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Movers Rights you need to know before Moving

By January 10, 2013BLOG
mover rights

People who choose to relocate with professional moving companies should be aware of their moving rights set by the federal government. Although the laws might vary from one state to another, there are certain general regulations that one must understand while moving interstate or intrastate. You can either talk about it with the moving companies or research online for credible information.

Federal Highway Administration has particular rules to protect consumers who are moving and also the laws define the ‘rights and responsibilities’ of the movers and consumers.  The movers are supposed to provide you with a brochure stating their costs, services, options and other general terms. It will also describe your responsibilities for the shift. The brochure must contain a phone number (local or toll free) which you can contact any time you need.

Although there is no hard and fast rule about movers providing the consumers with an average estimate, most of them do provide the same. Generally there are two variations of the estimate- non0-binding and binding.  Binding estimates states clearly every detail of the shipping and other services to be provided.  With a binding contract, you can never be compelled to pay any extra amount for the services.  The non-binding estimates have no restrictions on the movers about the charges to be levied on the consumers; it just gives an overall idea about the approximate cost involved.

Movers are supposed to provide you with options for service and price. Also they will provide you with a written contract in advance and offer basic insurance coverage for the goods. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully before choosing a mover.