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Company Name: Admiral Moving Systems
License & Registration: USDOT: 1957666, MC: 694729
Address: 22815 Ventura Blvd, #844, Calabasas, CA 91364
Primary Phone: 877-789-5891
Alternate Phone: 310-424-5948
Hours of Operation: 9.00 AM – 5 PM
Services Offered: Local Moves, Long Distance Moves


Product Description

Admiral Moving Systems Reviews

So you decided to move? great. You’ve reached the right place. We are THE moving professionals. From the first phone call to the last box delivered. We service state-to-state relocations and local moves.

Admiral Moving Systems can move your home, office, storage, warehouse and equipment. Down the street or all the way to Hawaii. We built our business on excellence. Let us help you, you’ll be glad you did. call us now 877-789-5891

We are a professional moving company ready to move you throughout the US. Call us and you wont be disappointed in our services we provide.

What to expect on the day of the move:

Admiral Moving Systems truck will be arriving between 8am-10am or at the window you requested.

The Job site manager will introduce himself and the team.

He will ask you to show him around the house what items you wish to take and compare it with the list made on the phone or site visit.

The boxes are the first to be carried out of the house to make room for the wrapping of the larger items.

Each item that is carried out gets an inventory tag which is indicated on an inventory sheet.

You will get a copy of the inventory sheet along with the rest of the copies of the shipping documents.

This is one of the few ways we make sure everything we picked up is also delivered.

After the boxes are out, the team will bring in the heavy-duty moving pads and other packing materials as required.

The pads will be used to protect your furniture and make sure it is safe.

The items will be loaded where the heavy items are in the bottom and the lighter or fragile items on top. Together with the proper padding, stacking and our air-ride equipped trucks we make sure your items are safe.

At this point usually the first part of the payment is due and the truck will head to its next destination.

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admiral moving systems reviews

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4 reviews for Admiral Moving Systems Reviews

  1. Rated 1 out of 5


    If I could give this company 0 stars I would. They are a fraudulent scamming company, complete with. Please read the below reviews. Our experience mirrored every word! We hired Admiral Moving Systems in April 2017 and not only did they charge us MORE than they quoted us over the phone when they arrived- but on the back end, a completely different company delivered our belongings-unbeknownst to us! Not only was more than 50% of our items damaged, but they also lost THREE of our boxes. Let’s not forget about the hostage situation they put us through before we got our items back… They wanted an additional $300 on the back end or else they wouldn’t give us our stuff back. The promised us that the additional charge at the front end would be the last unexpected charge. WHAT!? So not only can you not perform the basic function of moving our belongings without damage, but you are scam artists that prey on people that pay you to do a service when they are most vulnerable. We filed a claim and nothing has been done to rectify all of these wrongdoings. You’re better off burning your photo albums AND the kitchen table that you and your family dine on before handing them over to these incompetent and corrupt people. At least your sentimental items will have a dignified death without these “movers” desecrating them. We are so disheartened by their dishonesty and lack of care through every single step of this process. We are in the process of taking legal action.

  2. Rated 1 out of 5

    Aldo M

    Do not waste your time and money with Admiral Moving Systems.

    I made the unfortunate mistake of hiring them in April 2017 for my move from Los Angeles to Washington State: they are the most incompetent bunch of people I have ever dealt with.

    The first signs of negligence appeared when they loaded my things onto the truck. As I walked through my empty home, I noticed a handful of the stickers they use to identify my inventory adhered to the bare walls. They had peeled the stickers off my things for wrapping and had “forgotten” to put them back on.

    Once my things were in the truck, they wanted a fee that was 25% higher than estimate. I wasn’t happy to be in that position but agreed to the higher fee given the circumstances.

    Upon finding a new place, I notified Admiral of my delivery address. Despite repeated attempts to get an ETA, I didn’t hear anything for 20 days. Then, on the Saturday leading to Memorial Day weekend I got a call from the truck driver telling me that he would deliver things at 9am the next morning, and asked if he could drive his 18 wheeler up to my home.

    Instead of doing his homework and figuring out the terrain of his deliveries, he put me, the customer in the position to have to tell him if his 18 wheeler can make it up to my door. If it cannot, there would be an additional $300 to rent a smaller truck and move the things from the larger to the smaller truck. I mentioned an incline on a major artery leading to my street, which gave them an angle to get more money: I needed to agree, on the spot, to the additional $300, in cash, or he wouldn’t deliver my things.

    Admiral will tell you they are owner operated. Which is not true, at least with regards to the trucks. They hire independent truck drivers, and they had me deal directly with the independent driver regarding the delivery, the logistics and everything else. When I called Admiral for support they told me to talk to the driver, but the driver failed to pick up the phone whenever I called. Then Admiral went home for the long weekend.

    I wasted my Memorial Sunday and Monday waiting for the delivery truck that never showed up. On Tuesday, beyond frustrated, I called Admiral’s office, which turned out to be a complete waste of time: they kept telling me to deal directly with the driver.

    Finally my things arrived on Tuesday afternoon. The driver wanted his $300 upfront or he wouldn’t unload anything. There was never an apology or anything.

    As they unloaded my things my bicycle arrived damaged, and they unwrapped a filthy old recliner that looked like it had been picked up from the curb, but never got a dresser that was part of my bedroom, worth about $700. The driver said he would call the warehouse to see if they could find it, and call me back. Of course I never got a callback. When I called Admiral about the dresser, they emailed me a ridiculous “Claims Form” that has to be notarized and submitted with original receipts, all clearly part of a ruse to allow them to get away with doing nothing about it. I will never know if they stole my dresser or misplaced it out of pure incompetence.

    Either way, do yourself a favor and do not hire these people. It will be one of the worst experiences you ever have. Even if you don’t reach out to them, once you inquire online about moving companies, their slick salesperson will call and try to sweet talk you into hiring them. Don’t listen to him and choose a reputable business.

  3. Rated 1 out of 5

    Cathy Scan

    DO NOT USE. Promised over and over things would be delivered in a few days. It took 3 weeks. All but 2 pieces of furniture were damaged. Did not provide blankets as per the contract and tried to blame it on me. Did not respond to damage claim within the required 30 days. They don’t answer phone when I call and keep changing name & address. There are A LOT of other bad reviews about them.

  4. Rated 1 out of 5


    Biggest liars, cheats & scammers ever. They damaged all but 2 pieces of furniture and aren’t getting back to me about the claim I filed. They keep changing names and addresses. They were Run Van Lines.

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