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Company Name: CLS Moving and Storage
License & Registration: USDOT # 2295461 MC#783806
Address: 2625 Piedmont Rd NE, suite#56-453, Atlanta,GA 30324
Primary Phone: 888-317-1030
Alternate Phone: N/A
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Local Moves, Long Distance Moves
Website: h


Product Description

CLS Moving and Storage Reviews

We have been established since 2008 and been doing a great job serving customers localy and long distance.
we will coordinate your move and make you feel at ease while moving you!

CLS Moving & Storage is a full service moving company specializing in commercial, long distance interstate moves.

We are committed to providing excellent-quality, cost effective moving services in a great environment driven by the fast pace of change. Our company is intensely client-oriented, emphasizing accessibility and personal attention.

CLS Moving & Storage is family-owned and operated right here in Atlanta GA. Since our company opened its doors in 2008,we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch and care.
Planning a long distance move? CLS Moving & Storage has the necessary tools and staff to handle your long distance move safely – with movement updates! Being a fully insured service, we doubly guarantee the safety of your belongings!

We make sure that your belongings arrive in pristine condition. We take all the necessary measures, like loading and unloading with utmost care, using thick packing material, and strong belts to keep your belongings in place during transit.

Pick-up and Delivery Time
We guarantee a pick up date and time for the following areas:

State of California , Nevada , Arizona , Oregon , Washington.

Just decide on a convenient time, and we’ll be there exactly at that time! We perform regular trips along, so we can assure you of timely delivery. For guaranteed pick-up and delivery in united states , please call us at
Novice and new state movers
We provide all the information you’ll ever need to make your relocation smooth and hassle-free!

The great thing about CLS Moving & Storage is that we customize the most affordable cost for your move. Of course, we have tariff guidelines that define our price brackets. However, each move is different. Therefore, not all moves all priced the same. Shipment size, distance between your origin and destination, date flexibility, accessibility at your destination, and other factors determine your specific move cost.
At CLS Moving & Storage, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order , 7 days a week. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

We provide a variety of services including:
CLS Moving & Storage prides itself on the moving and storage solutions we provide. We have flexible storage options to best serve our valued customers. Whether you need storage for household or commercial goods, our expansive facility is equipped to handle your items. We provide both short-term and long-term storage, so you can rest assured that we can hold your goods for as long as you need.

Finding the right moving and Storage Company to provide you with versatile storage options does not have to be difficult, Arrow Van Line has all the storage solutions you need.
At CLS Moving & Storage we specialize in auto and car transport, and by using A Complete Auto Transfer, you can dramatically reduce the risks involved with transporting your own car. CLS Moving & Storage provides door-to-door pickup and delivery of your car and auto, provided that the pickup and delivery streets can accommodate a long loaded carrier. We offer both open and enclosed auto transport and car transport services.

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24 reviews for CLS Moving and Storage Reviews

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    CLS made it extremely easy for my husband and I to move across the country without any added stress that just normally comes with a big move such as ours. We were charged exactly what we were quoted at the exact time they said they would. They showed up on time to drop off the cubes and picked them up when they said they would. Our cubes were delivered to our new location earlier than expected, so that was nice, too. All the staff that we had contact with were very helpful and polite. I would recommend them for anybody that is looking for a trustworthy and reputable company to move them long distances.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    They exceeded our expectations, definitely!!

