reputation. Customer service was excellent and made us feel very comfortable with the move. The movers were very well-mannered and never even complained about the 4 flights of stairs they had to negotiate! Overall it was very good value for the service which was nearly impossible to handle by ourselves.

  57. Chester Dunn

    We used Grace van lines this past weekend for our big move from MA to WV. We have a few very large and delicate antiques, which the guys handled with confidence and ease. They were friendly, efficient, helpful and FAST. We booked them because their asking price was the lowest of the companies we called, so we really feel that we got a good value. Most importantly they completed the transition on time and without any unwanted surprises.

  58. Steve Nunez

    It was a fantastic move by some brilliant guys from Grace van lines. Absolutely wonderful from start to finish! They replied very swiftly for my request for the quote. They arrived exactly at the time they promised, helped us pack our belongings in a most secure way and took them down 5 flights of stairs without the facility of using the elevator and then delivered everything safely to our new place, all in record time. They were extremely careful, well-organized and skilled, as well as friendly and respectful. Received everything unharmed and not a single scratched on any item! Also the rate was most competitive among the quotes I received. Highly recommended!

  59. Jimmie Bryan

    I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding move of my mom from CT to PA after my father’s recent passing. There was so much anxiety about moving to an assisted living without any of us around to supervise the move. Your moving staff was gentle, respectful and kind to my mom who was so distraught. They packed up everything meticulously and unpacked the same way in CT. You did more than move us. You did an act of kindness when we were in crisis. I chose you as a mover because you had expertise in this area but I will tell everyone I can among my friends and relatives how extraordinary you were.

  60. Jorge Morales

    We used Grace van lines for our move from NY to KY and they were really great! They were right on time and wasted no time getting started. The move went very well and all of our stuff made it safely and undamaged. The movers were very professional and focused and made sure we were satisfied with everything before leaving. I would definitely use Grace van lines again in the future and highly recommend others to use them.

  61. Eva Robbins

    I highly recommend Grace van lines. On moving day, 3 very polite and hard working guys turned up on time and ready to get down to business. The 3 men assessed the items to move and got right to work. All furniture was wrapped in plastic and then blanketed – no damage to anything. All my hanging clothes were put into wardrobe boxes which Grace van lines provided at no charge. When we moved on to my boyfriend’s place, they actually beat me there in their big truck – no messing around. At the final destination, all boxes and furniture were place exactly where I wanted. Again, absolutely nothing broken or damaged. I recommend these guys.

  62. Alvin Roberson

    All costs declared up front available on a Saturday with less than a week’s notice arrived on time. These guys are polite, friendly and professional. Worked very quickly, no wall gauges, nothing broken and the move was completed within the estimated time. There were no unwanted surprises and no issues at all. I will definitely call grace van lines for my next move!

  63. Collins

    Thanks to Leo and his team for an excellent job! The furniture included many valuable antiques, an antique wall screen was difficult to remove, headboards and beds that had to be disassembled and reassembled. Leo and his crew handled it all, brought all the needed tools and did everything just right. They were polite, respectful and worked quickly, mindful of the hourly rate they were charging. I had a great experience. You will be very pleased at the end of the day with grace van lines.

  64. Kenny

    Simply the best movers we’ve ever hired. On time, polite, careful and efficient! Everything was packed in under three hours and at our new place the beds were assembled, furniture placed where we requested and with such a gracious attitude! Don’t waste your time with other moving companies, trust our experience and have a hassle free, professional, friendly move with absolutely no scratches, dents or dings. Grace van lines is highly recommended.

  65. Robert Nash

    I can’t stop raving about these guys to everyone I talk to! Not only did they make my move entirely stress free for me, they ensured I was completely settled and comfortable in my new place. It banished all negative preconceived opinions I’d ever had about moving companies, and about the whole experience of moving in general. The level of expertise, professionalism, and extreme care with my belongings went way above and beyond my expectations. Hands down, these guys are the only ones. I am surely going to recommend grace van lines to everyone.

  66. Maurice Berry

    In short: total and complete professionals all the way around. The sales rep explained everything completely and is totally customer-centric. His kick-butt loading crew had our two-bedroom third floor apartment packed in three hours. They were so fast! The guys at grace van lines are awesome!

  67. Gerald Alexander

    Was very happy with these movers! Showed up on time, lead me through the paperwork explaining the ins and outs and answering my questions. Moved my apt from start to finish SMOOTHLY! They wrapped couches up, disassembled and re-assembled my bed, and took care of everything with no major problems without any sort of excessive overly expensive products. Would use Grace van lines again without hesitation!

  68. Troy Mullins

    Moving coordinator Leo and their crews from the company provided an excellent service throughout. Leo himself was very polite in all my dealings with him, from initial approach, assessment, quote etc to the move. The team was careful to protect our belongings and as well as the property into which we were moving. The price was extremely competitive and the job exceeded my expectations in terms of time taken in every aspect of the move. We receive all our belongings with no damage and breakages. You can use Grace van lines without any doubt.

  69. Calvin Nash

    After a time consuming thought process I decided to move to South Carolina. Next question comes of a mover. I am not a frequent moving guy. I didn’t have a sound idea about which mover is better. Got a reference from one of my vendors and it was Grace van lines. They were quite impressive. The estimate was almost accurate. They managed it so efficiently that I must say it was an effortless work for them. In fact, I was feeling proud because of picked them. So, my recommendation would be Grace van lines for relocating.

  70. Donald Barnes

    The very clear instruction to grace van lines was make a damage free move of my stuffs which consist of my family’s huge collection of antique terracotta collected from all around the world. Last time I moved, two of them were lost and got three of them broken. I didn’t want to have that nightmare again. They took the dare and succeeded successfully. They firstly showed me their earlier track records and their equipment. I was impressed seeing those. Not only the equipment, were the crews skilled enough to deal with my stuffs. The billing part was also handled with similar scale of focus. It was a convincing performance to be liked. Very likable performance.

