Ash Moving Corp

Ash Moving Corp

Company Name: Ash Moving Corp
License & Registration: USDOT: 2438309, MC: 833660
Address: 7501 E Treasure DR, North Bay Village, FL 33141
Primary Phone: 888-639-0777
Alternate Phone: 305-763-8445
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves


Ash Moving Corp Reviews

Imagine having an expert relocation specialist handle your move, with top notch customer service and answers to any questions you may have. Ash Moving Corp’s main priorities are excellent customer service and a top quality move. Our method is more efficient, more consistent and allows us to maintain a higher level of control. We believe every client deserves exceptional service from your first phone call to you arriving at your new location. Our relocation specialists take pride in their work and are courteous and thrilled to help you with planning your move. Any and all types of items including furniture will be treated with the upmost care and respect. Choosing Ash Moving will exceed your expectations and we will make your experience smooth and stress-free as possible. No matter the type of move, whether residential or commercial, Ash Moving is the best at getting the job in the correct way. While navigating our site you’ll find many of the answers to your questions about what needs to be done to prepare yourself and your family; a packing guide; tips for a smooth moving day, and detailed information about the many services Ash Moving Corp offers.

We specialize in long distance moves moving company with exceptional services for successful relocations. From your recent location to your new destination, Ash Moving will successfully handle your long distance moving. The first steps are to schedule the date of your move, complete inventory list, and secure the plan for packing your belongings. There are two options for packing: self pack or full service packing. If self-pack is chosen, we can provide you with the necessary moving supplies such as moving boxes, blankets, moving tape, and more upon request. Other moving services offered by Ash Moving Corp include disassembly and/or assembly of furniture and appliances. If you want your moving boxes unpacked as part of your long distance moving plan, just let us know.

One of the best aspects of choosing Ash Moving Corp as your long distance moving company is affordable and reasonable pricing. What makes Ash Moving stand out from the rest of plenty of options that are out there what we quote you in your moving estimate is your guaranteed and “Not to Exceed” price, and it will never be exceeded unless you decide to add or remove services. Ash Moving Corp relocation specialists are waiting to assist you with developing your customized long distance moving plan, implementing the moving services you desire. We will completely personalize your move to match your individual needs and wishes as dictated by you. Put your upcoming move in our hands, and leave your long distance relocation to us.

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19 reviews for Ash Moving Corp

  1. M

    Please save yourself the time, hassle, stress, and money. I truly believe there is a scam going on here. These have been the most unprofessional and unkind individuals ever. I scheduled my move 6 weeks in advance, they were very kind and nice during the time I was signing the paperwork and they were taking my money. They cashed the check in the space of 2 minutes. But when moving day came, they did not show up. I called them and was told that they were looking for moving alternatives for me, but they only contacted 3 moves, and only really spoke with 1 of them who was unable to do a last minute, cross country move. So I asked the girl (Audrey) what I was supposed to do and she tells me that since I cannot stay, my options are to put my things in storage (if they are in storage under my name, how are movers supposed to get at at it?) then she says if I cannot stick around town waiting for movers for another week, then I am on my own. I asked for my money back and they told me it would take 4 to 6 weeks (remember how they took it from my account in minutes?) I had to go find a UHAUL truck last minute and the drive it 1800 miles. It was a very painful experience. I called Ash Moving Corp and informed them of their policy that says if they don’t provide a truck the day before the move or on the day of the move, they will give you your money back. Only for the manager (Steve) to tell me that I did not give them ‘reasonable dispatch’. No one mentioned this, i spoke with Kelli, Audrey and Fred and they NEVER said anything, now this guy says it is in their contract that I have to give them a 5 business day window! What kind of shady business is this? I comb through their terms and conditions online and find … NOTHING that says that. Now I put in a claim trying to get my money back. They have been rude and have tried to blame this on me. They did not provide any services to me and refuse to give me my money. When I combed deeper with other reviews it was probably better I did not move my things with them because they probably would have ended up in a ditch somewhere. My trust in humanity has gone down several notches after this experience. Please I BEG you save yourself the time. Also, if anyone knows how to start a class action lawsuit, I would be interested in talking.

