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How to Check License Validity of Movers in Missouri

1) Note the USDOT Number or the MC Number

2) If it is a Long Distance Mover then Visit the following website: United States Department Of Transportation
Enter the USDOT or MC Number to verify the listing. Next click on Licensing & Insurance which will show you the license validity.

3) If it is a local mover then you can visit the local PUC website to check the license validity.

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License Validity Of Movers in Missouri can verified at

United States Department Of Transportation (Or) Missouri Secretary Of Sate Office

More Information about Missouri  and Moving in Missouri

Missouri moving companiesMissouri, the mid-western state shares the borders with Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Illinois, Nebraska, Arkansas and Kansas.  It is the 18th most populated and 21st largest states of America. The state is nicknamed “Gateway to the West”. The state is consisted of 114 countries and independent city called Saint Louis. Largest urban regions of Missouri include Springfield, Kansas City, St. Louis and Columbia. The state capital is Jefferson City. The state features a mixed culture with diverse political, economic and demographic makeup. The river Missouri flows at the borders of the state and also the southwestern area of the state is consisted of moist and low wetlands. A continental humid climate hovers all over the stat with thunderstorms and tornadoes hitting occasionally.

As per the 2011 census, population of Missouri was 6,010,688. Eminent industries in Missouri include manufacturing transportation equipments,   chemicals, aerospace, publishing, food processing and beer manufacturing. Large scale agricultural production of the state includes items like corn, hay, dairy, poultry, rice, cotton, eggs, pork, beef and soybeans. Missouri ranks 6th in hog production and 7th in cattle production. The state’s topography includes large volume of limestone and mining resources for coal and lead. Highly acclaimed institutions like ‘Northwest Missouri State University’ and ‘Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing’ have added extra edge to the state’s educational growth. With its scenic panorama and thriving culture, Missouri happens to be a popular destination for relocation.

To make the shift hassle-free, hire the professional moving companies that will assist you throughout the course of relocation from the very beginning to the end. The providers who help you pack the stuffs, load them on vehicles and then transport them to the desired destination and unpack.  These providers are known as full service moving companies. Although cost is slightly higher with them, you can actually stay relaxed leaving all responsibilities on them. However for those who are working on a budget, people can hire partial moving service providers like the furniture moving companies or car moving companies.

The best moving companies in Missouri use heavy duty vehicles and special tricks to transport various items. To pack fragile items, they use cardboard boxes and other items that prevent them from damages. They provide you with basic insurance coverage to ensure the safety of your belongings. Top moving companies will send their professional staffs to execute and supervise the move all through. Check out whether the moving company employees have GPS system or not. It will help you keep track of their location thus eliminating all worries associated with the shift.

All Missouri moving companies offer quality services although a smart client should conduct some research on the background of the provider. Better Business Bureau can help you with legitimate information on the licensing, registration and insurance of a particular provider. Since there are several rogue companies operating in the state, it is the customer’s responsibility to figure out an authentic provider.