  71. Patrick Rivera

    Grace van lines was very helpful and provided a very reasonable quotation without making any delay. They were also very good at making everything seem calm in what could be a stressful time. They were fantastic – they coordinated everything very well on the day of collection and ensured that the movers take great care with our possessions. The loading and the delivery was made within the allocated time and again the foreman and the crews were brilliant at ensuring that everything ran smoothly. We are very pleased with the service we received and feel that they really deserve a recommendation.

  72. Fred

    I used Grace van lines for the first time last year, and was pleasantly surprised how painless a move could be! They were respectful, highly efficient and expert in this job. I used their service this year again. This time I was so impressed when they had cheerfully managed to lift heavy items, including a huge sofa to the 4th floor without having the facility to use the elevator and no complain whatsoever. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank their foreman and his team again for their hard work! I would recommend their service to all my friends and family.

  73. Loren Willis

    Leo and his team of assistants did a thorough and professional job in our recent move. Their surveyor came very quickly for the evaluation and described us the whole moving plan. We had to travel a long distance to my new location, but the workers were punctual, well-organized and cheerful in their work. Everything was delivered safely and intact and at a very competitive price. Packed on the previous day and the moving were done on the next day which made things very easy. I would recommend grace van lines if you want a good service your tight budget.

  74. Grant Simpson

    I heard a lot about Grace van lines from my friend and also saw many good reviews about them. After moving to VA from MA last week using this company, now I am sure that all those great reviews are real. They did whatever they committed before the move and never let me feel the tension of moving to another state. All my valuables and delicate stuffs were properly wrapped and boxed and loaded as well. The drop off was made before the allotted time and the condition of the inventory was just perfect. Well done guys. Keep it up.

  75. Ryan Holmes

    I heard a lot about this company from my friend. So, I decided to try them. I called at the office. Talked with their sales agent Joe. He gave me an onsite estimate and the price was reasonable enough to move further. I hired Grace van lines for the full service. They used the best quality packing materials, loaded everything with great care, completed the move before I expected and did not damage anything. It was great to pay them exactly what was quoted. Thanks for a very smooth move.

  76. Derrick

    A brilliant moving team from Grace van lines moved my family from NJ to RI. Not only they were very cautious with our delicate items, they were very quick and worked nonstop till the very end. They managed to take front doors off to carry our large sofa inside our new house. I just wanted to thank all the staff involved in our move for the hard work and thoroughly professional service. I highly recommend Grace van lines and the quote we received from them was the cheapest and service was really good and hassle free experience.

  77. Mathis

    We were delighted with Grace van lines from start to finish they were very friendly, helpful and got the job done within the allocated time despite unforeseen difficulties (the bed and sofa were too large that it wasn’t possible to get it out through the door) – they managed the job well and solved the problem by dismantling the bed and the sofa, wrapped everything very wisely and loaded the truck in systematic way. In the other end they also spent some time to assemble the dismantled furniture and placed all our possessions inside our new house – all within the time promised and with good humor. Thanks a lot!

  78. Chester Diaz

    Like many others I hate to change my home. But I changed few days ago but that time I was not bothered just because of Grace van lines. When I talked with Debra over the phone, I noticed she was very attentive and he knew exactly what would be good for me. I took his suggestions, which has reduced my moving cost a lot. Also their movers were outstanding. They managed everything brilliantly. Most importantly they were very friendly. I would strongly recommend Grace van lines to everyone I know.

  79. J. Gibbs

    Thanks a lot Grace van lines for the job well done. They moved us from a 3 bed room apartment in Newark, NJ to another 3 bed room apartment in Baltimore, MD. Everything went smoothly from booking my move to completing the entire task. Their foreman was very accommodating and his helpers did really well to wrap and box the valuables and padded the furniture with great care. Loading and unloading were done with ease and the task was completed within the schedule. I guess, there was nothing we could have complained for.

  80. Alfonso

    I want to recommend Grace van lines because of their outstanding service and very affordable price. When I called, I talked with their sales rep Debra. I immediately understood that he knew what she was doing. The onsite estimate was highly precise and the asking price was well within my budget. Their packers and movers did wonders with my move. They moved me to Maine in record time and did not damage even a pin. So, I am recommending this company.

  81. Erick West

    Grace van lines moved us within just a week from my initial contact with them to the moving date. Despite the short notice they managed a home visit to give us a clear quotation. I didn’t use their packing service, but still they helped us in packing our unfinished items at the last moment. I can’t praise their services enough – they were competent, courteous, friendly and flexible with everything, from agreeing to add items to the load to timings of collection and delivery, and managed to squeeze everything by dismantling some large furniture. I was also very pleased with their careful handling of my much-loved musical instruments. All in all an excellent moving service. I would recommend them to anyone.

  82. Willis Morgan

    On the day of the move their foreman and his team were fantastic and I can’t praise them highly enough. They were really friendly and competent guys and they made a very stressful situation much less stressful as they were so confident and professional and re-assuring in their manner. They did an amazing job and I was highly impressed. The packing was superb, well protected, so no harm to my possessions on the way. I received everything intact. They are really nice guys who are fantastic at what they do. I am so pleased that we chose Grace van lines and we will be recommending their services to all our friends and family.

  83. Marvin Smith

    I am glad that I made the right choice hiring Grace van lines. I could have gone with a cheaper company but I hired these guys because of their reputation and that paid off. They moved us from NJ to CT in record time and within the estimated amount. Apart a broken glass nothing was damaged or dented. Being honest, they did a lot more than what I was looking for.

  84. James Howard

    Moving across the country was not easy but Grace van lines made the task look pretty ordinary. They knew what they were up against, had the complete control over everything and manufactured the maneuvers with ease. Packing and loading was done with great care and the drop off was on time as well. Nothing was damaged and no hidden costs involved. Great service all around.

  85. Vernon Hunter

    This was the most stress-free move I’ve ever had, and I have had many! The foreman Leo and the helpers of Grace van lines were very hardworking, committed, skilled and experienced. They were professional, friendly, and incredibly hard-working! They took very good care of my belongings. They also seemed to really enjoy the work and providing excellent service. I would recommend this company without any hesitation.

