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Company Name: Bayflower Moving Group
License & Registration: USDOT: 2019093, MC: 757617
Address: 1971 W Lumsden Road, Brandon, FL 33511
Primary Phone: 888-377-7702
Alternate Phone: 813-999-2030
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves


Bayflower Moving Group Reviews

One of the best Florida Movers is Tampa, FL based moving and storage company BayFlower Moving Group. We are licensed, insured, bonded movers.
BayFlower Moving Group has been helping customers move across country for almost ten years now! We pride ourselves in doing our own moves. The moving industry unfortunately has a lot of brokers who subcontract their work out, which has really diminished the overall service customers are receiving. The secret to our success has been award winning customer service, and making sure we pick up all our loads in a BayFlower Moving Group Truck. We also have heard our prices are some of the most competitive in the moving industry. Price is important, but accuracy is more important. With our advanced moving software, our senior moving consultants will be able to give you a not to exceed binding estimate. From several office locations, we have developed a wide range of opportunity throughout the entire United States. Make the right decision for your move and give BayFlower a call today!
Whether you’re moving down the street or thousands of miles away, your relocation adventure awaits. In business for almost 10 years now, BayFlower Moving Group is a company built on reputation and integrity.

Don’t let your valuable belongings experience the pain and suffering of unwise packing. Take the proper steps to protect your household goods from damage during your relocation.

Packing is one of the most important elements – and one of the most tedious – of a successful relocation. Whether you plan to pack on your own or use the packing service offered by your moving company, correct packing is crucial to the safe arrival of your goods.

If you decide to pack yourself, please keep in mind that you are moving the responsibility for damage from the moving company to yourself. With that in mind, you may wish to have your moving company pack the most delicate, sentimental, and valuable items or eliminate the stress altogether and employ our full-service packing crew.

With many years in the moving business, BayFlower Moving Group has mastered every detail of proper packing. Your belongings are protected by using high-quality materials and proven methods.

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96 reviews for Bayflower Moving Group

  1. Worst experience of my life. They charged me 4x what they quoted. Now it it were because I had way more stuff I get it, but there were hidden charges, they lied about cubic feet(to charge more), they broke lots of items, and told me too bad. RUN in the other direction. Do not use Bayflower. You will likely do better if you homeless people, give them a truck and cash

  2. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! This was without a doubt the worst experience I have ever had with movers, and I have moved 8 times in 15 years. I relocated from Florida to West Virginia. 3 movers came to pack my belongings and honestly that went pretty smoothly, except that the movers “suggested” that I tip them 3% to 5% and I was told that the tip had to be separate and had to be either cash or personal check as the company did not like for the tip to be put on a credit card. On the day my belongings were to be delivered I received a call from the driver who told me that he would not be able to get his truck down the road to my townhouse and he needed to rent another truck which would cost an additional $650. I spoke to one of my neighbors who said that his moving company was able to get the delivery truck to his house with no problem. When I mentioned this to my driver he said it was impossible. By this time it was 5 pm, and I asked if he would rather wait until the next day to unload as I was unsure he would be able to finish the job that evening. He assured me that he would with no problem. He rented a smaller truck to shuttle my items to my house from the large truck. He showed up at 6 pm with one other person. He was very unprofessional. He did not even know what items on the truck were mine, and he kept taking items off the truck that were not mine and just told the other man to put it aside. After unloading the furniture and boxes, several of which were dropped when he unloaded them, he then told me I could start unpacking the furniture and that he needed some scissors or a razor. He was put off when I told him I did not have any because he had all of my belongings on his truck. In order to expedite the moving process my son and I began to try to remove the blankets and tape from the furniture. One by one as each item was opened, they were all damaged. Broken shelves, chunks of wood falling out, broken drawers. I started taking pictures of the damages and he kept telling me that I was in his way. He took several 15 to 20 minute smoke breaks. I had two beds, a full sized and a queen sized. He asked me which bed frame went to which mattress, sighed and rolled his eyes when I told him I did not take them apart and I did not know. He did not know how to assemble the bed frames. The full sized bed frame was not assembled properly and fell apart when my son went to bed that night. The mover also said he could not attach the headboard to the queen bed as he did not have the proper hardware. I told him that was unacceptable and he reluctantly said he had some bolts in his truck so he could do it. He came out of the bedroom later and said he had fixed it but when I got into bed that night I found out he had lied. He attached only one side and when I got into bed the headboard pulled out of the bedframe and put a hole in the bedroom wall. He did not want to assemble the items that had been disassembled for the move, and I had to ask him several times. He pushed the dressers up against the walls and scratched the walls and woodwork. When I told him some items were missing, he told me I was wrong, everything was there and I would find them when I unpacked. I told him I would not sign off on the delivery until I found the items I was missing and I began going thru the boxes myself to find the missing items. Eventually most were found but I wrote the missing items on the inventory sheet before I signed it. Again, he was rude, told me he had checked the inventory and it was all there, just sign the papers. By this time it was after 10 pm and he kept saying how tired he was. I told him there were still some items to be unpacked and assembled so I explained that I wanted everything done before he left. He asked me who had taken the items apart because he was not going to assemble anything I had taken apart. I told him the movers had disassembled everything. He used his cell phone and spoke to someone in another language and asked me if I had a flashlight and screwdriver. When I said no he once again sighed and rolled his eyes. He never did unpack one of my TVs, and when he finally left around 11 pm there were stains on the carpet from his boots, chunks of wood all over the floor from the furniture, and many of the boxes and tape were lying all over the place even though he said he would dispose of them. I was very disappointed and I am in the process of trying to get compensated for the damaged items. All in all I would NEVER RECOMMEND Bayflower movers and NEVER use them again. Very unprofessional, unprepared, inexperienced and rude.

