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Company Name: Full Service Van Lines
License & Registration: USDOT: 2283481, MC: 779667
Address: 4100 N. Powerline Road, #L2, Pompano Beach, FL 33073
Primary Phone: 866-564-2363
Alternate Phone: 954-510-3227
Email: info@fullservicevanlines.com
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves
Website: http://fullservicevanlines.com/


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Full Service Van Lines has over 30 years in both Local and long distance moving experience. We provide the highest level of full service moving services available in the industry. Our company offers an array of services ranging from full professional packing of boxes and furniture, packing and wrapping of furniture, as well as a “white glove moving service” which includes not only packing, but unpacking of boxes as well. We offer 30 days of climate controlled storage for no charge as well as free re deliveries. We will also provide a free in home estimate within a 30 mile radius of our main office. So for your upcoming relocation, call Full Service Van Lines for a Full Service Treatment.

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120 reviews for Full Service Van lines

  1. angie

     Do not hire these irresponsible “movers”!!!!!!!

    I unfortunately did not have anyone to warn me about them when I contacted them back in May and have been living A nightmare ever since!!!

    To start, the driver was more worried about getting in my pants than doing his job!!!! He didn’t even have the paperwork and tools needed to complete his job!!! I had to take pictures of the paperwork I went to the library to pick up !!!! Then during the pick up, I was charged for extra inventory which were a few boxes from the original inventory and the driver, Ivan Lugo tried charging $600 extra. When I questioned how he calculated this, he said “Ima give you a discount and only charge $295”. Where Did he get $600 from?!?!? The fact that he couldn’t explain the charges to me, and also the fact that he had been talking about ripping off other customers in the past, raised a flag!!!!!!!

    That’s just the beginning!!!

    My furniture was picked up 6/4/15 and it is now 8/10/15 and nothing has arrived!!!!! The last time I heard from “Shawn” the head dispatcher was on 7/20/15 and he has yet to respond to my emails or return my calls to provide an update. It’s so bad that I have to block my number or call from another phone so they can answer my calls!!!! I call and speak to their secretary (some guy who just answers the phone and takes messages and can’t even provide you with any info) and I can clearly hear Shawn in the background every single time!!!! Yet I’m told Shawn is in the warehouse and will call me back…. 3 weeks later and still waiting for that call back!!!!!

    I am so tired of trying to contact them I’ve almost given up at this point!!!!! I’ve not only given these crooks over $2000 at this point, I’ve had to sleep on an air mattress for over 2 months, with someone who has back problems and is going to therapy for it weekly!!!! This is ridiculous!!!!

    I’ve tried to keep calm and not put their business out there but at this point, I’ve had it!!!! Maybe this review will get their attention… or the one on the BBB site…Or CONSUMERAFFAIRS.COM…. Or RIPOFFREPORT.COM.. Or MOVINGCOMPANYREVIEWS.COM…Or MYMOVINGREVIEW.COM…Or MOVINGSCAM.COM…Or MOVERREVIEWS.COM….Or PROTECTYOURMOVE.ORG….and every single site I come across!!!!!! The list goes on!!!!!

    Better yet, maybe when my lawyer contacts them… Maybe then will I get a straight forward and realistic response along with my furniture!!!!!!

    Trust me Full Service Van Lines…. I will see you good for nothing thieves in court!!!!! And God forbid you maliciously ruin, destroy and/or lose my furniture because I’m writing reviews about your “service” over 2 months after your empty promises, I will own this company by the time I’m done with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jh

    We should have known that we were in for real problems when they show up to move our 4 bedroom home with a box truck from UHaul.The next problem was when the driver told us that the price would be nearly double because there was more inventory than what was on the quote. Full Service never came out to
    inventory, we filled out their forms AND sent them another moving company’s inventory. When I spoke with my contact at Full Service he said he was conformtable with the inventory and believes he has it all covered. Even have it in writing.
    The next event was they had to put half of our items in storage for a MONTH as they did not have a truck big enough. When the items were delivered they was more damage then you would possibly think. They just threw everything into the truck, we have pictures.
    They required cash when they show up and if you don’t have cash they will not unload.
    Their insurance is joke, offered $ 240 for over $ 4,000

  3. Brandon

    I could not have asked more from the full service van lines crew. They were courteous, efficient and very diligent. They helped move my family to Los Angeles, CA when my new baby was just 6 weeks old and they flexed their work so that they caused the minimum disruption to the baby. They worked like a ninja, making almost no noise. I amazed to see their packing skilled, it was wonderful and as a result no damage done to our belongings. They delivered everything in perfect condition and willingly placed all our furniture in the right place of the new house. While they were not the cheapest company that I contacted, I was definitely pleased with the excellent service that I received. I highly recommend them.

  4. Benjamin

    I had a very good experience working with full service van lines on my recent move from Sunrise, FL to Denver, CO. The customer service and emails were handled promptly. From pricing, to pick-up to delivery, every step of the way was handled by professional movers. All furniture was well wrapped. The movers that were assigned to our move were respectful, careful and worked hard to get the job done. My belongings were delivered within a couple days and again they always kept in touch to let me know what was happening. We would recommend full service van lines due to the awesome service and value they provided.

  5. Sean Bennett

    I would definitely use full service van lines again. These people were awesome. The team assigned to me was really enthusiastic, energetic and courteous. I was bothering them a lot with my decorations, I was afraid that my decorations might get damaged, but I should not have been worried because they took a great care of all my furniture. They were very fast and finished my move in a few hours. It was a great job which did not cost me much. Thanks guys! If I need your help again, I will ask for it for sure!

  6. James Butler

    We had lived at our old home 18 years, so moving was a big step. We were very much emotionally attached with the house, especially my mother. So we were looking for a mover who could respect our emotion and carefully handle our belongings. From the initial contact with full service van lines we felt that this is the company we were looking for. The quote came in promptly. The whole process was efficient and all the staffs were skilled and courteous. They were very careful with moving items, wrapped everything and did not find a single scratch on any item or walls! Even took some of our large furniture apart and set it up in the new location. Their sales rep visited us during the process. Would recommend this company to everyone!

  7. Peter

    As per my realtor’s advice there are 3 best options on moving. Moving with a moving service, moving on your own, or moving by hiring the labor yourself. I surmise a professional moving service beats them all. It’s worth the investment. It’s few hundred dollars more expensive than hiring the labor, but here were packing materials, well trained personnel, provided transport and insurance. It dawned on me that this way is the only way should be for relocation because it’s safest whereas minimized accidents to none. I advise everyone to use full service van lines for quality service and simplification.