  3. Rated 1 out of 5


    Worst experience of my whole life! CLS moving lost over 20 of my boxes and an end table. I was assured by the guys who put my stuff on the truck that I didn’t need more wardrobe boxes than what I had. They told me not to worry that my stuff would be taken care of. When the delivery people arrived (later than they were supposed to) they refused to drive into my neighborhood and charged me $250 to deliver my property (even though there had been semis parked on this street many times). They balked to take a personal check but finally relented because that was all I had. Be prepared to hand over more money before they will give you any of your items! I had no choice to pay this extra charge because I wanted my stuff and believed I was getting back everything of mine that they picked up. They attempted to give me furniture that wasn’t mine and I refused to accept property that didn’t belong to me. The delivery drivers were awful and gave us a weird vibe. I was never asked to verify that I received everything. When I realized that so much of my personal stuff was missing (including irreplaceable heirlooms that had been in my family for generations as well as things that aren’t sold anymore) I contacted them to be told they COULDN’T help me! They never tried to open a claim or give me any forms. When I tried to make a claim with the BBB, CLS just kept giving me excuses and then closed the case WITHOUT a resolution!
    If you do use them, put as much as you can in big wardrobe boxes and mark everything clearly so you can identify that you got it all back. Have a great record of everything you own and go over everything before you sign saying you got it all. Be prepared for an extra charge for delivery. I personally believe you should find another trustworthy company, because these people don’t care about you or your property. My boxes looked like they had been wet at some point in the journey – the cardboard was warped on a lot of my boxes. Several things were broken, one box was very smashed up.
    I lost so much stuff from this move which has left me heartbroken and devastated. There is no way I can replace ANY of the items they lost, and it feels miserable to be so taken advantage of with no recourse. I estimate several thousands of dollars to replace the items they lost. This company doesn’t care about you or your stuff. I think they took my stuff to resell, gave it to someone else, or threw it in the trash! Don’t trust these people with your belongings! Get a pod that locks so at least you know that your stuff won’t be lost! If you are tempted by their cheaper price, know that you will not get everything back and you will most likely have some damage to your items. You will lose more than you save by using this company to touch your personal property. I really wish I would have done my research because I would not have let them move my items at all. I have so much regret for trusting these people to do the right thing. Read other reviews and complaints here because they are all true and this company will probably take advantage of you or your property in any way they can.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Very professional,eficient,and reliable. I am very much impressed about my last delivery that was perfectly handled. GOOD JOB

  5. Rated 5 out of 5


    Wonderful to deal with – went above and beyond to make sure everything went smooth.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    AL M

    Very good shipper. CLS continually stayed in contact throughout the shipment. The 2 bedroom arrived in excellent condition. I would highly recommend CLS for transporting and hope to use him again. Thanks for doing such a great job.

  7. Rated 1 out of 5

    Heather Grant

    Deal with CLS Moving at your peril! They cheated my 94 year old mother in two different ways that I know of. I will explain exactly what scams that they perpetrated on us. Do not be taken in by their low estimates (you will certainly pay more, one way or another) or by the telephone charm of Sam and/or Sally, who are obviously well-paid to put a face of concerned helpfulness on this company of crooks. One reviewer has a good line – If they “treat you like family,” as they claim, it must be the Soprano family.
    First, CLS disobeys the law that requires them to provide their potential customers with an estimate that includes replacement value insurance for lost/stolen/damaged items. Their estimates include “Basic Valuation Protection: $.60 per lb per article.” If you get estimates from other movers who obey the law and include replacement value insurance, they will naturally be higher than the illegal CLS estimate.
    After the furniture is loaded on the truck, CLS tells you that you must sign a waiver of full replacement value coverage or the cost will be higher. Classic Bait and Switch trick. If you do this and anything is lost or damaged you will be entitled to 60 cents per pound. Good luck getting even that pittance.
    The bottom line of my first complaint with these people is that because of their fraudulently getting our business by giving a low estimate, illegally not including replacement value coverage in their estimate and requiring that we waive such coverage (or the cost would rise) is that they lost 5 items from our shipment with a replacement value of about $580 and when we filed a claim they offered $24.60 for their “Basic Valuation” coverage.
    Second complaint is that we were supposed to pay about $1100 (40% of the total “binding estimate) upon delivery, but when the truck arrived, the driver eyeballed the distance from his truck to the apartment where the furniture was to be delivered and declared that we must pay $500 more for a “long carry.” It was a rather long way, but I believe that the charge was exorbitant and based upon nothing but a self-serving estimate of distance, which I have checked and found to be grossly inflated. We paid the demanded charges, of course. The alternative was to refuse to pay and have our goods taken away, which would have only cost more in the long run.
    In the days after the delivery, we complained of 5 lost items and of the inflated cost demanded on delivery. I spoke to “Ben” at CLS. He quickly decided that the items could not be located. Upon being pressed about the over-charge, he told me that the charges were justified but that the company had agreed to refund $250. I felt this was fair. He said that we would need to file a claim for the lost items and when a settlement was reached for compensation for them, the company would cut a single check to include the $250 reimbursement.
    After I filed a claim and received the $24.60 offer, I asked the claims people about the promised $250 refund and they told me that this amount (which I had included with an explanation on the claims form) would not be paid by the company. I then began a month-long attempt to contact Ben and/or his supervisor. They have refused to take my calls and to call me back. I wonder if his offer of $250 was totally bogus and an attempt to get rid of me or if the company simply decided not to honor their offer. I am sure they hoped I would just get tired of fighting them and go away. I am not going away.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5


