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How to Pack Fragile Items when Moving

By November 27, 2012BLOG

Packing the fragile items for relocation is a much time consuming and tedious affair. It could be a unique collection of crystal objects or china clay utensils; they are prone to get damaged during the shift. This is the reason why one needs to exercise extra caution while packing them for the move.  Your packing skills and packing supplies will decide whether the delicate stuffs will arrive at the new destination in one piece or in hundreds of pieces!

To pack china clay items, you will need plastic containers in medium size. Regular cardboard boxes are not good enough to keep these items safe and secured. Some of the fragile items could be too heavy to be carried in a cardboard box. Before packing the items, you should fill half of the container with shredded paper. It will provide a protective coating to the items. You can save newspapers and other discarded paper for several days prior to the move. By the time you start packing, you will have adequate papers to pack all items.

To pack small or tall figurines made of crystal, you will need egg cartons. Make sure the height of the item perfectly matches the size of the carton. Otherwise the delicate tiny parts of the object can get broken during the shift.  Glassware, wine goblets and other such items in newspaper or brown paper before outing them into the boxes; it will help protect them from cracks or scratches.

You can always seek assistance from professional moving companies to complete the packing task without any hassle.