  8. Lawrence

    Recently moved from Tallahassee, FL to San Antonio, TX. I had the pleasure of hiring full service van lines. I was so impressed by their wonderful customer service. Thanks to the crew and their professionalism. I received all my breakable items to my new home undamaged and on time. Thank you guys I will use your help again.

  9. Albert Wilson

    I do not write reviews very often. This time I want to share my experience with full service van lines, as I have been very impressed from beginning to end. I have called a few companies to book for my move. Some companies called me back after a few hours or the next day. I also made an enquiry on websites. Booking was very quick, I was surprised. I was not asked so many questions at the time of booking. They have just send a surveyor to my house with in short time and after he went through all my possessions and knowing all our requirements he gave us a competitive quote. Moving was also as smooth as the booking, they have reached my house before the agreed time and straight way start working. They gave their full attention in every step of the process and made the move a successful one. I appreciate their hard work and would definitely recommend them to anyone.

  10. Dennis

    We hired Full service van lines for my daughters house move. Communications were excellent throughout from the confirmation of the booking to their surveyor letting us know he was on his way to our house for the survey. His co-ordination for the moving was professional from start to finish. In the moving day we were greeted with another friendly chap, who provided a 1st class service, his expert knowledge in negotiating tight doorways with a sofa and table was superb. He was a ‘whizz’ when it came to loading the truck too. We would use their service again if the need arises and would defiantly recommend! The price was also very competitive.

  11. John Bennett

    A friend told me about full service van lines and told me how easy they can make my packing and moving work. Within an hour they sent some people to my house to start the work. They packed each and every thing with so much care. They were very professional in handling all the items including all fragile things. The next morning they reached the new house and adjusted all the items with proper care. I had no worries regarding setting up the new place all because of the moving team. I am really happy with their prompt and expert service. I will surely try their service again and recommend you to give them a chance to help you.

  12. Bryant

    I had a really small move to accomplish and Full serving van lines helped me out. I know it’s a small thing but it really made me feel good about using them, obviously they treat all of their customers with respect. The moving was great too, so smooth and easily done (there was no drama at all). I HIGHLY recommend Full serving van lines if you want good service and to be treated like the most important move they have!

  13. Arthur Jenkins

    I don’t trust packers and movers at all, the last time I hired one they did exactly opposite to what they agreed. On recommendation of a childhood friend I hired full service van lines for my shift to our new apartment. In the very beginning I told them to provide me with a fixed price that would not change to which they happily obliged. They assured me the best possible packing and assured me all the stuff would be safe guarded to it best protection. The move was also carried on time and there was no damage all. The packing staffs were educated and very efficient and carried out all the work with absolute ease. This is all that I was wanting and Thank God I received the same from full service van lines. Thanks.

  14. Benjamin

    Full service van lines is always my recommendation to friends and family looking at an interstate move. They did my move perfectly. No damages at all. I have moved with them twice and both times it went perfectly and never had to pay them more than the quoted amount.

  15. Victor

    The moving team of full service van lines was fantastic throughout. We had the crew come around for packing the day before the move, which really helped remove the hassle and stress of the experience. The packing was done with high quality materials and everything was very carefully wrapped and boxed. The move was extremely professional and the team has a real can-do attitude. The movers themselves were all very courteous, efficient and had a great sense of humor. Overall we were very happy with full service van lines and would not hesitate using them or recommending them to all our friends

  16. Fred

    We used to live in fourth floor on a penthouse with small garden on the roof. For some unavoidable circumstances, we had to move to Chicago, IL from Orlando, FL. They called twice on moving day to be confirmed whether I was ready. Getting down with all items including plants and then loading onto the truck was not so simple task for any mover. They came ahead on the agreement schedule and got right to work immediately. They made no damage on goods since they took special care for our belongings. I look forward to hire full service van lines again.

  17. Bennett

    I think moving house by your own is a dreadful idea! From the packing to the unpacking I hate it all. So, I straight went for a professional mover without a second thought and luckily got one of the best companies in this business. The foreman and his team did my packing and moved me and my two daughters to our new house in Vegas. His whole team was respectful, helpful, courteous and punctual. Not a thing was broken and boxes and possessions were put in the correct places. The whole thing was easier than any other time I have moved and I can highly recommend them to anyone especially if you hate moving as much as me. Many thanks to full service van lines and the team helped me.

  18. Patrick

    I hired Full service van lines to help my wife and I move from FL to UT and it was a pretty stressful time for us as we had both just switched jobs, and we had just sold our house for quick sale! They really helped us when we were pinched for time – the rates were very reasonable, and they were more than willing to work with our hectic schedule. I’m grateful that everything was moved smoothly in just a few hours. Thanks for making it easy on us!

  19. Dennis Diaz

    Jason was my initial contact. He was very responsive and attentive. Also clearly informed me about their limit and never pushed me to hire them which actually impressed me a lot. The quote seemed to be reasonable to me, so I booked full service van lines while I was moving to Memphis, TN. They did terrific. From the start to the end, they kept the quality of work, maintained the checklist, accommodated all my requirements and ensured a safe and timely transition. I had a lot of fragile and delicate stuff and nothing was damaged or broken or missing. It was a true display of great professionalism and skills. I am strongly recommending full service van lines.

  20. Ralph Murphy

    Full service van lines was helpful and provided a quotation quickly. They were also very good at making everything seem calm in what could be a stressful time. The moving company was fantastic. The foreman supervised everything very well on the moving day and ensured that he and his crew took great care with our belongings. The delivery was made on time, and again, he and his crew were brilliant at ensuring that everything ran smoothly in the other end. The movers were polite, friendly and very careful. We are very happy with the service we received on the day. Thank you!

  21. George

    This was a decent size job. We were moving 1st time in the last 20 years. I bought this house when I got married and now we have 3 more members, my 2 daughters and my only son. So we had lots of stuffs to move which required a lot of skill and strength. We were looking around for a good fit and after reading many positive comments we chose full service van lines. Guys came for the move looked very strong and professional and the foreman was very knowledgeable and technically sound. They were on time, very helpful, well equipped and most importantly careful in every step! Very experienced team that makes sure your move is done without any trouble. We are very lucky to get such 1st class service in an affordable rate.

  22. Charles

    If you are looking for a team of movers who are punctual, friendly, efficient and professional, then you should hire full service van lines. I moved from Orlando, FL to St. Louis, MO and I cannot describe how satisfied I was with these people. There were three people assigned for this task and they could not have done better. I had some heavy items, but I was so worried about my piano that I love most. It is not a new one, but still, it is my favorite. I really wanted it to stay intact, maybe more than anything else. Since, I found the right team, I had a painless move and everything went smoothly and ended up in a great way. I am really extremely satisfied with these guys!

