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American Pro Movers Reviews

About American Pro Movers Most moving companies claim they are the best, most experts, most reliable, and offer the best deal. After calling some movers, you get confused and don’t know what is realistic to expect. Although moving is a risky thing to do, selecting the right moving company is all about finding professionals you can count on. We, at American Pro Movers, believe that every good and smart move starts with professional and accurate information on what you can expect to find when you shop around for a moving company. Our website has valuable information on how to choose the best moving company for your needs, what to expect in a bid, how to plan for your move, tips on packing, and much more. And when you’re ready for an estimate or to book a date for your move, our friendly and professional staff will be there for you.


For long distance corporate moves and residential relocation, American Pro Movers can provide the highest quality service that is both reliable and affordable. We have been in the corporate and residential moving industry for more than 10 years and our team of experts is always prepared to go the extra mile.

Long Distance Move

A long distance move is one that crosses a state line and the cost of such move is driven by the following factors: the distance you are moving and the size (cubic feet) or the weight (pounds) of your shipment. American Pro Movers does something called consolidated shipping – this means LOWER RATES! Instead of sending a moving van across the country with only your shipment on board, we consolidate your shipment with other customers’ shipments. This method of shipping allows you to receive a greatly reduced rate. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact total weight of your belongings that you wish to move. To determine an approximate weight of your shipment, you can fill out our Online Estimate form or call Toll-Free 800-231-6485 for one of our professional estimators at American Pro Movers, and we will give you our rates for various weights for your budgeting purposes.

Commercial Moves

American Pro Movers is well equipped to handle any type of commercial business move. We understand that your move is as unique as your business and when we know what your business move requires it makes it much easier to you. We give you rather a competitive bid for your business’s commercial move and help you plan the move itself. Prior to day of your commercial move, one of our representatives will be able to answer any concerns or questions you might have about your company’s upcoming move. The representative will work with you to solve the important planning questions, establish a time table for your new facility.

You may as well prefer us to pack the entire business thereby freeing their employees from this task. Should you decide to have your employees do the packing for some or all of your move, please let us know and we’ll deliver the boxes and packing materials you’ll require. Our representative will provide you with the tools and supplies to decide which route is best for your business and best for your budget.

We understand your need to minimize the interruption to your daily business activities. We understand the concept of a deadline and the importance of your business being uninterrupted as much as possible. Our goal is to move your business stress-free to you and your employees. For more information, please fill out our Online Estimate form or call Toll-Free 800-231-6485 for one of our professional estimators.

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55 reviews for American Pro Movers Reviews

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Jenkins

    Just wanted to send out a big thank you to American pro movers and specifically the foremen and his team for doing such a nice job! Our move was seamless from beginning to the end. The guys took such great care of our belongings and had such great workmanship when it came to wrapping/protecting our fragile items. No damage was found when we checked the inventory! Can’t thank you guys enough. Made the whole moving process painless! You definitely earn a very strong recommendation from me for the very same process.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bobby Davis

    After having many bad experiences with moving companies, I did not take any chances this time. I checked the internet, and did a lot of research! I went with American Pro Movers because they offered the best price and they seemed trustworthy and professional. Packing was done with perfection and moving was completed before the schedule and without a single damage! I appreciate the way their customer service responded to all my calls and kept me informed all the way. All in all, a good job!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony Bell

    We were super impressed by the services of American pro movers. We recently had to move interstate and the moving team was so helpful. The team was so careful while loading and unloading our belongings. Nothing was damaged in the process. The team was also very courteous. They communicated with us throughout the process so that we remained updated. They definitely have our recommendation.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Aaron Smith

    Using a moving company was not my first idea but my wife made us hire them because she is pregnant and didn’t want us to stress. So after doing a little research I hired American pro movers and I got a wonderful surprise! This moving company moved us in two weeks, helped us relocate everything safe and in good shape and didn’t rip us off in the end. Not a single damage found anywhere! Smooth, stress free and absolutely painless moving experience!