  86. Frank Wagner

    Grace van lines is AMAZING!!! They helped me finish packing, move and place my new furniture in the new place AND put together my bed. They finished my move before the allotted time. I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend them to anyone who is moving!

  87. Ben Evans

    One of my friends recommended Grace van lines to me. So, I called there for a quote. The guy on the phone was very responsive and accommodative. He did his best to schedule my move within a very short notice and asked for a very moderate amount. They had to pack as well. Movers arrived on time, packed all the valuables, took great care of the fragile items and managed the piano really well. I received all my belongings in great shape at the other end paid exactly what was quoted. Very good company indeed.

  88. Alejandro

    Best moving experience! We had great crews (Matt and the helpers). They were quick, efficient and very professional. They didn’t waste time or try to add unnecessary hours to our move. Really happy with the service and highly recommend Grace van lines!!

  89. Ivan Obrien

    I do not know how to thank Grace van lines for their wonderful customer service. Just a few days ago when I was assigning them for my move, I had no idea about what they are capable off. When their movers executed my 2 bed room apartment move, I realized that they are very much able to handle any kind of moves under any situation. I recommend Grace van lines.

  90. Sheldon Francis

    Grace van lines is not an ordinary moving company. I have just moved to KY from NJ using Grace van lines and I have to admit that it was a picture perfect move. The onsite estimate was very precise, paper work was done in no time, packing and loading went without a hitch and the drop off was made within the schedule. There was nothing which could have spoiled the move. These guys made sure I get everything that I asked for. Surely recommended.

  91. Anita Hill

    We moved 7 times in the last 5 years because of my husband’s job training. This is one of the best moving companies that I have ever used. I highly recommend them for all of your moving needs. They have a great response time and a wonderful customer service team. I will definitely hire them again if need. They have everything you will need for all of your moving needs. Great work and quick service. Great job! Grace van lines is definitely recommended!

  92. Michael

    Recently I used Grace van lines while moving from Lodi, NJ to Memphis, TN. They fulfilled all my demands and managed to provide a stress free, timely and smooth move. They moved everything very well and managed not to dent or scratch anything. It was good to notice their commitment and willingness to perform the best. I admire their service and I do recommend them.

  93. Zane Saylor

    Just used Grace van lines for moving from NJ to SC. We were really lucky because we took the decision of using this company. They offered the best deal and executed the move with ease. We received all our delicate items in one piece and we did not have to pay them more than the estimate. They move went quickly (faster than the quoted time) and they also helped us to set up the furniture. In the end, we all are their happy customers.

  94. Peter

    Fantastic team of movers! I used them the second time already and I am extremely satisfied with their service. I used them for a long distance move and they did a great job. The whole team of movers, including their salesman was fantastic. Really nice and courteous and they finished the job fast without making a single mistake. I recommended them to my friend and her parents and for sure, they are going to hire Grace van lines.

  95. Louis Butler

    Staffs at Grace van lines were incredible! They contacted me immediately after I asked for a quote. They were extremely courteous, efficient, and hard-working. They arrived almost half an hour early, which wasn’t a problem for me because they have packed all my possessions (except a bed for us to sleep at night) in the previous day. So, I was happy with the early arrival and eagerly awaited to start for my new house. Very nice guys! I would highly recommend them to anyone. Additional, I felt that the quote was very competitive. Compared to other movers I have used in the past, this company was great – very well prepared and were quick in every aspect of the move.

  96. Joe Rivera

    I got a clean, clear and flawless move and it was only possible because of Grace van lines. I was in a hurry. I told them all the requirements and they took the challenge. I was hoping not for any blunder and they deliver better than I expected; I got my all belongings in one piece A photo frame was broken and it happened by my daughter. I am suggesting this company to anyone / everyone. You guys are the best in moving business.

  97. Bobby Adams

    I am not going to call these guys “movers” actually they are moving heroes. Like the super heroes these movers are real time moving heroes. I used them recently to move my office at a new location. Being honest, I never dreamt of a stress free move. But the movers of Grace van lines performed something out of the blue. I wondered how the packed all those tiny little fragile office equipment and managed to move everything in one piece and within a very tight schedule. I have no proper words to praise them or thank them. I just want to let people know about Grace van lines because I want everyone to get the full value of their hard earned money.

  98. Eric Smith

    I have moved many times in my life and my experience with Grace van lines ranks right up there as one of my simplest moves ever. From my first contact with their sales office to final delivery into my new home, everything went off without a hitch. I found their price to be reasonable and the service I received went above and beyond what I was expecting. I would highly recommend Grace van lines. If I ever have to move again and they have the availability I would certainly use them again.

  99. Joe Carter

    Back to where I grew up is where I went and Grace van lines did a superb job doing just that. Throughout the whole stressful process they helped ease my mind and took care of the whole loading and unloading of all of my bulky furniture. When they arrived they even asked if I needed help packing! What great guys I had, thanks a lot to their sales rep, foreman and his men. They all were amazing!!!

  100. Wilson

    Always was our dream to move here to Virginia. Grace van linesmade that dream possible. They truly give the meaning to professional moving company and so my wife and I decided that we would definitely commend them for their work. Great job by all at this company, great job.

  101. Jeremy

    Every time I move, I normally contact one of the major moving companies and get charged an arm and a leg. But, this time I chose Grace van lines and boy I am happy! My quote wasn’t as a high as it normally is and their team was so responsive and attentive to my needs I was pleasantly surprised. Grace van lines wasn’t like the other moving companies where if I called they got back to me in a couple of days, they got back to me in a couple of hours and that was very important to me. I would just like to personally thank Grace van lines for making my move to Michigan nice and smooth!!! Thanks again.

  102. Peter Phillips

    Moving out of NJ was the highlight of my year. I am happy that I chose this company not only because they didn’t break anything but because they made sure to be super nice over the phone and customer service is very important to me. Thank you for the amazing service and I will call you guys if we ever move again. Grace van lines is an awesome company, no doubt.