  23. Robert Perry

    Where do I start? From the outset I had the confidence that this company would deliver as expected. The moving coordinators were fantastic; they really know how to conduct a perfect move. I moved to Baltimore, MD a 4 bedroom house, their movers were kind, careful, nicely wrapped my belongings that depicted the care and attention. They gave their best to make everything perfect. I also had my vehicle moved by them. The moving truck and car carrier arrived on the same day. They loaded everything with the same care and consideration and reached the destination on time. No complain at all. Thanks a lot!

  24. Keith Barnes

    When their sales executive came to give us a quote we knew straight away this is someone we could trust to get the job done. He was a very friendly guy and was very relaxed about any problem occurs during the work. Some other companies had lots of “no we can’t do this or that” but there is none of this with full service van lines. They packed everything up regardless of where in the house it resided. Te foreman and his colleagues were great with the packing and very professional. Everything was packed up within the time they had predicted during the survey and the house was left very tidy overnight. On the day of the move the guys were great, everything was done swiftly and cautiously and they were great fun to have around during the move. There were no breakages or scratch on the walls and everything was checked before they left the old and new houses. I would recommend full service van lines to anyone as they were really good at their jobs but also made it an enjoyable experience.

  25. Henry Bailey

    I booked full service van lines because they were the most competitive by a distance, as it got closer to the moving day I began to get a bit worried that if I made a mistake. Because after I made the booking, I got few more quotation from different companies and found much higher rate. So I got little confused that if full service van lines is capable of giving a good service with this comparatively low rate. I shouldn’t have worried though; the team arrived promptly, was polite, professional and literally worked their socks off in both loading and unloading the van at our destination in El Paso, TX. Nothing was too much trouble and went beyond my expectations. I am a satisfied customer who would not hesitate to recommend to my friends.

  26. Walter Lewis

    We recently used this moving company, this was the second time we had used full service van lines, and again we were very impressed. They had been recommended to me by a colleague who had used them several times over the years and was always happy with their service and after 2 moves, now I can see why. Three energetic young men arrived outside my house 30 minutes early, we weren’t ready for them but they were ok to wait until the agreed start time. Once they got started, they got on with the job effortlessly until our move was completed. They packed everything very well, dismantled and re-assembled the awkward furniture and delivered everything into our new home in time. This was not an easy job as my new home is up 3 flights and the stairway is very narrow, with a low ceiling in places, but they soldiered on persistently and did so with one 30 minute lunch break, continuously in good spirits. We received 4/5 quotes, and they gave us the best deal. I don’t really want to move home again, but when we do, full service van lines will be our first and only call.

  27. Lisa Chanley

    So far this has been a terrible experience. They gave me a window of 3 days to show up and came a day later, during my closing and moved me out while the new home owners were moving in! Then they brought a truck that was too small and strapped my grill on the tailgate. The foreman looked at my load the night before and said it would be no problem as I had warned him I had a lot more boxes than the service rep on the phone figured and my quote has now double in price. My furniture left on June 27th and I find out after calling several times that it is in a holding facility in VA! It has been 11 days now and I still do not have a date of arrival. Last week they said “we are trying to get it there at the end of the week” and they told me the same thing this week. They tell me legally they do not have to deliver my furniture for 30 days…I mean come on!!!! I have spent several nights in a hotel room and then purchased blow up mattresses and lawn chairs. I’m literally camping in my new home and it stinks! I want my furniture and unscathed please.

  28. Patrick

    I was about to hire another moving company but changed my decision when they called and tried to double the cost. I choose full service van lines because of their price and reputation. The paper work was done quickly and they accommodated the date I wanted to move. The movers showed up on time, packed some of my delicate items, did really well while loading the fragile stuffs and heavy furniture and moved everything to Ohio in record time. I checked the inventory and I was happy like anything. Nothing was damaged, not even a glass and the price were well within my reach. Thanks a lot guys for everything.

  29. Howard Lowe

    I am a repeat customer of full service van lines. I have used this company many times for all kind of moves and they never failed to serve me. Recently they were assigned by me to manage my parents move from FL to VA. They did really well which was expected. My dad told me how nice they were with my parents and how they wrapped and boxed all the stuffs and took extra care of the fragile and delicate stuffs. My mom is very happy with the final outcome and she asked me to thank the moving crew of full service van lines on her behalf. So, I thank you guys on my mother’s behalf.

  30. Merle Moreno

    Full service van lines was careful with all my expensive furnishings and had everything packed up and moved on time! They put my worries to rest. Would most definitely use them again!

  31. Chester

    My experience with Full Service Van Lines was amazing!!!! We were very pleased with the way they handled everything when they picked up the furniture in Austin, TX. The reason I took the time to go on line and publish my thoughts is in order to make sure that customers know that Full Service Van Lines is a company that you wanna use and can trust. Highly recommended. They were careful, professional and prompt. Exactly what I was looking for. A good value for the money spent.

  32. Rex Edwards

    OMG! This was very remarkable. Their service was truly satisfying. I thought moving was such a hassle but when I hired full service van lines, it had been the other way around. Thank you guys! You deserve to be praised over the net that was why I am taking time to write this feedback.

  33. Dan Berry

    All around this was a wonderful experience. I found the sales office helpful and friendly, and the quote they gave me for my move was pretty spot on. I highly recommend full service van lines for your next move!

  34. Ronnie Owens

    Moving has to be one of life’s more stressful occasions. Seventeen years of my life in LA had to be packed for my move in less than a week! I couldn’t have asked for more from a moving company. From the quote to the packing to the unloading it all was handled in the most professional manner. Many thanks.

  35. Salazar

    No matter how good the offer, I am not going to use any other movers except Full service van lines for my future relocation. I was lucky because Full service van lines was in charge of my last move which took place last Sunday. They moved us safely, quickly, cheaply and effortlessly to our new apartment. There was nothing which caused any delay or mistakes, movers dealt with all the odds with great efficiency and showed how professional they are.

  36. Oscar Ingram

    I wanted to hire a moving company to do moving for our clients and we were let down by other movers, but after finding full service van lines and used them I came to the conclusion that they do deserve the recommendation and I would continue using them, they are reliable and very cost effective. I need movers on regular basis and I am very happy that I found them; they do deserve to be on top on all other movers.

  37. Bob Bell

    I am really impressed with the service and very reasonable price of full service van lines. Recently I used them during my move from FL to AR. They served me really well. All my requirements were fulfilled and the checklist was perfectly maintained. There were plenty of delicate and fragile items but nothing was damaged or scratched. I received everything in great condition and they were running ahead than the schedule. I am happy with such wonderful performance. Surely I am going to recommend full service van lines to my friends.