  3. It was hard to believe for me after what bayflower moving did during my move. Their sales rep called me early in the morning and informed that movers are on their way. Movers arrived exactly at 8 am and began their work immediately. At no point they seemed to be confused or out of focus. They nicely wrapped and boxed everything, showed great presence of mind, did whatever needed and managed to move my belongings within the schedule. There were one or two minor mistakes but that was understandable. Overall it was a perfect move which also did not cost me much.

  4. We used them for our move and we just loved their services. I have an almost 3,000 mile move and they did such a wonderful job. …. From start to finish they packed and moved our belongings in such a fashion that I swear by them from now on!

  5. Great professional and friendly service. Quick and efficient! The movers were friendly and very careful with our belongings. This is the second time I used these guys. I would use them again and recommend them to a friend.

  6. This moving company made it really easy, they arrived when they said they would, packed everything quickly and efficiently – we had no problems with the delivery in LA, the contractors here were brilliant and respectful too. The fact that all our personal effects made it through customs with no problems at all or costing us any more money was such a relief. Worth every cent!

  7. Movers went to great lengths to be sure what my needs were with the move before they came out so they could give me an accurate quote.
    This moving company knew how to speak my language on the phone.. They were on time too.
    I remember the last move I made, it was a nightmare, I called the last company 2 weeks in advance and booked the job and then the movers never even showed up and played clueless when I called them.
    BAYFLWOER movers were the exact opposite !

  8. BayFlower Moving came on time they were very pleasant on the phone they called and e mailed me many times to make sure that the move was confirmed. Very professional.

  9. I did a lot of research before choosing any moving company and I’m certainly glad that I did. Not all of the reviews I read online were that great but I was very happy with my decision. They moved me and my family from Washington D.C to Tennessee. They did an exceptional job. I was particularly concerned with my pets, but the movers handled them very meticulously and with great care. They were even available to help us pack the last of our items and did so quickly, carefully and for a quite reasonable price considering the hard work. I would definitely recommend that if you need to move.

  10. Brilliant job, guys, and we couldn’t be happier with every aspect of Bay Flower moving. Moving can be a stressful

    experience but, luckily, theymade our move worry-free. From the courteous and, more importantly, knowledgeable sales person

    to the professional and efficient crew, Bay Flower provided an outstanding service, which we will highly recommend to friends and


  11. The original price was so competitive I was happy to pay for the extra services. The team of 4 could not have worked harder. They turned up on time packed, transported and unpacked the same day.
    These guys were super quick and had completion happened more efficiently we would have been packed up and moved in in under 5 hours. I was concerned that their speed might be at the cost to some damaged furniture but there was not a scratch on any of my possessions. They took apart my bed and wardrobes and put them back together again. Genuinely nothing was too much trouble. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

  12. Extremely happy,
    My whole moving experience was just awesome. Frank enough; there was no tension or hassle throughout my entire moving procedure. All the credit goes to bay flower for making my move so smooth and tension free. The staff were cordial and were always ready to extend their helpful hands whenever needed.. The men did an amazing job. They worked with unflinching dedication and finished the job on time. This was indeed in an ideal move!

  13. We moved recently and were very pleased with the work done by this amazing crew. They did a good job and I am on their reference list and will recommend them to new customers, as they treated us so well and we are very grateful.

  14. My husband is cheap! I mean really really cheap, so finding a moving company that wasn’t a broker was HARD! I mean HARD!
    But, I talked him into using bay flower moving for our move to tennessee and everything went really well. Thank goodness for our sales rep that was so informative and explained the entire process, I don’t know what I would’ve done without him!!!!
    True professionals and true moving company that knows what they are doing, thank you so much guys!!!!!!

  15. First of all I would like to say that the movers did a fantastic job for me. They ensured a perfect move for me. I used em couple of days ago while moving to another apartment and they were just amazing during the whole move. But what I liked most is their willingness to help. I found all 3 movers very friendly. The way they took care of my kid and pet was really appreciable and I save some money just because of their suggestions and tips, which was really nice. I am really thankful to them and I would obviously recommend them to people I know.

  16. These guys were very professional right from the start. I submitted an online inquiry and I got the answers in less than 30 minutes. 10 minutes after that, I received a courtesy call from Joe who just wanted to ask me if I had any questions . It was really professional from him. I booked the time frame and got another courtesy call the night before just to be reminded of the next day. There were three people assigned for the task. They showed up on time, very efficient, clean and tidy. I moved from Columbus to Peoria and all my things stayed intact. They packed my things fast and they did it without any scratches. The crew really did a wonderful job.

  17. I used them to move from West Orange, NJ to Augusta in Feb of this year. They were efficient, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. I spoke with Dave and Seth in the sales office and victor was my foreman for the pickup and delivery. Their price stuck and the service I required was the service I received. They packed everything for me including boxes and did a great job. I received an email from their customer care department BEFORE the move letting me know all their contact information should something go wrong. I didn’t need it. I only needed it to call and thank them and let them know everything went well, so I decided to post this review. We are going to move my mother and father up to GA next fall and I will be using these guys again for sure. Thank you again!

  18. It’s never fun to move, but this crew made it all bearable. The three moving guys gave us great upbeat customer service and really hustled. We were totally packed and one of the movers was quick to tell us what he needed. After going through all the reviews on the net I feel that all of the info in form of reviews holds weight as I experienced it when I had them take our move on. They not only worked as fast but were also very careful with our belongings. They made sure the furniture was placed where we wanted it before they left. Their sense of humor helped us through a day we had dreaded.

  19. I loved the team of guys who moved me! I would use them again in a heartbeat.
    From my first phone call to set up the move, everyone was very respectful and helpful
    They came when promised and delivered as promised. All my furniture was wrapped so securely I had no problems with dents or scratches.

    I would use movers at work again.