  103. Ernest Thompson

    Couple of days ago I moved to an apartment using Grace van lines. They were just too good. Movers were very punctual, responsible, dedicated, fast and accurate. They took care of my furniture and other belongings perfectly and never us let us feel insecure. They also managed my dogs very nicely and always worked with a nice smile. In the end completed the move a lot before the allotted time. I checked the inventory and noticed everything was perfect. I thank them for being so friendly and efficient.

  104. Henry Coleman

    It was a last minute office equipment move and we contacted Grace van lines the afternoon before the morning we required the service to carrying out. We didn’t have much hope to get a mover of this quality at the 11th hour without having any booking previously. Though they were booked for another 2 weeks after listening to our problem they agreed to accommodate us, which was unbelievable. It wasn’t so easy, because I saw that how hard their manager had to try to give us the schedule. Grace van lines were really professional throughout and really helpful; the job was done quickly and efficiently by them with minimal fuss or disruption to us. It’s a high quality moving company that would be recommended to anyone looking to move their business needs.

  105. Jason

    Grace van lines is simply great. The guys have been responsive throughout the whole process. I was offered a lucrative rate comparing the others offer I received. The movers came on time and took great care of our furniture. The folks were very prompt and skilled. They went above and beyond my expectation. I will highly encourage everyone to hire them for a reliable and professional move.

  106. Walter Smith

    I will definitely recommend Grace van lines to all my friends and everyone I know. These guys are real professionals. They were so kind, polite and friendly. Also extremely efficient and professional. I had no stress with these people. The quote was amazing. I even managed to save some money. I would recommend Grace van lines to everyone who needs a move! Great company!

  107. Bennett

    I got the best possible service from Grace van lines. They were just awesome! From the beginning till the end they showed how capable they were. I have never seen such professional and helpful movers before. They were excellent in packing, moving and storing. Movers were very careful with my belongings and they were super-fast. I just loved their way of working. Great service and affordable price that exactly what I got from them. So, end of the day I am happy customer and I obviously recommend them.

  108. Joe Perez

    After all the research it was nice to find a trusted and experienced moving company to move me from NJ to RI. During my research all of the other moving companies, estimates were too high. Grace van lines was the only company with an affordable price. Once the workers came to my house to move me they packed all of my belongings for me with no additional charges. The price I was quoted on the phone did not change. Crew was very professional and worked very quickly, they were in and out. I just want to thank Grace van lines for the wonderful experience they provided me with my move.

  109. Nicholas

    This has been my first time using Grace van lines and I am more than satisfied with them. Only a day after, Bony arrived to my apartment with two friendly workers and start moving all my stuff. They even put together a few things and did not charge me extra for that. It made my day. They are a very professional team. Also, best price in the area. I will say that if you are looking for a moving company; choose Grace van lines – definitely a great company!

  110. Edward

    I would like to write few words about their wonderful moving service. They are very professional, polite and honest. They arrived right on time, everybody was very friendly and well behaved, and the move was stress free and very professional. Thank you so much for such a great care of all my belongings. Grace van lines is highly recommended.

  111. Anthony

    To be very honest, I don’t see any other movers even coming close to them. Performance and price wise this is the best moving company. They were fantastic while moving my office. When I called them and talked with their sales guy Joe, he was very responsive to all my questions. He not only offered me a great deal, he also made sure that I get a perfect move. When the movers began their work, I realized that they meant business. They were focused and executed the move quickly. It was stress free and smooth move and I am very happy with whatever they charged for their fabulous service.

  112. Jack Thomas

    Grace van lines was recommended to us by a good friend, and I must say the recommendation proved worth it. Every interaction with the staffs at Grace van lines were phenomenally professional, from the point of initial contact, to the visit to our house for a survey of the moving, to the actual move-day, when their friendly movers turned out and just got on with it. They knew it clearly what they were doing, packing our belongings, dismantling furniture if they needed to and loading it in a clearly methodical fashion, explaining or describing what they were doing whenever they felt we need to know. Unloading at the other end was just as efficient and professional. Unpacking was very quick and they reassembled the furniture they had to dismantle. They made our new house very much livable within short time by their expert hands. I would be glad to recommend them.

  113. Billy Jones

    I was very impressed with the professional job that Grace van lines did. Their service was excellent, good service; items were packed well and quickly. Everyone there was professional, courteous and very friendly. The guys were careful and considerate and worked quickly and efficiently. The move went very smoothly. Actually this was the most stress-free move I have ever experienced. I am very grateful to the team for their hard work.

  114. Donald

    Moving can be really painful, add confusion to it- this is not fun at all. However I hired professionals- Grace van lines! I got a very detailed explanation about moving when I contacted the company. I dealt with three amazing men who came on time and did an amazing job. Really they did it great! These folks were not expensive at all. Before the moving day, they called me to confirm and what is important to say. Their salesman Joe called me at the end to see if everything was OK, if I was satisfied as a customer. And I was extremely satisfied. My furniture was intact! I did not pay much for that! If I had to move again, I know whom to hire! Excellent experience with King David Movers!

  115. Philip

    Just simple thanks would not be enough for them after what they did for me during my yesterday’s move. Movers arrived on time, packed, moved and stored all my belongings at the new house perfectly and in no time. I was very happy to see all my belongings in one piece and in great shape after the move. I would like to thank them for a very fast, stress free and an affordable move.

  116. Carlos Perry

    I was excited with their performance. Grace van lines treated my belongings as if those were theirs. They met all our demands and exceeded our expectations. We had an inventory list which helped them to wrap properly. They took special care for our extra fragile items. Grace van lines returned everything in perfect shape. The crews helped us fixing those items they took apart. I would highly recommend them.