  38. Herbert Ruiz

    For the very first time I got a perfect move within my budget and given time. Thanks a lot to full service van lines for getting the job done. They moved us from Florida to Virginia in record time and without any unwanted surprises. We received all the boxes in great condition and did not have to pay them more than the estimated amount. They also helped us setting up the furniture. I do appreciate their honesty and professionalism.

  39. Roberto Casey

    I hired full service van lines because of the 3 vital reasons – 1. They are a very reputed company 2. They offered a very reasonable price and 3. They asked for the least time to get the job done. So, I booked my move with them. The sales rep made sure that the movers arrive on time and the movers made sure that I get all I wanted. Packing was done in record time, loading was very smooth and the move took less than the quoted time. Unloading went up to my satisfaction at the other end and they also helped us setting up the delicate stuffs. Thanks to them for not showing up with any unexpected surprises and for the highly professional work.

  40. Mario Allen

    If I compare the price of full service van lines with other companies then they are not the cheapest, not expensive as well. But when I compare service against the price that time full service van lines clearly stand miles ahead than any other moving companies. I have used full service van lines recently for a long distance move where they performed like real pros and kept all the big promises. Being honest, I never had such a smooth, quick and affordable move in the past.

  41. Aron Jones

    Moving from Miami to Austin with the kids and so many things was never easy but everything ultimately went smoothly just because of full service van lines. When they offered me a very reasonable price, I did not waste any time to book them for my move. Though I had to change the moving date few times but they managed to accommodate the changes and helped me out to get out of the messy situation. The team which moved us was simply brilliant. They showed great skills, great presence of mind while packing and moving the stuffs to Austin. All we had to do is to wait for our belongings in Austin. They made the delivery within the allotted time at the other end and made sure that nothing gets damaged or broken. It was so smooth that I really had nothing more to ask from them. Recommendation

  42. Shane Watson

    Every aspect of the move was not only highly professional but pleasant as well. The agent who came out to do the estimate gave lots of very good advice. The young men who packed, and later the crew who loaded, all treated our belongings carefully and professionally. Thank you to the crew of full service van lines! I must recommend them for their awesome service, great price and great commitment.

  43. Alister Cook

    I am assuming that you are in search for a very reliable and affordable moving company to take care of your move and that is why you are reading my comment. If I am right then you have come to the right place because full service van lines is one of the finest moving companies of the town. They have the most efficient movers and talented sales team. I have used them very recently and from my experience I can guarantee that they are able to manage any kind of moves under any kind of circumstances. So, do not waste your time reading more reviews. Just call them and let them do the rest for you.

  44. Maron

    When I decided to move my small office I had to hire a good and reliable moving company but I had a tight budget for the job. So, I approached to many companies and some submitted the quotes within my budget. Out of the possible options I decided to use full service van lines because of their reputation and because of their professionalism. It was a very wise decision in the end. They have justified their reputation and presented me a very quick and problem free move.

  45. Emma Coleman

    Full service van lines went way beyond what we expected. All their movers were very friendly and the moving process took place just as the relocation guy had outlined for me by phone, which was nice compared to the other people I had spoken to. Anyways, the drivers had disassembled and reassembled all of our furniture and took the utmost care of our personal belongings. I am glad I chose full service van lines.

  46. Nathan Lion

    My father recommended me to contact with full service van lines for my move. I thought moving throughout the states might be hectic. At the end up, I was pleased to see all stuffs perfectly delivered. The team picked up all furniture and goods on time. Full service van lines was always in contact with me from beginning to end to give me messages about the move and where my things were. When the movers shipped they set almost everything set up for me once again. I rank them as a 5 star company. They ensured everything that I was looking for.

  47. Ibrar Tipu

    Moving to Dallas, TX was a dream comes true. It has been three years since I got my professional engineering degree and my second dream was to move to Dallas. Now I have a good paying job and a new home. My girlfriend moved with me and we are so happy to be settled in a new home. Moving was easy because of full service van lines. It was prompt and the service was great too. Recommended with a 5 star rating.

  48. John Wright

    The sales rep and his crew were simply the best. I will never use another moving company again! Twice as nice at half the price, and they didn’t leave until all my furniture was exactly where I wanted. They even offered to help me get things out of my car after they were off the clock. Thanks, guys!

  49. Donita Austin

    My fiancé schedule a move with ANOTHER moving company but they never showed up! They told us that their truck broke down. We were really in a big problem and didn’t believe anyone could show up with such a short notice. But full service van lines sent us a truck with 4 movers within 1 hour and half. They really saved the day for us. The movers worked extra fast to compensate on the lost times caused by the other moving company. From now on we know – full service van lines are our movers, and we will tell everyone that need to move about them. We owe them at least that one. Great company!

  50. Joe Gross

    I have used various moving companies but recently after using full service van lines for an office move I decided to use them regularly because they have provided me everything I asked for. Their movers arrived on time with necessary tools, packed everything nicely and moved them to the designated place before the allotted time. After checking the inventory I did not find a single scratch! I never expected such flawless service but fortunately I got a picture perfect move which cost me less than most of the movers.

  51. John Hayden

    I suggest everyone to use full service van lines for long distance moves. I have used them recently while relocating to TN from FL. they were simply outstanding during my move. They managed to deliver my belongings without a single damage and within the given time and also charged within the quoted amount. This is a great company. People should try full service van lines.

  52. Oleg Solanki

    The move was exceptional on both ends of our move. Movers were friendly and really took care of our belongings. We appreciate their prompt response to our many questions. We can’t say enough about how pleasant the experience was. Full service van lines provided A+ service all the way.

  53. Fred Calhoun

    Usually when a company does what they say, like pick you up and drop you off in the time stated there is no reason for a great review. But I felt it necessary since the horror stories I’ve heard from my friends about moves in the past. full service van lines, picked up everything on time they wrapped and unwrapped everything. Would recommend them to anyone.

  54. Nick Campbell

    I used full service van lines last week while I was moving to my new apartment. Movers were real professionals. They came on time with necessary tools and they were well prepared for the move. They were fast, accurate and very careful with my belongings. I guess they knew what they had to do and as a result I got a perfect move. I am sure that the synchronization between the sales team and the movers were picture perfect. I do thank their sales guy for taking extra care of my move and for keeping all his commitments. I am more that impressed with their performance and very happy with the price.