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    David James

    Let me keep this simple and straight. I highly recommend American pro movers because of the way they operate. Their sales rep is very convincing and polite. He knew what I needed to hear. Assured me that I will get a smooth move. He did not only say it, he made it happen! The guys were super careful with all my belongings. Delivered it to me on time and without a single damage. Their rates are unbeatable and customer service is top notch. That is exactly what I needed.

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul Adams

    They were the best movers I ever hired. I booked them at the last minute, and they went out of their way to accommodate my busy schedule. They were very professional, polite, and punctual. Their hourly prices were competitive, and there were no hidden fees. I would use their services again, and would refer them to any of my friends. American pro movers is one of those movers that can be trusted.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ryan Schmidt

    I cannot recommend American pro movers highly enough! They were on time, courteous, took care of our belongings and were very flexible with our requests. They were full service! Disassembling, assembling the furniture, wrapping and boxing things we hadn’t had time to do. They didn’t race and run to get things done. They also didn’t stand around waiting to be directed like some movers. True professionals. When the time comes to move again, I will definitely call them first.

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Brendan French

    This is how moving should be done. Booking them and getting a quote was super easy and quick. They called 2 days before the move to know if everything is okay or not. They called 1 hour before arriving to my place and immediately got to work. They took very good care of everything and I seriously mean everything! None of my belongings were damaged, not even a bit! They delivered on time and didn’t add any extra fees which I expected because they assembled all the beds. Anyways, it has been a great experience. All the movers should take a lesson from this mover.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lloyd Collier

    Let me just start this by saying this isn’t my first rodeo with moving. So after being scammed by a few movers I was very cautious on where to put my information and who to contact and who not too. So after reading online and doing a long research I stumbled upon American Pro Movers. Well for my sake I made the right choice. I spoke to an individual. He explained everything thoroughly and everything he said happened. The price was the same as quoted as well as the service. They moved me faster than I thought and after expecting to see broken items there was none. I am very pleased with this company and they made everything easy.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Victor Sanders

    I just finished a move with American pro movers last month. They made my move very easy. I was incredibly surprised how quickly we packed our two thousand square feet apartment into one truck and then unloaded into the new residence. The initial quote remained the same till the end. All the furniture was put together and they put every box exactly where it belonged, which made my unpacking SO much easier. I was so happy with their professional service. I am sure I am going to use them again.

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joseph Adams

    I was very pleased with my recent move. American pro movers moved me outstandingly. The crew showed up early, proceeded to assess the requirement, and got to work promptly. The same kind of attention was provided unloading the furniture into the new apartment. The process was painless and as pleasant as possible given the move situation that always creates stress. I am forever grateful to this company and to these movers as well.

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bruce K.

    After having a horrible past moving experience, I was reluctant to trust another with my recent move. American pro movers helped me move to our new address. And my movers were excellent. Most importantly, they were honest. They did the entire job with such professionalism that we didn’t even realize it was done and we were at our new home, with all the belongings reaching here in time and in perfect condition too.

  13. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven Thomas

    All I could get were positive reviews of American pro movers, and since everyone would love to be associated with the best. I hired them out when I was relocating. I wanted to confirm the massive praises they have been receiving in the recent past. After all, they have the experience anyone would need for such long term relocation. The safety of your property when relocating is one that requires attention and attention in full. However, when using the services of this trusted relocating company, you do not need to worry about anything. Safety of your belongings is guaranteed.

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Gonzalez

    The parties started become boring and the trust fund was starting to dry out. I knew it was time to secure an actual job which meant going back home. No moving company seemed cheap enough for the job. After moving around in circles for 3 days, I came across American pro movers which promised any location at any time. And they did offer me a reasonable quote. So, soon, I and my pieces of crappy furniture were ready to move. The movers did quite a good job but I was just in general grateful because they were taking me home. They managed to not damage my already damaged pieces any further. I am so grateful to these people.

  15. Rated 5 out of 5

    James Martin

    I can’t say enough how amazing American Pro Movers was from start to finish, not only did they get back to me quickly and made the quote/confirmation process easy and were really nice when I was asking questions through the process. The guys that came to load were amazing, fast and friendly. The unloading was fantastic. Anyway thanks again – brilliant and we will recommend and use your company always now.