  20. After much research and many phone calls my hubby and I decided to go with this mover for our move out to Kansas. There price was a little higher than the others but we felt that they were offering the best service for our needs. The movers who came on the move day were courteous and knew what they were doing. They handled everything with care and made sure all of our belongings arrived safely to our new home.

  21. My wife and I used Bayflower Moving Group just before Christmas and they did a super job my wife said. She was so happy with their services I was very surprised because my wife is pretty hard to please,I can tell you that. They moved us from the cold winter air of Maryland to sunny Florida I will tell you it was a complete relief. We just missed the winter storm up there and what a perfect time to that. We got to spend Valentines day down here at the beach and we both were happy campers. I really don’t know what I would’ve done without their services. They did all of the packing, unpacking and setting up of all of our furniture, even our children’s bunk beds! Whew, what a load up, I can’t begin to tell you what a load off that was for us. I will never EVER move myself again, I will always go with Bayflower Moving Group for ANY of my moving needs, THANK THANK THANK YOU!

  22. We used the bay flower for our recent move which was from Florida to Texas. I have to mention that our requirement was pretty high. Movers had to pack and move all our belongings within a very limited time and budget. When I talked with their sales rep I had a feeling that they would be able to provide what I was looking for. Their asking price was within my budget and my sales rep was really confident. So, I assigned them and they too did everything possible to serve us. Movers kept their commitment by completing the move within the given time and by ensuring the safety of our goods. We did not have to count any damage items, nothing was missing either. So, in the end I just want to say thank you on behalf of my family.

  23. I have no doubts that this is the best moving company for long distance moves. I used bay flower recently while moving to Maryland from Connecticut. Being honest, I believe that they were underpaid. They should have charged more considering their quality of service and unbreakable commitment. I would like to recommend bay flower to anyone looking for good and cheap movers.

  24. There were plenty factors that played into making my decision to book with bay flower. From my first conversation with them they were so kind and friendly also very upbeat.The movers they sent to move my belongings were excellent workers also very cautious when loading the truck and worked quickly and efficiently. The delivery happened on time and my stuff was in it’s original condition.My experience with these guys was a good one and definitely not like any of the reviews I read about other moving companies.I most definitely need to give props to bay flower moving group for making my move go smooth thank you

  25. I was very pleased with bay flower moving. They did a great job from the moment I recieved my quote. Nina emailed back and forward with me and quoted me a price no other company can bet. A day before my pick up I received a call and had the pleasure of speaking to a young lady by the name of Elizabeth she provided with me with a pick up time which really didn’t work for me, So she able to schedule a time that fit my needs witch was great . The next day 3 movers came to picked up my items and did a fablouse job,that was that. i did receive 30 days free storage, very helpful because my new home was not quite really. skipping to delivery, I got a call from Max,who arrived the next day with a helper both men worked great, fast and carefully. my overall moving experience with them well , and id definitely use and receemend them again.

  26. First of all i would like to start off with saying that my overall experience with them was a a good one. Moving is a pretty stressful time in many peoples lives especially moving states, the people that assisted me were all so helpful. they kept me undated threw out my move. The movers arrived to my home a little early then planned to pick up my household goods which really wasn’t a problem. The men worked at a fast and careful paste and were very respectful and kind. My delivery also when well and was on time. over all experiences with this company was good and i would not hesitate to refer friends.

  27. I do not know about other movers but after using bayflower I became a fan of them. Though I heard many horrible stories about the professional movers but my experience was different. Movers arrived on time, packed everything, moved and stored at the new place without a hitch. There was nothing to worry about. They were so skilled that I never realized that I am in the middle of a move. They kept their focus, worked really hard, kept all their commitments, fulfilled my requirements and charged within my budget. I am definitely recommending this fine company.

  28. When I assigned BayFLower to manage my move, I had no idea about their service. I just spoke with their sales person and felt that these movers can tackle the pressure of my move. After using them, I came to know that they are one of the finest movers based on service and price. Vik and his crew arrived at the right time; they were not late like other movers. Then they began their work and I am sure that they had a certain plan for the move, they looked focused and very organized. Actually they had the complete control over the move, which ensured a perfect move in the end. I strongly recommend BayFlower.

  29. Accept my thanks, bayflower moving group……. You did an awesome move for us. The mover sent some polite and hard working people to move our belongings. It was not very much hard chore as we moved from our two bedroom apartment. They maintained accurate arrival and delivery window. We had few large items to move and they dismantled and reassembled successfully those things. They took utmost care for kitchen items. The guys brought some special boxes for kitchen tools and appliances. The bayflower crew was polite and courteous. After the delivery we had cup of tea together. They are recommended for everyone.

  30. We were a bit worried about our furniture because those were pretty old and heavy and the movers had to lift and move using the stair ways from the 4th floor. Thank God no damage was done. I appreciate the movers for being so careful and committed. They worked like anything just to make sure the safety of my things. It was a very stress move in the end and I was also happy with the amount that they charged.

  31. Bayflower moving group was a dream to work with! They were wonderfully responsive all the way from giving their estimate to confirming the move-in date, provided lots of useful tips, and were both thorough and extremely pleasant throughout the whole process.

    I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently they emptied a four-bedroom house, and how helpful they were in getting everything set up at the new place.

    I’ve moved a LOT and these guys were the best movers I’ve ever dealt with. (And the cheerful accents don’t hurt, either.)

  32. Special thank you to this company because they moved our very special possessions without a single scratch. My mom and I thought that something would be damaged. I observed closely with their dealing tactics. They wrapped, packed and moved our all items very carefully. Movers Victor and his moving assistants performed outstanding. We received their excellent service, affordable price and great polite behavior. If you expect something professional in your upcoming move, just put the order to BayFlower Moving Group and remain tension free life.