    • IGWT

      I agree we used them in June and lost all of our belongings! They presented themselves as the movers door to door service and set, stress free. We later learned they were a broker and sent another supposed moving company to our door. We have never seen or gotten our items and we paid them over $3000.00 just for a down payment. They should not be in business, the company they sent to our door stole our items along with several other peoples belongings. They sound good and give great prices but you can’t read the Terms and Conditions they send because it won’t open with anything. They sound good but our not a reputable company!!

  2. Doris

    Very Bad frustrating experience. My freight was picked up in Ms. and put into a storage unit in Al. Ash Moving Corp. was not aware of the location of the freight. After 4 weeks, the driver called me and also the police in the area. Police advised me to come and pick up the freight, which was done.

    I was promised a phone call from the supervisor which has not happened. About $1,300. was spent and no delivery was made by Ash Moving Corp. with no refund or apology.

    Giana promised no stress and this has not been true.

    AVOID THIS COMPANY, they did not dispatch properly.

  3. Jay K.

    Save yourself the trouble. Ash was very sweet on the phone, and reassuring when things were going wrong, but eventually we were let down very badly.
    At first, our truck didn’t show up. Ash was contacted and at once found a 2nd truck for us. The 2nd truck didn’t show up either. We called frantically for 3 days, receiving no communication from their end, other than “you are the next person on the list”. Thank Heavens we did not have a flight to catch, otherwise this would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.
    In addition, we were promised a poundage-only price, but were charged a “visual” square-footage price. This increased our price by $700. The truck was supposed to arrive on Sunday at the designated place, but ended up showing up 3 days later, and at 12.15 am! (why am I not surprised?)

    Several of our items were damaged as well. We contacted Ash to formally complain about all these mishaps, and were told someone would get back to us by telephone ASAP. It has now been 3 days and no one has called us back.

    This has been the most frustrating and mentally exhausting moving experience ever. Next time, we will check and go with a reputable company. IF we ever go with a moving company.

  4. Jennifer

    Ash Moving Corp was a pleasure to work with and the price I was given was in my price range. Would use again as my job requires me to move often

  5. Jennifer

    The experience with Ash Moving Corp was great. Most definitely do recommend.

  6. Amy

    I booked with Moving Network USA to move my daughter. She was not moving alot of belongings so I was satisfied with the quote It was our first time using a moving company and the overall service we got from Moving Network USA was good. Most definitely do recommend and would use again in the future.

  7. PeterJohnson

    I was so stressed out with choosing a company to move my belongings to Arizona. Also not to mention all the phone calls I got from different moving companies. I spoke with Ash Moving Corp the rep that I spoke with was extremely helpful and kind I was very happy with the service I got from the movers. Ash Moving relieved my stress from the move

  8. AmandaO

    I was researching moving companies online and I came across Ash Moving Corp and read some of their reviews and decided to give them a call and get a quote for my move from Kansas to Alabama. The quote I was given was in my price range so I decided to go head and book with Ash Moving Corp. The sales rep I spoke with explained to me how everything would work during my move. Overall my move went good the movers were great.

  9. Ingrid

    My husband decided to book our move to Georgia With Ash Moving Corp after he did some research on Ash Moving Corp. I had to write a little review to share our experience with them they were great and kind on the phone and stayed in contact with us throughout the whole process. The movers that came and handled our move were great as well as they worked for hard and careful when wrapping and protecting our belongings and loading the truck. Delivery was on time as they told us overall we had a great experience moving with Ash Moving Corp thank you!

