DMI Movers

Company Name: DMI Movers
License & Registration: US DOT: 2003371
MC : 707067
Address: 22034, Rayen St., West Hills, CA 91304
Primary Phone: 888 668 3212
Alternate Phone: 818 988 2303
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Services Offered:  Local Movers, Long Distance Movers, Full Service Movers, Household Movers


DMI Movers Reviews

Whether you are planning your first move, or haven’t moved for many years; whether you’re moving your home or your office, a long distance relocation can be an exciting and sometimes a stressful time. You need a long distance moving company that has the experience, resources and equipment to securely and professionally transport your household goods.

At DMI Movers we offer a wide range of professional services and have the ability to relocate you anywhere in the country.

Sit back relax and enjoy the difference with DMI Movers

We appreciate your interest in our moving and storage services. DMI Movers is your one-stop source for Moving Resources.

DMI Movers offer complete moving and storage services designed to meet the particular needs of our customers. Residential moving in the US is the core business of DMI Movers Every year DMI Movers move thousands of families into new homes in all 48 states.

We make your Moving experience pleasant in a stress free environment, utilizing all of our resources and experience. DMI Movers is a dedicated and experienced family business with extremely high standards when catering for our customers.

We are ready to counsel you through every step in the process of moving. With us you get

  •     quality packing service
  •     professional crew equipped with a wide variety of boxes and packing materials on the truck
  •     variety of vehicle
  •     climate controlled modern storage with 24hr surveillance

All in all we make sure your goods are handled in the best possible way. We are looking forward to serving you.

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10 reviews for DMI Movers

  1. angel

    this company is closed and now and I know why. they scammed customers all these years and I was one of them. I hope they get what they deserve for scamming me out of 5 grand losers.

  2. Teresa

    Check out government website SAFERWeb US DOT #2003371
    NOT AUTHORIZED CARRIER STATUS! All addresses are fake, non-existant. BEWARE! We lost 17 boxes, what showed up was damaged. Sean from DMI Movers told Simi Valley Police they moved location to LA and we filed a claim but nothing is missing. NEVER looked for our belongings because they stole them.

    • fred

      Here is their contact info:

      Melissa. M Claims Department
      1-888-668-3212 x231
      1-888-668-3202- fax

      Physical Address:
      5105 E LOS ANGELES AVE E260
      SIMI VALLEY, CA 93063

      (818) 988-2303

      Mailing Address:
      5105 E LOS ANGELES AVE E260
      SIMI VALLEY, CA 93063

      USDOT Number:
      State Carrier ID Number:

      MC/MX/FF Number(s):

  3. Fred Janz

    DMI Movers INC = Worst Moving Company, stay away from DMI Movers Inc.

    Issue I have is very similar to those cited above, overcharging based on weight.

    After 20+ phone calls and emails to DMI by my broker and myself nothing has been resolved. Here are the actions I have taken thus far:

    •Spoke with the Ca Public Utilities Commission who indicated you DMI does not have a Ca license on file as they tend to do mostly intrastate moves. They indicated if we could find instances of in-state Ca moves they could get involved, they have my case file and complaint records on hand.
    •With the Ca PUC spoke with the US DOT who indicated they have an active case open and issued a letter to you on Jan 13, 2014. The complaint file was sent to their investigators. Both the Ca PUC and US DOT indicated DMI’s company’s complaint record is poor, sent a copy to DMI with no response.
    •Spoke with American Movers and Storage(the broker) who indicated they have spoken with you David, President ( and he indicated to them payment would be made. Never came.
    •Spoke with an arbitrator who has done work with your Claim Management Company (Anthem Claims) who indicated this appears to be a ‘slam dunk’ in my favor.
    •Spoke with the Ca Attorney General’s office who has the files, they are reviewing and could assign to a district attorney.
    •Broker I used told me they have disqualified DMI as one of their move companies.
    •Filed claim with Ca BBB who attempted to resolve, DMI did not respond.
    •Spoke with local attorneys in Ca and Fl. A class action legal suit is best way to go in getting DMI to respond and issue resolved. They told me in a class action suit they would go after the carrier for legal fees. I have all the complaints from the US DOT and internet along with a track record of attempted contacts. This morning I sent a letter to DMI for one final try at gaining monies owed.

    After moving 11 times this certainly has been an eye opening experience, if you are looking at using DMI I strongly urge you to reconsider. The mistake I made was using a broker who subcontracted the job to someone without my approval.

  4. Teresa


  5. Mary Fanelli

    DMI are the rottenest moving company. As everyone here has said. I stopped payment on my check because, as others have stated, they demanded more than twice what they estimated. I did have extra things, and was told that they would go to a weigh station and I could call for that information. At that time an adjustment would be made. I called and was hung up on! They refused to send me the true weight and also refused to send me copies of all the paper I had signed. I may end up hiring a mover in LA to get my belongings. Terrible, terrible, terrible.