  33. The disaster eventually turned out to be an opportunity for me, an opportunity to use these fine movers of the finest moving company. Actually I hired a different company for my move but they canceled the deal at the last moment, which was a shock for me. I had to get the job done at any cost. It was my good luck that my friend Riddle was with me that time, he called BAYFLOWER movers on my behalf and they also agreed to take the job within such a short notice. Their movers came in my place in no time and immediately started packing the materials. It was hard to believe that they actually completed the entire move without any hiccups though they were not prepared and they did not know the nature of the move. Finally when the bill came, I was surprised like anything because they charged a lot less than what I was anticipating!

  34. Great moving team. I was impressed with their service and competency. We had a too big treadmill to move. But it was not getting out through narrow staircase. Only for this reason two moving companies already left the spot and confessed that it’s not possible for them. BayFlower planned an idea how to bring out the stuff. They didn’t ruin my valuable and saved my money. After the hurdle, they moved easily and delivered with no damage despite riding so long distance from New Jersey to Michigan. I will definitely hire the friendly moving company again and suggest for others who needs secure relocation at affordable cost.

  35. A few months ago, we interviewed several moving companies and ultimately chose BayFlower Moving Group. I was not scared to have these guys in my house while my husband was at work, and I also felt safe having these guys moving our furniture while my husband was at work. The day of moving went smoothly enough, despite the rain. They even made a stop at our storage unit to drop off some items on the way to our new place. Very courteous mover on time /early moved me very quickly and I would highly recommend your services!

  36. I am always willing to spend for the quality service. So, I was really happy to pay BayFlower for their fantastic service. Day before yesterday I used them while moving to a new apartment. They had to pack, move and store all my belongings and there was pet moving too. To be honest, they were spot on at everything. Movers were punctual, speedy, accurate and very careful with my things. They never looked confused or carried away. I just loved their professionalism and the willingness to help. It was actually a move which was better than perfect! I do believe that they can handle all kind of moves efficiently.

  37. I moved from Florida to Georgia. The service they provided was swift, competent and responsive. They did not only do good job but also showed good sense of humor. It was very gloomy weather but they enjoyed uploading. They had my whole belongings packed up with in only three hours. They met me to hand over our goods following exact delivery window. Everything was fine. No lost or no split though there were many fragile items. I will definitely recommend this mover to move effortlessly.

  38. Amazing service at a great price – definitely no need to look any further for a mover! Others quoted me double the price, and it didn’t cost me a penny more than the quote estimated. They got our move done in a speedy 3 hours (others estimated 7 hours) and didn’t break anything at all. Well-deserved #1 spot on!!BayFlower Moving Group was just wonderful all around.

  39. I had to move from NJ to Ca 2 months ago and did a lot of calls and finally I chose BayFlower Moving Group. The rep David explained to me everything step by step, all my expenses and etc.
    They are the most professional movers I have ever seen. The moving team came on time. The entire process was very smooth. I didn’t need to worry about anything. The leader, Vick, was very helpful and friendly. After I told him my requirements, he remembered everything clearly. They carefully wrapped all the fragile stuff and were very careful about not to scratch floors and walls. I had a chance to take a peek inside the truck before we drove to the new place. I saw everything was fastened tightly in the truck, very professional. My bill was a bit bigger than supposed to be, cause I decided to take some additional items.
    The delivery went very good. No damages to my furniture, no broken items. Friendly faces of delivery guys. I was so happy.
    Highly recommended. I have moved for a few times and this was the most relaxing one.

  40. I never thought that when you put your information online that it would be sent to a thousand companies!! I thought it was a simple process, so when the first the company called me and gave me a price I reserved right away and gave them a deposit. They were at a good price and I thought that was that. After the around the 10th call within the hour I was ready to turn off my phone! Then I spoke with Joe. He was surprised that I had already booked a mover and I explained that I thought it was as simple as giving some information about my move and giving a deposit. He explained the moving industry to me and gave me useful information about his company. He then went through what giving a 20% deposit meant. I thank god that Joe spoke with me because once I did the research, that he walked me through, we found that the first company was actually a broker and a bad one at that. I got my deposit back from the broker and then I reserved with Joe because he was honest and straight forward and backed up all information with websites and put everything in writing for me. The movers followed through with everything that Jason promised and they were in fact trained professionals. In the future I will be savvier about choosing anyone for other services, but as far as movers, I will always give BayFlower Moving Group the first and only call. They are truly the real deal.

  41. From my brief experience with several professional movers, I would happily rank Bayflower Moving Group as a 5 star company. They are very careful, courteous, efficient, affordable, punctual and committed. I was very happy with the move that I got from them. This is really a very good moving company and I do recommend them to anyone that is looking for a reputable moving company.

  42. After a few years working within a corporation I had enough for the time being, decided to pick a coastal city and try my luck at something new. Luckily I was referenced to Bayflower Moving Group by a good friend and had it setup within a day. They took my furniture, I packed my car and drove all the way, they kept in touch with me when my delivery was going to be. It turned out to be a great move overall.

  43. Thanks Bayflower Moving Group for coming to my rescue in time. I only had a week to shift in Oregon from Washington D.C and I was too busy to coordinate the moving job. Moreover, I wasn’t sure whom to hire, but thanks to my secretary who did all the research and selected Bayflower Moving Group for the job. They are truly professionals. They were punctual, meticulous and skillful. They completed the move within very short time. I am very relieved and really grateful to the entire team of this company.

  44. I got their number from my cousin and hired them for our move. I felt that they quoted less than the other movers at the very beginning and later when their movers came for the move, I was sure that they are going to provide me a good move. My cousin was right about Bayflower Moving group….. Movers were simply brilliant. They were the best at what they were doing. They never looked tired or stressed. They were fast like anything and accurate as well. It was really great to notice all my valuables came to the right place within the scheduled time and in one piece.