  55. Mark Johnson

    I just moved yesterday and the movers were fantastic! They were polite, hardworking, efficient and very enthusiastic. I will definitely call full service van lines for my next move. The team of full service van lines had an efficiency to work out task. Thanks guys for the help and I do appreciate the hard work.

  56. Alister Cook

    The entire moving process went smoothly. They called to confirm the day before. They called 30 minutes before they were scheduled to arrive. They arrived 10 minutes early and completed the job promptly. The crew was very respectful and friendly. Yes here I’m talking about none other than, the full service van lines.

  57. Hasan Korkmas

    I hired full service van lines for my move only because of their sales rep. he convinced me and made me believe that they are going to deliver me a perfect move. I trusted him and hired full service van lines for my recent move. The team of full service van lines kept my faith alive by giving their best. They arrived on time, wrapped, boxed and moved my belongings without any hiccups and made sure that there was no delay or damage or any other issues which could have bothered me. They kept their commitments and never gave me a chance to complain. So, I am recommending full service van lines.

  58. Ian Smith

    They displayed supreme level of skills and professionalism. I did hire this company to move my office. Their movers came on time, had the full preparation and executed the move exactly how I wanted. They charged reasonable and maintained the checklist perfectly and took very little time to get the job done. I am recommending full service van lines.

  59. Omer Hatil

    Three years ago when I used professional movers that time I had to go through the hell. Those movers simply ruined everything. So, this time when I was moving to Florida to South Carolina I was very picky while deciding which movers to use. I called many companies, collected quotes but finally I ended up hiring full service van lines for the move. They were not the cheapest but still I hired them because of their reputation. I was worried like anything until they completed the move. Once they delivered my belongings I immediately checked the inventory. But after checking the inventory I was happy like anything. They delivered everything in one piece and without any damage. I am happy because of a timely, damage free, smooth and affordable move.

  60. Ethan

    Love these guys. Last weekend we moved a 3 bedroom house into a townhome. Doing our due diligence we got 3 bids from other moving companies. Their sales rep came out and did the estimate. He was realistic, accurate and gave us a not to be exceeded estimate. The movers who showed up were very professional and made us feel comfortable. I would not hesitate recommending full service van lines.

  61. Tim Maloney

    Moving from Florida to South Carolina is quite a task. Few days back I had to accomplish this task when I moved to DC with my family. I knew that I have to get the best team. So, I did my research and hired full service van lines within my budget. my research paid off. The team of full service van lines provided even better performance than what I was looking for. Their razor sharp brain sorted out the problems in no time and their experience and skills made sure that I get everything I asked for. I am highly impressed with such stress free, smooth and reliable service.

  62. Michael Douglas

    Thanks a lot guys for what you have done for me. I used them for my 1 bed room apartment move and they not only gave me a great deal, they did manage to deliver me the best possible service and charged a very competitive amount. I am more than just happy with their performance. So, I am recommending full service van lines.

  63. Yessef Peter

    I am recommending full service van lines for all kind of moves. About 8 months ago I used them for an office move. That time they served me the best. So, this time I hired them for a long distance move. Once again they proved that they mean business. Though I was a long distance move and I had many fragile items to deal with but the team of full service van lines successfully completed the task. They completed the move well within the allotted time and also charged me a very moderate amount. In short, I am more than just happy and impressed.

  64. Peter Lim

    There are many moving companies available to provide their so called world’s best service but how many of those are real? Everyone is committing so many things and making big success stories about them. These all are dirty tricks to fraud people. I do have some very painful experiences with some moving companies. But yesterday, for the first time in my life I have experienced the opposite service, which I was receiving. Movers of full service van lines were just too good for the move. They came on time with packing materials and other necessary tools. They packed everything, moved all my belongings, unpacked them at the new home and stored everything properly. During the entire process they never looked confused or out of sorts. It was a real professional performance by them and they were also very much affordable. So, after being a victim be several movers, finally I got the service, which I was looking for a very long period of time.

  65. Greg Baron

    When I called full service van lines for a quote, I had no idea about them. But after discussing with their sales rep I felt good. I was confident that they are able to perform. I was right about full service van lines. They came on time, packed and moved my stuffs perfectly. Movers followed the checklist perfectly and they ensured a very smooth and timely move. It was cheap too. I thank all these movers for their fantastic job.

  66. Kristin Saletto

    Last week I was looking for a good moving company and hoping to get one. Fortunately my relative helped me. He informed me about full service van lines. He is their regular client and after experiencing their service, I too become another regular client. These guys are outstanding movers. They are so good on their job and surprisingly they do not charge a lot. In my opinion full service van lines is one of the best in business.

  67. James Novotny

    Thanks a lot full service van lines. I am really impressed with their excellent service. Movers were very organized, punctual, efficient and willing to give their best. They kept the situation under control, handled the pressure very nicely and dealt with all odds with great presence of mind. I am very happy to have such a neat, smooth and timely move.

  68. Bar Schmidt

    My friend Dawson gave me their number and recommended them. I called full service van lines for a quote and talked with their sales rep about the move. He was very attentive and responsive. He took the note of my requirements and later offered me a deal which seemed to be a perfect one for the move. However, I was hoping for the best when their movers came on time. They immediately began the move and completed the entire move in no time. It was great to notice that everything was in perfect condition after the move. I was really happy to have such an efficient move. I thank all the movers for their outstanding service.

  69. Norma White

    I used full service van lines just to make sure the safety and the accuracy of the move. But before hiring them, I called several other movers for a quote. But finally after the discussion with their sales rep, I decided to use them. It turned out to be a great decision because of their service. Their movers were very professionally handling the whole matter. Mover did very well to maintain the checklist and fulfill my requirements. I am quite satisfied with the final outcome. This is really a good company. Anyone can easily try them.

  70. Larry Brandon

    This is the first time I am writing any review. Actually their awesome service made me to write about them. The sales team and the movers of full service van lines served me a lot better than what I was looking for. I did not have to deal with damaged and broken stuffs after the move, there was no hidden cost involved, no bleach of agreement or nothing which could have bothered me. So, I want to recommend full service van lines.

  71. Paul Lagois

    I am really happy about my last move, which took place few days ago and I used full service van lines for the move. They pulled out which was looking to be a critical move. They actually made a very critical move look easy. This is a rare quality. Movers had a certain plan about the move and they were good enough to execute the plan. They were focused, committed, motivated and most importantly they knew what they were up to and they had the courage to take on the odds. I am happy that they did not give me a single chance to complain. I am also satisfied with the amount they have charged to me.

