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Moving Companies Scam

Moving Companies Scam – How to Protect Yourself

When we relocate to a new home , the first thing that we do is find a moving company. Most of us who have moved in the past must be well aware that there are different types of moving companies in the industry. Be it a local mover or a long distance mover the reputation counts a lot. There are a number of people who get scammed by moving companies. The best way to avoid such a situation is to educate ourselves with the various methods by which a moving company can take advantage of us.

Compare Moving Cost: It is always good to compare prices. “If you don’t want to be cheated, ask the price in 3 shops”- A Chinese Proverb. In this case we recommend more than three. Not necessary that one should go in for the cheapest price as a very cheap price could be a low ball estimate to scam you. If you are Moving within the state look out for Local Moving Companies.

Be precise with the Moving Quote: There are companies who offer different types of estimates such as binding and non binding. Be sure you ask this to the company during the estimate. A binding estimate is safe when compared to the non binding as there are chances that the price could go up in a non binding agreement. Also make sure that you are giving the proper inventory if you getting the estimate by phone.

Get References: Most top moving companies will have a lot of happy customers. Ask for references of people who they have moved in the past in your area. No harm in speaking to these customers, it is something you will not regret.

Be clear with the agreement: Read before you sign. If there are any points on the agreement make sure you clear it with the company. It will always be better to speak to someone highly placed in the company. It will get you that extra attention. Do keep in touch with the company periodically after finalizing the move until the actual move date.

Make sure you are there: Be available during the move. Your physical presence is very essential at the time of pickup and delivery. You might get charged for waiting time if you are not there at the time of move. It also helps you in noticing damages if any at the time of delivery.

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During a Move

Questions that Arise During a Move

When it comes to moving to a new destination, countless questions strike an individual’s mind. Following are several simple FAQ that you must know before relocating:

What is the cost involved?

Cost of moving varies from one company to another. You can compare moving company quotes to figure out the most affordable deals.

When should start preparation and planning for the move?

You can start seeking quotes from various movers and planning the packing, transportation and other preparations right when you decide about relocating to a new destination. With at least 2 months in hand, you can easily plan the move smoothly.

How much time is required for the relocation?

The time required for the move varies according to the volume of the job. If you are shifting a large office setup or bulky items, it might take more than one or two days to complete the entire task. You can ask for the estimated time from the movers.

What are your responsibilities as clients?

As a client, your job is to choose a reputed moving company that has good feedback from the customers. Also it is necessary to get a written contract from the movers at least two days in advance. You must supervise the task while packing, loading and unloading. Communicating with the transportation guys during the shift is of utmost importance.

How much insurance coverage are you getting?

All top moving companies provide their clients with basic insurance coverage for the items to be transported. However you can purchase additional cover for some extra charges.

Am I supposed to tip the movers?

This is optional; often people expect a reward for a job that is well done. If you had nice experience with the services, you might tip the providers.


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Hire a Moving Company

How to Hire a Moving Company

Hiring the best moving companies can be tricky since there are too many options to choose from. Also several movers offer attractive discounts on their services. However it is always wise to choose providers that are reputed and have adequate experience in the field.

First thing that plagues everyone’s mind is whether to hire a professional mover or not. Moving has numerous burdens associated with and involves a lot of hard work and time commitment. If you would like to relocate absolutely hassle-free, professional moving companies are the best resort. Following are a few essential tips on how to hire movers:

Do adequate research about the moving companies before hiring them. It will help you easily narrow down the choices and then decide on a few good movers. You can make the research online or refer to friends who have moved to shifted home recently.

Asking a few questions about the company and its background is of utmost importance before you let the representatives of any mover walk-through your place. Make sure to get at least two references, telephone number, office address and website of the company.

Shortlist at least 5 to 7 movers and get quotes from them. Most of them can be requested online. Compare the quotes and terms before allocating the job to a particular provider. Do not get tempted by unbelievably low quotes as they might be scams or the quality of service could be poor.

Make sure that the mover is ready to provide you with a written contract stating the insurance coverage, charges and time duration of the move.

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mover rights

Movers Rights you need to know before Moving

People who choose to relocate with professional moving companies should be aware of their moving rights set by the federal government. Although the laws might vary from one state to another, there are certain general regulations that one must understand while moving interstate or intrastate. You can either talk about it with the moving companies or research online for credible information.