    I was nervous about the move to be honest but I had a great experience that I wanted to share. This company definitely worked hard to really show me the hard working experience at this carrier. They proved from start to finish on the job. The company was very affordable on the price and being able to know I was able to trust the moving carrier for the first time moving was a big step because I didn’t know where this could go. Knowing that I made that big step it was great that I made it with Superior moving company. Overall I rate this company an A+ 5 stars, I had no complaints and the sales specialist gave me a great quote. He also answered all of my questions and cleared all of my doubts. He made me safe and assured everything would go as planned. Overall great experience and highly recommend this to readers and family and friends. I’ll be a returning customer . If you are moving I definitely recommend this company as you can tell everything went great with my move. No complaints very good and excellent service

  9. Rated 5 out of 5


    CLS Moving & Storage did such an amazing job on my move this was not my first move i have taken across country…. This one was a lot better then the last. I was a victim to a moving scammer the past so I really did my research one picking a movie company this time I saw that these guys owned and operated their own trucks as well as they were registered mover with the Better Business Bureau having an A+ rating really made me safe. They came out and wrapped all my furniture and I also had them do a full pack service I have a lot of fragile items in my home including the large antique curio cabinet I was really impressed with the quick turnaround time for delivery thanks again about CLS Moving & Storage

  10. Rated 5 out of 5


    This moving company help me from start to finish. The sales representative gave me a great quote. They got me moved out easy. All my items and all my belongings were replaced how they were. Nothing was damaged. I just wanted to give you guys a five star rating. I will use you guys in the near future. I will recommend family members and friends. Thank you very much. I appreciate everything that you did to help me move out. It was a great move. Thank you for helping me get a great quote. I will use you guys again in the near future. I just want to take the time to read this moving review because you guys are five-star company.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5


    CLS Moving & Storage systems help me with my upcoming move I recently relocated for work from North Carolina to Florida . My company was supposed to help me choose the company but because it was last minute the corporate company was all booked out the first company I saw when I went online and search movers in my area was CLS Moving & Storage they had a bunch of good feedback from previous customers I was really scared of getting stuck in a broker situation these guys definitely are not brokers and were real movers when they showed up in the road truck . We had over 150 boxes to pack and they helped us the whole way my wife isn’t it collecting knickknacks and they helped bubble wrap all the glass pieces for her and pack up everything for us at a really reasonable rate . Thanks a lot for a smooth move CLS Moving & Storage

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jake Gonzales

    A fantastic move and they treating me professionally. They did not take advantage of me it was absolutely a great experience and I appreciate it and I just want to thank you guys very much

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Roy Phillips

    The sales rep I worked with was very detailed and friendly. This really is my 3rd time using a moving company so I am no rookie. The movers were great and did a great job packing. I would recommend them to anyone searching for a quality moving company

  14. Rated 5 out of 5


    I used CLS Moving for a local move in Georgia. The movers showed up on time and performed above and beyond. They offered a flat rate which is why I selected them. The last moving company I used ended charging more than the expected cost. I chose CLS Moving based on their reviews from previous customers.
    I would use them if I need and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a good moving company

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angel Jensen

    My move with CLS in a word is AWASOME!! It was my third time move with this mover. As usually I had a magnificent experience. Before I phoned them, I contacted with several moving companies. I was impressed with them because of their prompt and clear reply, nice quotation. I am so glad that I chose these guys. Moreover reasonable price without any alteration, punctuality, sincerity all of these characteristics were found in their attitude. They have always been careful with my belongings. Every time I hired them and they satisfied me more than before. I had never seen any mover like Cls Mooving! I would highly recommend them.

  16. Daniel

    For the first time I met some fantastic guys. Yes, this is true!! They were the crews of the most popular moving company,CLS. I spent some good moments and had a nice experience with them. I was recommended from many of my friends. That’s why I went there and I met with the head of this company. He was so nice and cordially welcomed me. Other members of this mover were quite good. The office selected three young gentlemen for my job. Obviously the charge was fair. Next day they came on my home with a truck. Though it was 15/20 minute late but they were very energetic! Worked with full stream. They set all stuffs with wrapping paper. There wasn’t any wrong in their work. Always answered all questions with little smile and followed my instruction so nicely. Thanks CLS Moving! I am very much impressed with your team performance. It is fully professional moving company

  17. NA

    If you use this company, please be aware they will NOT care for you or your cargo. They simply just don’t give a f%$#! If you use them, you’ll end up like me –talking to yourself and blaming yourself. Go with your gut.