  72. Shane Watson

    Just about a week ago I was desperately looking to hire a very affordable and efficient moving company to move my office at another location. I knew that office moves are always hard to execute and it requires skills and commitment. So, I was very choosy while selecting the right movers for my move. It was great that my friend Kashif helped to decide about which company to hire. I hired full service van lines because of the price that they offered and the reviews that people wrote about them in many sites. However, it was all ready for the move and finally the day arrived. Movers came on time with all necessary tools and then began their work. It was good to notice that they divided the work within them based on their strengths and they seemed to be focused and very committed. Movers were very professional and they knew how to get the job done. They maintained the checklist properly and fulfilled all my demands. In the end, it was a flawless, cheap and a timely move.

  73. Tim Keough

    I am no body to rate full service van lines but as an individual I do believe that they should be rated as one of the best movers of the town. I used them twice within the last 7 months and they were able to impress me in both the occasions. To be honest I never seen such efficient, affordable and committed movers ever. I recommend them.

  74. Nicolas Senak

    I was never expecting a perfect move because there were many things to be packed, moved and stored at the new place and some were very heavy, some were huge and some were vulnerable. So, I was sure that there would be some messes and there must be some damaged and b broken things but luckily they proved me wrong and for the first time I felt happy for wrong guessing. Movers worked their heart out to ensure a smooth move. They worked like anything and they managed every single odd, which came to their ways. At the end they were able to deliver a safe, fast and smooth move. I have no words to thank them. All I can do is to recommend them. So, I am recommending full service van lines.

  75. Nick Allen

    My wife and I were looking for a good moving company because we have a lot of glassware. We heard good things about full service van lines, so we decided to hire them. Truly they are very good. I liked that face that they smoothly and carefully moved every item. They are efficient and polite. They were very easy to work with from the beginning. Thanks full service van lines for making my move quick and easy.

  76. Mike Proctor

    I am not recommending full service ban lines or writing a testimonial about them, I am just sharing my experience while using them for a long distance move. Movers showed up on time. They came with all necessary tools and they seemed to be very organized and well prepared for the move. When they working, I noticed that they were not relaxing for a minutes or they were not in any kind of hurry but still the movers were able to manage a very timely move. When I checked the inventory I got very impressed to see all my belongings in perfect condition. I have to say that the movers did a great job for me. I am happy and impressed.

  77. Harold Bork

    To be very honest I used full service van lines just once and that was about a week ago. But my brief experience with the movers were enough to realize that they are far ahead than any other ordinary movers. Movers arrived on time during my move and they showed why they are better than others. They were well prepared for the task and performed in a very organized way. It seemed that they the movers knew what they were up against and what needed to be done. I am sure that they had the formula of success. I loved their punctuality, efficiency, professionalism and commitment a lot. These movers are affordable too. So, I do believe that they deserve this recommendation.

  78. John Duncan

    I am running short of words to praise full service van lines. I have no other options but to recommend this company after what they have done for me. Though this is a new company but their movers never looked like running short of experience. They are highly trained and equally speedy. The way they controlled the whole matter was nothing short than a miracle. I am very happy with their service and I am definitely recommending them.

  79. Pablo Neimar

    I heard a lot about full service van lines from my childhood friend and decided to try them for my 2 bed apartment move. Yesterday I moved with the help of them. I thank them for a very efficient move. They handled the move with great efficiency and responsibility. They kept all of their commitments and delivered me a picture perfect move. I am surely going to recommend them.

  80. Shane Watson

    Morning shows the day. Based on this theory 2014 should go well for me. Just yesterday I moved to my new apartment. Most importantly everything went according to the plan. I am thankful to full service van lines for such great service and affordable price. I hired them for my move because of the deal that they offered me. But they had to perform. No doubt they the team of full service van lines did perform like real pros. They managed to pack and move everything perfectly. I was worried about the fragile stuffs but nothing was broken or damaged. I do believe that full service van lines is one of the very best in business.

  81. Hector Gabilan

    Decision making is never easy and always important before anything you do, especially when money and time are involved. So, if you are about to move somewhere and planning to hire professionals then just go for full service van lines. I used quite a few movers over the years and from my personal experience I would always suggest to use full service van lines. They are cheap, efficient and very caring.

  82. Aslam Butt

    I am not going to write a huge review. All I want to say that if you have a decent budget for your move then just go for full service van lines. This company has all the necessary ingredients to successfully complete a move. I used them twice by far and my experience with full service van lines is simply too good. I do rate full service van lines as one of the best movers ever. So, if you are looking for movers just give them a call and let them do everything for you.

  83. Paul Plaine

    I never thought that any movers would be able to deliver me an error free and quick move because of the nature of my move. But for the very first time I was highly impressed by any moving company. Full service van lines really amazed me with their awesome service and level of commitment. Movers did everything possible to keep the situation under control and they were successful too. There was nothing which stopped them from delivering my goods within the allotted time and despite of many fragile things and heavy furniture they managed to skip from any kind of unwanted issues. I hardly noticed any mistakes by these movers. They really changed my perception towards professional movers. I am truly amazed and I am definitely going to recommend full service van lines to everyone I know.

  84. Randoll Gamez

    I have recently used full service van lines while I was shifting to another house. The decision of using full service van lines turned out to be a great one. I did not know about them but when I saw their ratings and read some of their user reviews I called at their office. I felt really good the way their sales rep dealt my matter. He was quick to submit the quotation and smart enough to key in on my needs. Their estimate price seemed to be reasonable. However, their quality of service was even better. Movers arrived timely, did their job without any errors, managed to avoid unwanted circumstances and ensured the safety of my goods. I am highly impressed with their overall performance.

  85. Jundy Chang

    I got the number of full service van lines from my cousin when I asked him to help me to find an affordable and reliable moving company. However, I called full service van lines and talked with their sales rep. He was very attentive and equally responsive. He answered all my questions and smartly pointed out my requirements and offered me a great deal based on my needs. I just grabbed his offer and hired full service van lines to execute my 3 bed room apartment move. When the movers arrived on time I guessed that I am going to receive a professional service. I was right because they were real professionals. They came well prepared and they had the perfect plan to execute the move. I was amazed to see their speed and accuracy. They were too good for my move. Movers were doing their work effortlessly and they were simply flawless from the beginning till the end. I was so impressed that I tipped the movers. I would like to recommend full service van lines to everyone because they are affordable and best as far as the service is concerned.