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Louis Harris

    I hired American pro movers and I found the team of movers to be courteous and hard working. I had a great experience with the movers. Everything was perfect, and the things I’ve unpacked so far are all intact. I am very appreciative of the service received. They were on time, and did what I asked for a fair price. Keep up the good work! I would certainly recommend them to anyone.

  17. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin Morgan

    It was my mom, who wanted to move into my house and so we went with American pro movers to handle her move. My mom was completely satisfied with their service. Everything was coordinated properly. They arrived on time and delivered our belongings when they said they would. The move was pretty straightforward. The pickup and the delivery crews were also great. They worked excellently. All moves are stressful but it worked out fine.

  18. Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Adams

    My move with American pro movers was simply perfect. The movers were fast, accommodating. It was by far the best moving company I have ever used. They kept my parents calm and relaxed through a very stressful time for them. I will definitely use them again. They were reasonably priced. The crew was very professional.

  19. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shawn Torres

    Last month before our relocation we didn’t have much time left to do enough research to find the best moving company. So we hired American pro movers right away as they were the first one we found on the internet. They arrived on time, explained move, and never stopped moving belongings. They were quick and polite, but were full of spirits and joking left and right with us, making the move so much easier and fun for us. We can’t thank these guys enough.

  20. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jay Williams

    I am a day care nanny and two months back I decided to move into another house. As my earning is low, so it is very difficult for me to hire any moving company. My colleague told me about American pro movers. I made a phone call to their customer service and they politely listened to me and offered an attractive discount for me considering my financial situation. They relocated everything perfectly and safely. They just gave me a huge relief. I will forever be in debt to these guys and definitely hire them if I move again.

  21. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jean Gonzalez

    American pro movers did an incredible job! The guys were very professional and moved all my belongings faster than I could have imagined. I’ve had some bad experiences with moving companies before. They sent over 4 men to pack all my valuables and transport them. The experienced movers systematically went through everything packing and loading all my hoarded belongings. I was in disbelief seeing how organized they were. My delivery date was 7 days later. They called me on day 7 and notified me that my valuables have arrived. I checked the inventory and nothing was damaged. I will gladly hire only these guys in the future.

  22. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mario Silva

    As much as I keep hoping I would have something bad to say about American pro movers during my next move, but these guys just don’t give me the chance. They have always been punctual, reliable and honest during all our moves. They took minimum amount of time to finish packing and loading everything. They delivered my belongings on time and in great condition. The final bill matched the quote perfectly. I am one of those few lucky ones who haven’t experienced the bitter side of moving, thanks to these guys!

  23. Rated 5 out of 5

    William Rivera

    American pro movers is the best moving company I have ever come across. Everything was perfect during my move two weeks ago. Their movers arrived right on time to pack up my belongings. They were very efficient and quick. They finished the job very fast. I have never seen movers working this quickly with such precision. The crew was very friendly too. I have always been scared of moving but with the help of these men, I would never be fearful again.

  24. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alex Stone

    My original movers cancelled on me last minute. I called many moving companies and finally American pro movers gave me a slot. I took it right away. The whole move went very effortlessly. The movers were great and they didn’t even rush anything given the short notice. I would have been happy only if they showed up given my situation but the movers did such a good job in the end. All the other moving companies I called quoted ridiculously. But these guys truly charged me the rightful price.

  25. Rated 5 out of 5

    Bert Bowen

    Nowadays moving companies have become too expensive. So I didn’t want to spend a fortune for this purpose. But I had to hire a company because I had a lot of belongings. American pro movers promised to take good care of my belongings and they quoted reasonably. They really took proper care of my belongings. The movers were prompt, efficient and friendly. I think this one is one of the last remaining efficient moving companies left out there. I have come to trust in people a little more because of them. I am so glad that I hired American pro movers for my move. They are really awesome.