    • Beth Mulvey

      Agree. RUN!!!!! Our entire move with this company has been nothing but a scam and a disaster. The company does not answer calls after they take your money, gave us a quote that was not even in the ball park of what they ended up over-charging us ($5k), sent one small truck to do the move and didn’t send a big enough truck, had to have a second truck come the next day, they told us they would be there in the morning and ended up coming at 2, which delayed our closing, then they stepped through our ceiling, didn’t pay for that to be fixed, which delayed closing even further, and broke everything in our home. I know that when you move stuff gets broken. They BROKE EVERYTHING. The main guy over our move was Rico. He said all he did was load the truck that other guys unloaded and reloaded it and he had never seen so much damage in his ENTIRE career. The damage to our items weren’t just normal moving damage. Things that shouldn’t get broken, were destroyed. We had just purchased a rainbow play system a month before we moved. They broke the main beam on it. It was supposed to be taken down and put back together at our new home but they didn’t get to put it back together because they broke the main beam. The play set has been sitting in 100 pieces in my back yard ever since the move in December, rotting, waiting on a response on our claim that we have not and will not receive. This company lies and says they will make things right but they don’t. They said they would pay for the damage to our ceiling, they didn’t. They said they would have us moved out in 1 day.. It took 2 days, 2 trucks and a lot more money on our part. They told us if we did a half pack they would credit us for that. When they got there it wasn’t on the invoice so they didn’t. My children’s toys were destroyed. They had a kid’s Kraft kitchen that the doors are completely broken off of and can’t be replaced because it ripped the hinges off. We had just paid off a very nice dining room set. When it arrived to our new home it was upside down and completely busted on the bottom. My grandfather clock is in a million pieces on the inside. The entire clock part fell off. It’s been sitting in my living room looking horrible, waiting on some sort of response. They broke 3 of the 4 mirrors we had. My dresser was set on its side and the over hanging piece was broken. They broke my concrete planter outside and they tried to cement it back or something before they brought it to me and it’s CROOKED! The way they “packed” stuff was atrocious. They took lamps and shoved them in boxes breaking the light part off. They took floral arrangements and broke every flower in the arrangement. There is a list of the rest of the damage. There’s so much damage I can’t even describe it all. We have pictures of everything. These people are scam artists. They took us for all we had and we haven’t been able to afford to replace everything else they have damaged. They won’t answer our calls and they won’t respond on our claim. We have had to file a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration because they had 120 to respond to our claim and didn’t. If you think you are saving money by going with this company and “Sam” or “Sally” have lured you in, run for your lives!!!! They will disappear! Trust me!

  18. Elizabeth Bennett

    Whatever you do: RUN, do not walk, away from this company! Sam from the Sales department lures you in by giving a great impression of a caring, professional human being. I got suckered in, and I regret it from the bottom of my heart. I moved long-distance across the country. Their advertising says they treat everyone like family, well, they must be the Sopranos, is all I can say. My saga began July 16, 2015.

    First: the movers were not all professionals and the loading process took an hour longer than it should have. You should also know that they will put your stuff on a truck, UNLOAD it into a warehouse, then RELOAD it for your long-distance move. So much opportunity for them to lose and damage your things: three moves before your stuff gets unloaded in your new house.

    Second: My furniture arrived on a Budget rental van, on July 29th, with the mattresses OUTSIDE the truck, hanging off the back. They were soaking wet, filthy, and ruined. Next, nearly every box looked like it had been thrown several times down the stairs. Many boxes were ripped open, holes in the sides, and contents spilled out. An antique secretary had the molding on one side completely ripped off! The wood was just gone: I saw them wrap it in my home, and it was attached when it left my house. Here’s the best part: they left EIGHT items off the truck, including two dining room chairs. Yes, eight items on the inventory moving list not even on the moving truck.

    Third: After several phone calls with John S., during which he screamed at me, in dispatch, he finally agreed to send my stuff via UPS. He didn’t. They were sent via Standard USPS mail with NO INSURANCE and NO GUARANTEED delivery. Ever. After two more weeks, and opening an investigation with USPS, the SIX items arrived. All damaged, but at least they got here. Two items which were in the warehouse and included in the list that John S said he would send never appeared. I called and asked him when he would send them. He promised to call me back, but I never again heard from him. What do you call it when movers have your stuff–it’s not lost or missing–you have paid them and the items appear on your inventory, and they refuse to ship it to you? Theft?

    I put in my claim on Tuesday, August 25th. The claims supervisor said he would have a claims acknowledgement letter to me before this morning, Friday, August 28th. I never got it. These people are unprofessional, and I will not stop until I get recompensed for my ruined, damaged, and never shipped items. I’ll post again when I hear and get some resolution, but I’m not holding my breath that it will be soon. Please just don’t use this moving company!

