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Moving Companies Scam – How to Protect Yourself

By February 27, 2013BLOG
Moving Companies Scam

When we relocate to a new home , the first thing that we do is find a moving company. Most of us who have moved in the past must be well aware that there are different types of moving companies in the industry. Be it a local mover or a long distance mover the reputation counts a lot. There are a number of people who get scammed by moving companies. The best way to avoid such a situation is to educate ourselves with the various methods by which a moving company can take advantage of us.

Compare Moving Cost: It is always good to compare prices. “If you don’t want to be cheated, ask the price in 3 shops”- A Chinese Proverb. In this case we recommend more than three. Not necessary that one should go in for the cheapest price as a very cheap price could be a low ball estimate to scam you. If you are Moving within the state look out for Local Moving Companies.

Be precise with the Moving Quote: There are companies who offer different types of estimates such as binding and non binding. Be sure you ask this to the company during the estimate. A binding estimate is safe when compared to the non binding as there are chances that the price could go up in a non binding agreement. Also make sure that you are giving the proper inventory if you getting the estimate by phone.

Get References: Most top moving companies will have a lot of happy customers. Ask for references of people who they have moved in the past in your area. No harm in speaking to these customers, it is something you will not regret.

Be clear with the agreement: Read before you sign. If there are any points on the agreement make sure you clear it with the company. It will always be better to speak to someone highly placed in the company. It will get you that extra attention. Do keep in touch with the company periodically after finalizing the move until the actual move date.

Make sure you are there: Be available during the move. Your physical presence is very essential at the time of pickup and delivery. You might get charged for waiting time if you are not there at the time of move. It also helps you in noticing damages if any at the time of delivery.