  26. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maxwell Ernst

    The movers from American pro movers had so many years of experience. Essentially that is what made my last move so smooth. All the power in your muscles can’t teach you the tricks that need to be used while carrying heavy pieces of furniture or handling delicate pieces of glassware. These men knew how to do their job. They very conveniently packed up everything into boxes and loaded up the van. They delivered on time and made sure everything traveled well. It was the easiest move of my life and I need to thank these movers for providing me such a great moving experience.

  27. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeremy Davis

    I had to move because of my job and I quickly called American pro movers to help me with the move. I have hired them before twice and they always have done an excellent job. I was very pleased to see that they have maintained their standard till date. They were very good at their job then and they are even better now. The company still charges very reasonable money but provides amazing moving experiences. The crew worked tirelessly in my apartment to pack up all my belongings. When they reached my new house, I received all my valuables in pristine condition and I really couldn’t have asked for more.

  28. Rated 5 out of 5

    Shawn Owen

    My last move was the easiest one ever. I hired American pro movers seeing some of their online advertising. I didn’t know how they’d turn out to be though. Their movers showed up right on schedule and they worked very efficiently to pack up everything. I was very impressed seeing how skilled these men were. They delivered on time and nothing was damaged. The company had a very effective online booking system which was very easy to use and get a quote through.

  29. Rated 5 out of 5

    Devin Jensen

    I read some reviews about American pro movers where some people complained about their movers not being very time efficient. However, when I hired them, I found them to be extremely fast and reliable. They came in right at 9 o’clock as they promised. I didn’t even have to give them instructions. I might also add that I had a lot of belongings but they categorically went through everything and packed them up pretty quickly. The same pace was kept when they delivered my things and unpacked everything. They didn’t even leave behind tons of wasted packing materials. I don’t see why people had issues with them. I absolutely enjoyed working with them.

  30. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ricky Norton

    I had stopped counting on moving companies a long time ago given how poorly they treated my valuables in the past. But relocation is a part of my job and dealing with moving companies is something I do on a regular basis. So imagine my surprise when American Pro Movers managed to deliver all my belongings from one coast to another in the exact condition at the right time they promised. I have to applaud the movers for making this move simple for me. I was expecting a huge bill at the end but the number was very reasonable to say the least. I suppose I need to hire them again to really believe in what just happened!

  31. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew Wilson

    I lived in the same house for my whole life. So it was a big task for American pro movers to move a lifetime of things. They gave me a very reasonable quote and I was quite happy with that. I had collected a lot of things that mean something to me. So, I asked the movers to be very careful with them. They listened and worked very skillfully. They packed everything very methodically and were extra careful with my glassware. They showed strength and organization while carrying out heavy pieces of furniture from my house. I couldn’t be any happier given how well they took care of my belongings. The sheer skills these movers had ensured that my valuables travel safely. I am so glad I hired them.

  32. Rated 5 out of 5

    Henry Jackson

    The way American Pro Movers handles a move is literally incomparable to any other moving companies out there. They have a bunch of very strong and experienced movers conducting the actual move while some very friendly and helpful guys sit behind the telephones at their offices. It was just incredible how easy the movers made my move look like. They were also very punctual and detailed at their work. My valuables suffered no damages during the journey. I am definitely rooting for this company to all my friends.

  33. Rated 5 out of 5


    While other movers do this job to make end’s means, American pro movers employs movers who do this job willingly and do so in a very efficient way. This is what separates them from others. I have hired many moving companies before but they always show no concern for your glassware or other breakables. They just want to finish the job. The crew I got from this company, however, took a lot of interest in our valuables. They were very careful and efficient while packing them. They were very thorough and I really felt at ease with them. It’s not just another job to these guys. They add a bit of care into it and that means a lot when you are unquestioning strangers with your belongings.

  34. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johnny Hall

    I hired American pro movers for my long distance move 2 weeks ago. They did an excellent job for me. They have taken care of my belongings very well, nothing were damaged or broken. They were on time and finished the move within the planned time. Their quote was very sensible. They are certainly practical in their job that they had no problem with my house moving. Definitely they deserve 5 stars.