  19. Karen Laverdiere

    Iit all started the day of the move. They were supposed to arrive between 8-10. They called that morning saying they would be there between 10-12. Sam, the salesman, assured me the day before they would be there by 8. He knew that i had to drive 7 hours that day and could not drive at night. They finally showed at 12:30. However, the truck did not arrive until 4:45 pm.
    Then there was the packing. ONe of the worst packing jobs i have ever seen. My stuff was just thrown in boxes, none of the boxes were marked. So I sit here one week later still trying to figure out where my pots and pans are, wondering if they even got packed.
    Then there was the broken contract. I was quoted $3200 for the move. They told me i had “extra items” and that it was going to be $1900 more when they arrived. They would not unload the truck until i paid this amount. I talked with John on the phone who screamed and yelled at me and was extremely rude and unprofessional. He agreed to knock of $1000, but i still had to pay another $954.
    They packed all my hanging clothes in small boxes. I was told they would use wardrobe boxes, but instead they stuffed my good work clothes, still on the hanger, into small square boxes.
    Finally, there was the theft. That’s right THEFT! They stole family jewlery right out of my drawer. All drawers were left in tact except where i kept my (mostly) costume jewlery along with a couple of more expensive items – family jewlery. When i finally found the jewlery box it was empty. They stole an engagement ring, wedding band, blue sapphire with diamond ring, a class ring, and a ruby necklace i inherited from my mother.
    Do yourself a favor, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY EVER!!! They do not return phone calls and refuse to take responsibiilty for missing/damaged items.

  20. eileen

    some how i got across cls moving and storage any tony my sales consulted was very honest and forward about my moving needs and time schedule , he quoted me $3500 to move my family from AL to MI they did a great job , stuck to their quote and offered me great customer service , definitely will use them again to move my sister next to me !!!

  21. Jennifer

    To start, i quoted around 10 moving companies for my corporate move. I decided to go with CLS because they are ‘local, and a small business we should support’. Their quote was good – and the sales rep (Sam) was very nice, plus he GUARENTEED delivery on my requested date for that weekend because ‘I would only share the truck with one other person, and she too was moving from Atlanta to Missouri;. I gave a VERY detailed and accurate count of everything i had to Sam. They did not request to schedule an onsite visit to look at my things. The quote came out to be around $1800. The pack out team showed up on time, and they were very nice. I thought all was well. They packed my things up on Monday evening. When they were about to leave they told me ‘my items were a lot bigger than the standard sizes of these items’. They probably could have said that about 1 thing on the truck (my dresser, which is a chester – but that wasnt an option for him to select on his pre-populated form). My price went from $1800 to over $3000 when the pack out crew was ready to leave. They got me because they packed all my things, then decided they would charge me almost double. And then i had to sign paperwork that would only allow me to insure my property for $0.60 per pound on an item!! Moving along, there was nothing i could do.they already packed the truck – and it was nearing 11pm (after it took them about 5 hours to pack my 1 bedroom apartment). I waited the following weekend in missouri for my things – when i was GUARENTEED delivery. Saturday and Sunday came and went and i still had no furniture. The driver apologized – and said he would be there ‘whenever i wanted him to be there’ ‘4pm’ i told him. 6:30 rolls around and he finally showed up. I had several items that were damaged. My $800 chester that they packed, one half of the wooden legs was completely missing, broken of. and i’m only going to get $42 for this. Several other items were damaged that i am getting about $5 for. I am completely dissatisfied. I filled out the claims request about 10 days ago and still have yet to hear from someone. I would not recommend this company, especially if you have valuable property. Definitely schedule a walk through so they can see your things and you get a fair and accurate quote up front. Would not recommend this to anyone.

  22. Jay

    Do not use this company, they have all the red flags corresponding to moving scams (Seriously, read up on moving scam forums). They ignore phone calls, do not return phone calls when they say they will, and are unresponsive when you have an issue. They would only respond after threatening a charge back on a credit card.

  23. Paul

    It took 30 days to receive my items. I had to call 15-20 different times to get updates, and my calls were NEVER returned. Just getting someone on the phone was extremely difficult, and when you did finally reach someone, they would tell you that someone would call you right back and then never would. This happened almost every day for a month. They also agreed to make a second stop to pick up some additional items on the way. After 3 weeks of no communication, they refused to pick up the additional items. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. EVEN IF THEY OFFER YOU A VERY GOOD RATE, USE A DIFFERENT COMPANY.

  24. Glenn thomas

    well I want to give this company a positive feed back , for the simple reason they have done a great job moving my parents from south carolina to alabama 1 shot staright delivery no drama , price stayed the same and the staff in the office and crew have done a great job from beginning to end.

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