  117. Peter Wright

    I am very happy with Grace van lines. Everything was great. The manager of the company came to my home and gave a quote for the moving, and explained to me all the details and gave me the correct papers with the quote. The movers who came to my apartment to load my stuff were very good, and highly professional. I am very happy with their work. Actually I did not expect so much care they gave in packing my furniture, and they were careful in handling my boxes. I moved everything from my home in NJ to CT. The delivery persons who came to Stamford, CT also were very good and professional. They arranged and assembled all the furniture properly. Nothing was damage or lost in transportation. Thank you.

  118. Alan Lewis

    Moving a medical office demands highest level of accuracy and perfection. Just a week ago I moved my medical office within Clifton (just few blocks away) and used Grace van lines. Anthony, the project manager, did everything necessary to plan and execute the move perfectly. He arrived with his colleague for an onsite estimate, offered a good deal and accomplished the move without a single error. They were fast, accurate, innovative, knew what to do and how and managed the odds like true professionals. I am very glad that I choose Grace van lines.

  119. Sean Jones

    It was a pleasure to deal with Grace van lines. Their movers are considerate and got all my breakable items to my new home undamaged. It made the move a lot less stressful. I will use them again if I need to move in the future for sure.

  120. John James

    I had an excellent move with their 4 men team. Grace van lines did a great job! All my things were intact without a single scratch or dent on them. These guys were so nice, friendly and professional. They worked hard and fast with a lot of enthusiasm. I really appreciated that they arrived on time and started working immediately. They did not waste any time. I had a nice and smooth move! The price was excellent and all in all, I am extremely satisfied with this company! They deserved more than five stars!

  121. Leonard Mun

    Last night I just finished my super exciting move! The street was covered by snow that was highly risky but driver carefully drove and reached my place. That was so scary day that I had spent. Though it was perfect move but I will not make any moving plan on that bad weather! All stuffs were wrapped with plastic and used some poly bags also. Made a best move. I am impressed! I read their some reviews online, so I don’t want to write same comment like they are hard worker, expert, well-mannered as everybody has written here. I just know they were the best and will always remain!

  122. Earl Wilson

    We were very impressed with the service provided. As they were a lot cheaper than other quotes, they arrived at 10 am exactly; they were courteous, polite, good humored and extremely efficient and hard working. Grace van lines is an excellent company. First class service at a price so low it stunned me. I must admit I was slightly skeptical given the cheap price and the move was very successful, it all went very smoothly, I would definitely recommend them, thank you.

  123. Kenneth Martin

    Just wanted to let you know how impressed we were by the way Grace van lines handled our move last 2 weeks. The communication was perfect; the guys were really friendly and fast, very polite, very cheerful, very helpful, very quick. It was like nothing was too much trouble for them while making sure that everything got transported safely. I would definitely recommend them.

  124. Paul James

    We have moved with Grace van lines two times, and both times we were very impressed by the excellent service which they provided. We have moved many times and the team of Grace van lines is the most qualified, sincere and reliable movers that we have used. Our most recent move with them was a large move of all of our family possessions to Alabama which included packing andunpacking services, and took three days in total. There were many potentially stressful details which had to be accounted for and Grace van lines communicated with us and coordinated beautifully to get the job done without any problems. We would definitely move with them again.

  125. Gary Watson

    Grace van lines was very easy to communicate. They took my pressure out of moving. They were very caring. We moved from Clifton to River Vale. The guys wrapped my items with care. We had to use their storage for a week. That was climate controlled store. No wet, no damage or damp. They delivered all my belongings from the storage in timeline. I have actually nothing but compliments for their staffs. They are highly recommended.

  126. Donald Lewis

    I never mind paying good money for good service. Yesterday I have received world class service from the movers of Grace van lines. They were very professional in approach. They maintained the checklist properly and never did anything wrong. It was good to see them doing the job effortlessly. They never tried to experiment a lot. Movers stayed focused and kept their basics right and by doing that they provided a very smooth and timely move to me.

  127. Jonathan

    I do not know how to thank Grace van lines properly after what they have done for us. All started from a phone call when I called at their office to discuss my move and for a quote. Their moving advisor was very polite and attentive and responsive. Movers displayed extreme level of accuracy while executing the move. They were fast, accurate, polite, friendly and skilled and they had the intention to make their customers happy. They were very muscular and managed to move the heavy and bulky goods with complete ease. There was no damage; the movers also helped us set up the new place. Grace van lines is the best.

  128. Sandra Drader

    Grace van lines moved me so far 4 times. They are just awesome. Always professional. They are money saver. Last time I was busy and suddenly my cousin arranged another shameless moving company they damaged my most precious furniture. It was a bad choice for me. I should not go for other companies. This time I was very conscious. People of this mover were smart enough. So I’ve got no reason to lie. Use Grace van lines. Trust me you will be satisfied!

  129. David Perry

    Reading these reviews on this company, everyone is always writing similar things. It just shows that Grace van lines is a great company. It was clear to me when I researched this company that everyone had a good experience with them. I also had a great experience with them. From start to finish, they always put forth all their effort from the sales reps to the workers that moved my things. It was a great part of my day that everything went great on the morning of our move.

  130. Craig Long

    When I started to plan my move to NYC, I wanted a reliable moving company. So, I searched, and searched. I had to find the best one for my needs and expectations. And I did. I knew I needed a moving company with reliable services that was for sure. So, after careful consideration and several contacts, I chose Grace van lines because their salesman was extremely friendly and patient with all my questions. On the moving day, three guys came to my place to pack my things and move them. And I was extremely satisfied. There was not a single scratch on my furniture. Everything was packed properly in large, protective boxes and plastic wrap. At the beginning of the move, I got the precise quote and that was exactly what I paid in the end. Nothing more, not a penny! The most important thing- I arrived safely to my new home, and so did all of my belongings! I highly recommend Grace van lines if you need to move locally or long distance! They are great, you will see!

  131. Patrick Evans

    Hired this company over the phone to come and move a studio from Jersey City, NJ to New York, NY. The workers parked, unloaded and put our stuff back together in our new house. Nice and reliable – good price for this kind of service they got going on. I would use Grace van lines again but hopefully I won’t be moving for a while.

