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Company Name: Apex Van Lines
License & Registration: USDOT: 1974262, MC: 680486
Address: 2215 N. Knox Ave, Chicago, IL 60639
Primary Phone: 877-977-7755
Alternate Phone: 773-295-8237
Email: sales@apexvanlines.com
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Services Offered: Residential Moves, Commercial Moves
Website: http://www.apexvanlines.com/


Product Description

Apex Van Lines Reviews

If you’re looking for a Chicago moving company with an outstanding record of customer satisfaction, then Apex Van Lines is the right company for you.

At Apex Van Lines, we have over 23 years of experience as professional movers. That means that we really know what works and what doesn’t. We know how many people it will take to move a pool table or piano and how to do so in a way that helps keep those items safe.

The Art of Moving
Moving, is an entirely new experience for anyone looking to get themselves and their belongings from here to there in the most pleasant, fun, safe and satisfying way offered this side of the Chicago. Here we are in a nutshell, so to speak:

Whenever you call or email, you won’t get any bull from us. Regardless of whether you want an in-home estimate or simply need an answer to a question, we are available for you.
Meet us. We take this very seriously in the moving industry. Let us come out for ten minutes, meet you, see your place and then we’ll give you a quote that we will neither add to or back away from.
Our movers are not temps or subs. We hired these beasts of burden. We know their mommas. We only hire folks we trust, so you can trust them too. Furthermore, when we start a job, we don’t stop until it’s over.

We drive trucks. We don’t pull trailers. As cows we are naturally disinclined to the very idea of trailers, and who knows who’s hauling it? We pack our trucks and we drive our trucks, so your stuff is always in the same set of hooves from start to finish.
Just like the old family tractor or the seemingly sturdy fence post, from time to time things get broke. For us, we’re working hard to minimize “broke stuff” as well as promising to stick to our valuation agreements and follow through and follow up. We’re udderly happy to boast our “broke stuff” percentage is less than half of the industry average.
NO HIDDEN FEES! We don’t think that could be any more transparent.

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  1. A Stephens

    DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!! I did an interstate move from Chicago to Louisville, KY. First the lady lied about the cost. I told her every single item that would go on that truck down to the precise number of boxes, small, medium and large. Nina (the company-paid liar) quoted me a price and told me it was GUARANTEED not to increase as long as I did not put additional items on the truck. The packing items such as tape and plastic made my bill increase by $800! Yes they wrapped 2 mirrors and used a roll of tape and it cost me $800 more! Then the guy arrived in KY with my stuff and put an ad on Craig’s List for someone to help him unload the stuff! I kid you not because even though he told the guy not to talk to me, the dude told me he had responded to the Craig’s list ad. He also shared with me that he had just gotten out of prison. However, the prison guy was MORE professional than the APEX employee. The prison guy was very nice. The APEX guy was short with me and nasty. I know interstate moves are expensive and we try to get the best price but these people will leave you in tears.

  2. J Wesson

    It’s been weeks and I am still waiting in my furniture from this crappy Apex Moving Co from Chicago.. I am in Nevada and my stuff to this day is still in Chicago. I call this scam artist company on a daily basis and get the run around and every day someone is going to call me back and they don’t.. Nina who answers the phone is the rudest piece of S&;! In the business. She laughed at me and told me I would get my stuff when I get my stuff and hung up on me.. Now when I call it goes straight to her com like she has blocked my number from calling.

    The price quoted double once they got my stuff on the truck and the doors were locked.. How can you quote a price without even weighing measuring the actual load???


    ALL I CAN SAY IS MY STUFF BETTER NOT HE DAMAGED OR LOST!! When and if it decides to show up here!!!

  3. Joban Marwah

    My wife and I were moving from IL to CA and after some research on the web, i called Apex. I talked to Nina and she was very nice to talk to provided an on phone eval and estimate.
    I was happy with this and i reserved them for my move. On the day of the move, the movers came on time and since we had packed almost everything befre hand, the loading up part was relatively quick. However, once the loading was done, the person incharge gave me a receipt to sign but had a 50% increase from what the initial estimate was. I understand that an n phone estimate might nt be accurate, but a 50% increase is appaling. I had itemized my stuff very well and was only a few boxes over what i had estimated. When i asked him to justify, his answer was that the vol of the stuff is xyz and he can say so because he knows it. He never once measured the vol occupied in the truck by my stuff. At this point i was stuck with the decision and agreed to pay after he gave me a cpl hundered off.
    This is when it starts to get interesting. I called them after a week or so (they promise 7-21 days delivery) and asked abut my stuff. I talked to Nina again and she told me that my stuff will be loaded on the next truck to cali and i shd receive it in a a week. i was happy and satisfied about the still in time delivery. On Monday she confirmed that the truck was on its way. On thursday she said i will be getting my stuff tomorrow but needs to confirm with her dispatcher Christina and find out. The dispatcher informed me that my stuff hadnt left chicago and was not on the truck that was i Cali. I started getting pissed at their attitude but had to control my anger since i still had to get my stuff. The status reporting was terrible and Nina talked arrogantly when i enquired politely about my stuff. She wont even transfer me to the dispatcher for getting a staus
    After 24 working days is when i finally received my stuff. This translates to 36 days from when they picked up and 33 days from when i was ready to recieve it. Also a lot of boxes were broken. My $400 dyson was damaged, 2 coffee tables lost their legs and my Ibanez guitar never made it. I am trying to file a claim with them but expect nothing to happen.
    Nina had a terrible attitude after the stuff was picked up and was very rude to talk to on the phone. She compares her company to mayflower but the fact is that they arent even close. I have moved with mayflower as well and apex cant touch them with a 1000 ft pole. They are a terrible company to move with and i would never recommend anyone to use this company.

  4. nahrain stoby

    I’ve never used a moving company before so this was my first time. I’m really happy with their service and pricing. They gave me the best quote. Alex and his team were very professional and friendly. I’d definitely recommend them.

  5. Kelly

    My family moved from california into a 3 bedroom house. We packed everything and in about ten days we got our furniture. They made sure to keep in contact until we got it. Everything was exactly where we needed it to be placed, and they packed and unpacked everything all the kitchen items, the fridge, the beds for the rooms, dressers, even clothes. The movers were great help and we couldn’t have done it without them. the total cost was 6400. it was a great job and they offered fast and reliable service. they have a great team of employees who are honest and ready to handle business. I recommend this company to all of my friends and family. 5 stars.

  6. Jeremy Voss

    We moved in the rain and thunder storm and these guys were just great.
    They did a very professional job and I couldn’t be happier with the work they did.
    I highly recommend Apex Van Lines Movers for your next move.

    • SHERI

      Apex Vanlines is the very worst movers!!!! They increased quoted price. were 2 months late in delivery and one missing box with most valuable items in it. Would not return my calls after calling repeatedly. The CSI insurance company offered me $25. when there was a minimum of $65. for insurance. They claimed my box never shipped. Yet no one can locate my box. My recommendation NEVER NEVER USE APEX VAN LINES INC.

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