  35. Rated 5 out of 5


    My last encounter with a moving company was horrible and that is why I was very hesitant to use another company. I was looking at renting a truck and doing the move by myself. But then again I decided to hire American pro movers based on their reviews. I decided to add a full packing service. The representative told me all I would have to do is open the doors for the movers and they will do everything from A to Z and that was the exact case. There were no hidden fees no extra charges. Well done.

  36. Nathan

    They were exactly on time as they said they would be. They handled everything for me without a single scratch or dent. They gave me an excellent price. The man that I spoke to on the phone knew exactly what to ask me and gave me few helpful tips. If you are in need of a mover then give these guys a call because they are just an excellent company to deal with.

  37. Martin H.

    I had no idea that American pro movers would be so organized, thorough, friendly, and efficient. I have never moved before and this was the best choice, I am pretty sure. My team that moved me was great. On the moving day, these guys arrived on time and started working immediately; they did not waste any time. My belongings were packed carefully and I can only say the best about these guys. They made my move stress fee as possible.

  38. David Murphy

    We have always have been using American pro movers over the past years and have always been satisfied. I decided to use them again for my recent move to VA and was equally pleased. They were on time, efficient, careful and courteous as always. They did a great job and I would highly recommend American pro movers for any type of move. I already have suggested to a few relatives and they shall be using them very soon.

  39. Paul

    I moved to FL last month and used American pro movers for the job. I expected them to screw up because I have faced many problems with other movers in the past. I was waiting for a phone call saying they want MORE money or saying they will be late or something else. It’s nice to be surprised for the better for a change. Got my belongings delivered on time, American pro movers is really good!

  40. Kirk Burns

    I did not have much time in had so I just went with American pro movers by checking them out in only 5 minutes. I had to move to Little Rock, AR and the company that I went with couldn’t have been better, this one, American pro movers. From start to finish they were true pros and just wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to tell y’all. Thank you very much for making my move nice and stress free guys.

  41. Oliver George

    Moving is now easy thanks to American Pro Movers! We had a very good time with them. They helped us move from NJ to MS. They did a spectacular job. The guys were on time, made the move happen without and mess ups. Took good care of our stuff and helped us decorate the new place. What else do I need? And the price was also reasonable. So thank you again American Pro Movers for being there for us. We shall certainly recommend you to all. Take care, Best of luck.

  42. Rafael Jackson

    Usually I move a lot due to work. This time I had to move to Virginia Beach, VA from Carlstadt, NJ. It was very easy to book them and the best part was that they were super friendly. The four men crew was like super heroes. They came, they packed, and they delivered! I am very happy to say is that no hiccups along the way. So, from our last pleasant experience we are happy to say that we loved working with you guys. Thanks for all the help.

  43. Martin Edwards

    I am quite the relocation expert. But never have I seen movers as capable as the ones from American pro movers. I was just taken by surprise with the efficiency and skills displayed by the four men. The company quoted quite reasonably to begin with. So I was expecting a bad to mediocre moving experience. But the movers who arrived right on the clock were anything but mediocre. They packed up everything very quickly and loaded them onto the van. I was so sad to leave my hometown. But the men from this company made moving seem like a fun experience. I will only hire them from now on.

  44. Mark Alexander

    I asked for two things from American pro movers – to deliver on time and to make sure my valuables don’t break. They did exactly that! It was a short distance move. But anything can wrong during a move regardless of the distance. The movers were so good that no issues arose. I was so glad to see the final bill which mirrored their quote completely. I would definitely recommend them.

  45. Fred Diaz

    Writing a review is the least I can do given how easy American pro movers made my last move. The movers arrived early on the moving day to get a head start. They packed everything with precision and skills. The boxes containing breakables were attentively packed using a lot of tapes. They were off to my new house fairly quickly. The men safely transported each of my items. They unpacked and put everything where they belong. It was a very easy and nice move since we didn’t have to stress about anything.