  132. Dennis Davis

    I used Grace van lines for my recent move. The move was scheduled for1.00PM and they showed up 15 minutes early. The lead guy came in to survey what needed to be moved and within 45 minutes everything was out of the apartment. They moved swiftly and carefully and same day evening the move was completed – which included travel time. Nothing was broken or scratched. Thanks for everything.

  133. Gerald Brown

    They are a fabulous moving company. They dismantled and reassembled our big size furniture in the both place at utmost skills that not even a screw was missed. I watched the total process. Everything went straight forward. They appeared exactly when they said. They moved my glasses, artworks, TV, computer and many other sensitive as well as fragile items. The coordinator tried to answer my all questions. They exactly followed their delivery spread. Their final bill was equal to the earlier estimation. All went perfect. I had no complaint and want to use grace van lines again.

  134. Daniel Coleman

    In my opinion moving is a very easy task! Obviously there is a condition to fulfill and that is to hire the most brilliant movers within your budget, like the way I managed. Yesterday I moved to a new house with my wife and everything went better than we were anticipating. We were lucky that we somehow managed to hire the best movers within our tight budget. Movers of this company are simply brilliant. They know all the tricks of a perfect move. They are master in packing, moving and storing and fast as Ferrari. I did not find an error. Inventory were in great condition after the move, they completed the task before the schedule, charged less than any other movers and also saved some money by putting some extra effort. I am thankful to the movers of this company for making my day.

  135. Victor

    I was exceptionally impressed with my movers during my recent move. The workers were efficient, fast, worked very well together, informed about what they do, funny and happy. I asked them individually over the course of the morning if they liked working for their company, and all three gave me a very enthusiastic “YES”. It showed. A solid, respectable company employs happy workers, and in the end, happy customers. Use grace van lines, you will not be disappointed.

  136. Cynthia Sanders

    Last week I had shifted to my new house because of my husband’s promotion to the company head office. I was very excited and happy but when the thought of moving came to my mind I felt scared. As my husband had no time, I had to handle all the doings. The problem was not just that because I had done a lot of moving work before, but the fact that I have three little children to take care off at the same time. Then my neighbor suggested me to hire Grace van lines. I was afraid of the charge but they were cheap in comparison to other companies. Once agreed the packing started on the appointed day and on time. As my children were so naughty, the agents handled them patiently and did their work at the same time. They put the children’s stuffs, toys, clothes in different packets to save time and confusion while unpacking. All the works were done in an orderly tone without messing up anything. We had some old furniture like a big cabinet, a piano; some show pieces and a big clock. Thanking is not enough for their work because they deserve a huge applause.

  137. Adam

    We had to make a quick move. I already owned an apartment at a short distance away and needed to move my belongings out there. The fact that we had to spend a lot of money to get our house in order, we wanted to make our shifting damage free and without any problems. On recommendation of a neighbor we hired Grace van lines and boy were we happy with their services. They provided us with a fixed price move and promised us there would be no increase in the price. We requested them to come the next day for a pick up for which they readily agreed. One the day of the move the truck arrived at the agreed time and 3 packers come to do the pack up. They started almost immediately. All our furniture and important belongings were neatly wrapped. We requested all our glass items to be bubble rapped, which was duly done by the packers. All I can say is everything was excellent from start to finish. Thank you Grace van lines. You are the most helpful company every.

  138. Bruce James

    Great job! I had Leo and his team to move my one bedroom apartment to Concord, NH. They were efficient and careful with all of my stuff. They showed up early, I gave them the info on what was going and within minutes my goods was being moved. I couldn’t have asked for better movers and will definitely use them again on my next move!

  139. Harold

    I booked grace van lines via email, the communication was fantastic and I booked the company immediately. It was the best decision I ever made. They were prompt, professional and polite. I booked two trucks and four men. They were in fact fast and efficient. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is moving. A huge thank you to all the staff that helped me move into my new home.

  140. Kerry Bridges

    I definitely recommend Grace van lines. They are the best. They moved everything for us. They wrapped everything nicely and took good care of our furniture. They are highly skilled and efficient. They are friendly and polite. They made my move very easy.

  141. Grant Bell

    I am really lucky to have such great service. I hired a different moving company at the very first place but after hearing their horrible stories from a friend, I canceled the deal and hired Grace van lines. Now I would say that the decision of hiring them was one of the best decisions made by myself. Though I was very worried about the old furniture, sofa, glass corners and the paintings but nothing went wrong. Movers worked their heart out to ensure the safety of my belongings. It was great to see all my belongings in one piece and without being damaged. I thank them for a timely and stress free move.

  142. Ricky Walton

    This is a huge thanks to Grace van lines for making my move easy and flawless. I contracted with Grace van lines and could not have asked for a more professional and well organized company. Everything was done to my liking form packing to loading and unloading. This is my 2nd move over the last 6 years and certainly not my last and for the next move I know who to call. The cost of the move was less than the last moving company I used and that is quite reasonable. I am really glad I made the decision to move through them. The foreman and team were great guys and did a fantastic job. Thanks again!!!

  143. Clyde Bowen

    The sales rep of Grace van lines was very attentive and responsive during our phone conversation. She offered me a tailor made deal based on my needs. Movers were simply awesome in packing and moving my belongings. They showed great discipline, great presence of mind and surely they have a cool head on their shoulders. It was a very quick and almost error free move which did not cost me much.

  144. Lance Fuller

    After using them for my move I became a fan of Grace van lines. These movers are awesome. They are nothing less than magicians. I was very worried about the glass shelves and the very vulnerable show pieces but they were equally good to the task. They managed to move everything without a scratch and without any damage. The move was a very smooth and timely one. I hope that they would be able to continue their excellence in the coming years.

  145. Freddie Lewis

    They did a mind blowing job. No mistakes at all! Everything was done exactly how I wanted it to be and without and flaws. I have nothing to say to them except that you guys deserve to be the best. This was an amazing experience. Thank a lot Grace van lines.