  6. Michael Davis

    This company is TERRIBLE !!! Please don’t use them, save yourself the head ache. The over charged me 1300.00 $, they broke my furniture, I paid 300.00$ for tape !! REALLY. I am still waiting on my property 23 days now and can’t get anyone to call me back or tell me anything about the delivery date.

  7. nothappywithDMI

    DO NOT USE DMI MOVERS !!!! I was moving cross country and I got a call mid-Saturday from a guy who claimed to be a transport driver for DMI Movers telling me that “he has all my household goods and that my household goods will be delivered Monday” and “they will only accept (before they unload) either COD cash or Cashiers check.” I told this transport driver I needed some time to make my banking arrangements and reminded him that most banks are closed Saturday by noon and banks are also closed Sundays and that I could not do anything until Monday morning. The driver and another guy named Shawn and the guy from their CA office named Jonathan all started to harass me stating with several calls saying that I said “I didn’t have the money” and I told them all, “no, and I had to keep repeating; “that’s’ not what I said” and I repeated several times to all 3 of these guys, saying I need some time to get this amount of money (a few thousand-$) arranged with my local bank Monday morning.
    When Monday morning arrived, I kept getting calls from their transport driver and from the guy named Shawn and from the other guy named Jonathan. What I learned is that DMI Movers is a broker; they farm out all their jobs!! I had a horrible day Monday with several phone calls coming in to me from the driver who was very rude to me. They even had their wolf; a guy named Shawn and another guy named Jonathan who both had also called me several times Monday morning demanding all cash or the cashiers check and that they would not take credit or debit cards not would take a personal check. The volumes of phone calls I received that Monday morning from all 3 of these guys were extremely unprofessional and the way all 3 of these guys talked to on the phone was VERY rude-unprofessional!! By Monday noon, they were threatening me that they would only give me 1 more hour (it was mid-day and I was trying to get the monies arranged due to long distance banking arrangements needed) and I explained to all 3 of these guys that I do not have a few thousand dollars cash on me nor did I carry this amount of cash with me at all times! I even had my local bank representative hear some of the calls I received and we both were appalled at the total amount of unprofessionalism and very rude dialogs I was receiving on my phone! At 1 point I was threatened that “if I didn’t have the money or the cashiers check within 1 hour, they would return all my household goods back into storage!!! THAT IS NO WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS BUT DMI MOVERS ALL DID TREAT ME HORRIBLY!! I finally had my banking arrangesments completed shortly after lunch and was working within 1 hour of time due to being threatened that my goods would NOT be delivered if I didn’t get the money or check withinin 1 hour of their most recent phone call I got from the guy named Shawn and the other leader from CA named Jonathan. Finally the transport driver arrived and had my househould goods unloaded BUT I WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE TO EVEN THINK THWICE ABOUT USING DMI MOVERS!
    I made sure my local bank made note to share with clients not to use this moving company either!! The quantity of calls I received, plus the way all the 3 guys talked to me over the phone were all 3 VERY RUDE to me!! I was only given less than a 48 hour notice too from some transport driver that he had my goods!! I don’t know if that was DMI MOVERS rules and I questioned them why they were only given me less than a 48 hour notice for delivery! They all 3 got VERY angry me when I questioned them regarding the short notice via phone I received.
    When I had my banking arranged and the cashiers check ready, my goods arrived, were quickly unloaded and I could not wait for the driver and his crew to leave! DMI Movers also seems to “get locals” to unload such as some sort of their own quick fix networking systemswherever they At this time I’m not sure yet if anything is broken or damaged due to all being put into storage upon arrival. Lessons learned, DO NOT USE DMI MOVERS FROM SEMI VALLEY, CALIFORNIA !!

  8. Allan b.

    During the conversation with their customer service specialist Tali, she said that during the pick up date, I will be able to know the date I will be expecting delivery of my stuffs. When this day came, they told me I will know “in a couple of days”. A week after, (June 20), I called again and spoke to the supervisor named Jonathan, this guy said that I will get a phone call the following day, June 21 from the driver that’s suppose to deliver my stuffs, and i will expect delivery on saturday or sunday, maximum of tuesday. 3 days later and I am not getting a phone call, I called their office again and spoke to this Jonathan. I complained that I haven’t received any call from anybody, they gave me the name and tel number of the driver. When I called the driver, the driver stated ” maybe Thursday”. I called Jonathan again, and complained that the delivery date is getting worse and worse. Jonathan threatened me that he will just recall the shipment to California ( where we came from) and I can just hire another moving company if I want to. This is the attitude of this “Supervisor” to his customers. Since I am already helpless, he just treats me like garbage. This company’s license needs to be revoked until its staff knows how to treat its customers better. I hope that I will be the last person to be victimized by this moving company.