Federal Highway Administration has particular rules to protect consumers who are moving and also the laws define the ‘rights and responsibilities’ of the movers and consumers.  The movers are supposed to provide you with a brochure stating their costs, services, options and other general terms. It will also describe your responsibilities for the shift. The brochure must contain a phone number (local or toll free) which you can contact any time you need.

Although there is no hard and fast rule about movers providing the consumers with an average estimate, most of them do provide the same. Generally there are two variations of the estimate- non0-binding and binding.  Binding estimates states clearly every detail of the shipping and other services to be provided.  With a binding contract, you can never be compelled to pay any extra amount for the services.  The non-binding estimates have no restrictions on the movers about the charges to be levied on the consumers; it just gives an overall idea about the approximate cost involved.

Movers are supposed to provide you with options for service and price. Also they will provide you with a written contract in advance and offer basic insurance coverage for the goods. Make sure to read through the terms and conditions carefully before choosing a mover.

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Types of Moving Companies

Types of Moving Companies

Since the moving services have grown in popularity in the last few years, several types of movers have entered the market to suit the specific needs of the consumers. No matter how big or small your moving needs are there is always a specialist in the market to cater to your requirements. Following are the different types of moving companies:

Full service moving companies: These providers take care of all aspects of a moving. They will assist in everything related to the shift like packing the stuffs, loading them in the vehicle, transporting them and unloading them at the desired location. Obviously the charges are higher for such comprehensive service but at the same time it leaves you in no hassle at all!

Self-service moving companies: This is a combination service wherein the movers take care of only a portion of the moving event. For example, the consumers need to arrange for the packing supplies and pack the items on their own. The movers might help in uploading the goods and transporting them. Other options available with such providers include storage service, specialized moving for specific items like cars, furniture etc.

Do-it-yourself moving: In this particular type of moving, you need to take care of all aspects of the move on your own. The tasks include planning, packing, uploading, transporting and unloading. This could be the most hassling and time consuming affair for an individual mover.

With the ever increasing needs of people, various cheap moving services are made available by the moving companies. You can always get a custom designed package to suit your specific needs.

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moving insurance

How to Claim Insurance when Moving

Moving insurance is one of the most essential aspects of a move. Be it a shift from one street to another or one state to other, your belongings needs to be insured. There is every chance that the fragile and even not-so-fragile items get damaged during the move. You can arrange for the best packing supplies and accommodative vehicles but unintentional damage can happen any time. This is where the moving insurance comes handy. It covers the cost of various valuable items including appliances and furniture. Generally the professional moving companies offer basic insurance coverage to their consumers; however all insurances are different from the other and the consumers must choose coverage that suits their requirements perfectly.  Also consumers can purchase extra coverage by paying additional charges to the movers or to the insurance company.

If you choose to get the insurance from an independent provider directly, conduct some online research to find out the best provider. You can request quotes from several insurance providers and compare the rates for the most affordable one. For this all you need to do is fill out a simple online form. The general coverage provided by the insurers includes protection from damage and satisfactory repairing of the goods in case of damage. When the products cannot be repaired to satisfaction, they are replaced with new.  Additional coverage includes extension on mechanical or electrical damages, mould or mildew induces damages and protection for goods packed by the owners.

Reputed moving insurance providers can also add custom conditions to the policy as per consumers’ requirements.



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How to Pack Fragile Items when Moving

Packing the fragile items for relocation is a much time consuming and tedious affair. It could be a unique collection of crystal objects or china clay utensils; they are prone to get damaged during the shift. This is the reason why one needs to exercise extra caution while packing them for the move.  Your packing skills and packing supplies will decide whether the delicate stuffs will arrive at the new destination in one piece or in hundreds of pieces!

To pack china clay items, you will need plastic containers in medium size. Regular cardboard boxes are not good enough to keep these items safe and secured. Some of the fragile items could be too heavy to be carried in a cardboard box. Before packing the items, you should fill half of the container with shredded paper. It will provide a protective coating to the items. You can save newspapers and other discarded paper for several days prior to the move. By the time you start packing, you will have adequate papers to pack all items.