  86. John Tsiros

    My friend Gabriel gave me the number of full service van lines and asked me to use them for my move. So I called and spoke with their sales rep about my move. He was very responsive and attentive. He asked me many questions to get an idea about the nature of the move and then he came to my place to see the situation. Later he offered me a quote, which seemed to be a perfect one. I booked them for the job. Movers came just in time and they were very well prepared for the move. They were well informed by about the nature of the move. That is why movers did everything perfectly. They were real experts. It was great to see them packing and moving the items without breaking or damaging. Most importantly they were running well ahead than the schedule. When I checked the inventory I did not get a single fault! Everything was picture perfect and better than what I was anticipating. I am very impressed with their performance. I am surely going to recommend full service van lines to everyone I know.

  87. Kevin Kuan

    I am not going to rant on and on with my comment. I used full service van lines several days ago and I am very happy with their performance. I got a move, which was done according to my requirements and I did not find any kind of errors during the move. It was professionally handled and I am also happy with the price that I paid to them for their world class service.

  88. Judy Lehrman

    I have been using full service van lines for a while now. I do need moving services very often because I have to send and receive many materials for my business and I am using full service van lines for this purpose. Actually they are yet to give me less than a perfect move. I like their service and price. Full service van lines is one of the best in town based on their service and price. So, I am recommending this company.

  89. Job Costello

    I am not going to waste my time by lingering this comment. I used full service van lines couple of days ago for an office move. My experience with them was simply awesome. They charged a moderate price, delivered the office belongings in perfect condition, completed the task within the schedule and did not give us a chance to complain. So, due to these valid reasons I suggest everyone to use this fine company.

  90. John Ward

    While talking about movers / moving companies only one name comes into my mind and that is full service van lines. When I first used them I hardly knew about them. Actually it was the deal that they offered made me using them. After taking the taste of their awesome service, I recommended this company to my friends and relatives. Being honest they proved that they are the real players in moving business. I wish them success.

  91. Jennifer Marrero

    I have used many moving companies in the past because of the nature of my job. But I never experienced such great service which was damn fast and dead accurate. I was really speechless to see their accuracy and speed. These guys are surely highly experienced and equally skilled. They were not at all bothered with anything. All seemed too easy for them. Though I had many fragile stuffs, glass and crystal ware, paintings, piano and heavy furniture but none of these actually caused any delay or damage. They also did not charge a huge amount. I thank the sales rep and his team for such a great move.

  92. Bryan Clees

    Few days ago I was in search for a good reliable moving company. That time my sister-in-law suggested me to use full service van lines and I did. Now I would like to thank all 3 movers of and the sales rep for a perfect move. They provided me a smooth, stress free and speedy move. It was more than perfect. I am very impressed and I would like to use them again.

  93. Farzin Wahab

    I used full service van lines last week and that was the first time I actually used any moving service. It was a great experience. Movers were really skilled. They knew how to deal with the matter and they did their level best for me. That is why I got a smooth and timely move.

  94. Oscar Castillo

    I have experienced several movers over the years and from my various experiences I can say that the movers of this company are the best in the business. They are very highly trained professional movers. They are punctual, speedy and very innovative. They have the solution for any kind of problem. When they manage my move I had nothing left to do but to watch them doing a fine job for me. I have to appreciate their commitment and customer service. This is really a great company. Use them for a stress free move.

  95. Haris Eftichiou

    To me service matters most. I never mind paying a good amount for the best service. Finally I got the desired service from full service van lines. I used other movers in the past but never experienced what I was looking for. This is the first moving company ever which ensured my satisfaction. 2 days ago they were involved in my 3 bed room apartment move. They have showed how to execute a picture perfect move. I thank their sales guy and the movers for an awesome service.

  96. Christopher Lamm

    This company is not new to me. 2 months ago I used them for my apartment move and yesterday I used them again for my office move. I have to mention that they have given their best yesterday as well. Movers arrived on time, nicely packed everything, carefully loaded on the trucks, made the delivery before the schedule and charged within the quoted amount. They have impressed me once again. Good job full service van lines.

  97. Todd Tanner

    I am very thankful to full service van lines for their great customer service. I took the gamble by hiring this company without knowing much about them and fortunately the gamble paid off. They did very well to move my stuffs very efficiently and in an organized manner. It was a very professional service and a flawless one. I am more than just impressed with their performance. I thank them once again for their super service

  98. Mario Salas

    It was lightning fast move. Though they were supposed to complete the move within 5pm but they did extremely well to finish the move within 3pm!! Movers were exceptionally talented. They had their own ways to work, which were pretty effective and speedy. When I saw all my stuffs in a perfect condition after the move, I was happy like anything. Though they are not the cheapest but they do charge a very reasonable amount.

  99. Edu Gomez

    If you are looking to hire a very reliable and affordable moving company then full service van lines should be the first option for you. I had a very tight budget and a difficult move to be executed and I hired them. I was praying to get a manageable move but these movers stunned me by providing a picture perfect move. They were so skilled that they made my move look so ordinary. So, do not waste your time reading these reviews. Just call them and let them do the rest for you.

  100. Avrumy Kay

    I used full service van lines yesterday for a 2 bed room apartment move. That was the not the first time I used any moving companies. I have a vast experience of using several moving companies. From my experience I would say that these movers are the best by far. They knew what they were doing and what they were up against. They were organized and prepared for all kind of odds. As a result the movers were able to delivers a very timely and perfect move. I am also happy with their price. They charged a very reasonable amount.

  101. Alex Moniz

    They have the skills to deliver the best move at any given situation. I have been using them for a long period and during this time I used them for myself, for my parents and uncle. They were always on top of the work. We always got the best service from them. They have some great sales persons and their movers are the best in town plus they never charge a lot. Overall full service van lines is a company, which should be ranked among the top 3.

  102. Nick Stone

    I am not a person has no experience of the professional movers. I have used several movers in my life because I relocate a lot for the sake of my job. But now one has come even closer to full service van lines. I used them few days ago for a 2 bed room apartment move and they did an outstanding job for me. Everything was more than perfect. I tried a lot but failed to find any mistakes by the movers. It was a flawless performance by them. I am sure that I am going to call them again for my next move.

  103. Carmen Belle

    I knew that I am going to see some broken and damaged stuffs after the move, which is pretty common in any move. But I never wanted to experience what I have gone through couple of years in a different move by other movers. I never wanted a long delay, plenty of damage & lost things and above all I was afraid of hidden charges. But full service van lines is not like any other ordinary movers. They were not the cheapest but still reasonable. Movers completed the move before the allotted time, apart from one or two incidents everything remained in order. It was a very neat, fast and affordable relocation in the end.

  104. Justin Abey

    I knew that the movers of full service van lines are very efficient. I used them once before yesterday’s move and that good experience actually forced me to hire them again. I was little worried the glassware and the piano but as expected, they managed to move everything without any hiccups. They were fast and accurate and cheap. I am lucky that I know them. Now I do not afraid to relocate because I do have them to manage everything.