  46. Anthony Washington

    So many moving companies who have shiny commercials have no office. They operate out of a phone number and a few hired vans. Luckily, American Pro Movers is not a company like that. They are thoroughly professional and very well organized. Starting from the customer service to the movers, everything is of top quality in this company. I know that because I hired them for my move. My old house was filled with old pieces of furniture but I wasn’t going to leave them behind. The men sent from the company had to take extra care of my ancient couch and chairs. I was very impressed with the efficiency and productivity shown by the movers. I will definitely hire them again.

  47. Victor

    We hired American Pro Movers to move our belongings based on the reviews we read about them online. They turned out to be very professional. The customer care was helpful enough and they gave me a very reasonable quote. The movers arrived on time and worked very swiftly. They made the delivery on time as well. I was relieved to see all our valuables completely undamaged. I wasn’t sure if their reviews were authentic. But after seeing how this company works, I have no doubt about their capabilities.

  48. Chef Samuel Spera

    I was quoted Thursday 930 am, American pro movers, called and said Friday 930 am. It is now 1pm on Friday still no movers. I don’t know why all the great reviews and I get lousy service.

  49. Jacob Turner

    There was nothing I could fault American pro movers with after hiring them for my last move. They quoted low and the customer service was excellent. In fact, the guy on the phone really bent over backwards to provide me a good quote. The movers arrived on time. The four men were very experienced. They were very quick to finish packing and loading everything from my 3-bedroom apartment. It was a very successful relocation as none of my valuables suffered any damages.

  50. Mike Hodges

    This was my first relocation and thank god I had American Pro Movers to help me through it. I hired them based on a review from a friend. It was so easy getting a quote from the company. Their customer service seemed very friendly and helpful. The movers showed up 10 minutes late but they called ahead of time and apologized. Given how fast they finished packing and loading everything, I won’t complain about the delay. They were very careful when they were carrying heavy furniture out of my house. They delivered on time and my valuables made it in pristine condition. I thank these guys from the bottom of my heart.

  51. Jake Jordan

    I was quite reluctant about hiring a moving company to help me move. But my friend suggested that I hire American pro movers to make my life easier. I called them and got a very reasonable quote. The movers arrived right on the given time on moving day and started working immediately. They were all very hard working and sincere. Their packing skills were truly creative and admirable. My belongings arrived one day after I reached Richmond as scheduled before and I was very happy to see that all my stuffs have survived the journey.

  52. Thomas

    I hired American pro movers because they were highly recommended by so many reviews I read online. They were simply brilliant handling my move. Everything about them, starting from the quote to the last delivery, was perfect. The men they sent were all very efficient and keen to work. They showed a lot of creativity while packing my breakables. There wasn’t even one scratch on my things when they made the delivery. I really couldn’t have asked for a better set of movers. Thanks guys!

  53. Steven Robinson

    Most moving companies would straight forward options for you. But what if you have a specific set of needs? American pro movers really understands the needs of its customers. They would quote you a price according to the amount of stuffs you need transported. I think this method worked really well for me during my move. I didn’t have a lot of things that needed to be moved so I opted for the services that I required and it really minimized the cost. They were excellent at the actual moving part and all my valuables were timely delivered without causing any damage to them. I’m so happy.

  54. Carl Jones

    I have never across movers who are friendlier in my previous relocations. This was the first time I hired American pro movers to move my belongings. They were hired because of a recommendation from a friend. I have to admit, they were fantastic. The movers arrived on time and they were very organized. They always had smiles on their faces, even when they were carrying heavy pieces of furniture. They were so good at the packing part. They didn’t run out of boxes and everything was packed with enough tapes to secure them. I was impressed seeing how adaptive they were. All my things were delivered on schedule and nothing was broken or damaged.

  55. Harold Adams

    The economy is sinking people! I know that given how crunched for cash I was during my last move. I hired American Pro Movers simply because they gave me such a good estimate. I thought they would be just crappy. But they surprised me. The movers were all very smart and professional. They wasted no time while packing and loading my belongings. The delivery was made in time too. I can’t wait to suggest this company to all my friends.

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