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Company Name: Coast 2 Coast Moving & Delivery
License & Registration: USDOT Number: 2413762
Address: 9909, Harwin  C, Houston, TX, 77036
Primary Phone: 713-231-6394
Alternate Phone: N/A
Email: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Services Offered: Local Movers, Long Distence Movers


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Coast 2 Coast Moving & Delivery Reviews

About Coast 2 Coast Moving & Delivery

Being a family-owned and operated business, we are able to offer you the best rates in town. Not to mention, that personal touch to make your move stress free as possible. Our goal is to make all of our customers happy. At COAST 2 COAST MOVING & DELIVERY, we really care about giving our customers the service they deserve. From a small delivery to a full house move, we do it all. Packing, furniture installations, loading and unloading of rental or pod, piano moves, restaurant equipment, displays, etc. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We are a 100% moving services provider. We pack, load or unload your rental truck. We move pianos or any other large or small pieces. No job is too small or too large for us. With over 10 years’ experience, we provide relocation services for all of Texas and nationwide. We also provide free plastic wrap and padding.

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4 reviews for Coast 2 Coast Moving & Delivery Reviews

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jesus take the wheel

    The best services I did coke with Nesto and smoked weed with him and we also had sexual intercourse and lord his dick in my asshole felt so good I couldn’t pay him so he fucked me in the ass and all his workers did too I love Mexican dick

  2. jill tk

    Beware. I had a really terrible experience with this moving company and the owner Nesto.

    1) day before scheduled move, Nesto pushed back start time by 4 hours (I was ok with this but in hindsight, it was just the beginning of all the issues I faced with this company).
    2) day of move – I booked 2 men with Nesto, 1 was great/experienced, the other was new and did not know what he was doing. Due to his lack of experience and poor motivation, a 1 bedroom move 3 miles down the road took almost 6 hours. Bad for me since they charge by the hour.
    3) large mirror broke – I was not terribly upset by this as accidents can happen, but what I am NOT ok with is that Nesto agreed to get it fixed and returned to me, but has failed to do so.
    4) my ladder was left on the moving truck. Nesto apologized after I notified him and offered to return the item along with $50 for inconvenience. This also has not happened.

    Still outstanding: Nesto has failed to meet his commitment to deliver my items and will not return any calls or texts. Its been over 3 weeks.

    Reporting them to BBB. They should not be allowed to operate in this manner without being held accountable.

  3. Javier H

    Coast 2 Coast Houston
    En general mal servicio, de los 2 movers que me tocaron, uno si se veia profesional y el otro mal en el trato con los muebles y con las personas, alegando para todo y peleandose con los vigilantes de la unidad.
    Pero de todo esto tiene la culpa el responsable que los dirige ya que a mi entender los sobrecarga de trabajo y no cumplen con el horario prometido y uno esta llame y llame y todavia preguntan si uno aun quiere el servicio !!!
    Los trabajadores hacen tiempo y esto hace que salga mucho mas caro de lo estimado, ademas en mi caso dañaron la propiedad y desde luego que el responsable se hizo el desentendido y no acepto ninguna reclamación ni rebaja ni nada. Ellos solo quieren ganar sin importar el servicio al cliente.
    Para nada los recomiendo !!! No son profesionales.

  4. Sarah

    My fiance and I have used this moving company before to unload our moving truck when we arrived to Houston, Tx, and had a good experience. So, naturally, we used them again to move us out. This was a HUGE mistake. The guys arrived late, but were apologetic and got straight to work. I did let the guys know that we were trying to keep under the 2hr mark, and if they were able to do so there was a generous tip involved. They said that wouldn’t be a problem, and got straight to work (which I appreciated).

    They were moving quickly and efficiently as they moved the light weight items out of the apartment. When it came time to move the furniture however, they spent over 45min wrapping everything in plastic. My fiance and I had asked on more than one occasion for them not to wrap our couch or dressers in plastic. The guys said ‘ok’ but did so anyways, which wasted time. A comment was also made by one of the guys to the other to only move the light items since we only wanted them for 2hrs, and let us move the heavy items. The fact that the comment was made right in front of us, and in Spanish (thinking neither my fiance or I spoke Spanish), was very offensive.

    They were not delicate or careful when moving furniture that are family heirlooms (I specifically asked that they be careful). Our furniture sat in mud and dirt once they were brought downstairs instead of placing on the sidewalk or right in the truck. I also saw one of the workers on several occasions just standing in the moving truck. I know manual labor is hard work but time is money, and with a cross country move every penny counts.

    After they had hit the 3hr mark, we had to cut them off. They left, and my fiance moved what was left down to the moving truck, which is when he discovered our 60 inch plasma TV laying face down on the floor of the truck, and a chunk of wood from our entertainment center laying on the floor as well. Our neighbor saw him at the truck, and came out to tell him his observations. He saw the movers lay the TV down, and had told them that they can’t do that because it will ruin the TV (creates black spots on the screen). The movers acknowledged him, but left the TV as it was. Our neighbor was nice enough to run an extension cord out to the truck so my fiance could plug our TV in to check for damage, and lucky us…black spots. I immediately called Nesto (the owner of Coast 2 Coast) and told him of our entire situation. He was very apologetic and asked me to call him the following day so that he could talk to his guys when they got back to the office later that evening. I called the following day, and was asked to leave a message by hie wife/receptionist. My call went un-returned and soon my calls were just completely unanswered. I finally got him on the phone today (March 3rd; 18 days after the incident).

    The owner initially accused me of lying about the entire incident. He said he spoke to his guys and that they left it standing up. After some arguing back and forth, the story changed to his guys laid it down because there were no straps for them to secure the TV with. Then the story was: it was my neighbor who told them to lay it down (I’m sorry, a moving company with a claimed 16yrs of experience taking advice from a passerby?) Finally, the conclusion was that I was making up the whole thing just to get my moved paid for by his company (fyi, our move was paid for by my fiance’s company), because the only way in my mind to rectify the situation was to replace the TV (an estimated $3,000). He kept asking that I put myself in his shoes, but refused to see anything from my angle. Nesto kept bringing up other customers who had tried to cheat him, or threatened to call INS (what that has to do with anything, I have no idea), and he kept placing the blame on his guys and insisted he himself was not financially responsible.

    After arguing for what seemed like eternity, I conceded and asked that he refund me what I paid for the movers ($110), and I would just have to cut my losses with the TV. He immediately said no, and that he was not going to lose any money for the services provided to me. He said that he would like to get the guys in the office and conference call with me so that he can determine who’s lying. In my experience, people tend to want to keep their jobs and entire paycheck, so they aren’t very likely to be forthcoming when a mistake of this financial magnitude is made. But, due to pure frustration and verbal exhaustion, I agreed, and I’m glad I didn’t hold my breath because,surprise, no call back.

    While reaching out to the BBB in hopes that they would be able to help compel Coast 2 Coast Movers to replace or reimburse me for the TV, I found out that Coast 2 Coast is not insured or bonded, which is something that they advertised on their website.

    I would not recommend Coast 2 Coast Movers to anyone. The owner’s lack of professionalism, responsibility, and morals to simply do the right thing is appalling. My advice to anyone who does use Coast 2 Coast: please be very attentive to your possessions, and make sure you are very involved in the process. I made the mistake of only verbally giving direction and answering questions, when I should have been that person who follows them back and forth, and giving direction. I was too trusting in their “16 years of experience”.

    Good luck with your move, and all the best!

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