  10. KendraSmith

    I was overly happy with my decision to book my move with Ash Moving Corp. I spoke with a rep which was an absolute pleasure to speak with. All my moving needs were met. My belongings were handled with care the movers that were sent to move my stuff were great.My move went fine. Thank you Ash Moving Corp and the movers that handled my move

  11. WayneSmith

    My move was booked with Ash Moving Corp which I enjoyed working with them they were helpful from the beginning to the end.Also the sales rep that assisted me was so friendly and upbeat we actually spoke a few times and I found out we had alot in common both of us are from the same hometown in Georgia. I was able to afford the quote that I was given so my experience with Ash Moving Corp was a good one.

  12. Jimnnancy

    Booking my move through Ash Moving Corp was not an easy decision as I received alot of calls from different moving companies. I did some research on Ash Moving before closing the deal the outcome of the research I was satisfied with the information I found. Ash Moving Corp was helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns throughout the move. I was happy with the movers the handled my move. Overall I can say my move went good.

  13. JonandBrit

    Ash Moving Corp contacted me after I went online to request quotes to get an idea on how much our move would cost. A sells rep by the name of Kelli was the one that quoted me and was an absolute delight to speak with as she explained how everything would go during the move as we have never used a moving company before. She also made sure she would keep in touch with us a few times before the movers showed up to move out belongings. Which the movers were great hard working individuals and were extra careful with our stuff as that was one of my wife’s major concerns. Kelli and the movers absolutely made our move go smooth. First experience with a real moving company and it was a great one Thank you Ash Moving and thank you to the movers that handled our move

  14. Mike

    Ash Moving Corp staff were so helpful from the time I booked my move to the time that my belongings were delivered. I had to take a moment and write this review to thank them and the movers that handled my move.

  15. JennyB

    It is definitely not an easy decision to choose a moving company alot of research has to be done. It was an absolute delight booking my move with Ash Moving Corp they were so helpful from the beginning till the delivery of my things. Also we were so pleased with the actual movers that handled the move they overall very professional and careful with our belongings.

  16. Joseph

    I have moved several times and have used moving companies before which I have had some problems with some of them. I was skeptical to use another moving company for my move from Virginia to Alabama. But I came across Ash Moving Corp and did some research on them and I gave them a call I figured there was nothing to lose by calling and getting a quote. I spoke with Kelli she was helpful through the move and assured me my experience with using them would be different I went ahead and decided to book with them. The movers they sent to handle my move were a delight and very careful when loading the truck and when packed my belongings.

  17. Laura

    Choosing Ash Moving Corp to move my belongings was not an easy decision as I did get alot of quotes from different moving companies.Ash Moving Corp did provide me with the most reasonable and sense-able quote considering the amount of stuff I was moving.Kelli the sales rep that assisted me took an inventory list of the stuff I was moving and gave me a quote based on that and she was so kind and patient as I did ask quite a few questions. It was aan absolute delight to work with Ash Moving Corp and the actual movers that handled my move. Thank you Ash Moving Corp

  18. Shay

    At first I was a little skeptical to hire a company to move my belongings I was ready to move myself in the beginning. Once I started packing and doing research on the cost of an Uhaul truck and gas prices I realized the cost of moving myself was crazy and the packing was just way too much to handle. After doing some research online for moving quotes I came across Ash Moving Corp so I called to get a quote, and the quote I was given came out less than the cost of moving ourselves. The person that assisted me was so kind and helpful and the customer service was great. My pick-up and delivery days were met. The Ash Moving Corp staff was extremely kind, helpful, and good customer service. I do not have any regrets using Ash Moving Corp

  19. Shelly Barnes

    I came across Ash Moving Corp online as I was searching for quotes to find out how much my move would cost from North Carolina to Florida. I called Ash Moving and spoke with one of the reps it was an absolute delight speaking with her as she was helpful through my whole move. The quote was in my price range and they were able to meet the dates that I wanted to get picked up. The movers that handled my move were very professional and very careful with my belongings. My belongings were packed in the correct way and was delivered in the original condition. The whole staff at Ash Moving were very pleasant and helpful I would definitely recommend them for anyone planning an upcoming move.

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