To pack small or tall figurines made of crystal, you will need egg cartons. Make sure the height of the item perfectly matches the size of the carton. Otherwise the delicate tiny parts of the object can get broken during the shift.  Glassware, wine goblets and other such items in newspaper or brown paper before outing them into the boxes; it will help protect them from cracks or scratches.

You can always seek assistance from professional moving companies to complete the packing task without any hassle.

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storage while moving

How to plan Storage when Relocating

Often people need storage space during their relocation as carrying all items at once is not possible. You can hire the storage eservices from the professional moving companies or utilize the self-storage facility by finding yourself a self-storage unit.  Self storage units are large boxlike warehouses that are often observed alongside the highways across the country. It is pretty simple to use them; you can open the box, shove in your belongings and lock it up. However it is not as hassle-free as it seems. A lot could happen to the self-storage unit if you do not choose it carefully. Following are few essential storage tips for newbie movers:

Location of the self storage facility should be close to your house especially if you intend to use it on regular basis. However for long distance shifts, storage facilities en route can be helpful.

Size of the storage unit is another important aspect to consider. Several sizes are available for the consumers to choose from. You must consider the space required to store all your belongings before renting the unit.

Climate controlled units can be especially helpful if you wish to keep the stuffs safe even during natural calamities or heavy showers. They will keep your antique furniture and private documents safe and secured inside.

Choose uniformly sized boxes as they are easy to stack up. Make sure to keep the heavy items at the bottom and light items on the top.

Although the public storage facilities come with high security measures, you must exercise precaution to keep your valuable belongings safe. Use a sturdy padlock on the door.

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moving vehicles

How to Move Vehicles when Relocating

Moving is not just getting into a car and heading for a new destination. If you are moving from one state or from one country to another, you must want to carry all your personal belongings with you. Vehicles, two-wheelers or four wheelers are some of the prized possessions that people intend to carry with them. But moving vehicles are not as easy as shifting furniture or other items.  Also there are certain rules and regulations associated with moving vehicles. You can always seek assistance from the car moving companies to shift your favorite vehicles to new locations.

Moving vehicles is the job of experts and they can do it fast and easy. Always watch out for moving companies that have accomplished similar tasks before. Since vehicles are expensive and heavy duty items, they can get damaged if not handled with proper care. Companies experienced with moving SUVs, RVs, boats, trucks and small cars should possess suitable equipments like lifting machines and large vehicles. Although moving within the same state or country is easier, still if you intend to shift via airways or railways, you might need vehicle shifting services to move the vehicles to your new address.

If you are in a notion that moving vehicles is all about somebody driving the vehicle from one place to another, you are wrong. Car moving companies use large transporter trucks to shift the vehicles and also take adequate precaution to keep them safe and undamaged throughout the process. Before choosing a car moving service provider, learn about the insurance coverage they offer. Also before shifting empty the vehicles and take out all your personal documents and other stuffs if necessary.

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move packing

How to Pack items before Moving

Packing up all the worldly possessions of yours could be an extremely challenging job in itself. Often people hate to leave a single thing behind while moving to a different location. However to accomplish this job successfully you must chalk out a plan for packing the good room by room. Special care should be taken while packing the various delicate and fragile items made from bone china, crystal or clay.

First thing needed to start the packing general items is packing supply. Considering the amount of goods to be packed, arrange for packing boxes, newspaper or brown paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, marker pen, scissors, hard cardboard boxes and plastic containers for delicate items. Boxes are available in varying sizes like 1.5, 3.0, and 4.5 up to 6.0 cubic feet. The 1.5 cubic foot boxes are multi-purpose and suitable for accommodating any general item that does not break easily. 3.0 boxes can accommodate household goods like lamps, kitchen utensils, pans and more. 4.5 boxes are used to store garments, lamps, toy s and anything else that are unbreakable and sturdy. 6.0 boxes are the largest multi-utility boxes which can be used to store almost anything.

Special carton boxes are also available for packing wardrobes, mirrors, dish packs and mattresses. Plastic containers will keep glassware and other such fragile items safe throughout the shift. Silver items should be packed with fresh tissue paper to avoid tarnishing when in contact with air. Smaller cartons are good enough for books. Linens, curtains and bedspreads can be used as soft lining material inside boxes containing delicate items.

Professional moving companies offer comprehensive packing services thus reducing the burdens on your shoulders significantly.



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