  146. Grant Aguilar

    Well done Grace van lines. You made my entire family happy. When I called them, their rep guaranteed of their price that would beat any other moving company’s rate. It was their challenge. Within three days we got the proof. We called several moving companies to collect quotation for our relocation. Their rate was the lowest based upon the inventory and distance they needed to relocate. Though these guys provided the lowest rate, they served high quality service. Since our moving day, we observed them maintaining accurate delivery spread with high standard of care toward our belongings. Consequently we got a problem and stress free move.

  147. James Ruiz

    We absolutely had an enjoyable experience with Grace van lines. They guys were punctual, rather actually early to pickup our stuffs. We moved from a duplex home and the workers were just terrific. They took care of my belongings with as much care as they would take their own. The entire job was the smoothest I have ever seen. They did more than I expected. I was super satisfied on their performance. We are not planning to move any time soon, but when we do we’ll call Grace van lines again.

  148. Alberto Perkins

    I called Grace van lines and discussed the move with them. It was an office move. Though the move was huge but not small as well and the movers had to deal with many critical and fragile office materials. However they did well to come within the schedule and did terrific while moving. Movers showed their characters while wrapping and moving all those office stuffs. They were very careful while dealing the fragile and expensive items and still managed to accomplish the job within the scheduled time. I would say that these movers displayed the finest performance I have ever seen. I thank them for charging a moderate amount and for presenting a timely, stress free and smooth move in the end.

  149. Lloyd Mathis

    I am a fan of Grace van lines. This was the second time I used them to move me from New Jersey to Rhode Island. After the contract they gave me a follow up call to confirm the arrival date to pack. On the day of moving they came, packed the furniture, loaded into the truck. All these happened straight after their arrival. They didn’t even take a break for having tea. This was a simple move I think as I didn’t have many items. But I still hired them because of their previous delivery result. They did the same this time also. I already referred their name to my friends who recently used them and got satisfied.

  150. Jorge James

    The move was successful with great service from Grace van lines. I give you 5 stars on your job. You took a great care of my furniture’s as your own. The crews were very friendly and helpful. They displayed high professionalism and I am glad to spread good words about the quality of their work. Thanks again Grace van lines.

  151. Norman Beck

    Grace van lines managed a wonderful move. I was not very much familiar with moving related process. Their supervisor explicated me the details about rate and necessary steps. Their previous estimate and final quote was very similar, no hidden cost. I requested them to get some stuffs from my cousin home at another location. Following my suggestion they fetched the items from his house. Unfortunately I forgot to mention that in contract. But they didn’t make any extra bill. The movers worked hard enough to maintain the timeline and they successfully overcame the impediment and delivered my entire valuables without a single scratch. They are really the best.

  152. Grant Palmer

    As far as I am concerned, the moving company you should hire need to have a professional and efficient team of workers. And if you are still looking for such a company, then stop and hire Grace van lines. For me, they are the best. I have moved four times so far and every single time I used a different company. The last time, I used Grace van lines and I can say that I was most satisfied with them. They are friendly, communicative, professional and efficient. If they give you a quote, for sure, you can expect this quote. They will not change it later on. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. I moved from Trenton, NJ to Stamford, CT. I did not have too much stuff, but all my furniture is new and it is important that it did not get damaged or even lost. There is not a single dent anywhere on my things. I did business with the foreman and two workers and I can only pay compliments on these guys. They arrived on time and they were so helpful and nice. I wish I used Grace van lines for all my previous moves. From now on, I will always use Grace van lines when I need to move to a different place, no matter if it is a short or a long distance move.

  153. Darin Byrd

    From the first phone talk with the salesman at Grace van lines, he was friendly, efficient and clear about their service. The price was more than competitive, so I booked the time and asked many other questions about the way they do their job (equipment, vehicles, staff, etc.) and conditions. They were really sweet and decent and took a great care of my stuff. I had many things to be wrapped but maybe my most favorite ones were my pieces of artwork (paintings and glass paintings) so I was worried how everything would end up. And it ended up perfectly, no damage, no dents, everything was intact. I had so much stuff to be moved and these guys dealt with it so professionally, with no complaints or breaks. This really impressed me. I must say that the service was really outstanding and great. All the other comments and reviews about Grace van lines were right. Thank you for everything you did for me!

  154. Dale Smith

    My move with Grace van lines was a very smooth one. I had a lot of stuff to carry and over a 1000 books to move. I am a book collector and have a mini library; which is in fact my priceless collection. I have books from all walks of life and some of them are rare and original extracts. My collection includes some old manuscripts; which I needed to protect under any circumstances. I spoke to the customer service lady and she was really sweet. She assured me that my books would be taken special care of and I would not need to worry. This was the answer that I was expecting from any packing and moving company. I needed to be sure, as a phone call was not enough for me. The representatives came over to my house and explained me how the packing would be done to ensure safe transportation and assured me that the price would remain as agreed. I then agreed and the day we were to move the packers arrived on time. All the books were assorted as per subject and packed in solid boxes as per their size. The move was excellent and smooth; I think Grace van lines is the best.

  155. Fred Reese

    From start to finish grace van lines took really good care of us. I was really impressed on their honest evaluation of all our items. When the moving team showed up, they really packed everything professionally and everything arrived at our new apt in its original condition. Thanks Guys!

  156. Jose Alvarez

    They provided an awesome service. Showed up at my house on time, explained to me exactly what they were going to do, and then worked so hard to get us moved from our house in NJ to our new home in CT. The movers were very professional and friendly, affordable, and even had a few good jokes on hand. What more could I want? Amazing service! Thanks a lot

  157. Estrada

    Grace van lines did a fantastic job moving me from NJ to NY. The movers worked hard and they were very careful with my belongings. Nothing much to say just that, everything went as planned and it was an easy quick move. I do recommend Grace van lines to everybody. Thanks

  158. Thornton

    I am highly satisfied with Grace van lines! Excellent company! Actually, I think the best. I searched a lot looking for the best pricing and I found the best match with Grace van lines. I moved from Paterson, NJ to Bridgeport, CT and I really wanted my move to be done by professional movers. So, I hired a team of people who can do the job in the most outstanding way. When I contacted, their manager was really kind and friendly telling me all the important things I was supposed to know. We made an agreement and then on the moving day, the moving team came to pack my things. It was wonderful how careful they were with all my furniture. Everything stayed intact, no dents at all. They were well equipped and they finished the entire packing in few hours. Very quick and efficient! I would really like to recommend Grace van lines to all who needs a good mover!

