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How to plan Storage when Relocating

By November 10, 2012BLOG
storage while moving

Often people need storage space during their relocation as carrying all items at once is not possible. You can hire the storage eservices from the professional moving companies or utilize the self-storage facility by finding yourself a self-storage unit.  Self storage units are large boxlike warehouses that are often observed alongside the highways across the country. It is pretty simple to use them; you can open the box, shove in your belongings and lock it up. However it is not as hassle-free as it seems. A lot could happen to the self-storage unit if you do not choose it carefully. Following are few essential storage tips for newbie movers:

Location of the self storage facility should be close to your house especially if you intend to use it on regular basis. However for long distance shifts, storage facilities en route can be helpful.

Size of the storage unit is another important aspect to consider. Several sizes are available for the consumers to choose from. You must consider the space required to store all your belongings before renting the unit.

Climate controlled units can be especially helpful if you wish to keep the stuffs safe even during natural calamities or heavy showers. They will keep your antique furniture and private documents safe and secured inside.

Choose uniformly sized boxes as they are easy to stack up. Make sure to keep the heavy items at the bottom and light items on the top.

Although the public storage facilities come with high security measures, you must exercise precaution to keep your valuable belongings safe. Use a sturdy padlock on the door.