    Another tidbits on how terrible this moving company is. When I was making a decision on what company to hire, I spoke to Pyramid Movers, I told them that DMI gave me a “binding” quotation of 2100 for this move. pyramid quoted 3500. The guy from Pyramid warned me that the actual rate from DMI will for sure go up. I didn’t believe him. Well, he was actually right. The actual cost went up to 3600!!! Not only that . Pyramid mover will pack, drive and deliver my things in 3 days, guaranteed. And it’s going to be the same people who will pick up and deliver my stuffs. On the other hand, DMI costs more, and until now, there is no guarantee on when my shipment is gong to be delivered. It’s been 10 days. Just sharing this to all of you so you can be warned . I will give update here everyday so everyone who wants to hire DMI will have an informed decision whether to get their service or not. For more inputs about my experience , please find my earlier review. And again , let me say this again, if you will complain to the supervisor named Jonathan about the slow delivery , he will threaten you that he will recall your shipment back to where you came from. That is DMI – rude people, bad service, they will treat you like garbage.

    I totally agree with the review of Jen J. Consumers should do something to companies like DMI movers. We shouldn’t just be quiet and accept this kind of treatment. I will pursue this case. I am posting this on facebook, twitter, google, emailing all my friends specially in california and all around the country so hopefully i will be the last person to be victimized by DMI movers. During the moving date, I even gave their website and tel # to a friend who is also moving, good thing I was still able to advise him before he signed the contract.

    Their staff will immediately transform from being helpful to monsters once they already got your shipment and payment, now you deal will with their extremely bad service. I will give daily update folks.

  9. Carrie Lathrop

    UPDATE: As of May 24, 2013, DMI movers has responded with the refund promised. I thank you for keeping your word . I wish you and your company the best.

    Carrie Lathrop

  10. Carrie Lathrop

    On Dec 15th 3012 DMI movers came to my moms home to pick up everything to be moved to Kyle Tx. They arrived at my moms home they put more packing tape on her boxes wrapped up the Antique foot pump organ, the organ was to be in a wood crate but was wrapped in cardboard. My mom called me to tell me that they were saying the cost would be more to
    have the items shipped. I talked to the delivery man who told me that the weight was more than the 950.00 quoted for 1500lbs. He said it would be more like a 1625.00 but he will give me a discount for 1475.00. I asked if he would have things weighed. He said you mom does not have a car and can not follow me to the scale. This is true she sold her car
    she was moving overseas that Sunday the 16th. I then said You are still going to get a weight of shipment. He said sure, this was a lie. I asked about the delivery time and he said I would be called within a few days of a delivery time.

    I get a call Dec 22nd at 9:53am from the movers. They left a message saying they will be at my home and I
    need to pay the 690.00 balance by postal MO or cash. They left 2 messages I was sleeping after driving from Kyle Tx to Dalhart Tx all night.
    I call the movers about 10:30am and they tell me they will be at my home in 2 hours. At this point im a 11 hour drive away from my home. So I call my sister in law and she runs over the 690.00 in cash to my son who was home.
    That 2 hour delivery turned out to be delivered at close to 9pm at night. They came and my son gave them the 690.00
    cash, I called to have my neighbor be with my son. It was late and the drivers seemed odd every time I spoke to them trying to figure out why the 2 hour delivery time turned into 9 hours later.
    My neighbor David came to our home with our son. I get a phone call from Davis saying they are dropping boxes from the back of the 18 wheeler. As im still on the phone I hear another box drop from the truck. Davis asks if I heard that and yes I did. I tell David my neighbor that some of those boxes are filled with antiques and that the organ is from the 1800’s. He yells
    over at them to tell them what I said. I was horrified by what I was hearing. After that the 2 drivers started screaming at each other, I could hear them as well over the phone. David said they almost got in a fist fight One driver went to the truck cab and the other into the back of the 18 wheeler. I called the DMI moving Co

    It was after hours but I left a message about what was happening. Within 10 mins I did get a phone call back from a man, sorry I do not recall his name. It was a crazy night. I explained what was happening and he told me to have David tell the drivers to call him at 817-996-9975.
    After they talked to the man with DMI movers they got to work and were more careful.

    My neighbor stayed till after 11:30pm with my son.
    He wanted to make sure the movers left and everything was Ok. I fear what could have happened if David would off not been at my home. I have already listed the damages for everything. The true weight for the items I was overcharged. This experience has been horrific in all aspects from start to finish.

    17 items broken one of those broken Llardo piece worth 400.00

    The owner said if I took every negative review offline he would refund 695.00 and lied again about that.

    Stay far away from DMI Movers AKA delta moving inc

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