  45. I used Bayflower Moving Group after I graduated Law School and was heading back home to California. I thought about renting a truck but decided to call around a bit to see what the cost difference would be. I went with Bayflower Moving Group simply for their reputation and the fact that my parents were paying for the I have to say that they did a great job and none of my items were damaged at all. Everyone was also extremely friendly and were willing to help me out any way that I needed. I would recommend this company based on the job they did and their price compared to others I received estimates from. First class all the way.

  46. I’m the type of person who usually likes to do everything on my own. Then, I threw my back out and I needed someone to help with my move from New Jersey to Florida. This company had a reasonable price, quick delivery, and great customer service. They definitely had my back. This move was as smooth as promised. 5 stars!

  47. All three formen showed up right on time, were a real pleasure to deal with, worked fast, had fun and most importantly, were very careful to not damage anything. They took the stress out of a stressful day. The final price was exactly as quoted, no hidden or unexpected charges whatsoever. If you are looking for dependable movers I would highly recommend Bayflower Moving Group.

  48. These guys were nothing short of amazing. I called them with only 1 weeks notice and they were able to help me and my husband out at our exact time, and with by far the best price we had been quoted by others . Plus I had my quote within 3 hours compared to 2 or 3 days.

    We went with them because of all of their great reviews, and I’m so glad I listened. We had a two bed apartment with WAY more boxes than I had anticipated and they had us out of our apartment in a little over an hour. I am talking probably 40 boxes with a good amount of furniture, grill and a snow blower. Upon delivery they had everything in the right spot did it quickly and in an organized fashion.

    There was no damage to our house or belongings and they refused to take a break when i offered them drinks. This is a great company and I will be passing their information on to our Friends, families and co workers. Thanks guys for making this move less stressful.

  49. During my move to Michigan from Florida I used Bayflower Moving Group because of their asking price and reputation. Actually I knew about them before calling them for a quote. One of my cousins used Bayflower few months ago and he spoke very high about them. I called them and discussed my requirements with their sales rep he was so professional. He was quick to submit the quote which was very reasonable. I hired them for the move and expecting the best from them. They delivered even well than what I was looking for. Their movers are extremely talented and committed. They knew how to solve the puzzles. They stayed calm and focused, approached in an organized manner and never tried anything fancy. That is why I got a timely move which was not affected by any damage or delay.

  50. Bayflower Moving Group is the company i selected to transport the 1945 Baldwin upright piano I sold to a buyer in Bethpage NY. I worked with a consultant named Seth who was very helpful and professional. I received word from the buyer and he said the same about the overall customer service and transportation of the piano. I will be keeping Bayflower Moving Group in mind when I recommend shippers to buyers in the future.

  51. About 10 days ago I moved to Utah with my family. It was a sudden decision of moving to Utah from Virginia. However we needed to hire a good moving company for the move but budget was a big concern. We had a very tight budget. So, I had to look for a company within my budget. After talking with many companies finally we decided to go with Bayflower Moving Group because they were within our budget and they are a reputed company. As expected their movers arrived on time at the moving day. They wrapped, boxed and loaded everything on the trucks without any hiccups and made the delivery of my goods within the schedule. I personally checked the inventory. I was stunned to notice that all my belongings were in one piece and without any damage! That was hard to believe. When the final bill came, I was surprised once again because they charged less than the quoted amount. So, in the end I want to thank and recommend Bayflower Moving Group.

  52. I needed a long distance move from Jersey City to Florida and wanted to hire the best moving company. I read and searched a lot about moving companies and eventually, I decided to choose Bay Flower Movers. I had so much stuff at my three bedroom house and I really needed professionals to move them to my new house. For me, my expandable table with chairs and my rocking chair were a problem, I mean, I was concerned that they might get damaged. I am particularly connected to them ( these are my favorite pieces of furniture) , but since I hired a team of professionals the whole procedure ended well.
    My moving team were Vic and two workers, young, friendly and quick. They treated me so nicely and they were so careful dealing with my furniture.

  53. I was to move out of my parent’s house and go into my very own house. So I was really excited and nervous. I naturally had a lot of stuff and wanted the shift to be easy and planned. I availed the services of a packing and moving company of which I had read some great online reviews. After a phone call and count of what I actually had to move we fixed up a collection date. The day I was to move I suddenly get a call from the company saying the service was postponed to a later date. This was without my consent and any concrete explanation. This may me actually sweat, until a friend of mine recommended me to call Bayflower Moving Group, this company listened patiently to my problem and was sympathetic of the fact that I had been left stranded due to no fault of mine. On a short notice they agreed to do my move for the very next day and the quote that provided was cheaper by 100 bucks. Next morning I was nervous to only pray this company should not do the same. They arrived on time and we were packed in a couple of hours and ready to move. The shifting was done professionally and without and damage to my belongings. Thank you fellows for all of your good work. For all those reading my review I assure you this company is the best choice if you looking to move.

  54. Had an Amazing Experience with Bayflower Moving they were great. They executed what I like to have thought to be a very hard detailed move with a lot of conditions before I could commit. Some of these needs were pretty outrageous, but my sales guy told me “No Problem” as he mentioned they form everyone’s order to his or her specific needs. I thought this was great. I was needing my delivery 3 days before my wedding and they made it happen. I was probably more nervous than my wife was. I wanted everything to go perfectly. IT did! If you are about to make a long distant move, or are planning one for a friend and afraid from the horror stories I have been reading across the net? Stop worrying and call Bayflower Moving Group. See if they can help.

