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We at Reviewsonmovers.com are committed to making your relocation from Florida a pleasant and stress free one. If you are looking for top moving companies in Florida then this is the right place.

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How to Check License Validity of Movers in Florida

1) Note the USDOT Number or the MC Number

2) If it is a Long Distance Mover then Visit the following website: United States Department Of Transportation
Enter the USDOT or MC Number to verify the listing. Next click on Licensing & Insurance which will show you the license validity.

3) If it is a local mover then you can visit the local PUC website to check the license validity.

Once your move is done don’t forget to come back here to share your moving experience! We wish you a secure & economical relocation.

License Validity Of Movers in Florida can verified at

United States Department Of Transportation (Or) Florida Secretary Of Sate Office

More Information on Florida and Moving in Florida

Florida Moving CompaniesFlorida, “The Sunshine State” has an enormous liveliness and optimism associated with it. The Europeans were first introduced to this state by Ponce De Leon. The long-stretched swamps and soothing sun-bathed beaches of Florida offer warm retreat to countless Americans and visitors from all over the world which shows up in its ever flourishing tourism industry. The state’s population is 15,982,378 and the capital city is Tallahassee. The state remains to be a favorite destination for Americans of all age groups. Though hurricane strikes the coastal line every season, sunny days are quite common here. The state has cosmopolitan population which retains various cultural elements and heritage. Florida’s economy mostly depends on agricultural projects; however other industries thriving here include tourism, banking, construction, biomedical engineering, research and healthcare. According to 2009 census, per capita income in Florida was $37,780 which secures 24th rank in US. Ample employment opportunity, outstanding transportation facilities and educational setup has turned Florida a perfect destination for permanent residence as well as short sojourns.

Florida is seen as a much coveted destination for relocation among Americans and international immigrants. There are several factors behind the state’s popularity as domicile. Moderate weather conditions, no tax on personal income and low cost lifestyle makes Florida a much sought destination by retirees. Several long distance moving companies as well as local moving companies operate in Florida and help people relocate safely. Now as far as the safety part is concerned, it is associated with both your valuable possessions and your family members. Planning in advance can however make this job much organized and hassle-free.

First step towards a safe and organized relocation is making a movers’ checklist. Prepare the checklist at least one month before the relocation schedule and arrange everything on the list before hand to avoid last minute confusions. If you do not intend to choose full service moving companies, you must collect the ropes, boxes and tapes all by yourself. For fragile things, you might need special packing arrangements like hard cardboard boxes and soft cloths to keep the stuffs in place during transportation.

Second comes selecting affordable moving companies and comparing moving companies quotes. Most of the reputed companies have their price-list featured online and for extra details you need to fill out a simple form. Once you have the different quotes and terms handy, it gets really easy to figure out a deal that is reasonable and caters to your needs.

Last but not the least; it is of utmost importance to check if the moving company you chose has good reputation in the market. You can either consult people who have already used their services or directly inquire at the Better Business Bureau and US Department of Transportation. Find out about their license and bonds. Also make sure the provider gives you all terms and costs in writing and provides basic insurance coverage for goods to be shifted.