  105. Timothy Nolan

    At the end of the last month I was looking to hire a very affordable and reliable moving company to take care of our move. We were very concerned about the move because we wanted to have a perfect move. Neither I nor my wife could have afforded to lose any of the stuffs during the move because everything was attached with our so many sweet memories. When the movers were moving the stuffs, it was great to notice them being very careful and accurate. When they asked me to check the inventory after the move, I was happy like anything to see that all our belongings in one piece and without any damage! I am very happy with their superb work, punctuality and extraordinary service.

  106. Carmen Belle

    Full service van lines is not new to me or my friends. Around 2 years back I first hired them. That time I moved into my present apartment. They did everything for me. Packing, moving and storing everything. I was so impressed that I suggested my friends and family members to use them and they have also hired them. Every one of them was equally satisfied. I like their commitment, consistency and willingness to help. This is a really good moving company. If you are searching for a good moving company then consider full service van lines. I am sure they won’t let their customers down.

  107. Jeremy Palmer

    Few days ago my wife and I were looking for a very good moving company. So, we checked in the net and found full service van lines. We some great reviews and decided to call them. After discussing the move with their sales rep, we decided to hire them because the deal was very attractive. However, movers showed up on time and they were simply the best at what they were doing. We did the packing; they moved and stored all our belongings in no time! Surprisingly nothing was damaged, broken or lost. We were really pleased to get the wonderful service. We would like to thank the moves for their fantastic job.

  108. Eric Johnsen

    I am a repeat customer of full service van lines. Last month I used them while moving to a new house and yesterday I used them once again for my office move. This time also they did a terrific job. I knew that they will not miss the deadline and I was also sure about the office belongings that they won’t damage or break anything. Thanks a lot guys for not letting me down.

  109. Parl Behnken

    Yesterday movers of Full service van lines did a fantastic job for me. Both my wife and I just loved their way of work. They were very innovative, focused, committed, punctual, efficient, friendly and humorous. We were pleased to see all our belongings safely packed, moved and then stored. We would like to recommend them to anyone who is looking for good movers.

  110. Jay Fasen

    I have recently used full service van lines and my experience was wonderful using them. Movers did a lot and the sales guy too gave his best effort. They arrived timely and moved our belongings quickly and avoided all kind of unwanted issues. Their price was fair and service was world class. So, I suggest everyone to consider full service van lines.

  111. Richard Figueroa

    I randomly picked Full service van lines for my move which proved be a great decision in the end. Their movers were very punctual, skilled, friendly, polite and responsible. They dealt with great care as if it was their own move and took less than the quoted time to accomplish the job flawlessly. I am very impressed and I am surely looking to hire them for my next move as well.

  112. Darrin Siegfried

    One of my friends told me about full service van lines. So, I called them before my move. I talked with their sales rep and got a great deal from him. I did not waste any time hiring full service van lines. It was an office move. They had to pack and move the office belongings. Their movers showed up on time with the necessary tools and the trucks. They stayed very calm and collective, nicely worked as a unit and never tried to do anything fancy. They completed the packing without any error and moved the office belongings before the allotted time. After unloading the inventory I checked and fortunately did not find a reason to complain. All went fine till the end. I do recommend full service van lines for all kind of office moves.

  113. Nicolas Anelka

    Full service van lines took care of my belongings while moving them to my new apartment. Though it was not a long distance move but still it was a very demanding task. I had many things to be moved where some heavy but fragile furniture, a piano and many glass and crystal ware was involved. They also had to manage my pets and my children. But nothing caused any unexpected delay or damage to my stuffs. All went fine and the price was very reasonable too. So, I decided to recommend full service van lines.

  114. Cherry Crawford

    Recently I moved to Georgia from Florida and full service van lines was assigned for the move. They did wonderful. From packing to moving the goods all went absolutely fine. Their movers did exceptionally well to avoid any errors considering the fast that it was a long distance move and they had to deal with so many stuffs, among them few were extremely heavy and vulnerable. They made the delivery within the schedule and did not ask for any extra amount. Actually they charged little less than the initial quote. I am running short of words to thank the movers and the sales guy of full service van lines.

  115. Eric Johnsen

    I was going through a very tough situation. Just about a month ago I got divorced and that is why I wanted to change that house. I got a new house and it was the time to move. I asked my friend Ron to find me a good moving company within my budget. He booked Full service van lines on my behalf. I was ready for anything. I had no hopes from anyone. But these movers showed me that life is not that much bad. They came on time and executed the move so brilliantly as if they were dealing with their own move!! Movers were very friendly and helpful. They also saved my money by their extra effort. They are not only good movers, they are good people too.

  116. Stone Clark

    Omg! You guys are so good. Wow! I’m so happy. Finally I got the chance to move to a better place. Thanks for the wonderful service. I was so tensed that something might break or get damaged. But nothing happened. Thanks for everything Full service van lines.

  117. Mathew Haiden

    If you need a good mover I suggest Full service van lines. They are efficient, friendly and less time consuming. They did a very good job with my move. I don’t have any complaints nor will you. Fantastic work.

  118. Carla Unwin

    Moving from one state to another is never an easy task to accomplish because of the distance and the cost. I tried other movers in the past and my experience was horrible. So, I was more careful this time choosing the right movers for the move to Texas from Florida. My hard work paid off. They did really well. All started when I called at spoke with their sales rep. he offered me a decent price and ensured that there will be no hidden cost involved. He kept his work and the movers did their job perfectly. They were highly experienced, skilled, committed, punctual, friendly and very polite. I thank them for a smooth and quick move.

  119. Alexander Chen

    I had no idea about full service van lines before using them. Actually I was in hurry and I had no time to research before hiring professional movers. So, I just called them and booked them for my move. They did not get even 24 hours for talking preparation of my move and they hardly knew about the nature of the move. But still the movers of full service van lines applied their vast experience and skills to overcome the odds. They have showed how capable and innovative they are and made me impressed with their fast and accurate service. I am also happy with the amount they charged for the move. Overall, it was a delight using full service van lines.

  120. Chaminda Vas

    I am really lucky to have such great service. I hired a different moving company at the very first place but after hearing their horrible stories from a friend, I canceled the deal and hired Full service van lines. Now I would say that the decision of hiring them was one of the best decisions made by myself. Though I was very worried about the old furniture, sofa, glass corners and the paintings but nothing went wrong. Movers worked their heart out to ensure the safety of my belongings. It was great to see all my belongings in one piece and without being damaged. I thank them for a timely and stress free move.

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