  55. I availed the services of a moving company to move my office, after a telephone conversation we set the date and everything was proceeding as planned. On the day the shift was to be made I received a call from the representative telling me that there will be an increase price. I was given no clear explanation but was told the man hours involved in the move might be more than anticipated. I completely disagreed and cancelled the move. The company had left me in a situation where I was pulling the hair of my head.So then, I immediately called some friends for quick advice. He suggested me to try Bayflower Moving Group. He spoke very highly of the company and also said that all the people who he had suggested we very happy with their services. I called up Bayflower Moving Group; the lady on the phone was very cool. She first heard me out and was sympathetic to my problems. She was very happy to accommodate me for a move the very same day. We anticipated the approximate goods to be moved, and fixed a price. The lady was honest to tell me that there would be an extra charge for such a quick notice move. The surprising fact was with the excess charge the overall cost was still working out cheaper. After we moved I paid just what we agreed. The packing and moving was carried on as agreed and finished the same day. Great work Bayflower Moving Group, you are definitely better that the best.

  56. I was in the process of moving and decided this time I wasn’t going to move myself!!! I already had my brother and my husband collaborate with their friends a good time to load up our truck and then we would figure out the rest when we got to our new home, but OH no, I wasn’t going to have that. A girlfriend of mine had Bayflower Moving Group posted on her facebook page and she said that her sister actually had used them and it turned our to be a very good moving company.
    Thankfully we made the right choice, this company is top class let me tell you. They loaded everything up onto their truck and delivered to our new home, they even unpacked, set up all of our furniture and even assembled our beds!!! Whoa this was service if you’d ask me…..
    I just wanted to give you guys my testimonial and tell you how fab this company really is. Thank you to Bayflower Moving Group.

  57. My move was excellent!
    I would definitely use Bayflower Moving Group again and will recommend to my friends; next time I may even add the option of packing my belongings. The movers were very polite, professional, and nice. They showed up on time and showed respect for my property and belongings. They protected everything adequately. I have no complaints! I had a great experience. Thank you for making my move so much easier!
    as excellent!
    I would definitely use Bayflower Moving Group again and will recommend to my friends; next time I may even add the option of packing my belongings. The movers were very polite, professional, and nice. They showed up on time and showed respect for my property and belongings. They protected everything adequately. I have no complaints! I had a great experience. Thank you for making my move so much easier!

  58. STAY AWAY!! Good Movers (really doesn’t take much), but they will low ball you and tack on fees once the truck is loaded. Don’t be surprised if your total is 50% higher than the quoted price. The owner is a Russian who has had several moving companies. Once the complaints mount-up he opens up under a different name. The last one was “United Master Lines”. He has done this 3 times. The customer service department is a joke. They wont call you back and when you reach them, they will side with they’re people no matter what, hoping you will go away. These folks are great at the front end but terrible once the transaction starts. Very unpleasant experience. these people are UNETHICAL!!

  59. I wanted to thank Bay flower Moving group for doing a wonderful job with arranging our move. I must say from the start I felt overloaded with all the different quotes and options being thrown at us- and of course every moving company advising in different ways to calculate our move and costs.

    After a month of deliberation we decided on Bay flower thanks most in part to our sales rep,he had a no pressure approach and simple and easy to understand terms, and we are happy we did. The move itself was carried out by a very well organized team of movers that worked quickly but carefully to load our belongings. We were quoted a price and the price was accurate. We were very happy with the move provided by Bay flower.

  60. This company is a scam!!! The owner a russian named Alex Dorokov also owned united master lines, lion’s van lines,Global express van lines. he open’s up companies for 1 year until his reputation becomes so terrible online he then changes the name of his company. His last company he had a class action suit from 95 customer’s all who happen to all be missing there t.v’s on delivery!!! STAY AWAY only an idiot would come up with a name like “bayflower” like people are really going to be confused with Mayflower. They are a huge scam and any good review’s you read about the company are done by there own staff!! just look and see how every other day they put up new fake review. The D.O.T is already on to him and he will be shut down shortly save yourself a headache!!

  61. I was very impressed with Bayflower. From the time they got there which was when they said they would to the time the left after un-loading at our new house! They were very friendly and were able to answer all my question or direct me to someone who could. Also I really like how they looked and acted professionally. They had uniforms and and move quickly and promptly and took good care of our things. I didn’t even mind if they were right on time in Arizona but they were and again very friendly and professional. None of our stuff was broken or damaged and all of it seemed to be packed very well, which surprised me because we had alot of things and some of them were oddly shaped. And on top of that we had alot of fragile stuff, but like I said I was very impressed!! I recommend Bayflower to anyone moving long distance and looking for good qualities in a moving company. I don’t plan on moving but if I do, I plan on using them again! Thanks guys!

  62. It never felt that I am relocating. Movers of BayFlower Moving Group arrived on time, they had the necessary tools and packing materials with them. They nicely wrapped and boxed my belongings, paid extra care to the fragile items and very efficiently moved everything without any error. I thank the sales rep for arranging the entire move so efficiently and for offering me a great price and I thank the movers for a very smooth, stress free and timely move.

  63. I used many moving companies because I have to relocate a lot because of the nature of my job. Last month I used Bayflower Moving Group for a move from Miami, FL to Dallas, TX. I decided to use them because of their great online reputation. Their sales guy Seth did a terrific job to organize the entire move. Movers showed that they are very much capable of handling such kind of moves. I had many things to be packed and moved. I knew that Bayflower Moving Group is one of the best in business but still there were few anxious moments till the completion of the task. Finally they completed the move just before the allotted time. I checked the inventory and saw nothing to complain. Their price was moderate, service was excellent and above all each and every single one of the people that work fro Bayflower Moving Group gave their best.

  64. Phone conversation with their sales rep was a very productive one. He offered me a very attractive deal and their team came at my place to get an idea about the nature of the move. The estimated cost was reasonable. But I was waiting for the main thing. Movers came on time and before coming for the move, they informed me that they were on the way to my place. They carefully wrapped the fragile items, loaded perfectly in the van and moved at the new place within the schedule. Everything went according to the plan. I hardly got a chance to complain. It was good to see all my stuffs in great condition and it felt even better when I saw the bill is same as the estimated amount. I am very happy with the overall outcome using Bayflower Moving Group.