  159. Frederick

    I always count on them for any kind of moves. I am one of the oldest customers of Grace van lines. I used them 3 times by far and never got anything less than my expectation. They have a great set of movers who are more than just skilled, committed, fast, accurate, friendly, polite and always willing to help and their sales reps are very cooperative and able organize the move efficiently. That is why I always count on them.

  160. Brendan

    I moved back to my parent’s house after I finally decided to let go of my useless job. Grace van lines helped me a lot in moving all of my stuff in my apartment which is too bulky for me to carry alone. They were very helpful and kind to me as a customer and they really work brilliantly. Now, I am at home in my parents’ house and I am planning to work in another state. I will surely consider working with Grace van lines again.

  161. Javier

    I used Grace van lines while I was moving to Concord, NH from Cherry Hills, NJ. One of my friends recommended this company to me. So, I hired them though I could have gone with a cheaper company. But they did not let me down and utilized every single dime that I paid. Packing, loading, moving, unloading, everything was done with ease and without any mess. They made sure the job is done within the deadline and without any bleach of agreement.

  162. Alonzo

    I got the phone number of Grace van lines from my cousin. He suggested me to use them. So, I called their office and spoke with their sales guy. He was very keen to know about the nature of the move and smartly figured out my requirements. The price which he offered was within my reach. So, I booked them for a move to Elizabeth, NJ from Richmond, VA. I knew that the move will not be an easy one because I had many fragile stuffs and some super heavy furniture. But they seemed to be confident. In the end their movers were able to get the job done without any hiccups. They completed the task within the allotted time and made sure that I get everything in one piece. When the bill came I noticed that they charged $40 less than the original quote! So, after getting such great service I do recommend Grace van lines.

  163. Marc Greenly

    Professional and perfect job that they had done. Yes, I am writing about the most famous Grace van lines. Highly exclusive service it was with full protection and they took really awesome care. I was planning my program with my brother and we found the Grace van lines contact information. They accepted my moving order and provided me three young and professional guys for my move. Worked with full of energy and a sweet smile. My stuffs were place in a right stint. Even I would say before than the said window! Then lastly I paid my charge with tips which they really deserved it. It was unbelievably nice move!!!!

  164. Louis Moran

    Thank you so much Grace van lines. My wife and I are very much pleased with their moving team. They were efficient, polite and very friendly. They moving everything very carefully and patiently helped us re arrange our furniture at our new home. By the way, our sales rep called us a couple of times to inform us about their status update. They are really good. We will definitely use them again.

  165. Spencer

    Most of the movers usually try to fool people by their flashy ads and big promises. Well this is a common practice. But Grace van lines is such a company that believes in service. I used them just a few days ago. When I saw their quote, I did not waste a minute to book them for my move. Movers came early, met all my demands, did very well to manage my pets and kid and made sure that I am getting a timely, stress free and smooth move.

  166. Heriberto Jose

    I have a great experience with Grace van line. Just a month ago I’ve used their service. My moving place was Florida. I have been so excited with my first move. They handled my every item in a pre planned system. There was no imperfection. So they impressed me fully. The rocking crews packed and wrapped my furniture very carefully and professionally. Placed those at my apartment in Florida before their early given stint. My younger brother is planning for a move. So I recommend him this company.

  167. Sheila Pavao

    Yes!! I searched many moving company and finally found the website of Grace van lines. The most reliable and professional moving company as I think. So I quickly finished the formalities of moving order and they confirmed me that they would come to my apartment at 8.45 am. I was waiting for the team members and they arrived on time. They were sincere and energetic than any other moving crews I dealt with and the guys have been punctual as well. They all worked with honesty and delivered my furniture with no hassle. They totally pleased me.

  168. Gregg

    No matter small or big, residential or commercial, local or long distance, just go for Grace van lines if you have a decent budget. I have just used this company back to back for a residential move to another state and for an office move just few blocks away. They are fairly priced, have the best sales team and the best set of movers who are highly experienced, skilled, punctual, fast, accurate, polite and very friendly. I used them twice but did not get a single problem. These guys really did well. Good company and very affordable too.

  169. Stephen

    Thanks for the great help guys. When I called Grace van lines, I was in a hurry. I needed to move out of Newark, NJ immediately and I was under a very tight budget. But Grace van lines did not let me down. They responded and immediately accommodated my move within their busy schedule and still managed to complete the task in quick time and within my budget. Just one box was slightly damaged but that was noting considering the way they moved me. I am really thankful to these fine people for helping me out when it mattered most.

  170. Sheldon

    Yesterday was a special day for me because yesterday was our wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise my wife. So, I decided to move to our new house yesterday. I never wanted to spoil the occasion and that is why I was looking for the best movers of the town. I checked the net but got confused because there were so many companies and many reviews for many companies. Then my friend suggested me to hire grace van lines and so I did. That was a great decision. Movers of this company are terrific. They quoted $1400 for the move and asked for 5 hours but they charged $1250 and finished the job within a little more than 4 hours!! I never experienced such great service before. I am really grateful to grace van lines for the hard work.

  171. Stokes

    This company replicates their performance like their name. Grace van lines really are the finest among all movers. I have been using grace van lines for the last couple of years. So far I used them twice and received similar kind of service, which is simply out of the world. Their sales team is very efficient, cooperative and helpful and the movers are highly experienced, committed, fast and accurate. I do not see any reason to stray from them and go for any other movers.

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