  65. These guys are professional and friendly, worth every penny you pay them. The crew were was top notch. They wrapped all of our items really well and made us feel comfortable.

    I’ve used their services many times in the past years and have always enjoyed the process. Moving in itself is already big enough of a headache, the last thing you need is additional stress from bad moving companies. I highly recommend Bayflower Moving Group

  66. There are lots of moving companies but how many are really reliable. I do not know the accurate answer but I am sure the count would be very low. However, Bayflower is among the group of those few companies. I used them about a week ago for a move to Florida from Georgia. I found them best based on their excellent service and reasonable price. I am sure that they have many more happy customers like me.

  67. My family and I recently moved house and used Bayflower Moving Group. Our service from them from beginning to end was very professional and courteous. On the day of the move itself, our moving men were very courteous and hard-working. The move was very smooth and there was no damage to either the items being moved or the properties. They had a good sense of humor and were a pleasure to work with, thank you so very much Bayflower.

  68. Hello there my name is Valerie and I would just to like to praise Bayflower Moving Group at this time. Their services were unbelievably great…. They were very attentive with my order, ensuring that my cubic footage was exact so my quote would not go up when the movers arrived. Great customer service is their motto in my opinion, their packing skills are pretty great too. I would use them again.

  69. Bayflower Moving Group JUST moved my family and I yesterday! Around the holiday season, it’s tough moving but we absolutely had to move due to our home being up for sale and we had a buyer A LOT sooner than we thought!!! lol. So, naturally we came across Bayflower and they were so on point form the beginning with our quote, to how large our items were and it just was a fabulous company overall. They moved us, packed us, and delivered everything is such a wonderful fashion. Thanks guys you did a GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. I write this review to share our most recent moving experience with all. It was our first relocation and i had no idea about long distance moving procedure. From my friend recommendation I discussed with their sales manger Mr. David who encouraged me and assured me that I was going to receive excellent service. I liked his speech. He told me that after the moving my all bad thinking would be removed and truly their movers proved that. They took great care with our stuff, nothing was wrong. I can’t imagine about their professionalism; they handled our belongings as it was their own. I didn’t expect anything more. I really appreciate their positive approach, full compliment service. Thank you very much BAYFLOWER!@@@

  71. I was much tensed about the move because of the several heavy furniture and many fragile stuffs. But all my tension was over when I checked the inventory after the move.Bayflower Moving really did a great job. Everything was perfect. Nothing got damaged or missing. They also completed the move quickly and also charged a very competitive amount.

  72. This company were fantastic, they had some heavy item to move, and they never complained once. They were very responsive and tried to find me the most cost efficient way to move my furniture. The operatives were friendly, professional and very efficient. They managed to make a usually stressful situation very easy. They were excellent value for money. It was a service with a smile and eased the stress of moving I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

  73. This moving company understands what customer service is all about. A super friendly and quirky salesperson named Seth called me literally 2 seconds after I submitted my quote request. He was really helpful answering all of my questions and instantly made me feel at ease.

    The movers showed up on time and were extremely friendly and helpful. All of my furniture was wrapped very well and I quickly got the impression that I had nothing to worry about. The foreman was super helpful and his crew did an outstanding job.

    I was skeptical about some of Bayflower’s reviews at first but this company exceeded my expectations and made my move an absolute breeze.

    • This company surely knows how to make their priorities and customer satisfaction is one of them. They never gave me a doubt when it comes to their skills and management of my stuff. I was not able to do my in depth research about them before hand due to my hectic schedule but I was glad I took a leap of faith with them. I am honored working with them and I thank them.

  74. The representative at Bayflower was very helpful in determining the easiest and stress free way for us to move to our new property. We were briefed about the services very clearly in the beginning which helped us a lot in planning our move. The team who conducted the actual move was very professional and efficient. They took good care of our stuff and all of the stuff was delivered as promised in exact condition it was packed. I would say that what you see on their website is really what you can expect experienced, professional and efficient. Very much recommended!!

  75. I used Bayflower Moving Group in 2010 and now I’m on my second move and I had no doubt that I’d use them again. They pulled up my previous estimate and Joe had promptly given me a call. Simply put, they are easy going, personable and above all, professional. Moving companies get a lot of slack, but there are some great ones and this is the best one that I’ve worked with.

  76. Movers of Baylfower are very fast and equally efficient. They came on time and tackled the move according to the plan. They were always ahead of the schedule. I loved the way they packed, moved and stored everything with great care and responsibilities. I found them very capable, committed and friendly. I would recommend them to my friends.

  77. The last three months has been a marathon of buying and selling houses and doing renovations on both ends. What a scene! Being able to call in another pair of hands and a strong back at critical times has been an absolute godsend. This company offers a valuable service for reasonable rates. Take it from me Bayflower is AMAZING!

  78. I would like to take the time to thank BayFlower Moving Group for moving my family with such professionalism and integrity. My last move with another mover was horrible but this company was superb. The men packed my house with care and I felt comfortable throughout the entire process.

  79. This is indeed one of the best ways to end my year, being able to transfer to our new home finally before the year ends. I have to give a huge thanks to Bayflower Moving Group for being responsible and giving a big hand in the success of my move. If not because of them, I might have had lots of problems and nightmares along the way. They are certainly the right people to handle my complicated move. Brilliant!

  80. Moving is not a new experience for me because I am a very frequent relocate because of the job that I do. But stress free move was a completely new experience for me which I got yesterday while shifting to a new house with my family. BayFlower Moving Group and their movers were so good that I never felt that I was in the middle of a tough move. They were effortlessly lifting and moving our stuffs and in the end presented us a perfect and 100% stress free move. So, I have decided to use them regularly from now on.

  81. This is the second time I have moved my apartment this year. Hopefully I won’t have to do it again in a life time; the previous time was a nightmare. My cousin recommended me to hire Bayflower Moving Group as he too just recently moved to a new apartment. The experience we stress free and excellent, the representation and business ethics were professional. The best part is the guys are punctual. I had to move on short notice and requested them to make an urgent arrangement; they did manage to find me a slot and charged me nothing extra for it. Most moving companies do charge extra for a short notice move. The method of packing was correct and placement was calculated. I didn’t see things being chucked in the vehicle or out of it. They also helped me to unpack; I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a packer and mover.
    The last thing one wants is to have to shop for some damage replacement, luckily with Bayflower Moving Group I didn’t have to. They are the best and I recommend them strongly for all their help and professionalism; All the best.

  82. Very reliable, on time and friendly. Bayflower Moving Group worked very hard. Loaded my mother’s condo into a 2 bedroom apt. It was done quickly and efficiently! They took great care of my mother’s things, I appreciated their services so much, I would highly recommend Bayflower to all of my friends.

  83. Bayflower was an exceptional moving company in my opinion. They handled my move from PA to AZ so smooth, everything was packed perfectly, the crew are very professional and the sales team wasn’t pushy. What more could you ask for>?!?! Great move thanks to Bayflower Moving Group.:):):)

  84. BayFlower Moving Group is simply one of the best moving companies available. They are blessed with some extraordinary brilliant, skilled, motivated, focused, punctual movers. They have also a very talented team of office staffs and some quality vehicles. When I used them, I realized how professional a company can get. The move wonderfully organized by them and I found them very cost effective. I would like to recommend them to my friends.

  85. I used other movers too in the past and got mixed experience from various movers. But yesterday when I used BayFlower Moving Group for my office move that time they really surprised me. They had their own innovative ways which were very effective. Their movers never looked to be in hurry but they still managed to complete task before the schedule and also did a reasonable job to transfer my goods without damaging to the destination. Price was reasonable and service was good too.

  86. Bayflower Movibg Group was the way to go for our move from Florida. They were punctual, professional and reasonably priced. Bayflower definitely out did themselves and my wife and I will use them again along with give them good recommendations!

  87. There are many moving companies available to hire but most of those companies are scam. But there are few good companies as well but those are pretty expensive. Fortunately I got the moving company, which has the ability to deliver a smooth and fast move and surprisingly they are affordable for me. Obviously I am talking about BayFlower Moving Group. I used them very recently and they not only ensured a smooth and fast move, they also charged a very reasonable amount from. So, I am more than happy and I recommend them.

  88. Yesterday I used professionals for the first time for any kind of move. I used BayFlower Moving Group to carry out the move of the office where I work. Their movers arrived on time and since then till the move they had complete control over the situation. They carefully packed all the office stuffs and did extremely well to move everything without any kind of errors. They did well to avoid the unwanted problems and showed their class while restoring the office goods. All these took very little time and cost us reasonable.

  89. I used many movers over the last 15 years. I have to relocate quite often because of the nature of my job. As a result I have used many moving companies. But after using this company yesterday, I must say that BayFlower Moving Group was the first company to deliver everything that I was looking for. To be honest, I never anticipated such accuracy, professionalism and fast service, which I experienced yesterday. I am definitely going to use them for my next move. This company is cheap, easy to hire and most importantly able to handle the pressure of tight deadline and critical maneuvers.

  90. Few months ago I hired BayFlower Moving Group for a 2 bed room move and that time my experience was simply awesome. That is why I used them again couple of days ago but this time for an office move. As expected, their movers arrived on time and completed the move flawlessly before the allotted time and charged a very moderate amount. So, after using them twice and experiencing the very best in both the moves, I have no doubts in my mind that BayFlower Moving Group means business. I am recommending this company for all kind of moves.

  91. I have to relocate a lot because of the nature of my job. Being honest I never experienced a picture perfect move in the past but the last time was a complete different experience for me. I would say that I am fortunate because I hired BayFlower Moving Group and that too without knowing much about them. When I randomly called them and talked with their sales guy about my move, I felt that they would be the right choice for me. Their asking price was reasonable and the sales guy sounded very confident. I gave them the moving job, which they accomplished effortlessly. I wonder how they managed to pack and move everything within such a short notice and still managed to deliver all my belongings in one piece! Being very honest, they have just gave me the best move of my life.

  92. What a great move you guys did for me… Everything went smoothly. I arrived in California and my goods were there three days later.

    You guys ROCK

  93. While discussing my move with the sales guy, he was never being pushy or asked for upfront. Eventually he pointed out my requirements and offered me a very great deal. The quote was within my budget. The owner called me before the day of the move and movers also came on time. They were organized, focused and very efficient. They took the complete responsibility of the move. Guys did very well to wrap the fragile items, moved all those heavy furniture using the stair ways and kept attention to the safety of my stuffs. They completed the job before the schedule and charged less than the quoted amount. Condition of my inventory was perfect. I am really impressed with their superb service.

  94. The best company, would use again, highly recommended, moved our whole office in ONE day! The best company on the East Coast, and probably the whole country! BayFlower is now officially our cooperate mover! Thanks guys!

  95. I know that quality never comes at a cheap price. If you want the quality then you have to pay the proper price. So, when I saw their quote, it was clear to me that they were not the cheapest but I did hire them because when I talked with their sales person I felt that they are extremely professional. I was right. Movers were very efficient, motivated and professionals. They did everything possible to complete the move perfectly and eventually they were successful doing that. I am very happy with their service and I would like to recommend BayFlower Moving Group for any kind of moves.

  96. real movers, real prices, real people, enough said? I’d say so for picking movers.
    Great job bayflower, we couldnt’ be happier

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